Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Crisis in the Kremlin, is there sabotage for Putin’s re-election? Are members of the Kremlin conspire against Vladimir Putin?

Drama title: Jerusalem Post 31 March headline: 2020 Putin Offered Trump Russian corona-virus help!

Trump accepts the help of Putin to fight the #Wuhanvirus, the worldwide Media reports. First, there were the conspiracy theories: Russia had almost no corona-virus cases. And is the Kremlin in bed with the Chinese for some secret world domination plan? Others said after this news that Putin just wanted to have the sanctions lifted for Russia. Now, these headlines made me make a few phone calls as I felt there was a bigger story looming. I think I hit the hammer on the nail using the word “crisis.”

The economist last week had their explanation why Russia’s Covid-19 has such low numbers in Russia (the opposite is true).

Well, lo and behold.. 5000+ Russians are infected, emergency, hundreds are dead!

According to my sources close to the Kremlin, Putin is distraught with his “team.” The claim is they hide the seriousness of Covid-19. Currently, his re-election is at stake. Has Putin been set up for a fall? No re-election for Vladimir as the virus progressed in Russia. Like in other countries like the States. Who benefits from this, Trump or XI? According to multiple sources: at this stage. Fifteen thousand people report infections, and it’s ongoing. There is a crisis now in Russia; hundreds if not thousands of them are dead.

The difference between Putin and Xi. is a “dangerous virus”?

Undoubtedly, the President of Russia took this virus very seriously. There is footage showing the Russian president taking on a heavy biological “hazmat” protective suit, covering his whole head. While visiting a hospital in Russia, they still inform Putin with false information. The spread is worse than it looks (still downplayed). Social media is buzzing with Fake pictures (see headline picture) of Putin. The pictures show that Putin is afraid of the virus. For public outrage. 

There are also reports that Putin has the coronavirus himself. Because the primary doctor shook hands with Putin, he might have the coronavirus. This would make the crisis enormous. 

Did the doctor give Putin the Coronavirus?

Doctor Protsenko, in this video below, shakes the hands of Putin before Putin has protection with his “hazmat” outfit. Doctor Denis Protsenko has been diagnosed with coronavirus. What are the odds in a country with officially “hardly” cases?

On the contrary, president Chi visited the Epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan city, just parading the streets with a face mask.

Why has Beijing not been affected at all? While the world is counting the dead, the Chinese government just announced no more cases and kick-started their economy again. They open up factories and stores with no sign of a crisis.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sits at home and maybe needs to go to the hospital. There is a good chance he has the coronavirus.

England being on lockdown for at least six months. Many other European countries are suffering from the exact #Wuhan virus measurements. Is this crisis in the Kremlin the start of a friendship between Russia and the US? Will both countries unite to distance themselves from China, who created this worldwide mess, and hold China accountable?

“Corrupt” Reality TV Star Zelensky and Igor vs. Putin

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