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LGBTQ Woke: Blackrock’s Larry Fink as Humanity’s God! I could not get it; why in God’s name would Bud Light target a minority transgender community? In a previous blog, I mentioned Bill Gates and the depopulation agenda (which goes deep into the LGBTQ cause). The recent developments are just insane and do not make sense. Just Imagine Budweiser lost 20 billion, and it’s still ongoing.

After the terrible news for the Budweiser company, things got more wicket, and brands like Harley Davidson went full woke by supporting the LGBTQIA cult. Not long after that, Ford follows with a rainbow raptor. You wonder why banks are failing with such financial “geniuses.” Don’t tell me that those CEOs and executives did not notice the news of what happened to Budweiser.

I feel horrible now, I recently bought a Ford Raptor, and now I think I am riding some huge perverted dildo. What about my opinion, lifestyle, and family values? Should I change my Ford with a Tesla because the owner Elon Musk (who has a transgender child himself), has a standard approach to business?

Elon Musk says the following in a recent interview. So be it if he loses some of his companies for making a stand. That are huge words from one of the world’s richest and most creative men.

Just a few days after I posted this blog, we can see worldwide headlines.

Ford Gets $9.2 Billion Cheap Government “Loan” Read all headlines, Larry Fink is pleased. Keep painting those Ford cars in rainbow colors. And a day later Ford announced a new round of layoffs to support the EV transition. Haha, support the LGBTQ cult and green environment scam policies, and the CEOs of these massive companies see their paychecks skyrocket, screw the working man, fire them! I won’t even start with Harley Davidson’s history of government bailouts. You see how this works.

Supreme Being Woke King Larry Fink is Executing His LGBTQIA Social Political Awareness Master Plan!

Disney keeps pushing the LGBTQ madness, and if that would not enough, how about country singer Garth Brooks? For God’s sake, this man is a country singer; his fans who made him famous and wealthy are hardworking country folks and families. Wonder what the name is from Garth’s new song, Rodeo in a Rainbow Saddle?

We got the answer from the Devil’s Mouth Larry Fink of BlackRock. The self-proclaimed God said in an interview he is teaching humanity a lesson. As CEO of the world’s most considerable hedge fund management with an estimated 10- trillion dollars under control, he decides to force anybody his views through their throats. If a CEO from a huge company does not listen to the Fink God, a woke person will replace him or anybody who pushes Larry’s agenda.

How and why does Larry Fink think he should push his agenda on humanity?

Billionaire God’s newest tool is ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). According to Fink’s rules and laws, these new rules are necessary and mandatory as people won’t listen or act as they should (according to him). Racism and bigotry are wrong, and that has a lot of truth to it. Here is how the ESG score works; if the companies he has a massive stake in with Black Rock do not have a good ESG score (push Finks agenda), there will be a financial punishment or removal of CEOs and executives. This Gestapo method will teach them racist bastards at Ford and Harley Davidson and anybody who does not comply.

This is why Budweiser lost over 20 billion, and other companies like Harly Davidson and Ford pursued the same LGBTQ woke promotion crap.

The woke LGBTQIA propaganda is everywhere. It’s worse than a Covid virus if you ask me.

I met with several billionaires and government officials throughout the world. We are reaching the stage of the famous hunger games. I wrote this in a blog (we are already there) about the hunger games. The LGBTQ woke propaganda is everywhere.

Bezos, the owner of propaganda fake news outlets like the Washington Post and Amazon, is in the club of Fink. Some billionaires I know start acting weird. Sometimes, those billionaires and elite gangs of misfits work like they are above humanity. You, the people, are the sheeple! They have funny relationships and screwed-up marriages; Bezos himself is an example of that, and Bill Gates. Melinda Gates filed for divorce not so long ago. The main reason was that Bill Gates kept meeting pedophile human trafficker Jeffery Epstein, even after Epstein’s conviction for pedophilia. Some Disney executives have also been arrested and convicted of pedophilia.

The black mermaid can be seen in the latest Disney kid’s movie. Don’t be surprised that Snow White is a racist bitch and will be replaced by Chocolate Black.

Why should this concern you?

Well, we live in a society that is rapidly going all digital. Smart homes, cars, phones, and AI is taking over. You could think it’s good that digital currencies prevent fraud and criminality and force people to obey and walk in line. China is an excellent example of this. Unfortunately, my underbelly and experiences with billionaires taught me they would take advantage; for most of them, it’s all about money and power.

