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Zelensky vs. Putin and Ukraine Hollywood Propaganda. During the last two years, the world has been in lockdown. We know now the Covid-19 virus was made in a lab. It is also clear now. The masks did not work.

Change the topic to the Ukraine war.

If your avatar has a Ukraine flag and your social media says, “Omg, Russia is evil. I stand with Ukraine,” The anti-Russia propaganda comes from the same Fake News and the same social media people who brought you hate the unvaccinated: Did we learn anything from the last two years?

The new superhero is president Zelenskyy from Ukraine, who beat Batman and Spiderman in the popularity polls.

Zelensky: I do not need a ride I need weapons, Clint Eastwood: Make my day, Punk.

The Media portrays the wife of Zelenskyy as heroic and calm. An image on Twitter shows she stands behind the Ukrainian people and her husband. This dream team gives hope and strength to the Ukrainian people and is an example for the world (which it is).

The media and social media influencers compare the president of Ukraine with Clint Eastwood. This nomination results from Zelensky’s legendary quote: I need weapons, not a ride. Zelensky said this when several governments offered him to leave the country.

Zelensky is the Superhero.

By now, the Fake News has found its distraction from the revelations surrounding the biggest scandal humanity has had, Covid and its vaccines.

Zelensky is the new superhero. He will stand up to the Russian aggressor. There is no worldwide headline that does not show Zelensky in his military outfit (old pictures from April). His bulletproof vest is too small, and the photo ops are not randomly but already made by a professional for propaganda purposes in April.

The press can’t get enough. And now the Fake News has some new headlines which they might gain back some of the 80% of people they lost during the last years.

The Media makes him believe he might be invincible; it’s Hollywood.

The fake news is off the charts. Here are some of the number one Fake News and propaganda reports:

The Ghost of Ukraine

The heroic fighter pilot keeps shooting Russian Migs out of the air—the mysterious miracle pilot who defines the laws of gravity.

The Ukrainian playboy model picks up arms to stop the Russian army (word-wide headlines even in India).

Fake News

These are the thumbnails used by CNN and DW for the Ukraine war (the same explosion from seven years ago).

DW News uses the same Fake News Thumbnail and Images as CNN

There are many online clips about sexy women in the Ukraine army. The data reveals that 33% of the Ukrainian military is female.

The Ukraine Parlemaint Member, a woman with a Kalashnikov, can be seen in a viral video. Does she claim Ukraine fights for the New World Order (I thought that was a conspiracy theory)? That explains all the one-sided reporting of the Ukrainians’ bravery and success.

Your daily portion of propaganda.

There are now headlines that Zelensky claims they killed 6000 Russians. It is impressive during war times the accuracy of the tally devices. The round figures and direct reports from the front to the headlines are record-breaking.

Reports of the Russian convoy headed to Kyiv are coming to a halt. Russian soldiers are reportingly letting the fuel go out of their vehicles. The claim is they do not want to fight. 

I only see and hear anti-Russian propaganda.

Some Russian professor goes on Tv (outside Russia) and claims his former Kremlin buddy called him and informed him that coward Putin had brought his family to an underground bunker near Siberia that could withstand a nuclear holocaust.

Switch to Covid Topic.

In the meanwhile, the Swiss Government has lifted all Covid restrictions. But in Denmark and Japan, the most vaccinated countries on earth, the death toll is skyrocketing (unclear if the cause of death is the vaccine or Covid, or both). Israel is also not looking good with booster shots and vaccinated people.

Biden just made his speech at the state of the Union. It was a disorganized speech, and a few things stood out. He did not mention the Nazi racist 6 of January Trump’s “insurrection.” For some reason, Biden said he stands with the Iranians but probably meant Ukrainians. Zelensky and the rest of the world must have hated that Biden spoke the truth for once. He said Russian tanks had surrounded Kyiv. This news must have been devastating for the Fake News and Zelensky. Zelensky is winning the war in the Headlines and could defeat Russia any minute now. Get Biden off the stage.

The ultimate leftist globalist scum on Twitter is on the front of puke propaganda.

