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Unitrustfx Crypto Scam Exposed. MMCrypto a Scammer?

I have been active in the Crypto world for about a year. As an inexperienced trader, I did well in the first week before the Crypto crash. I was too late with stop loss and lost about 100K. Later I gained back most till the most recent Bitcoin crash two months ago. But at least my stop loss buttons worked.

I am following on YouTube several Crypto channels. One of them is MM Crypto, the German trader Chris who flies around with his private jet to exotic places showing his followers how to trade crypto. He is a persuasive, good-looking German guy with blond hair, blue eyes, and full of positive energy. Many times what hat he says makes sense, and I have followed some of his tips. in every YouTube video, he informs the viewer that if they click on the link below, they can get trade bonuses for free up to 10.000 US (only the profits you can withdraw from that money, it’s clear).

I have been in contact with WhatsApp with him through his YouTube comments.
I tried to set up one of those accounts, but because I am a Dutch citizen living in Thailand with a Dutch passport with a Thai residence address, the system would not let me set up an account.

Recently “Chris” came up with a solution.

He referred me to his top trader Stella Olsen who instructed me to make a trade account with Unitrustfx and said, “Thank me later, he wrote.”

Here comes the Scam.

First of all, maybe it was not Chris? However, I did contact him before over Whatsapp when my first attempts to open up an account with a bonus failed. So the second time through his youtube channel, I got his number. If this scam artist uses the MMCrypto Youtube Channel comments section, Chris should secure his comment section. Ultimately, he is responsible for comments and responses on his channel.

Alarm Bells, this reeks like Fraud.

Stella tried to help me to set up an account at I found out later this website was three weeks old, and the scam meter for the website said thurst 1 %.
After two days, I mentioned getting 10K in that account. Stella was busy for hours with me, guiding me on how to use my account to swap cash for ADA and transfer the Ada to the trading account. For an experienced trader, spending hours with me to guide me with this was weird (more alarm bells).
Then the push came. When the amount arrived the next day, it doubled. Now, this was not such a surprise for me. First of all, I know that Chris works with a 10K bonus to trade, which she could have used. But here is where all the alarm bells go off: she claims she can’t deal with the account anymore because it needs more funding?

So I received a message with a weird explanation about my small account. Stella informs me she needs to focus on more significant funds from other clients etc. I complained for a whole day. I said this does not make any sense? You make a commission of 5%, and all you do is work with an automated system “one push on the button.” Why not trade with my account?

Here come alarm bells again.

I found a loophole in your account, dear, she said. I will trade your account now, although it’s “only” holding 20K. She has grown my trade account to 121K in the last five days, so 110K profit. According to her, short overnight positions with computer algorithms and special programs made this result possible.

I informed several friends, who told me Bas it was a scam. I told them we would find out on the day of withdrawal. Another rule is that I can’t withdraw funds for one week on the account I set up.
This rule could be as they need one week of trading and have multiple overnight positions at all times.

I kept telling myself that German MMCrypto won’t be crazy enough to jeopardize his social media account and fraud charges for such a low amount of money. This account started when everything went up in Crypto land this week. So if you play with multiples of x 10 or more, the profits were not that extraordinary.

Withdrawl Day, the Scam Continues.

Its D- day (withdraw day), and of course, there is an issue with my account at Before starting the money, please make an additional payment of 10850.- for seven days swap cost. Stella is on Whatsapp. Please, dear, make your payment, withdraw your money, and pay me my 5%. Do you see how much I trust you? You can pay me after the withdrawal!

I asked her if she thought I was that dumb? I have dealt with several Crypto platforms with swap costs. All charges are always automatically charged overnight. Imagine you have an automated platform, and you must bill all customers for those swap costs and wait for your money.
Scam Ollie sends me a screenshot explaining what swap costs are. I answered; that I have four different accounts where I trade and pay swap costs at each. Always automatically withdrawn by the platform I am trading on. On one of those platforms, the swap cost rose to 15% per night, and I left. I told her again that I opened this account because of Chris and therefore was less careful. My advice is if you communicate through WhatsUp or other social media at any time, make a video call so you know you are talking to the correct person.

My solution was simple, but Stella Olson or Scam Ollie refused.

