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Do Gays save the world from Covid mandates by spreading Monkeypox? Please don’t call me a homophobic bigot yet; there might be a lot of truth in this title. Follow me along, and let me make my point—judge after you read this if this title is incorrect. You might have this all upside down. I defender of animals, especially dogs, and all life in general.

Many important C.D.C. guidelines, mandates, and isolation instructions disappear From the C.D.C. website, but why? Fauci lied about everything, but why? Celebrities and politicians who got “Breakthrough Covid after four vaccines have a united message (see tweet). Joe Biden had Covid back to back for 15 days while doubles vaxed and boosted. Many celebs and politicians had Covid once or twice while quadrupled vaccinated.

In my previous blogs, I have said that the gay cult will prove the bias against hard-working people and families with kids. Tedros, the head of the WHO, warned the gay community to be careful with sex. The U.S. called a national emergency, especially in New York and California, causing alarm over Monkeypox.

Stop all Gay gatherings and pride parades, and close all gay bars.

Now you would say stop all pride gay parades and homosexual gatherings with thousands of them getting infected. Nope, they got a warning. And the mass media and politically correct elite lecture us not to stigmatize the LGBTQ group cultists as this would be racist and homophobic. So because of these developments, I find it one of the reasons the CDC. is scaling back on Covid mandates, masks, and isolation policies. A sort of biased balance after the damage is done.

Two french gay guys, one with H.I.V., gave Monkeypox to their dog.

To show my readers how bizarre these biased media people are, check out the headlines about a gay couple giving Monkeypox to their dog. One of the gay guys has H.I.V., and the other gay man is trying to get H.I.V. from his partner (I assume). The poor dog never stood a chance. They were sleeping with the animal.

Do you mean napping, dreaming, was the dog on their bed near their foot, sleeping on the blankets? No, the dog was under the blankets and sleeping near the couple’s groin areas.

According to the report, the dog might have given some erected penis a lick or two. After twelve days, the dog showed ulcers around his anus. The two gay men reported bleeding anusses and ulcers. The poor dog might not only have licked some genitals but maybe “by accident” received an erected human penis in his poor dog behind.

Now, where are all those animal right activist on this matter? Imagine if the dog had known he would get Monkeypox, he would have run for his life. Nobody told the dog, and now it also turned out he might get Aids as well, the poor animal. It was a gray hound that could almost run faster than a bullet. The poor skinny running dog got Monkeypox and maybe H.I.V. / Aids from a threesome. 

Germany confirms the first monkeypox case in a child. 

This headline is a discriminating title against gay couples and LGBTQ cult members. It should say: German Gay Parents give 4-year-old Monkeypox; they are concerned like any other parent.

But there is something strange about the wording. Quote; “A 4 years old girl who got Monkeypox who lived in a household of two adults, infected adults”. Stop putting gay people back into the closet. They do not want that. Just say gay parents, it’s ok, and people will understand.

In another headline from Germany, we find this:

Headline: Monkeypox in Germany two teens among new infections.

Quote: “Many of the cases known so far concern homosexual and bisexual men. However, affected people and experts have repeatedly warned against stigmatizing gay communities”.

The description of how the two teens got the Monkeypox is a mystery. Why is there no headline about the proud Gay parents concerned about their Monkeypox-infected child? You deprived this gay couple of the title. They are the first or one of the first gay couples with a child or children with Monkeypox.

Two Children in the U.S. were diagnosed with Monkeypox.

Look at this description. It’s hilarious. “Officials are investigating how the children got the disease (good initiative). We, the people and parents of children, would like to know. The article continues: Which officials believe (the monkeypox contamination) occurred through household transmission”. Ooh, what happened? Did they eat or lick some garbage can? Why do we not hear the word “parents” in all these headlines? You know, mom and dad, how are they doing? 

A toddler and a teen?

Would you not think the phrase “adults and household transmission” is another word for gay couples? How discriminating. Why are they not using the correct language? Common, look how far “we” came with the pride parade. LGBTQ people want their names in the headlines and don’t discriminate. Don’t be afraid for the adoption industry to take a severe hit and or sketch a distorted view of these types of parents. Don’t be a homophobe bigot. So, we find once again new replacement words.

Later in the article, it says; Most cases worldwide are because men having sex with men, no kidding? I think there should be independent research into the anusses of these children. I mean, a toddler and a teen, we might send some pedophile police to check the situation, just a thought. In the Netherlands, a ten-year-old kid got Monkeypox, and the doctors took H.I.V., Gonorrhea, and other tests to see if there was no sexual abuse. What would be the reason to do such a thing?

Are Gays exposing the adverse vaccination truth?

Now here is where the whole gay monkeypox thing gets an exciting swing. It might be because of the gay community we can see the truth about vaccines’ adverse reactions. I wrote this already before. If any gay community cult members have H.I.V., what would a vaccination or four vaccinations do with their already severely damaged immune system? It would bring out shingles, herpes, and all kinds of deceased would be the first thought.