I would nominate Occupy democrats and Emily Winston for the price of the most disgusting tweets on Twitter.

Give me thumbs up and a like if you think president Zelenskyy deserves a Nobel Peace Price tweets Emily Winston and many others. This tweet made me want to vomit. Please give me a thumbs up to use the popularity of Zelensky, who is daily in the headlines as the new superman.

But it gets worse

The sickness to spread Fake War News, glorifying the killing of countless Russians? Informing so-called “battlefield” information and then asking for an RT, if you think that is great news? Propaganda of the worse kind.

We have seen this before with the Russian Collusion Hoax promotion for four years. When the liberal lunatic’s democrats finally understand that there never was Russian Collusion but actual spying on Trump. It shatters their world. The Fake news brainwashes them with daily propaganda so often that inhabitants of whole blue states suffer a form of collective severe cognitive dissonance.

The Media makes it worse and worse. It becomes even a more significant disappointment when reality sets in, feeding their mental illness. This situation is not a Hollywood movie; everybody, especially the media, should stop glorifying war. The truth is that Zelensky has a small army with 35% women. He is up against a well-trained and funded war machine from Putin.

Excellent timing from Georgia to apply for an EU membership.

The most sensible thing to avoid more unnecessary bloodshed is to surrender.

The best call would have been we tried to fight off an army that is 20 times bigger than ours. But to save lives, we surrender. The media has put Zelenskyy in a corner. If Zelensky offers, it will make him a coward. This move would be fucked up for the media narrative. Zelenskyy is the new modern-day re-birth of Chuck Norris. Sorry, I am wrong. Chuck is still alive and probably never dies.

Let’s stop with the blame game but focus on how to end this war. It now looks like Volodymyr Zelensky uses the Ukrainian citizens who get killed and his announcement of how many more will be slaughtered is only to con NATO into starting WW3.

Russian Check Master explains why surrendering is the best strategy:

Back to the propaganda Media Machine

Fourhundred Russian assassins were killed who tried to kill Zelensky.

The Media continues to; find e this is not propaganda? A plot of 400 assassins to kill president Zelenskyy has been prevented, and all are killed. It’s normal for Putin to announce the assassin’s strategy. A phone call to the press to scare Zelensky, I suppose? Headlines: 400 killers are on their way to kill Zelenskyy.

DailyMail: Kremlin ‘sends more than 400 mercenaries from a private militia into Kyiv to assassinate President Zelensky and his government’ – with the group told peace talks are ‘smoke and mirrors.’

They might have taken a few busses or Uber drivers to the capital of Kyiv. Somebody must have telegraphed to Ukraine this elite kill team, including many snipers, was coming to kill Zelensky. 

When they arrived in Kyiv, they wanted entry to Kyiv to kill the president. But the primarily brave women who were on high alert spotted the buses and uber drivers. So all 400 assassins were captured and died on the spot. Once again, the heroic president defeats the master plan of evil Putin (I suppose)?

No the Heroic “Fuck you Russia” Ukrainians on that tiny island are not dead.

Remember these worldwide headlines? The 13 heroic Ukrainians on a tiny island said their last words to the Russians that we would not surrender “go fuck yourself.” These reports are all made up of fiction (made in every headline worldwide). The thirteen Ukrainians are alive and well and surrendered to the Russian Navy.

Here is the Trump-style solution to end the treatment of Nazis, terrorists, and fundamentalists.

When Trump became president, he had a simple solution for Isis, take away funding, and Isis will fall. The fall of Isis is what happened. Trump did within six months what Obama could not do in 8 years. No more, Isis. Obama and Biden funded ISIS to topple the Assad regime.

How to avoid Globalist Wars. Putin and Chechnya.

Putin put all Muslims together in Chechnya after he had suicide bombs go off in Moscow (a famous theatre incident). I will hunt you down everywhere and kill you all. That said, Putin to the people who were involved with the Moscow bombings, and he did kill them all. Putin made a deal with Ramzan Kadyrov to put all Muslim people from Russian regions in the Chechen Republic who wanted to live under specific Muslim rules. Let them live how they want under Sharia law, as long as there would be no more attacks in Russia. The attacks stopped.

