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Zelensky, Xi Jinping, Putin, Biden, and The West Playing War Games. It is August 4th, 2022, and Amnesty International is coming out with a damaging report about Ukraine. They present evidence that the Zelensky regime is putting military bases in civilian areas. This report accuses Ukraine of war crimes. They operated weapons systems in popular residential areas, schools, and hospitals.

These reports and evidence collaborate with the Video Footage of YouTube journalist Patrick Lancaster, who puts his life on the line daily. These tactics violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians by turning them into military targets.

I am sure soldiers commit war crimes on both sides of this war. However, this report from Amnesty International reveals that these tactics are not some soldiers who go rogue. The military hiding in hospitals and schools is a strategy that is clearly instructed by the highest military authorities of Ukraine and is not just some incidents.

Is this Russian War Games Propaganda? Russia is accusing the US of funding/running Biological Weapons Labs in Ukraine.

At the latest United Nations meeting, the US representative was furious. He screamed Russia was spreading rumors and propaganda. He denied that the US was conducting experiments with biological weapons (weapons of mass destruction) in Ukraine.

The white house denied all these allegations with numerous tweets.

As always, where there is smoke, there is fire. This fire was confirmed when the US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland admitted before congress that the US was helping Ukraine to conduct biological experiments. 

Nuland is a member of the same US government who once forbids Ukrainian Bilionair Ihor Kolomoisky from entering the US. Suddenly the US changed its opinion on gangster Kolomoisky. The opportunity came to poke the Russian bear and change the Ukrainian regime with another puppet who would do the US bidding. So, Kolomoisky became the backdoor contact for US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland.

Suddenly it’s okay to work with once described as the most dangerous man for Ukraine’s democracy (source Wikipedia). His private bank and media empire are excellent tools for Kolomoisky and his new US friends. Kolomoisky has been financing the Azov battalion Nazis for the last eight years.

His popular reality TV show copied Trump’s success with the apprentice. He made Zelensky become president through the TV show. The Tv shows even carried the name Zelensky’s political party. 

He is the man in control behind the scene, and his goal is to make more billions as long as possible.

When Zelensky wanted to honor the Minsk agreements made over the Donbas region to establish a peace deal with Putin, the Azov battalion halted him. The words of the Azov battalion commander, remember who put you on your thrown, we can easily remove you as well, we like to kill Russians, shut up.

Comparison with Ukraine’s Kolomoisky and Isis.

Kolomoisky is almost a reincarnation of Isis, who we back to get rid of Putin or kill as many Russians as possible to weaken Russia (Like the Assad Regime). The US sent weapons and money to El Nusra, Al Qaeda, and even Isis (Obama precedency), all to topple the Assad regime. Looks familiar?

When finally, Russia started bombarding Isis in Syria with the blessings of Donald Trump, who suddenly became US president, the dream of the Islamic state shattered. Trump stated before he became president; if you take away the finances from Isis and bomb specific oil fields they conquered, Isis will be toast. Within six months, there was no single headline in the worldwide media about Isis.

The people who play war games tried arranging a fake chemical attack. Not responding to a chemical attack from Assad would put Trump in an awkward position, all fabricated to stir up the Syrian conflict. Trump knew he had to respond, but his rocket attack response was mild, which resulted in no severe casualties. It did not take long, and the reign of Isis in Syria was over.

Trump is the only president who, in his four-year turn, did not start a major war.

Will Zelensky’s War Games turn him into the next Saddam Hussein?

We know this war between Russia and Ukraine is a war of propaganda and media control. Zelenksy’s boss has daily orgasms in the current situation. All opposite media has been arrested or taken over. There are no other political parties allowed in Ukraine.

When Zelensky doubted his role, he was visited twice by Boris Johnson. Boris said we do not support you if you sign any peace deal with the Russians.

If I would make movies and had to look for a name for a Russian gangster, the name Boris would be perfect. I suspect Kolomoisky to have made some phone calls about Zelensky planning on signing a peace treatment with Putin. This type of war game behind the scene is essential to mention. The end of this war should have been months ago.

With hundreds of billions and weapons (they are loans, not charity) pouring into Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky is the last person on earth who wants this to stop. He is the master of puppets of the current war games.

There were no weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

The invasion of Saddam Hussein’s country, Iraq, was because intelligence agencies accused him of having weapons of mass destruction.

I can’t forget the angry Iraqi who threw his shoe at George Bush, screaming you killed a million Iraqis for a lie. They never really found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at that time.

The US representative became ultra-white and seemed shocked when the Russians presented proof to the United Nations of these US-funded Bio labs. Russia proposed the United Nations intervene in the thorough investigation of Ukraine’s biological weapons. The US representative became hysterical and denied all allegations.

With their leader Xi Jinping, the Chinese support Russia’s proposal for the United Nations to investigate. Is there a US involvement in developing biological weapons in Ukraine? The UN General Assembly keeps quiet. The Western nations now see that the accused is their boss, the US, and are utterly silent. These “types” war games are unwanted by the world’s narrative makers.

This scandal brought Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping close, which is not suitable for the West and the US.

War Games with humanity at stake.

The WHO Tedros says to destroy all Biolabs in Ukraine.

The WHO director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said; Ukraine should destroy civilian biochemical facilities. He argues that this will prevent leakage. We all remember the shelling of the Ukraine Nuclear power plant. Ukraine accused Russia of shelling the power plant. But the Russians had already conquered the power plant, and it did not make sense to make the nuclear facility a target. But if the Ukraine shelling had caused a Nuclear Disaster, it would have been the perfect excuse to blame Russia and escalate the conflict.

