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Vladimir Putin’s Ego, is Ukraine his “Bridge too Far”?
I remember the fall of the Berlin wall and a drunken president Boris Yeltsin on a Russian tank. Former President Mikhail Gorbachev comes to mind as a Russian president who changed a lot and has an excellent wine spot on his bald head.

There comes Vladimir Putin, a former KGB leader from the Kremlin. The pr team made him look, though. The world press depicts the Russian leader Putin as a strong leader. Photo ops in a judo suit and riding a horse without a t-shirt. Even when Covid arrives, the “fearless” Russian leader visits a bio lab in a hazmat suit and a Covid patient in a hospital.
Russia’s interference in Syria put Putin and Russia back on the world stage as a strong nation with a strong leader.

Not long ago, CNN called Putin the most powerful man in the world.

President Putin puts his legacy on the line; why?

Macron, Putin, Merkel, and Trudeau all had classes at the WEF from Klaus Schwab. Putin has hundreds of billions, a wife, and four kids. Is it worth risking it all for whatever reason he had to invade Ukraine? Are the rumors that Putin has a terminal form of cancer true? If he is sick, does he use medicine? If he does use some medication, what is he using? We can read a lot about the dementia of Joe Biden and can see his mental deterioration, but what about Vladimir Putin?

The world has boycotted Russia with every measurement possible, even worse than North Korea. Europe and the US have blocked any form of negotiations with Russia. The Russian ruble and economy are in freefall. Whatever happens now, the fake news war propaganda started from all sides. Globalist evil forces love this war and use it to speed up their great rest plan. They even will push for escalation. Georgia has also applied for official NATO membership; such great timing.

Why is NATO putting oil on the fire?

Don’t believe me? Check out NATO accepting Ukraine as a NATO member when at war with Russia. There is no return for Vladimir Putin, the hate towards him and the Russian people is apocalyptic. Fauci and Covid are gone, Isis not relevant the new worldwide Putler is the Russian president. And whatever happens now, the history books will depict him as Putler.
Now we have a saying in Holland “een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen”. A cat in a tight spot makes weird jumps, is the translation.

Blinken invokes Putin’s dead brother, causing Russia to “starve” Ukraine’s cities. He was putting oil on the Ukraine War.

Putin has four children and a wife, probably hiding in Switzerland. What kind of life is there for his family? Any future for Putin to be that robust and respected leader of Russia? The worldwide propaganda will bombard Russians that the financial problems are all because of Vladimir Putin. The anonymous hackers took over the Russian Tv stations and spread this message with images from Ukraine.

What happens with all the oligarch’s billionaires and their children because many countries’ governments terminate their wealth and lifestyle? It is these governments who confiscate all their assets. How do they see Putin’s actions?

The end of the dollar?

Meanwhile, there are reports that Russia has attached the ruble to gold. In the past, I wrote about an organization called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). This group wants to stop using the dollar as the world’s leading currency. Countries interested in becoming a member are Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey. The most recent 13th summit was held virtually (because of Covid) from India on the 9th of September 2021.

(Osaka – Japão, 28/06/2019) Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante foto de família dos Líderes dos BRICS..Foto: Alan Santos / PR

Libya and Iraq are two countries that wanted to use other currencies than the US dollar.

There are many worldwide headlines about how the Russian sanctions have their effect. Countries block Russia from using Swift and credit cards. These actions will bring the Russians to their knees and destroy their economy.

But how about the economy of the US and Europe? How much is the credit card debt of the people in those countries? What about the situation of margin calls on wall street? What do you feel and think about buying gasoline for your car or bread at a supermarket? How do Europeans and Americans think about the current prices and the looming potential hyperinflation?

The pandemic and lockdowns for two years made the world come to a halt. The FED printed dollars like water. Is this going unpunished?

The motive for the Russian leader to invade Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine has two main reasons, according to Russia. Nazis shot up the Russian people in the Donbas region. NATO is pushing for Ukraine to become a member.
Even if there could be legitimate reasons, it would still destroy Vladimir Putin’s legacy, and I think he knows that. Another reason is the violation of Ukraine and Russian Minsk agreement.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe. The country has a ton of minerals and oil and has the most significant agricultural lands globally. There is a gas pipeline through Ukraine. So strategically controlling Ukraine for these reasons is a strong motive for Russia, America, or other countries to influence Ukraine.

Maybe the move is even more necessary than anybody thinks in terms of the way of feeding the Russian people? Just think about the following, if the dollar becomes worthless, it will drag Europe into the abyss. Imagine people are hungry, transport is heavenly interrupted, energy prices are sky-high, or there is simply no access to energy. European leaders become the “cat in a narrow space,” and will their response to this problem with Chaos on the streets be rational?



