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“Corrupt” Reality TV Star Zelensky and Igor vs. Putin

Who is Igor Valerievich Kolomoisky? Igor is a Jewish Billionaire businessman who was the former governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. He ranks in the top three of the wealthiest people in Ukraine. Kolomoisky is the co-founder of the Private bank. Also, he has been active in the oil and metal business. His number one asset is the company one plus one—a media empire.

I will get into more details later because he has to do much of what is happening with the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Ukraine Apprentice, how do you find, make and install the next president of Ukraine?

Igor copied the Donald Trump apprentice story. He builds up a TV personality in the name of Zelensky, a good-looking Ukrainian Jewish actor. You show him as a strong leader. For “acting” purposes, Zelensky even performs as a transgender person, attracting potential voters from all sides. He must have a beautiful wife who can be a role model (The Ukrainian Melania Trump). He also took several classes at the WEF with Globalist Klaus Schwab, as did Putin.

It took Igor only three years to make Zelensky the president of Ukraine. So why did Igor want to install a new president in Ukraine? And why is the help of the US not kosher?

The Jewish businessman Igor Kolomoisky is corrupt and funds the Azov Nazis battalion.

For the corruption charges: In 2021, the US banned Igor from entering America because, as a governor, he enriched himself and posed a massive threat to Ukraine’s future.

Why does Putin hate Igor so much?

Putin gives Igor the nickname “The Unique Crook.” It is rumored Igor scammed the famous Abramovich for billions. But the real hate comes when Igor is handing out bounty money to kill Russian “separatists” in the Donbas region. He spent an estimated 10 million dollars to create the Dnipro Battalion, and here it comes: he funded the Aidar and famous Nazi Azov Battalion.

This background became significant when they established the Minsk agreements. The arrangements sought a solution between Russia and the rising Ukraine conflict. Because of the Minsk agreements, Zelensky went to the Azov Battalion leader. He begged him to stop killing Russians in the Donbas region; they told Zelensky to fuck off. Their message to Zelensky; no way we will stop. We love to kill Russians, don’t forget that it is because of us you are president amongst the answers of the Azov Battalion leader.

Do you still doubt Putin’s denazification of Ukraine’s comments?

The Western media makes Zelensky the new Donald Trump. He becomes “Chuck Norris.” The Ukrainian man with his unique wife by his side. Zelensky’s remark, give me bullets, not a ride when they offered to leave Ukraine, made worldwide headlines. It’s not only Chuck Norris the media makes a comparison with. But Zelensky moves up the ladder as the media and fans even compare him to Clint Eastwood, “Make my day, punk.”

The Pandora Papers Scandal followed after the Lux Leaks in 2014 and the Panama Papers in 2016

The Panama Paper scandals led to the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister and Pakistan’s leader.

Zelensky is a great actor and is now the poster boy celebrity for the sheeple. Many Ukrainians claim he is corrupt to the core. I stand with Ukraine and have a Ukraine avatar flag. For all those people, Mr. Zelensky has a 35-million-dollar home in Miami. This can be acceptable and made possible legitimately if you are a successful TV star.

What is not legit is that he parks billions of dollars in offshores (according to the leaked Panama Papers). All this while the people of Ukraine are amongst the poorest in Europe.

His whole election’s purpose and campaign are to eradicate corruption. In the meanwhile, Zelensky banks billions on offshores. 

An adviser and Zelensky lawyers did not deny the allegations or revelations of the Panama Leaks scandal. They blamed the former “corrupt” pro-Russian former president Victor Yanukovych. 

Obama puppet and former president of Ukraine billionaire Petro Poroshenko who Zelensky defeated in 2019, is also investigated for corruption and fraud and even wanted for treason in Ukraine. 

Of course, Poroshenko accuses Zelensky of tax evasion.

Zelensky is in a great spot when the Democrats impeach Trump. And all this because a former Ukrainian, Mr. Vindman, overheard some phone call with Trump and Zelensky. He wrote a book about this phone call because the liberal media carries him as an anti-Trump re-liable figure. The reward mostly comes in book deal royalties, media appearances, the system at work, and a show. 

