Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Europe is in for a Cold, Dark, Deadly Winter. Putin is laughing. Moscow is making more money than ever. The global demand for cheap crude oil and emerging new markets made the rubble stronger than two years ago.

I predicted this in my previous blogs when Europe and parts of the world instigated an unprecedented boycott of Russia. Even swift and bank corporations participate in the boycott of Russia. The confiscation of oligarch properties such as yachts should end the war in Ukraine in no time. 

This conflict and war are unnecessary. Suppose Europe with NATO had let Russia become a member of NATO. George Robertson, a former defense secretary who led NATO between 1999 and 2003, claimed that in the first meeting, Putin clearly said he wanted to be part of Western Europe.

Quote; Putin said; “When are you going to invite us to join NATO?’ Robertson answered: Well, we don’t invite people to join NATO. They apply to join NATO.’ And he said: “well, we’re not standing in line with a lot of countries that don’t matter.’ Putin made a fair assessment.

No worries, according to the Mass Media, The Ukrainian forces will soon defeat Putin, with no mention of cold weather.

The Mass media produces daily headlines in Europe and worldwide about how much the Russians suffer and that Zelensky will soon be in Moscow with his Ukrainian armies. Europe and the US send billions and weapons to Kyiv. It finds its way to the fascist regime Igor Kolomoisky has installed in Ukraine. This gang of thieves is filling up their Panama and other offshore bank accounts. 

All political parties opposed to the Zelensky/Kolomoisky regime are forbidden (where did we see that happen before). Ukraine and the heroic Zelensky almost win the war. The media reports that Putin and his Russian armies suffered incredible losses and are losing the war.

Europe is orchestrating its destruction.

A fool can see this coming from miles away. Europe is destroying itself from within, executing the orders of WEF uberlord Klaus Schwab. The new nitrogen climate rules decimate the Dutch and other farmers worldwide. We are again at a real-time James Bond Spectre movie, only now it is not a movie, and no rescue from our beloved 007.

The green energy mafia will implement economic sanctions to reach its goals for 2070. They admit people will be poorer. Now here comes the kicker. The new WEF rules and policies by Klaus Schwab and the European governments are a fact. A cow is causing more pollution than a car. I suggest these “experts’ lock themself up in their garage with a running car. I will do the same with a cow. Let’s talk tomorrow.

Because of the “expert” climate, alarmists made models. They say that the poor won’t be able to pay for energy or food anymore. So they will die because of hunger, failing immune systems, misery, and stress. They all do this to prevent the same poor class from dying in 50 years. Can you follow it so far? It will get cold, and in the Netherlands alone, tens of thousands of homeless will see live threatening situations.

The Perfect Storm

The energy crisis disaster scenario unfolding in Germany is entirely fabricated and self-inflicted. Germany closed all its nuclear power plants, and their windmills are rotting away in the countryside. Twenty-five percent of the Germans can’t pay their energy bills anymore. The citizens learn the profession of becoming a lumberjack again, cutting trees in the forest and trying to keep their families warm and protect them from the cold.

If Olaf Scholz decides to keep working with Gazprom, the war in Ukraine will be over.

My father called me and said wow, the energy bill went up 8% in Holland in one month. I told him that the whole of Europe was in a crisis. Google; England with the word “energy crisis.” The first thing you will see is an energy price increase of 80%. This winter will be challenging for Europeans.

France can’t pay for their energy bills anymore, and Gazprom, the Russian-owned state energy company, just cut off the supply to France by 90%. If the coming winter is freezing and long, it does not look good for significant parts of the world.

It is almost a slapstick how certain government officials now get angry at Russia, accusing them of Blackmail because they cut off the oil supply. It is kind of weird to say in public, as the boycott of Russia only intensified when Russia invaded Ukraine. The real blackmail you will not read in the newspapers is Zelensky pushing Biden. It’s almost that Biden knows if he does not support and send billions to Ukraine, his presidency is over, and Zelensky and his boss Igor Kolomoisky know this. Adding Joe Biden’s junkie’s son Hunter will probably destroy Europe and even cause a nuclear third world war. One addict is causing so much harm. How’s that for the usage of the word blackmail?

In the meantime, Moscow announced on August 30th that Gazprom would pay divided as the company made a record profit of 41.75 billion US dollars in the first half of 2022.

