Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Kamala Harris EXPOSED as Puppet for Democrats! Shocking Truth Revealed!

So, Joe Biden’s doctor, sporting a “Dumb and Dumber” haircut, assures us Joe’s just peachy—nothing to worry about! Despite all the alleged enhancements they pumped into him, Biden still stumbled like a confused zombie for a full 90 minutes. It was such a train wreck that even MSNBC and their leftist pals had to admit their old fart-in-chief had a bit of an off day. Oh, but don’t fret—it’s just the flu, he’s totally fine! Blame it on CNN’s new debate rules, where Trump apparently kept spinning yarns without a fact check.

It’s hard to believe, but the leftist media’s darlings like Snopes have been peddling the ‘Trump Called neo-Nazis and White Supremacists fine people’ hoax for ages—until they finally came clean. Daniel Dale from CNN is now in complete damage control, claiming Trump spit out at least 30 lies. I mean, Daniel—sure, Trump exaggerates a bit. But seriously, the ‘fine people’ hoax? Or the time Trump said 16+ million people crossed the border when it’s just a few million too many? Did you have a clicker in hand tallying them up? It’s enough to make you question the honesty and transparency of these so-called fact-checkers.

Debunking 30 CNN so called Lies: Trump vs Biden Mega Livestream

Let’s face it CNN Daniel: your nonsense meter’s off the charts with these lies and hoaxes.

Kamala Harris “Exposed” and she will be the president of the newly installed backup plan. Joe Biden is the only guy who can defeat Trump; he did it before he could do it again. Nope, that was never the case. It’s the doners and deep state military-industrial complex, Blackrock, Vanguard, and other puppet masters who needed a brain-dead zombie in charge who would obey their insanity. Mark my words. They will carry Biden to the finish line as the election fraud game is a democratic specialty. “Biden received more votes than Obama, although widely doubted, and there was censorship on all major social media platforms.”

There was no Elon Musk X with a free speech platform. To make the new election scam work, they need the story “Biden is the only one who can win against Trump.” According to a Google insider whistleblower, Google shifted at least 20 million votes. The suppression and censoring of the authentic Hunter Biden from Hell laptop story could have made Trump the winner.

The best candidate is Kamala Harris; she is dumb and easy to manipulate. She is a professional career sucker and a female Biden with less dementia. The best candidate for the current situation for the Democrats is RFK Junior. He is knowledgeable and has a history with his family in politics, which nobody else has. He is white, and people would vote for him. One problem with Kennedys is that they do not obey the puppet master. Ask Ronald Reagan and Nixon the same question (you know what I mean).

Leftist are jumping ship!

It is delicious to see how leftist people like Cenk Uygur completely miss the above. They think there are fair elections, and people vote, and that their chosen candidate will represent the people. Trump was polite against Biden, and he treated him like a child on purpose. Trump did it again; he said, I don’t know know what he said, I don’t think he knows”.

The whole world is watching, and nobody will ever forget this sentence. Ordinary people knew from the moment Biden became president he had dementia. I also think there is a fight between the democratic party and their puppet masters. The footage that leaked of Biden coming off the stage was horrible. Jill and CNN issued a warning and went to the rescue of Biden to take one step from a one-step stair. Leaking footage like this, we all know where that comes from.

The deep state next scenario to control the presidency.

The puppet masters write the scenario; they get a bearded Buffoon in a dress with lipstick from his mouth till his ears visiting Kamala and the white house. Half of the country screams this is retarded. The other half, this is the ultimate display of inclusivity. In the meantime, a law has been passed that allows them (the deep state) to watch through your phone in your underpants. Kamala Harris Exposed is in the title because, if you ask me, this is the only scenario why Joe Biden does not resign (and Hunter Biden, Joe’s son).

If Biden keeps Kamala as VP and they do carry him to the finish line with a massive push of Google and leftist media, ballot harvesters, and funny voting machines, they could create a new post. By the time the election was over, Biden had probably died of a heart attack or became non-responsive. Kamala takes over for another four years (the perfect deep state controlled puppet). There will be more DEI and LGBTQ promotion than ever before, money printing, a zero US border, sky high inflation, a looming civil war and WW3 around the corner.

Americans, choose wisely, as it is not only your lives and the lives of your families that depend on your vote, its humanity!

Debate Disaster Trump vs Biden, Democrats Blame it on CNN.

(C) Bas Boon

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