Loyalty to Adolf Hitler, why did so many people follow him?

After the 1929 Stock market crash, the world is suffering, Sky-high unemployment, disease, misery, death, and crime. The German people suffered even more as they still had to pay for recuperations for the first world war (they did not start the war). That’s where Hitler grabbed power and stopped working with banks (the dollar currency).

Hitler stopped the recuperations payments for the first world war, brought order, and fought Bolshevism and the left. He began to do barter deals and put Germany to work. Hitler said, “The German workforce is our gold.” Within five years, Germany became a precursor of “das withschaftswunder,” the world’s economic wonder ( a famous name for Germany after the second world war ended).

The German people would have two holidays a year, a Volkswagen (car of the people), and enough to eat. They were still wondering why people would follow a leader like that? How did it end? Tens of millions died, and Hitler was isolated and shot in some bunker, remembered as the world’s most evil dictator ever.
Putin is now wholly plugged in.

Here is what Russia said would end the invasion of Ukraine:

Cease military action
Change the Constitution to enshrine neutrality
Recognize Crimea as Russian territory
Recognize the Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

Even if Ukraine agrees with the demands of Russia, the destruction of the image of Putin’s legacy is a fact. After Crimea and Ukraine, what guarantees does the west have for Putin to stop further expansions?

The scary part is that there does not seem to be a way out. Even if Putin died, Zelensky Azov’s battalion would invade Moscow and grab power over Vladimir Puttin’s Russia. The hunger and the dire situation will not change. In many cases, the chaos will be only more immense. A new dictator would be in the power of Russia’s nukes. Putin has been in power for over two decades and has worked with every world leader.

What would the world look like with the Nazi Azov Battalion commander giving the orders in Russia?

Feminists against war, many of these brainwashed mentally ill people are our children’s teachers.

Do you think NATO Globalists would stop only with Ukraine, or do they want to reform Russia from being an independent and strong nation? Let’s be honest.

Ego has got to go; People’s own worst enemy.

There is a no-win situation.

The best would be an independent Ukraine, but its presidents have been American puppets. As long as you have two groups with two different opinions, there will be problems, especially if you finance those groups with billions and weapons.
Now Russia has been making weapons for the world for decades. The argument we are not involved in any war as we only produce weapons does not count for a scoring point on the side of Russia. It makes them as hypocritical as the west.
So now, the most extensive arsenal of weapons and the world’s best tech geniuses are at war with Putin.

My opinion

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world was already heading for a nasty recession. Dumb politicians create a worldwide energy crisis under the threat of climate change. The sanctions on Russia are backfiring. I think it hurts Europe more than Russia itself.

Maybe Vladimir Putin knows something we don’t? I think the move for his legacy is dumb and Ego based. It destroyed his strong leadership of Russia on the world stage in an isolated Putler. The world is racing towards the abyss with food shortages, hunger, and the most significant financial crises it has ever seen.

Chaos is imminent, and if there is one thing we should learn from history, these ingredients lead to war. These days we have the worst weapons ever imaginable. This war will have no winners. Humanity will be the losers regardless of who you blame or call a dictator or who is wrong or right.

My advice, prepare for the worse.

Make sure you have enough food or grow your food. Somehow being prepped does not sound so crazy anymore. Prepare for the biggest collapse of the system. If it does not happen, it does not hurt you. The moment somebody uses a nuke, civilization will end as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence “AI” just tried to brainwash me while using Grammarly to write this blog.

The scary part is that big tech and a worldwide government dictate more and more what we should do and can say. There is worldwide censorship by using written by computer nerts with political preferences.

My Grammarly program influences my blog Bas Boon Says. When I wrote specific sentences, a message appeared about Ukraine. I did not even publish the blog?

These “AI programmed algorithms” are worse than Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin combined. While I type this blog and use Grammarly, this message appears on my screen, crazy. For decades the professors at worldwide universities brainwashed their journalist students about the benefits of Marxism and communism. Now it’s AI, “teaching,” brainwashing us. Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter are all infected with political and worldwide Globalist propaganda algorithms and WEF recruits.

This surprise “Grammarly message” sends shivers over my body. It’s like I am in the terminator movie. I am a father of a big family now and worry for my children’s future. Skynet just instructed me on what to write and think. Next are the mandatory experimental vaccines for my kids. Soon I will type the words for an unpublished blog or say words that some worldwide AI considers hate speech. Then AI sends a terminator who will show up at my doorstep, madness.

The Elite Hunger Games Start Right Here Right Now.

(C) Bas Boon

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