Hows your son Hunter Biden doing?

Russia is doing better than before the war, and Putin is getting more popular in Russia.

The truth is that Russia has now conquered Ukrainian land with a rich soil word of over 12.4 trillion dollars (says SecDev’s analyst). This conquered wealth indicates that the Russians will not get hungry and have to put off their energy like many European countries. I wonder what that does to the morale of the Russian people. Imagine the Russian TV plays scenes about European citizens freezing from the cold while the Russians are sitting warm at home.

The perfect storm is building up for the worse human crisis humankind has ever seen.

Before I give some terrifying examples of why this catastrophe is looming, remember what I wrote before. The new climate rules will make the poor suffer and die. The stress and death toll will cause more decease as immune systems fail. Now combine this with the stress of people globally because of high energy bills. With the coming flu season, covid mutations, long covid victims, hyperinflation, and a crashing housing market, you have all the ingredients for the perfect storm.

Then there is the Russia vs. Ukraine war with the possible usage of nuclear weapons. China just saw the most significant drought for 70 days straight in the country. Rivers are drying up; some cities have no more drinking water. Hundreds of millions of Chinese are affected. for the biblical readers and followers of religion, “The first horseman, who carries a bow and crown, is depicted as a figure of conquest and invokes pestilence.”

The world depends on trading with China, anybody who denies this is a fool to think there are no consequences of China’s circumstances. Drought and Covid lockdowns and a looming financial crisis all at once.

The Weather is creating havoc in many countries.

Capitalist country Japan has been arming itself again since the second world war. Their sandwiched position between China and North Korea is less than ideal. Recently some nutcase killed former prime minister Hiroki Abe. Abe had plans and advocated for Japan to have nuclear weapons to defend itself. The killer disagreed with this.

Where China does not get any rain, Pakistan got more rain than in decades together in a short period. Leaving vast lands underwater, over three thousand people are dead, and over 100 million people are displaced and lost their homes as of now. The wheat harvest in France is estimated to be the lowest since 2001. Just imagine this winter will get cold in France, very cold, what is the government going to do?

Deadly heatwaves in Europe are devastating. Like Spain’s green gold harvest is hugely affected by this. The American wheat harvest has been awful in 2022. Then there is rising fertilizer prices and energy cost, which makes the work and success of the farmer impossible.

The first horseman has a global presence as the depiction of the bringer of pestilence. A new strain of bird flu-like APHIS makes experts nervous as hell.

I am prepared. Can Trump save Europe from the cold?

You can call me a fearmonger, but I like to prepare myself and my family for worst-case scenarios. The hurricane season is coming, followed by winter. If this winter is severe, I expect a total worldwide collapse of the system. Three other riders will join the first horseman (I am not religious, but I understand the metaphor of the four-horseman story).

So far, my previous prediction about Europe and Russia have been accurate. I am not justifying any war aggression from Putin or any other country. Just stating the obvious, any fool could see this coming. To ignore this and now play a victimized, surprised politician and journalist is despicable. Another prediction; the new booster shot rounds (5th shot) for the coming winter Covid wave in 2022 will help destroy what’s left of people’s little functioning immune systems. Covid will again be blamed for death and misery, with zero to do with vaccines headlines in the media.

The US democrats have weaponized the FBI, DOJ, and others to hunt and demonize Trump supporters, and Trump is their number one target once again. After two failed impeachment, the Russian Collusion hoax, and many other hoaxes, including the failed January 6th commission, their last attempt is the raid on Trump’s residence at Mara-A-Lago. Insiders and leaks mention that Trump has violated the Espionage act and stole documents with nuclear documents. With the midterm elections around the corner, severe signs of a brewing civil war and a rollercoaster stock market are the last pieces for the perfect storm.

Make Europe Warm Again. Make the Winter more Pleasant Again.

Stay safe out there, help each other and prepare yourself for the worse. It will give you a good feeling and make you and your family sleep better at night. I now feed the pigs and chicken and bring the water buffalos to their green field. I am happy to live in Thailand and not in Europe anymore. Europe will freeze and starve from the cold this winter without electricity. Trump should “Make Europe Warm Again” (credit Scott Adams) and clean up this utter mess.

Peace Bas Boon

“Corrupt” Reality TV Star Zelensky and Igor vs. Putin

(c) Bas Boon

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