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The Obese Pandemic, Diabetic, Liberal Lunatics, and Mental Illness.
You are officially in the twilight zone; everything is upside down. AP press release; and all other Fake Media are telling you that Mass Formation Psychosis does not exist. That is a conspiracy theory we can read in many headlines.

Mass Formation Psychosis is just a substitute for brainwashing and hypnosis, and it is not new or a conspiracy theory. Big Pharma and the food industry advertise for fun, not results (hahaha). The Fake News is trying to convince the public it is a conspiracy theory because of the podcast of Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone. This podcast was the most heard in human history, with over 50 million (and counting) people who tuned in.

Dr. Malone used the phrase MFP to emphasize (in comparison with the German people blindly following Hitler) the situation and state of the masses. The comparison with Big Pharma and the Media pushing an experimental vaccine onto the public with all means necessary.

Fast Food chains are all open; restaurants must close. Hospital restaurants and gyms are open; regular gyms must close. The Obese must eat.

Restaurants need to close, and many companies are forced into lockdowns worldwide. But the restaurants and cantina in Hospitals stay open. The hospital gym stays open, but the gyms worldwide must close multiple times. Mc Donald, KFC. Starbucks was available during the pandemic with no problem (virus makes an exception). During the pandemic, you can enter any Amazon coffee shop, but healthy food restaurants must close their doors. 7/11 chain is available for selling processed “food” heated by fast microwaves during the pandemic. According to many doctors and data, Hospital Covid Deaths and ICU occupations are mainly by the Obese community. If we apply Food pandemic rules, we should exactly do the opposite, close all fast food and sugary coffee facilities.

The industry promotes these hazardous sugary “foods” and drinks as the new normal. Doctors or hospital directors who mention the truth are fired, demonized, and put on none active. But the liberal lunatics and permanently insulted community keep bombarding you with their new ‘normal.’ Some see their leg amputated because of suffering severe diabetes. After a successful operation, they guide their new wheelchair to a Starbucks coffee in the Hospital’s lobby. They order Frappuccinos.

Do not speak the truth regarding food, exercise, and being fat.

The industry and fake Media are brainwashing the masses to believe that it is perfectly normal to be 24-hour eating machines. I once entered a coffee shop and ordered a coffee black with no sugar. An oversized whale of 170kg calls for 6 Frappuccinos in front of me.

A Frappuccino is the ultimate calorie bomb. There is a little bit of coffee, but mostly there is whip cream, cream, sugared milk, a triple spoon with sugar, and sweet corn syrup. It’s the ultimate calorie bomb. This drink belongs to the bestsellers from Starbuck, Amazon, and other coffee chain stores.

I waited in line till this thing of 170kg got her 6 Frappuccinos. Then I observed her walking up to a small table inside Starbucks and assumed she visited this place with some other oversized eating containers. This assumption was wrong. Before I could get my black coffee, I could not help to look at the human blob. The 170kg went to 175 kilograms in under two or three minutes. She was gulping 6 Frappuccinos by herself like she needed to put out a forest fire in her massive stomach. She was alone, with no company.

Sugar addiction.

Now they say that sugar is seven times more addictive than heroin. I feel for people with addictions, and my empathy gen thinks we should help our fellow humans with any addiction. Alcohol addiction, drugs, food, or sex, as long as we have facilities and people who can help these people, they have my sympathy and support. I’m not convinced that sugar is seven times more addictive than heroin. If they sold heroin in supermarkets, you would find that heroine and sugar are equal in human addiction.

The sugary and processed foods should be labeled with danger and warning signs on the packaging. There should also be higher taxes on these products. The label on the sugary and processed food package could say; that this product can cause “The food pandemic” and is very harmful to your health; please be careful.
Not only tik tokers say the doorframe is fatphobic, but it should be adapted and he who says differently is a fat-shaming bigot.

What I do not support are liberal lunatics and Fake Media.

In a recent NPR broadcast, they lecture the public that it is racist to have doors of a specific size in public places? Yes, you hear this correctly. The doors should have been made bigger for team Obese. The problem is that the media treats this as a normality. It pushes that it is perfectly normal to be fat and Obese, not pointing out the considerable health risk which comes with being that overweight.

Diabetics, heart failure, tia’s, thrombosis, irritation bowel syndrome, Gerd decease, apnoea sleeping disorder. What do you say about that? Well, Big Pharma will sell you another tablet for high blood pressure. The food industry will label natural and without sugar and replace sugars with fructose corn syrup, honey, or artificial sweet products, worsening sugar intake. The Food Pandemic is actual maybe a better description than Covid.

The sports magazines and playboys must put Obese women on their front cover.
The sports industry is now overwhelmed with transgender “normality,” for example; two transgender determined the recent woman championships in swimming for first and second place.

From a marketing and business point of view, it is understandable, as more than 50% of the population in many countries is overweight and obese. But it normalizes something hazardous. Heroin and other drugs are portrayed as forbidden, dangerous, and deadly, creating havoc in society. Food and drinks are not labeled as such.

Education about food and sugar starts with kids.

When you are a kid, nobody teaches you about food and drinks and the danger of sugar. This food education should be mandatory for two hours a day. Teach kids how to grow their food and what food does to their mental state and body.