Zelensky knows Trump is not as easy as Obama. Donald Trump wants to wait with aid and weapons to determine if the new incoming president Zelensky and his administration are corrupt. After reading all this, do you think Trump’s instincts were right?

The people claim that the truth would never have surfaced if it was not for Alexander Vindman. It’s all a big farce. Trump knew already that they tapped his lines. This is also the reason he makes the call with Zelensky public. Asking somebody for a favor is not extortion.

Trump asked Zelensky for a favor, but it never came.

Trump sent anti-tank weapons and many Javelin missiles, which Obama did not even do. These heavy weapons make a huge difference today in the stagnation moving forward by the Russian army. The favor Trump asked for never came, but he delivered anyway.

Zelensky knows if he gives Trump what he wants (Trump asks for his famous “favor”), Donald Trump might survive the impeachment and become president for another four years. Ukrainians know that Biden is corrupt. You can see that even on camera. A few months after the coup in 2014, Biden’s son got a return favor to become a corrupt energy company board member in Ukraine. Joe Biden threatened to withhold 1 billion of US taxpayers’ money in aid if the prosecutor who looked into Burisma’s corruption did not back off.

© Ingram Pinn/Financial Times

Here is the solution for the inconvenient Burisma corruption scandal.

Later the Ukrainian government announced the following developments in the corruption scandal. They claim they found 6 million in cash at the prosecutor’s office and that he was corrupt, so the problem was solved. They throw the prosecutor under the bus. Ooh, and a statement from Zelensky, Biden’s aid withholding had nothing to do with it. Move on now; the Bidens are not corrupt, sure.

Ukraine says it intercepted a $6 million bribe to stop the probe of Burisma founder

According to the “official” story, they pay the prosecutor six million US $ to stop his investigation into corruption at Burisma. The article reeks of propaganda. Especially the chapter where they claim that a standard way in Ukraine to handle briberies is quietly from hand to hand. Not like how they found these six million (propaganda alarm bells) in cash. They accuse two former tax officials and a former Burisma employee Zlochevsky of bribery.

The anti-Trump propaganda “newspaper”The Washington Post: “Special anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky ruled out involvement by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or his son, Hunter. The Zelensky-appointed anti-corruption prosecuted felled compelled to mention this, sure.

The bottom line is that Trump is right. Ukraine is full of corrupt politicians and businesspeople. And son Hunter Biden was on the board of a highly corrupt company. I am sure the children of Pelosi, Kerry & Romney, who all got lucrative gigs in Ukraine, are coincidental. They often went on holiday in Ukraine and loved the country and its people. This is now a fact, and it is out in the open.

So was Trump right in asking to look into the Bidens in the case of Burisma? Trump said he wanted to wait till he had more information about the incoming new government with leader Zelensky. Judge yourself now after all this corruption evidence came to the surface? If I were an official of Burisma making payments to Biden or Biden associates, I would ensure to have a little insurance policy! Taping a conversation would be one of the options.

The mistake of Putin.

Putin hated all of them. With some more patience, he could have exposed Zelensky as corrupt. A setup like Project VERITAS could have exposed Zelensky on camera, taking a bribe. The problem these days is that it does not matter anymore. We could see this with the actions and events around the Hunter Bidens laptop scandal. The media, controlled by the same people who create the country’s president, make or break you. They determine the headlines, the news, and what’s fake news. It’s all the same people.

Talk about Russian misinformation; one of the only media that stated the truth about Hunter Bidens Laptop was the New York Post (they were censored on social media).

NYT finally confirms the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

I can not look at the head of Putin. And what he thinks or pretends to know what he thinks. The slaughtering of thousands of Russians in the Donbas territory is terrible. Just imagine that this wealthy Jewish corrupt businessman is putting a price on the head of Russian “Separatists.”? Igor then creates Tv star Zelensky as a president following his orders; this must have made Putin furious.

These events with NATO pushing Ukraine to be a member could be the final spark for why Putin invaded Ukraine. We know he invaded Ukraine after the Olympics because China wanted it, and they probably agreed. Whatever his reasons, they were wrong, it ended his career, and he knows it. Putin did conquer the Donbas region, and it looks like he does not want to take over the whole of Ukraine.