Yeah, I know the most significant way criminals can launder money and transfer funds is through cryptocurrencies. The latest attack from the SEC (lawsuit against Binance) shows team elite is all over this. It’s only legal if they (The Fink Supreme Being Club) control the cryptocurrency and manipulate markets. And we all know they would never abuse such a system when they control all, do they…

Here comes the abuse!

It did not surprise me that Bezos Amazon shut down a man’s *entire* smart home after delivery workers claimed racism. LBGTQ woke promoter Bezos belongs right next to Larry Fink. Soon we can read its God’s hand that is forcing us to shut down these rebel outlaw terrorists (you, the people). The car company BMW is offering heated seats on a monthly subscription. Banks will do the same (cancel you) if specific customers disagree or deviate from the pushed narrative. What is this; Blackrock holds a 63-billion-dollar stake in Amazon, and Larry Fink is smiling.

California law with ESG promotion governor King Gavin Newson plunged the wealthiest US state into tens of billions of dollars of debt. He takes the LGBTQ woke madness to the next level. Some leftist judge rules in California that if a Toddler attacks an elderly parent, the little infant violates the law.

Do you understand now the censorship by Google, Apple, Facebook, and YouTube?

Those CEOs and shareholders are in the Larry Fink God executive club. It’s one rule for them and another for you. Indeed, their fake news-paid propaganda teleprompter puppeteers tell you it’s for your good. The actual results of their LGBTQ Woke propaganda push are devastating.

Brilliant Gay CEO Tim Cook from Apple even introduced the pregnant men emoticon. Let’s push humanity to let them know a man can also get pregnant. What is this: Blackrock has a 173-billion-dollar stake in Apple; who would have thought?

The real culprit for a huge part of the global population is food, processed food, sugar, fructose corn syrup. The Obese community visits Starbucks to start the morning with three caramel Frappuccinos and a blueberry cheesecake. They are just Soy late boys and girls who want to watch social media on their phones all day and are proud to be in the Generation Z cult. They are the elite members of the LGBTQ woke department in the cult. Oh, wait, what? Significant Starbucks shareholder is Blackrock and Vanguard; what a surprise.

Vaccines censorship and the role of Pfizer.

During the pandemic, restaurants and gyms were forced to close. The Fake news from many governments worldwide pushes the vaccines upon the population. Some companies get an exception, like the 7/11 store chain; they can stay open. This chain store should be named the king of processed garbage.

During the pandemic, you were forced to close your place as a restaurant owner. No more grass-fed beef or a salad. You, the sheeple, can have a microwave rubbery cheeseburger from a plastic case from 7/11. This 7/11 “burger” thing does not even look like meat. Crazier, this garbage is still sellable after months of sitting on the shelf, no problem. This is a great way to advance the obesity and diabetic crisis. I am describing the natural health crisis that is now concerning at least half of humanity. Those elite want to keep most of your consumers alive and sick (can’t make money off dead people). People become diabetic and feel terrible as they eat poisonous food. The answer to these people’s sickness is big pharma.

The paid Fake News media pushes Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Anybody who says they do not work at the time or is skeptical and asks questions gets labeled as a filthy anti-vaxxer. Ooh, no, wait, what is this: Blackrock has increased its stake in Pfizer since February 2023 with 442 million shares. What about Moderna? Well, there comes Larry Fink’s Blackrock holding 27.661.473 Moderna shares.

Google with YouTube is in the Larry Fink Deity Club.

The censorship of ivermectin and specific vaccination experts is still ongoing by Google and YouTube. Finally, you can ask questions again about the origin of the Wuhan lab leak. There is confirmation now that the vaccine leak is from the Wuhan Labratorium, even by the Pentagon. Because of this old, I mean new news, the social media Gestapo fact-checkers changed the standards for posting. An unwanted adaptation of what you can say about certain subjects is slightly whitened for podcasters and truth-tellers. My strikes are not removed my removed videos are not restored. These social media company giants do not care. You are now in their Ai database. Their fake news implemented policies and actions are forced upon you by a hired army of LGBTQ Woke freaks.

However, conservative podcasters and YouTubers still get strikes and vanish. With their woke henchmen, the elite overlords will punish anybody with too many followers and influence. Look no further than the de-platforming and cancelation of the cartoon Dilbert by Scott Adams. Oh, wait, what is this? Black Rock owns 416,003,093 shares in Google, oopsie.