Learning kids about the wrong food and that vast amounts of sugar cause cancer. Teach children what food and illness will do to people’s moods. If there were ever an excellent idea to hypnotize, brainwash, and or apply Mass Formation Psychosis, it would be about teaching our kids the dangers of sugar and particular food and drinks. Instead, the teachers teach many kids about white man evil, CRT, victimhood, and LGBTQ.

To change course, you have to start with education. The second thing we can do is not normalize food/sugar disorders. Point out the dangers, especially in the media. The third point is implementing a sugar tax (including fructose corn syrup and sugars with other names). We can use this tax to build facilities and educate specialized doctors to help guide people with diabetic and obese problems back into society to become ordinary functioning people. Maybe if obese people understand they are the cause of the “food” pandemic, it would bring some reality and pressure to lower their sugar and processed food intake.

Living on anxiety, panic attacks, sleeping disorders, and pills is not good and average, and we should treat it as such.

Mental Illness is sweeping the globe.

Liberals and the fake media create an Obese utopia illusion that always ends up in misery, hospital, and death.

Because of the Fake News and a colossal population with eating disorders, they promote an altered reality. The liberal lunatic Alice in Wonderland world. The gym people are bad because they do not have a vaccine yet: gym closed, Frappuccino joint open.

An Obese person with enormous mental and other health issues who is vaxxed and has a booster shot can now point their frustrations and anger issues to a healthy normal functioning, hard-working individual. Lockdown the world, they scream. You are killing us.

Fake News Fear Mongering effect on liberal lunatics Mass Formation Psychosis.

These are the real question journalist should ask worldwide:

  1. Did a patient enter the hospital because of an injury, accident, or Covid? What are the percentages? 2. Why Vax children?
  1. What are the ages of unvaxxed people in the hospitals, and how many are unvaxxed?
    What and when is the status of being unvaxxed? Two vaccines are vaxxed? Or do you need at least a booster shot to be registered as vaxxed, or two vaccines and two booster shots?
  2. How many antibodies does a person who Covid have? Are there measurements of how many antibodies they have after six months or a year?
  3. My friend had 2400 antibodies after a year when he had Covid. Why should he take a vaccine that will produce another 50 antibodies at the most?
  4. What is the percentage of people who get Covid in the Hospital? (Some say over 45%).
  5. Why is the public told that a piece of cloth protects them from Covid?
  6. If Covid is so deadly, where are all the biohazard waste Disposals in any public places?
  7. Almost 2 billion cloth masks are now in the ocean. Why do I not hear any environmental groups about this fact?
  8. What is the exact age of the people who died of Covid? How many had underlying health issues, and how many were Obese?

Liberal Supreme Judge Sonia Sotomayer claims 100.000 children in ICU are in critical condition.

The liberal lunacy has infiltrated every layer of society. An overweight liberal lunatic Obama-appointed Judge made a ruling because she claimed 100.000 children were in the ICU.
The supreme court has now shared more misinformation than your grandmother on Facebook. Fact-checkers, what happened?

I wonder where she got that data. Did Fauci give her “secret” information? Why are we hearing this for the first time from a judge? You would think the liberal leftist lunatic Fake News such as CNN, MSNBC, and the NYT would have these as their headlines way before a judge reveals this horrific news? There is that ever-round figure by the Fake News and this judge. I mean, it’s not 87488 children. They always make it to 100.000. Except when the media uses 666 for some reason, that never becomes 700? Do a google search with vaccine, covid, and 666.

In the Netherlands, the government makes the hard lockdown decision on false data. This scandal is a fact. You would think this would be immediately corrected. It is not.

Where is the data?

For months several members of some political parties in The Netherlands have been asking for data. They want to know why 1000 people die more, each weak and unrelated to Covid. We are still waiting!

In 1976 they stopped vaccinating people when fifty people died. Because vaccine companies have immunity from lawsuits now, there is no limit on how many people die from adverse reactions to the vaccines.
As I said in my previous blog about Omicron, the first variant is Delta Chron / Deltron around the corner. With the flu season and Covid plus mass hypnosis, humanity is in for a rough ride. Put on your seat belts because chaos is coming.

Not all bad news;

We can now erase memories on the bright side of things, so we should start with all the liberal lunatics and the Obese community. Reprogram the positive message about the risk of healthy foods, drugs, and alcohol, making humanity happy and functioning again.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Viagra positively affects Covid treatments. Where the Fake Media was screaming that Ivermectin was not made for the treatment for Covid, viagra is no problem to mention. Well, it is also suitable for erections, and above all, the company that introduced viagra to the world was no other than Big Parma Pfizer.
Panadol and paracetamol are also increasingly mentioned as early treatments for Covid. That is a massive improvement from the media reporting that Invemectin was deadly and dangerous and should not be prescribed for treating Covid in an early stage. The vaccine is your only option or a ventilator in a hospital (protocol made by WHO and CDC).

The judge ordered FDA/Pfizer must release the adverse vaccine data within eight months.

The FDA loses the FOIA suit. They asked for 75 years to release the adverse vaccine data.

The link Yahoo “FDA ordered speed release approval Yahoo has removed 051708992, wonder why?

Mental Illness:

Rachael Maddow is a leading figure in the mental Illness community
Dire Gartland is a liberal Lunatic Deep State Cancer.

(c) Bas Boon

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