Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


Introducing “The Fight Game Mafia Chronicles,” now available on Amazon. Get ready for a dive into the heart-pounding world of The Fight Game Mafia trilogy. This electrifying true crime saga doesn’t just match but surpasses the allure of The Sopranos. It seamlessly blends the gritty underworld of Goodfellas with a narrative reminiscent of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul on a turbocharged rampage.
The Fight Game mafia has been a decade in the making. This is the Fight Game bible. This incredible story is the gripping chronicle of the birth of combat and contact sports. Blood alliances are forged, and betrayal lurks at every turn. Explore the heated rivalry between Bas Boon and giants like Golden Glory and the UFC. Loyalties are tested, and unbridled ambition undermines even the strongest alliances. Uncover explosive clashes between Boon and the mysterious Dana White. Bas Boon navigates the underbelly of the fight game, where power and influence collide in a deadly dance.
Witness the cataclysmic downfall of K-1 and Pride FC firsthand. Experience the relentless schemes of the master manipulator Boon, leaving devastation in their wake. Dreams are shattered, and bitter rivalries are ignited, threatening to tear the fighting world apart. With these incredible true stories about The Fight Game Mafia, it’s easy to envision them captivating audiences on the silver screen, perhaps as an Amazon or Netflix TV series.