Adolf Hitler talking to Grand Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Similarly, Adolf Hitler made a deal with the Grand Mufti. You live your life the way you want in your territory said, Adolf Hitler. And we leave each other alone. We do not need to mix. We want peace.

Globalist wants to mix cultures and put everybody together, which goes boom with some cultures. We do not want to have Iran to have nuclear weapons. Why? Because some religious brainwashed fanatic who does not value life would throw that nuke on Israel at the first chance, he gets.

Do you think America, which supported Isis and Al-Qaeda, probably now has a moral compass and would not support Sadistic Ukrainian Nazis?

The same US which dropped 337.000 bombs in:

Syria for five years

Yemen for seven years

Somalia 15 year

Iraq for 16 years

Pakistan for 18 years

Afghanistan for 21 years

The same NATO who went into Libya killed Khaddaffi, left the country in ruins, and started a chain reaction war in the middle east.

Russia, it is better not to invade Belgium. It is useless.

If this war expands and Russia invades Belgium, they must topple six governments in Belgium. Right now, we do not even know all the names of these none elected “presidents” of Europe or where they are.

Now I am not saying that some of these bombings were not justified. Some religious sadistic murdering groups and or cults deserve this. But the majority of millions killed were civilians who just wanted to have a family and live their lives.


In America, Pfizer releases many Pfizer documents on a judge’s order. These new documents reveal that Pfizer vaccines do not help against Covid for children from 5 to 11. A recent Swedish study finds Pfizer’s shot goes into liver cells and converts to DNA. Contrary to the CDC’s claim, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not “change or interact with your DNA in any way. So they lied? Who would have seen that coming?

Invite a Ukrainian Refugee.

It’s ok now in Holland to invite Ukrainian refugees to your home; no more masks are needed. But when my grandma died a few months ago with Christmas, I could not say goodbye, and my friend’s sports store still required to be closed, Covid, you know.

Back to the mainstream Fake News propaganda

Zelensky believes the myth

Ukraine almost won.

The Media makes it worse and worse, and when reality sets in, it becomes even a more significant disappointment. It feeds mental illness, resulting in Kyiv becoming a bloodbath because of all this media stupidity. The Fake News brainwashes the Ukrainian government and Zelensky into thinking they are real heroes. Keep fighting. You almost won. When they all are about to die, do you think any of these Twitter activists or European politicians will come to help?

If this ugly war turns into a nuclear world war, those politicians’ last words are: pick up your Potassium Iodide pills. It is an essential item to have protection from radiation. We strongly recommend the new drugs just developed for this occasion by Pfizer and Moderna (as long as they are around).

Greta Thunberg has her hands in this war.

The media pushed Greta Thunberg to become a “goddess” like figure. In former economic powerhouse Germany, they just stopped using nuclear power and thought windmills would save the day. Now reality sets in (they import more than half of the oil from Russia). Gazprom paid the media and people like Thunberg for endless propaganda to not use oil. The minister wrote this. 

But the media told me so? Where is my green Utopia?

The green utopia policies make Russia very strong as an oil-rich country. Then during a war with nuclear threats, the leftists and globalists in Europe accept Zelenskyy to become a NATO member.

This “horror movie” scenario is the point Putin has been trying to make for decades. He recently told The President Macron of France that if this scenario unfolded, he would not have any other option than to invade Ukraine. So what do NATO and the EU do? Put oil on a potential nuclear fire. And when somebody fires a nuke from a Russian Submarine because of a false flag. We have a terminator scenario with an all-out devastating total annihilation destruction of planet earth and any living thing.

The few liberal Lunatic Leftists who would survive the first strike would ask themselves, how could this have happened. Putin is insane. Why, how can this happen out of nowhere?

Shinoda from Pride left Middle Fedor Emelianenko and Bas Boon in my office in Holland.

My experience in Russia and the current situation

I have been to Russia many times, have many friends, and even had my beef with some prime-time mafia figures. I can tell you that they are proud and strong people. The Western propaganda will not work as most Russians do not speak other languages. Even if some propaganda reached the Russians, it would not matter. The majority thinks the West is full of crap. 