Joe Rogan did research about the LGBTQ Woke Budweiser commercial.

Now the reason I mention this is for a few reasons. First, you can do the research yourself; it is public. This research is what Joe Rogan did after he supported the Budweiser commercial. This worldwide propaganda campaign is evil and goes way too far. They deliberately push their agenda worldwide for money and power game reasons only.

If hedge funds companies like Blackrock and Vanguard want to do anything good for humanity, they could.

This would be like an act of God if they really used their power to advance humanity. However, when you follow the money, you realize war is money for them. The military-industrial complex makes money with wars. Blackrock has a stake of 101.153.028 shares in Raytheon. This company is a defense contractor manufacturing weapons. Boeing’s plane manufacturer also produces military aircraft. Oops, what is this? Blackrock owns 30,7786,905 shares of Boing; Larry Fink is smiling once again.

It gets worse!

Can it get worse? Look at the “celebration” of LGBTQ Woke Pride Craziness; I mean worldwide depopulation propaganda month—the Rainbow Cult flag is in the white house. The elite put puppet President Biden in charge of their money schemes. Biden talks about kids from families. Suddenly he calls them our kids? Wtf, like if I would let this sniffing old creepazoid anyway near my children.

Pride gets a whole month of celebration.

Many days are unique, such as the 4th of July independence celebrations. Groundhog Day, Christmas Night, Veterans Day, Memorable Day, and Black Friday are all one-day celebrations. Who the hell came up with a whole monthly celebration of a cult in which over half of its members are suicidal? The soy zombie, LGBTQ Woke community, is financed and promoted by Blackrock and people like George Soros.

Pattaya Thailand Shopping Mall New Hentai Sex Dolls.

Not long ago, I walked into the Central Festival shopping mall on a Wednesday afternoon in Pattaya, Thailand. This city is considered one of the most liberal cities in the world where I partly live. I see some 8 and 10 years old standing at this kiosk. They sell Japanese hentai dolls; check out this little video I made. This push for collectible sex dolls is the next step for the pedophile community. Collecting hentai dolls of little girls in school outfits tight up in sadomasochistic positions. The eight-year-old was running around with these dolls for her growing collection. Welcome to the new normal.

Here is what Larry Fink and his billionaire Cult should do to forward humanity in a healthy, positive way!

There should be a message to the world population from this summary of facts of a small group who controls everything; they have only their interest in making more money. They do not give a crap about your health. If they cared, they would promote processed organic food if they cared about your well-being and health. What about Sugar awareness month and building huge mental health facilities? Bill Gates could produce thousands of hyper-modern Hospitals throughout the world. 

There should be an ODW score. Obesity, Drugs, and Work score, anybody not participating in society should be transported to a specially created country or huge island where they can live under their own no rules. The best is a huge island with massive cliffs, to make things easier. A great historical example is how the British transported 160.000 of their criminals to Australia.

LBGTQ Woke Forced Propaganda.

The Nestle Food Company is just another Larry Fink “toy”!

The problem is that the world’s most prominent “food” company is Nestle; by now, you guessed it, the biggest shareholder in Nestle is Blackrock. Now eat your Nestle chocolate bars. Stuff your babies full of sugary processed milk powder and other soy products. You will see the LGBTQ Woke Cult grow with even more significant numbers. The more, the better; Black Rock will make more money over those people’s miserable lives. God’s ways are mysterious, except for the Fink God’s way. That road is exceptionally well calculated.

Uncle Larry Fink looks down on the earth from a private Boeing plane painted in rainbow colors. World’s new self-proclaimed God has the cure for people who always feel sick and have sexual frustrations, impotence, and fertility problems. The result of buying places like 7/11 and consuming other harmful “food” from companies Larry invested in with Blackrock. Feel sick, buy some of “Larry’s” big pharmacy products. If that does not work, stuff yourself full of oxycontin tablets. Larry “God” Fink keeps smiling. He and his elite bandits are making some more mula on those drugs! And if you die even in a plane crash, the cause of death will be Covid, diagnosed by paid Big Pharmacey doctors. One last time its Fink and his elites profiting even from your end!

Italian Gay Man Could be Patient Zero for a New Deadly CHM+ Virus.

(C) Bas Boon

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