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“Taylor Swift and NFL Super Bowl: Scripted PSYOP?” Amidst the thrilling chaos of U.S. elections, the grapevine whispers of a scripted Super Bowl, attributing the Kansas Chiefs’ victory to numerology and sacrifices. And oh, let’s not overlook the enthralling saga involving Taylor Swift and her beau, Travis Kelce, who coincidentally played for the Chiefs.

Before delving into the details, let me share a riveting premonition. As a self-proclaimed non-American football aficionado and partial owner of a beach café called Pirate Bay in Pattaya, Thailand, we graciously opened at 6 am for our American patrons eager to witness the live Super Bowl spectacle. A whimsical prediction unfolded – the 49ers leading until the very end, only for the Chiefs to level the score in the last 10 seconds of this grand NFL finale.

Cue the laughter – who’s this eccentric Dutch oracle with no clue about the sport? Fast forward three seconds before the game’s climax, and lo and behold, the 49ers score, bringing it to a draw, precisely as I boldly proclaimed 20 minutes prior. I also threw in the prophecy that the KC Chiefs would clinch the Super Bowl victory, but alas, patience is a virtue in the realm of my whimsical foresight.”
Taylor Swift’s favorite number 13, good or evil?

Taylor Swift’s adoration for the number 13 – is it a stroke of luck or a dance with the devil?

In my family, thirteen is our golden ticket. My father flaunts the number on a chain, I’ve hit the jackpot in casinos with it, and even our great-grandfather, a Freemason, dwelled in a house marked with the ominous 13. Dad recently upgraded to a home bearing the “unlucky” number. Check my previous blog on numerology and “coincidences” for more juicy details.

Let’s dive deeper: For most folks, 13 is the stuff of nightmares – omitted from airplane rows and hotel floors like some supernatural plague. Even in the Bible, we’ve got a squad of 12 apostles and one Jesus, making it a devilish 13. The justice system? Constantly parading 12 jurors and a judge – yep, that adds up to 13. And peek at your 100-dollar bill – thirteen arrows and the mysterious Latin phrases “Annuit coeptis” and “E pluribus unum,” each boasting thirteen letters.

Oh, and did I mention the not-so-secret cabal of thirteen uber-rich families running the world? No, it’s not a PSYOP or conspiracy – just another whimsical coincidence, I’m sure.

The best Super Bowl script wins. It has to include Taylor Swift, democrats and Biden!

The best script for our Super Bowl this year would be; like I screamed out loud in my Pirate Bay café and my prediction is precisely what happened. Does that mean all the athletes are actors? No, I don’t think so.

But there are “some coincidences.” For example, Taylor Swift’s favorite number is 13. The San Francisco 49’rs is 4 +9 = 13. Taylor Swift was in Japan the day before, and her flight to Vegas from Japan was 13 hours.
What seed are the 49’rs? That is the number 1.
What seed are the Kentucky Chiefs? Number 3, there it is again 1 and 3. It also is the 13th Super Bowl for Fox; oh, and did I tell you that it’s the 58th Super Bowl (5+8)? The opening ceremony with a flaming underground and many devilish signs with an upside-down cross did not help to move this event out of conspiracy PSYOP’S waters.

If its was a PSYOP I would use Swiftie’s boyfriend Travis Kelce.

It could have been juicier, like Travis’s boyfriend of Taylor, scoring the winning touchdown in this Super Bowl. Instead, he got taken off the field.
There are some pretty big coincidences in this scenario with Taylor Swift. One of the most significant theories for this scripted Super Bowl would be Taylor Swift endorsing Joe Biden and the Democrats during this game. There is a problem if you ask me about this assumption. It would be bad for business. She might lose half of her fans, and as she is a great billionaire businesswoman, I don’t see this happening. She is too intelligent for this. However, if she can get blackmailed or there is something to control her and she will announce an endorsement for the Biden regime in the coming week, I sincerely think of a PSYOP by the CIA.