They blame the West for the sanctions after the MH-17 plane went down. Russian lost a lot. Many Russians lost their apartments and vacation homes in Pattaya, Thailand, where I live. They have already been angry at the US for years. The tens of thousands of Russians killed by the Azov Battalion in Donetsk and Luhansk do not help. It came to a boiling point.

You will be in for a surprise for people who think that Russians would lay down their weapons against Ukraine. People hungry and have nothing to lose become aggressive, and their motivation is hate. 

When you paint a target for them, they will go for it. My Russian friend Oleg Taktarov made it to Hollywood, he has a great sense of humor, and we even look alike. We are all humans trying to go through life without too much hardship. I refuse to see him as an evil Russian. Even my enemies I had, such as M-1 promoter Vadim Finkelstein I do not see as an evil Russian.

Evil forces put us against each other, and the scenario is always the same: white vs. Black, Islam vs. Christian. Recognize the pattern and media lies. Open your eyes. If there is ever an entity to blame, it is the media with its propaganda and Overlords.

Indeed this war is also made for women and the transgender community.

This war is not a movie but a real war—Putin threats with nuclear weapons and total devastation. But the transgender people somehow become the headlines again?

ABC reports on the Transgender acceptance problem in Ukraine. Fantastic timing and in line with how big groups of the Nazi Azov Battalion see their Utopia without LGBTQ and North Africans. This war is the ultimate climax for human equal rights activists. The Ukraine army has 33% women; this is an example of equal rights. Except when they all would die a gruesome death in record time.

There are very few reports from Ukraine on why the North Africans and other foreigners are stuck? The new Ukrainian army discriminates against them, and some are not allowed to leave the country. There are plenty of incidents caught on camera. But this isn’t good for the narrative. 

Racism and Nazi battalion discrimination, and holding North Africans hostage are terrible for the western narrative. The female Ukrainian combatants will be glorified and reach the headlines.


In the most vaccinated country Denmark:

Vaccine or Covid Death?

There is a worldwide censorship campaign against broadcasters and social media people from Russia. You all need to be brainwashed. I mean, learn that Russians are evil.

A Hollywood ending.

I never expected worldwide lockdowns and travel restrictions for two years. The world changed. Putin, who invades Ukraine, comes as a surprise. It makes me realize how little I know. But I consider myself an expert in filmmaking, propaganda, and commercials. My whole life, I have promoted fights and movies and even made films in Hollywood. I like Zelensky and do not dislike Putin.

I would promote a fight between Putin and Zelensky in a cage. Not with the UFC in America or M-1 in Russia. Just a Bas Boon promotion; some were on a neutral island. The world can watch and bet; that no people will die, no rockets will be fired, and no nukes. Does just two-person fighting sound like an idea?

Last jump to Covid

Check out the Pfizer-released Clinical trails (page 30 reads like a Stephen King Horror script):

“Look Up” is a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio nobody would believe the two scientists. The Fake News is reporting their narrative, and it’s hilarious. People should watch the film for the hilarious way the producer portrays Fake News. A small group of elite billionaires bought a multi-million dollar ticket for leaving hearts on a spaceship. Spoiler alert: After a long journey, they arrive at this new planet where they get eaten by gigantic birds, hilarious.

Kiefer Sutherland in 24 Season 10?

Or, if you like conspiracy scenarios. A false flag attack is made, and the globalist fabricates a nuclear detonation and blames it on Russia, so they retaliate. Then Kiefer Sutherland makes 24 Season 10 and will save the world from destruction one more time. In Season Thirteen, Steven Segal, a defector who now lives in Russia, is the ultimate Villain and is the right hand of Putin. The personal chef cook of Putin has a fight scene with Stefan Segal, who was the cook on an aircraft carrier (movie Under Siege). While filming this scene, multiple Nukes hit Hollywood, but season 10 never hits the screen.

Ukraine Nazis funded by Obama, War started in 2014

(C) Bas Boon

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