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Nike Shock Advertising with Kaepernick, Trump, and Mayweather. A brilliant advertisement campaign move by the Nike corporation as it became quickly the most talked about subject on social media and Mass Media, mission accomplished. Ok, it drove their stock down by 4 % and whipped away a few billion $, but it didn’t take long, and the stock climbed.

Three days later, with a whopping 37% in sales, the African American customers are buying into the theme of being supporters of social justice warrior Kaepernick and Nike. Angry conservatives burning Nike shoes on social media, this is Bullshit.

Nike sales are up 37%; thank you, Donald Trump and Donald Jr., for the tweets.

Then there are tons of parodies on social media. There is Bill Clinton in the white house picture with Monica Lewinsky: 

Believing in Something Even if it means Swallowing everything-Nike logo “do it (that is also free advertisement). 

Caitlyn Jenner: Believe in Something, even if it means cutting off your dick. Bill Cosby Believe in Something take these pills “just do it.”

Trump Junior posted this image.

Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks channel says we won because of the new Nike commercial. We won as the dogma between left and right is fuelled again by this Nike Commercial. Now, this is what the public should understand. The promotion of hate is done through mass media and social media on both sides.

Finger-pointing contest.

The reason this is done is to brainwash the tax-paying law-abiding citizens. The only people benefiting from these constant flows of negative daily, finger-pointing contests are? You guessed it, the mass media, politicians, banks, and the big corporations. 

You, the people, get nothing. Your minds are being polluted with messages from left and right: Republicans and Democrats, owned by a few big corporations, primarily banks. 

The population is brainwashed.

When you buy a pair of Nike shoes after this brilliant advertisement campaign, you are one of the brainwashed. You posted the word Nike in any shape or form (especially Trump). Negative or positive, you just helped to make this company more profitable.

No, Donald, you just helped to promote the Nike brand similar to the Mass Media promoting you daily, positive or negative!

Censorship for Conservatives. After Hillary Clinton lost the election, they knew social media was powerful.

The pollical correctness and media bias are reaching new heights as the big social media companies have started to ban conservatives from their platform. Of course, they do this because of political motivations and will lie their asses off to speak the truth about the real reason why they started the censorship campaign.

I got banned from Twitter for a week because of this tweet. David Hogg laid down on the floor of a corporation he did not like with a bunch of anti-gun buddies. 

I write this “with some BB sarcasm,” stumbling over Hogg on the ground, being forced to take a knee on his face to stay in balance” bam, suspended for a week.

Bas Boon Sarcasm Twitter has no humor.

Their goal is that you be fearful, hateful, divided, and defenseless. They want you to be in debt and misery and ultimately depend on their world government system.

In the spirit of the Nike commercial, I like to do some trolling on Twitter. But the amounts of responses being reported to the Twitter police were overwhelming.

But hey, when it comes to advertisement, the sky is the limit. I have some significant ideas for new commercials to be up to date on today’s trends and diversity promotion:

Richard B Spencer in Hugo Boss commercial (former producer of Nazi uniforms)

Whoopie Goldberg should be in a Chiquita banana commercial. I am sure if they pay her a million bucks.

Donald Trump in America Movil commercial (Mexican telecom company)

James le Bron with Smith & Wesson

Alex Jones, editor in chief of the New York Times

Anderson Cooper (for Isis recruit commercial)

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC is perfect for a commercial for BASF Germany’s “merger from IG Farben” (producer of Zyklon b gas).

Ellen DeGeneres should start a new role as an LGBTQ leader who becomes a pedophile serial murderer in a New Netflix series.

Ooh no, wait, Obama and his boyfriend, his wife, were paid 40 million + $ to parrot social justice warrior propaganda on Netflix.

Cenk Uygur humping a goat Superbowl commercial for all you need is love.

If you think I exaggerate with my “commercial “proposals, look at the new Diesel Provocation launching their Faggot Jacket. I do not care about the sexual preferences of people. Gay people feel the need to show the whole world they are gay. 

Imagine if every commercial announced if the person is heterosexual or only likes to have sex with animals. But whatever works for promoting a company, who cares if you offend somebody or provoke certain groups?

Ooh, wait, certain religious groups and people of color are exempt from these “rules.” Let’s take the current president of the US, which the Fake News bombards with racism. Trump is a white supremacist and gets bigot accusations daily. 

Donald Trump made a commercial for the midterm elections to draw attention to illegal immigrants. He uses his Twitter feed to show an ad about an illegally convicted Mexican cop killer. 

Absolutely nothing about the video clip was racist, yet all major news outlets would not run the ad. Interesting, no?

The point is to shock people and make people aware of this ad, which now got more attention even when the ad did not run on Fake News Media outlets. The Fake News would have you believe that the advertisement was racist. 

Donald Trump is not a racist.

Indeed people drew the comparison from this ad with former president George H.W Bush’s so-called “Willie Horton” ads: a convicted black man who raped a white woman and stabbed her fiance. The difference, of course, is that Donald Trump’s ad has nothing to do with racism; here is why. 