Or Tylor Swift might get pushed by LGBTQ and DRI lover Larry Fink from Blackrock, who could pour in a billion into Taylor Swift pockets; we saw Larry do this with companies like Boeing, Harley Davidson, Ford and Budweiser, that could also maybe push Taylor Swift to promote the evil Biden regime. Definitely a PSYOP.

“Biden” or his controllers hacked the Taylor Swift-scripted Super Bowl conspiracy.

Yes, this is real; this is an official tweet on Joe Biden’s Elon Musk’s X platform account. His eyes in this image are spitting fire, a red glow with one sentence, “Just like we drew it up”? You are kidding, right? Nope, see for yourself. I had to use this in my thumbnail. Now Biden is senile, and his special council has recently confirmed this. Now, one of the significant questions by the “conspiracy” theorist is who runs the US, certainly not Biden. This old, senile Biden does not even remember being a vice president. Biden does not even know what a PSYOP is.

Bares the question, who made the tweet?

First, forget Biden making his glowing eyes in some Photoshop program or with AI; he needs to know his telephone’s on and off buttons. The tweet is brilliant, as it triggers the conspiracy theorists. It shows excellent sarcasm and is challenging, especially for the religious community. With one sentence and a pair of Biden red eyes, it has over 100K reposts, 540K likes, and rises. And these are real, not fake numbers. Are these people who also control his social media making decisions for Biden? Are they running the country? Who are these people? This viral tweet is from people who know precisely how to make this tweet go viral.

The more logic reasons why we see demented Biden unhinged!

A more obvious reason is the democrats and people in power know Biden does not step down voluntarily. So they will let him lose, no more control, babysitting, and advice. That explains the retarded Biden commercial about him complaining the candy was too small. And his meeting with a black family eating Kentucky fried chicken. Then there is Biden’s message of “schrinkflation” and the evil fire-spitting Biden’s eyes image on social media. It looks like they let Biden be Biden, and the tweet is like the last push.

In my upcoming book it has incredible stories, many of which could all be a script.

I applied a similar hacking technique to a great event, making people think I was involved, but I was not. And it made me good money. The name of my fight team was Golden Glory (G is the seventh letter in the alphabet, which is a 7, so there are two 7s). My name is seven letters, so now we have three 7s. I have been in many “scripted” situations in the fight business. One of those moments I describe in my book new upcoming book series. Where Chalid of Golden Glory, against all odds, knocked out Gary Goodridge within the last ten seconds of the Las Vegas K-1 GP qualification tournament.

Does that mean the other fighters were actors and fell asleep because of the script? Is the whole thing a PSYOP. Nope, but the best script is the most likely option if we live in a simulation. Like Trump will become president again. We all will find out the previous election was rigged with proof. And all corrupt prosecutors and judges who tried to put Trump in jail end up in prison themselves (familiar, you got to admit that is a great script).
My advice is don’t get scared or suspicious quickly. Surround yourself with good people, work on goals, and have discipline. Whether a Messiah will come or not does not matter to you now. If he does not come in your lifetime, at least you live well (place your bets; I will have number 13).

Numerology, what are the odds?

Still, some of the number 13 odds I mention in this blog are almost mathematically impossible, so to be safe, I published my first book on the 8th of December last year. Eight is considered the number of money. And as we are now in 2024 (2+2+4 = 8), I am releasing my other “The Fight Game Mafia” book series at the beginning of this year, on the 15th of February 2024. This 1+5+2 (February is the 2nd month) = 8.

We are in 2024, and using the number 8 means I will be as successful as the Harry Potter writer J.K Rowling within five years. Around the 13th of December in 2029, 2+2+9 =13. Do you want a bet?
You will check the release date of J.K Rowling’s first book; I would do the same. I will spare you the time; it was the 26th of June 1997. Wait, what? Yes, 2+6 is 8. Now, do 1997 = 1+9+9+7 = 26 (2+6 = 8). I am publishing this blog today, on the 15th of February 2024, like the release of my books. 1+5+2 (February is the 2nd month), we have 8!

(c) Bas Boon

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