We made good profits on my account, so let’s pay the swap cost from my account was my offer. Notice here that I do not see the swap cost as a scam. It’s standard on all trading platforms (except for some extra high percentages they charge). Stella answers; you can. You first need to pay the 10850.- before you can use that Unitrustfx account? Then I told her she better find that loophole from the first time she claimed she could not trade my account anymore. After all this unclarity and weird behavior, there is no way I would put another 10K, even with the 121K sausage bait of “my” Unitrustfx account looming in my face.

She would keep sending me screenshots from big clients and their trades (not mine). I then said; well, you have so many huge clients. I suggested that she pay the 10850 swap cost, and I will give her an additional 5% bonus on top of her 5% fee. She answered she did not need this. That offer expired immediately and confirmed my suspicions.

Yep, it’s a scam.

By now, I know it’s a scam; if it were not a scam, it would be the worse platform and way to inform a client about how this would work.
So I informed her she had 24 hours to make this right. Find one of those loopholes you mentioned earlier, I told her. After that, I will start bombarding social Media with this Scam. My online crusade will be devastating for you and others.

The MMCrypto comments section from his YouTube account was used to set up this Scam if Chris claims he was not involved. Even if people use his platform, it is his responsibility and comment section.

I will put some private detectives on this case, save all screenshots and phone numbers, and hunt the responsible people down. Unfortunately, plenty of people lose their last savings to assholes like these.

I have dealt with a lot worse. Now they will find out who they mess with.

In 2012 I bankrupted K-1 and dealt with Pride Fighting Championships, and I have overcome much more significant obstacles in my life than this bunch of online scam artists. They are about to find out that they messed with the wrong guy.
I warned them that if this were not solved by tomorrow, I would start blogging this scam, send it to Several Crypto YouTube channels, and write to Google and YouTube. She said to go ahead.

The pleasure of devoting all my time to destroying online scam artists will be challenging to understand for some of my family and friends (I will “bury” myself in the world of scams). I will make it my mission and seek daily pleasure to hunt and expose these scumbags.
You can find daily updates about the progress in this case on my Twitter account and this website.

I do not claim the swap cost is a fraud (some very high percentages should be illegal). Not being able to use my account to pay these swap costs makes everything a scam. I also claim I was not informed about the percentages of overnight swap costs. No instructions were given; I would first have to pay additional funds to pay swap costs without possibly using my setup account funds. Stella Olsen recommended this setup account with Searching Unitrustfx on the web does not look promising.

UnitrustFx web reviews

On a positive note, I did not make 121K myself this week. But I made enough money in crypto this week to not lose the 10K I invested in this scam adventure.

The expert Stella Olsen advised me to install MetaMask on my google browser; a little research on google will find that most of this is a phishing expedition how professional from Ollie to let me install this phishing tool.

Stella Olsen
The “expert” trader guided me to unitrustfx to open an account so she could make trades with my 10.000 Euro. However, I could not enter my budget or do any mutations after one week. Stella, the con artist, wants me to pay an additional 10.080 dollars for swap costs from her trades for a whole week.
Of course, it is criminal to withhold access to your account. Sure I will pay for the very high swap cost, but I will do so from my account, which she made me open on unitrustfx.

I did some digging on her phone. It is mentioned she is a Forex Expert and works with Well, well, check out online the testimonials of this scam operation. It turns out not many people have anything good to say.

unitrustfx fake testimonials

The people who do have good testimonials are primarily fake accounts. Here are some samples of the unitrustfx website testimonials. Check the online pictures they used to stage fake testimonials. Many online users using this have nothing good to say.
If you are a victim of or through youtube channels comments like MMCrypto, Stella Olsen,, or, please get in touch with me at

I am making a plan to make this scammer’s life miserable. If you are an experienced hacker, please join our team. We are setting up a new construction where anonymous hackers get rewards (and online credit if they choose) with victims’ retrieved funds from these cowardly lowlife online cybercriminals.

Today I got a WhatsApp message from the unitrustfx support (team scam).

I was still trying to push myself to transfer an additional $10800 overnight swap charges. Incredible the audacity to not let you use your account and then claim we suspended the bill because of whatever behavior is hilarious. I told them I would charge interest as they committed theft by not letting me use my wallet, which they advised me to create on their platform. The account was never mine in the first place; the team scam was completely controlled when the money was on this account with unitrustfx.

YouTube and MMCrypto is used in Billion $ Crypto Scam.

(c) Bas Boon

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  1. TL;DR
    Even though Chris give out bad advise/ promoting scams, you didn’t talk with the real Chris and their are no way a person is responsible for you being scammed, YouTubers usually warns viewers of this very common scam you fell victim for.

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