The attack from Ukraine was not on a nuclear power plant but a Biolap.

An anonymous insider reports the following. If you follow the media headlines about the incident, the media claims that the impact of the shelling was very close to the nuclear power plant.

Later there is evidence that Ukraine made the attack. And they did not miss the powerplant. They hit the target with utter precision, their former biological lab in that location near the powerplant. Facebook and Twitter blocked all messages about a map with the locations of at least thirteen Biolabs’. They stop every word spoken about this, total blackout, like the Hunter Biden Laptop.

When the scandal came out about these Biochemical labs, some Ukrainian militants blew up the Kharkiv Biochemical Research Building. Over 50 researchers were buried and died under the rubble. Is it a surprise that one of the most corrupt countries in the world would become an experimental biological factory for Americans?

The problem with the internet and communication these days is that it is almost impossible to hide anything. The Russians conducted an exercise of war games that transformed into a Ukrainian blitzkrieg invasion. At the beginning of the war, the Russians conquered vast parts of the land, including positions with biological labs. Russia uploaded the proof they found of biological weapons development in Ukraine on the internet. Every country can download the information for free.

Slowly more and more media outlets report on shady dealings from the Ukraine side. If by this winter there will not be a decisive win for Ukraine, it could be that Zelensky will turn into a hunted Saddam Hussein. 

Ukraine civilians who hunt for Zelensky? Pedestrians who had enough of these wargames want to live without fearing for their lives every second of the day.

I give Putin six more months to achieve his goal. They could assassinate Putin because of his war games.

Putin is a strong leader with a huge ego. The leader with the perfect suits and he can be seen riding a horse with no shirt depict the strong leader of Russia as a winner. His past presence on the stage in Syria shows that Russia is back on the world stage as a country to take seriously. If Putin can survive his role as leader of Russia after his call for a partial mobilization in Russia till next year, February 2023, he could come out as a winner. That is if he survives before that time.

With war games, the situation can change instantly. For example if Xi Jinping suddenly is removed as the leader of China. There are rumors he is put on house arrest and the military in China are taking control, Such scenario could mean Putin lost his biggest ally. Maybe the threat of nuclear weapons was a bridge too far. Is the communist party punishing Xi Jinping for his support of Putin? 

I think the “house arrest of Xi Jinping” is misinformation and propaganda, and the world will see the face of Xi Jinping for a long time. What about the coming winter? What impact will the winter have on the current situation in Europe and the Russia vs Ukraine battlefield?

On the other hand, China had 80 days of drought and many natural disasters. Their housing Ponzi scam collapsed. They have already installed tanks in Infront of banks to protect them from bank runs. The covid lockdown policy in China speeds up this superpower’s most significant economic collapse. Even a new general or leader can not change all this overnight.
Tanks in front of Chinese banks to avoid bank runs. This footage is from July before Xi Jinping allegedly is put under house arrest.

The world has enormous problems, and it’s not only looming wars.

Imagine so many problems in their own country. It’s hard to put energy and money into foreign affairs. This doom scenario also applies to the West. Germany, the engine of Europe, has a negative GDP growth. During Covid, the West and US printed 10 trillion dollars. The inflation is now skyrocketing. The globalist and WEF from Klaus Schwab push the current state of affairs to speed up their eugenic agenda.

Farmers have severe problems with food production and fertilizer shortage, and do they have enough energy this coming winter? German citizens started to burn wood again. What would be the outcome if the West had to fight a war with Russia? Russia, who has plenty of energy?

USA problems, Joe Biden’s regime is ending? The US plays war games at the highest level.

Joe Biden also has enormous problems ahead. The FBI is hiding the laptop from hell from the president’s son Hunter Biden, but the repair shop owner who handed this laptop over to the FBI made a copy of the hard drive. How much did his son compromise his father’s presidency? Will the midterm elections change the power in the house and senate to republicans? If so, will they impeach Biden? If Biden suddenly dies of a heart attack or assassination, what will become of the US under the leadership of Kamala Harris?

How will Kamala Harris respond if the leader Xi Jinping of China (or a new leader) decides to invade Taiwan? If the West keeps prolonges this Russia vs Ukraine war and boost their own energy crisis, the Chinese will be their new neighbours through Russia. The plan from China is to take Asia first in the next decades, but China is gratefully with the current Russia vs Ukraine war.

Joe Biden claimed that the pandemic was over and downplayed the inflation disaster. Biden is deteriorating and looks more and more demented.

My opinion is to solve this mess.

I advise that all these countries should come together, no more boycotts. Figure out a peace deal. It would be foolish to think that Putin will have his armies get slaughtered by high-tech weaponry funded by the US and the West. He is already at war with NATO. The world should accept the new 2022 annexation referendums in the Russian-occupied region as a pretext to stop this madness. Keep Ukraine neutral in the future. Or try your luck with future nuclear war, and then you can claim you were right when the first Nuke went off. Have the world’s leaders, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and some top leaders of the west, all meet and sort it out. No more war games.

It’s like walking over a crossover as a pedestrian, you can see a car coming at high speed, but the vehicle should stop because you are walking on a Pedestrian crossover. When the driver of the car ignores the rules and runs you over, you are dead, but you are right. The driver of the car should have stopped.

Zelensky vs. Putin and Ukraine Hollywood Propaganda.

(c) Bas Boon

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