I bet you anything in the Pfizer trial. They never tested the vaccines and booster shots on the specific gay community with weak immunity systems. This target group testing would be racist and bigot. So they suffered for a good cause because the people at Pfizer and democrats were not racists or bigots. I am sure the gay and LGBTQ community agrees with me, who now have to run around bleeding from many holes with ulcerating lesions all over their bodies.

The C.D.C. is changing guidelines about mandates, masks, and quarantine.

I stated before (another blog) that my friend in holland had the worse delta Covid variant infection from Wuhan when he was in China. He still had 2400 antibody units after one year, enough antibodies for the whole street. These words came from his Belgium doctors who did the blood test for antibodies. A single vaccine has about 50 antibodies. So it makes no sense to get a vaccine shot with 50 antibodies when a person has 50x more antibodies than one vaccine can give him.

C.D.C. considering natural immunity, say what?

The first 10 million dollar law suite victory for hospital workers who suffered and lost their jobs from vaccine mandates is a fact.

In another case, a professor returned to court after a judge ruled against the professor about losing his job to the vaccine mandate. The judge’s rules were unscientific and biased in the first ruling, but now the C.D.C. changed this guideline. Unvaccinated, discriminated people will want some payback, the Walhalla for lawyers. 

University of California professor sues over vaccine mandate | The Sacramento Bee

Anti-Trumper and LGBTQ sympathizer Dr. Greta Massetti from the C.D.C.

She changed the definition of “the word immunity” (democrats’ way of solving a problem for their correct narrative). These paid globalist liars whose Twitter feed is full of anti-Trump retweets and hate. Even when the C.D.C. changes the Covid policies, she will double down on promoting the Covid vaccines. People should research her blood to see if there is some “Mengele” D.N.A.

Greta is teaching her son that lying multi-millionaire career politician senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas,’ Warren is a gladiator. She is also an advocate for LGBTQ cult members.

Areas of expertise:

  1. Global violence prevention
  2. Violence epidemiology
  3. Sexual Violence
  4. Violence against Children and youth
  5. Adverse Childhood experiences
  6. Covid-19 Emergency response

The C.D.C. doctor says the pandemic is not over (leave a door open). They might need stricter measures in the event of new variants or future surges. But this is precisely why the establishment, Big Parma and Mass Media demonized real experts like Dr. Malone and other experts. They were de-platformed and ridiculed.

The virus will mutate because of the vaccinations. If they now finally developed an Omicron booster. The virus is already three stages ahead at BA.5.

The fearmongering continues.

She continues the fearmongering propaganda by reading scripted messages from her WHO and C.D.C. Overlords. Because of the BA.5, the U.S. is recording 100.000 cases daily (nice round figure, incredible accurate tally devices). And nearly 500 deaths a day, on average. 

Does she forget to ask one thing? Five hundred deaths a day from or with Covid? How long have we been asking the most important question? Dying from or with Covid?

I wrote about this in the Joe Rogan ivermectin horse dewormer hoax. Remember how Rogan schooled Dr. Gupta from Fake News CNN about natural immunity?

Several times, I got in Twitter jail for pointing this out, bringing my account to a future permanent ban. Are they going to rewind this? In my YouTube video, I tried to explain that Ivermectin was a successful dewormer medicine, but the video was removed. I claim in the video that Ivermectin probably does not works well against covid ( I emphasize this is a personal opinion). But it does get rid of parasites that many people have, and it will boost the immune systems (which he’s against Covid). The video was published for nine months till they removed it right before they started to inject kids with the vaccine and their Paxlovid rollout.

The vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid or spreading it. But it prevents you from severe disease, so they say. That is the new slogan. Ooh, and lots of education from the WHO that not only gay people can get Monkeypox.

But no headlines about people dying like flies from the vaccine.

If an unvaccinated person dies, especially someone who advocates against vaccines, it will still be headlining worldwide. Look no further than Kelby Ernby, and she was a republican as well. This combination of an unvaccinated person with political aspirations and positions against vaccinations secures the most headlines.

In the meantime, the C.D.C. removes the following “quietly” from their website. The time length of two weeks (spike protein in the body) has been removed, and the vaccines do not alter people’s D.N.A. These sentences vanished. The newest revelations and developments will severely affect the pro-mandate vaccine Gestapo.

Doctor Fauci and Dr. Massetti take a good look.

Doctor Massetti claims a lot has changed, but this is not true. Nothing has changed. What “changed” is the prediction of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, mRNA co-founder Dr. Malone, Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier and many other experts are proven right. The mRNA vaccines cause the virus to mutate and cause severe immune problems.

Dr. Ghupta (from fake news CNN) asked Fauci; what if people have had covid and have more antibodies with their natural immunity? Do they still need a vaccine shot? My brother has had the delta variant Covid infections. He still took a booster shot because my brother wanted to travel. Fauci de expert says he does not have an answer to this (on CNN). What?? 

Why is dr “Mengele” so many times the perfect example?