Imagine the irony that a small, manipulating executive Jewish businessman Igor Valerievich Kolomoisky (picture), is behind destroying the Russian empire. Donald Trump was right again, corruption at the highest levels in Ukraine.

China comes forward now, helps Russia with the alternate swift payment system, and takes a stake in Russian oil/energy companies. They need oil, and China is the laughing third party. This news will not be in the headlines or very short. Are we going to boycott China now?

Meanwhile, Biden announced they would boycott Russian oil.

The latest Biden move will drag Iran into the conflict, the perfect Globalist scenario.

I can smell he will pull an “Obama” soon. We will find a cargo plane left for Iran in the middle of the night. This plane has 1.5 billion in cash to buy oil from Iranians. Iran will use this “oil” money from the US to speed up Iran’s nuclear bomb development. The perfect scenario for the Globalist. This scenario will involve Israel in the war.

Israel stays neutral.

The prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, just returned from a meeting with Putin. Israel stays neutral; if this were not the case, we would have seen American Congress already declare war on Russia. Instead, Bennett is becoming a mediator between Putin and Zelensky. It is astonishing how many Jewish people simultaneously had a hand in this conflict and funded the Nazis.

The media brainwashed you with tragic events and who is responsible.

Even more, astonishing is that more and more evidence about the two crashed Maylsia airline planes is coming to the surface. On July 17, 2014, somebody shot down Malaysian airline MH-17 above the Ukraine Donbas area. 

The Ukraine revolution (coup) was less than six weeks after the plane crash in September 2014. The producers show “evidence” in this latest video that contradicts the official story. Ask yourself after this video why there are so many strange contradictions. Maybe it is all conspiracy nonsense or Russian propaganda. We can not rule this out. But what unbelievable lengths do they go through to produce all these contradictions?

This footage and efforts should win a fake news reward, Oscar. Would the producers of this video go to great lengths to produce all this fake “evidence’, or maybe forget evidence and say contradictions? It does not make sense except if you are possibly Rua Asian who ac, who accidentally shot down a passenger plane. A friend lost two family members on that plane; these people died; my friend is not an actor.

Now all conspiracy theories aside. 

Two Malaysian planes go down within three months. You would ask yourself why? Conspiracy theory; the Malaysian government was calling for war to become illegal (see video). And drag guilty parties to an international court. The main reason is the 2014 Gaza war by Israel. Notice how in 2014, when Obama instigated the coup in Ukraine, all these incidents suddenly occurred? This “link” must be a conspiracy theory, but damn, does the simulation screw with humanity in 2014.

I am Dutch myself, and I live in Eindhoven. My former town gets worldwide attention because of the arrival of dead bodies from Ukraine. They used the Eindhoven airport for two days as a 24-hour live broadcast Tv showing. Live in over 80 countries. The audience can see the arrival of dead bodies from the Ukraine plane crash. In an earlier blog, I wrote that I saw more despicable propaganda for that long about a tragedy. In compairisment, there was a plane crash in Tenerife where two planes crashed together. On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets, operating KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736. 

Worse plane crash in Tenerife ever, but one-tenth of the media coverage?

This accident had 583 victims; this was front-page news and coverage worldwide. But this reporting is nothing if you compare this with the Eindhoven propaganda horror show with its daily aim of how evil the Russians were. 

We should not believe Fake News; censorship will silence us if we post or tweet the wrong message against a specific narrative. The immediate proof that the Russians were responsible came through video “evidence” of some masked Russian Separatists, maybe Ukrainian or even Martians. They bragged about how they shot down the plane. 

Would you brag about shooting down a passenger’s plane?

Imagine you are a drunk Russian separatist. Would you brag about this on camera so your fellow separatist will upload this on the internet? Now look, I do not defend Russian separatists or Ukrainians. The bottom line is that a plane was shot down because of this ugly conflict in the Donbas region; politicians and the Media milk this tragedy for political purposes, which is valid 100%.

The worse part is that my government in Holland is always on the front line regarding wars and controversy. 

