Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Murder Trump (BBC Host Tweet) before it is to late.

Ah, brace yourself for a rollercoaster of absurdity and hypocrisy in the world of leftist antics! We’ve seen everything from Kathy Griffin’s infamous Trump decapitation stunt to Stephen King’s Trump Derangement Syndrome-fueled rants. And now, enter the stage a BBC Radio host, David Aaronovitch, unveiling the twisted minds and TDS-ridden tendencies of radical leftists worldwide.

In a jaw-dropping display of backpedaling gymnastics, Aaronovitch took to Twitter with a masterclass in damage control. “Oh, it was just satire!” he cried, swiftly deleting his tweet like a digital magician. Satire, you say? What about Trump’s supposed satire? The man’s post-narrative dance was crazy intricate. It made the Supreme Court ruling seem straightforward. Hold on a second. Are we hearing a BBC mouthpiece prattle on narrative and satire?

Whatever happened to Trump’s eloquent musings on ‘bloodbaths’? Just do a quick Google search and witness the global headlines ablaze with the term. But of course, the Fake media conveniently omitted the part where Trump discussed the migration of the Chinese car industry to Mexico. Classic.

Here is the latest headline of The UK Telegraph ( I guess they are calling for violence)?

The Tory big beasts set to lose seats in election bloodbath

The destruction of a well functioning society.

In the twisted realm of TDS-afflicted media, even a simple phrase like “Fight like Hell for your rights” is somehow twisted into a call for violence. Yet, did we forget the “colorful” Maxine Waters urges harassment of Trump supporters on the streets. It’s all in good humor, right? It’s like a satirical sitcom in a parallel universe where logic took a permanent vacation. Harass Trump supporters turned now into; Murder Trump (BBC Host Tweet) before it is to late.

(C) Bas Boon

The left’s grand plan seems to involve cozying up to the military-industrial complex and globalists to usher in a brave new world of worldwide socialism, all while snatching hard-earned cash from the pockets of the toiling masses. Their dream? An apocalyptic Mad Max meets Hunger Games dystopia, where family values are so last season. Depopulation, promotion of LGBTQ+ cult, anti family, stealing from the working class.

So, as we gaze back at history, let’s remember the French Revolution, where those daring to critique the madness were…

Debate Disaster Trump vs Biden, Democrats Blame it on CNN.

(C) Bas Boon

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