The point Trump ‘tries to make is that not all illegals who come are good people. He refers to the caravan of illegal migrants, “refugees” approaching the US border from Honduras and Mexico. So he highlights this extreme case. 

First, the cop killer is an illegal Mexican criminal coming from Mexico. He did kill cops and said he would do it again. We all can agree that no country wants this type of inhumane scum (legally or illegally). 

President Trump has been portrayed as a racist since the beginning of his presidency, so everything he does is considered racist. Like the word, nationalist became racist (and an advertisement). It represents the opposite of globalism, “the agenda pushed by neo-cons democrats worldwide.” 

The “Racist” campaign Add from Doland Trump had even more effective than the Nike commercial with Kapernick.

Everybody wants to see the ad people suppose not to look at.

The ad is brilliant (like the Nike ad), and the moment Trump spread the advert via Twitter feed, the Fake media exploded. The media refuses to broadcast Trump’s ad; It is racist. This is outrageous. The result is that every major news outlet used the Trump ad many times in the title, mission accomplished. 

Because what do people do when everybody says we will not broadcast this racist ad? They will watch the racist ad, and the media will repeat it repeatedly (like a free advertisement).

If you think my idea of a creative new shocking advertisement is over the top, here is an image of the latest release of a jacket by Diesel!

Obama holds a speech. He says over 100 times the word I and is almost crying about why Donald Trump did not immediately say that he disapproved of Nazis in Charlottesville. 

I find the lies repulsive from all sides, left and right. So I am offended and find myself being bullied by Obama and scumbags like Don Lemon. They qualify my white heritage and being a Trump supporter as a sign of Nazi sympathizers.

I think they should ban people like Obama and Don Lemon from social media. Ooh, no, wait, that is only for conservatives (like Alex Jones). As the midterm elections arrived, there was another law for them.

Antifa and the liberals became the new Nazi party!

Conservatives’ successful social media people are getting a shadowban or a ban for life. The algorithms of YouTube, Google, and Facebook are slowing down the traffic and placing some channels and videos on page 20 of their search engines. 

When Alex Jones confronted Oliver Darcy from CNN about why he was lobbying for censorship, Darcy started lying again. He mumbles there is no censorship. The next day Alex got a life ban from Twitter. According to Twitter because he confronted Oliver” Heinrich Himmler” Darcy as social media “rat” police. 

Oliver Darcy Rat Police.

Darcy even looks like Himmler bizarrely. We now go back to the ’40s with the NSDAP (National Socialist Deutsche Arbeit Partei, the Nationalist Social German Worker Party. Otherwise, the Nazi party with leader Adolf Hitler and propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. 

Now the big companies and Mass Media news outlets like CNN will determine what you can watch. Do not bully or offend people. CNN is big brother. So they will determine what is good for you to watch.

The recent press conference in Japan from Rizin wh, ere they announce Tenshin vs. Mayweather, is a great example. First, there is the press that reports that they still have to determine the rules. People will speculate if Mayweather will fight the young Japanese star. Tenshin is undefeated in 27 kickboxing fights. Do people start to speculate about what rules? Kickboxing or MMA rules or just plain boxing?

Speculation is part of the free advertisement, MMA gloves, how many rounds, with or without kicks?

What gloves would they use, and how many rounds? Mayweather even shows pictures where he wears Rizin gloves and stands face to face with Tenshin.


A hilarious tweet by Conor Mc Gregor about the fight excites the fight even more. And millions more people now know who the Japanese Kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa is (free advertisement). His google hits are now more than Glory champion Ricco Verhoeven while Tenshin never fought outside Japan. 

Check out this link:


The Instagram post is even more brilliant as Conor triggered the social justice warriors. It was racist as he compared both fighters with Chris tucker and Jacky Chan (bam, more hype).


The Irishman compared the tremendous boxing and Japanese kickboxing sensation to Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

How does the hype build? Racial comments are putting oil on the fire. This response from Tenshin to Conor McGregor is priceless:

Just a few days later, Mayweather crawls back that he would cancel the fight. He claims it is like an exhibition fight for some rich Japanese people and that it was a setup.

Indeed a lot of press are calling Mayweather a fraud. Mayweather will say anything he does not want to risk his undefeated boxing record. Great publicity for Tenshin and the Rizin organization. The fight is reaching a worldwide press sensation. It is getting a lot of attention for their upcoming NYE show in Japan in the Saitama Super Arena (which they deserve).

Floyd Mayweather even makes money for the brand “The Money Team” Mayweather.

McGregor in racism controversy after Mayweather Instagram post
The Irishman compared the tremendous boxing and Japanese kickboxing sensation to Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

The lesson to learn is that controversy sells. Unfortunately, in many cases, the more shocking, the better. Colin Kaepernick and Nike is a marriage of a Black Social Justice Warrior. Nike uses Kaepernick. They hire him and pay Kapernick (Capitalist Business Giant Nike). Children’s sweatshop factories in India come to mind. 

Nothing too crazy for a shocking advertisement.

All these left or right paradigms disappear when money is involved and advertisements. The only thing that is worshiped is and stays is the almighty dollar or winning a political seat in the hunger for power!

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