I remember the US announcement on the war on terror ( 9/11). The Netherlands is next to the US as one of the first countries to support. Here is a tweet from Mark Rutte, prime minister of Holland, praising Bush. 

You would almost think that Holland operates for some elite. They are involved in many shady operations to set a specific tone. The downing of an Israelian plane, El Al 1862, comes to mind an aircraft with apparent chemicals (chemical warfare) and weapons crashed into a Dutch flat building, “the Bijlmerramp.” People in hazmat suits are everywhere.

Quote “In 1998, it was publicly revealed by El-Al spokesman Nachman Klieman that 190 liters of dimethyl methyl phosphonate, a CWC schedule 2 chemical which, among many other uses, can be used for the synthesis of Sarin nerve gas, had been included in the cargo”.

Nazi (Reiter-SS member) prince Bernhard founded the Bilderberg group.

The Bilderberg Group’s name is from a Dutch Hotel restaurant named Hotel Bilderberg. The founder is Nazi Prince Bernhard (a Reiter-SS member), who married Queen Beatrix of Holland. The nazi Bernhard Bilderberg group (first brought to attention by Alex Jones) gathered the world’s most influential industrial and world leaders for annual meetings. A pretext to the WEF with Klaus Schab now. I ate at the Bilderberg restaurants a few times when I visited somebody in a nearby prison; their omelets suck.

Don’t get me wrong. I have good Jewish, Russian, Muslim, and Dutch friends and do not care about religious preferences or heritage. I judge my friends on their character and performances. But look at these historical facts. The same type of people seem to pop up wherever disasters or significant world events occur. Just about before, people needed to elect new leaders or vote on war issues.

The perfect scenario is to blame all world’s hardships and problems on Russia and evil Putler.

This war and Covid are the perfect solutions for the banking cartel and politicians to eliminate their responsibility for the Stockmarket crash, the Vaccine Covid scandal, and high oil prices. We take all the money of the poor and mid-class and blame it on Putin. Putin makes himself useful by making the dumbest move of his life. The crisis was already upon humanity; Putin had just made himself the piss pole.

If any sane politician claims you can thrust anybody into Ukraine, he is a corrupt hypocrite liar. That saying goes for Putin as well. If we look into the mirror, there comes a time everybody is corrupt.

The actions Igor could be one of the main points why Putin invaded Ukraine. As the Swedish expression says: “the droplet that caused the beaker to overflow.”

Pulitzer prize winner Seymour Hersh, the truth about the Pipeline and Zelensky Corruption.

This is the second blog where Pulitzer Prize winner investigating journalist Seymour Hersh confirms what I wrote in this blog. I need not be an award-winning journalist to understand and know the truth. However, it does prove that my sources and myself were right about the corruption.

l showed plenty of samples—the latest 400 million robberies from aid money to Ukraine.

Remember, these types of known scandals are only finding their way to the mass media headlines because it’s done on purpose. The rats are leaving the sinking Biden Democrat ship. But the damage is done. The US knew the war in Ukraine could never have been won and was lost. The general tried to buy himself another eight months by naming 2024 as a possible date of victory.

I can see Zelensky’s end sitting on his desk with a massive mountain of coke in front of him. He sniffs, and half his face is covered in coke. He walks towards the closest, puts on some high heels, and gets an AR-15 (he got as a president from Biden during his last visit).

Little Jewish Igor Kolomoisky is the one who is pulling the strings and making Zelensky president. I believe he belongs in the top ten most corrupt and ruthless people on earth. He can be seen climbing onto the balcony of the Zelensky Palace. We can see Zelenksy walking with his AR-15 to the door, scream I own the World, and who do they think they are?

Kolomoisky launches an RPG-7 rocket towards the door with Zelensky standing before it. A massive explosion follows and blows Zelensky into pieces. No movies… The truth and real life are much uglier than a movie like “Scarface.” The psychopaths pushing this senseless war now have maybe a million deaths on their name, with a possible looming Nuclear War insight.

Meanwhile, why all the eyes are focused on the Ukraine-Russian war

Zelensky vs. Putin and Ukraine Hollywood Propaganda.

(C) Bas Boon

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