No answer. The expert, the “MengC.D.C.” doctor who was responsible through WHO and C.D.C. for lockdowns and mandates, does not know. He knows the answer; more billions for Pfizer is to “not know” the answer. Back to Nurnberg trails and the Nazis. What happens to these monsters who worked and collaborated with the Nazis? Where are they now, and what are their bloodlines up to? I do not think justice prevailed; mass murder V-2 rocket developer Werner von Brown is working for NASA. He helped developU.S.he A-bomb.

Many doctors were re-hired by the U.S. and RussiI.G.for their expertise. Other guilty people from I.G. Farben, the company that made Zyclon B gass for the German gass chambers, goI.G.a a few years in an open prison camp. Later the I.G. Farben employees returned to work in the Big Pharma industry in several countries (high salaries for their expertise and resumes). Rockefeller and Ford sponsored Adolf Hitler, but not C.D.C.h of this information are in tharepress today.

C.D.C. deleted the statement about the MRNA spike protein. This data removal from their website is because of the recent devastating Swedish research. These researchers proved that the spike protein alters the liver and genes. This research is resulting in opening pandora’s box of the start of law suites. 

The Reason is Quite Simple. It is Gene Manipulation.

Could this be why the C.D.C. removed the statements because PfizerD.N.A.NA vaccines reverse transcribes and installs D.N.A. into the human genome?

The whole situation with Gay people getting Monkeypox is probably a result of the mRNA vaccine. Maybe some intelligent person could research this. Are all these gays H.I.V. positive vaccinated? How many gay men already have H.I.V. and still take the vaccine? How many vaccines and booster shots did they take? Just some urgent questions nobody is asking. Instead, the word gay couple becomes “household transmission/household of two adults.”

Channel 9 from Australia says that only 10% of the people they researched in their city died from Covid. The other 90% were dying cancer patients and obese diabetic heart attack cult members who had not failed from covid.

Another report from Australia says more than 70% of Covid’s 19 deaths had pre-existing conditions.

What will be the next phase for Monkeypox? We know that Monkeypox has the same screen players. Again, the name doctor Fauci. And what are the odds that the Wuhan lab would become one of Monkeypoxfacilities for the gain of function on Monkeypox? You can’t make this up. Then there are “conspiracy” theories about the Biological Ukraine labs. In the end, the virus is out there, and my advice is simple. 

I advise avoiding the gay man who could have Monkeypox for their benefit of not spreading Monkeypox.

Put the LGBTQ gay man in camps and Obese people with covid in another center.

Stay away from the LGBTQ gay community. Wear a helmet if you see a gay person. All gay persons with kids who have the virus or have been in contact with a person carrying the virus should be separated in special camps. The same playbook we the people got as a treatment for two years, for example, like the population in Australia experienced. Is that too much to ask? All Gay people should wear a yellow star patch with a Q.R. code (or a star patch with rainbow colors for their comfort). Without they can not travel or go out of their homes.

They should be fired if they do not take the monkey pox vaccine. They should prove with a particular vaccine passport if they have been vaccinated. And at the same time, their passports should indicate if they have H.I.V. and AIDS status for those interested. Nothing extra. I do not want to be homophobic, just the same treatment as the unvaccinated.

These are just some preventive measures for our protection and to protect the gay cult communities themself.

Stop discriminating.

I do not want to discriminate against the LGBTQ cult. Silencing, no measurements, and the W.H.O. not giving LGBTQ gay members a warning make me feel this is a death sentence by the W.H.O for gays. Does the Main Stream Media and the W.H.O. not give a damn about the poor gay community? Such terrible racism and discrimination and homophobic behavior.

We should also protect our Obese cult members. So another section for them in camps. I suggest a year of quarantine with a healthy diet to see if this measurement helps boost their immune system and quality of life.

It makes me wonder why we have a gay Gonzo from the muppets. Rainbow Disney figures everywhere, even a gay superman and spiderman. The recent metamorphose Hollywood blockbuster is #SheHulK. In my opinion, this is lame. The actor should be a transgender little person African American person who should have the new Hulk role.

Somehow, we can not educate children to stay away from Gay men in a time where 99% of all monkeypox cases are amongst the LGBTQ gay cult members. Why censorship? We see the left and democrats promote the LGBTQ agenda even at toddlers’ schools. 

Should we not protect these children? What do you think?

In this video about Monkeypox for kids (see below), they educate that monkeypox spread from imported pet prairie dogs. I have to object to the stigmatization of these dogs. We have our poor greyhound H.I.V dog from the gay couple who got Monkeypox and H.I.V. It was not from monkeys or other animals but from a human gay couple that included the poor dog in their threesome. 

Worse for the dog community, the C.D.C. now changed the rules of engagement for dogs, and it is obvious the blame game is projected directly on Human’s beloved pets.

We do not even know if the dog is straight or gay.

Sure, there is a part in this child video that is true, you can get parasites from cats and dogs, and most humans do. But the video does not mention the easy treatment: Ivermectin. Is it all missing in this child education video? Why?

Monkeypox Banana Variant targets the Gay community.

(C) Bas Boon #BasBoonSays

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