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Baby Killers, Roe vs. Wade, Normalizing “Gods” Abortions. I have been following Alex Jones since I was a child. His protégé Owen Schroyer hits the streets of Texas at pro-abortion rallies. About 20 liberal lunatics cult members point out why abortion should be legal in every state.

Owen Schroyer has a simple question: he shows two baby pictures in a womb and asks many lunatics to describe what they see. The supreme court leaked a report concerning “Roe vs. Wade,” causing a liberal meltdown.

But what if a woman gets raped, or if a baby is dead in the womb because of “God’s” imperfect umbilical cord?

Does the argument get heated when a cult member with a BLM shirt asks Owen why he supports women being raped? Is it OK to remove the fetus/baby in the womb (becoming baby killers)?

Owen speaks about the constitution and God’s law, which infuriates the cluster of mentally ill people.

I have been in a situation where I impregnated a young girl (not planned), and she wanted an abortion. I felt terrible as I was already a father of a child of my first marriage. It just did not feel right as a human being to make such a decision (for me, that is). Anyway, she got the abortion, and we separated our ways. She later became a full-blown junky, and I guess the child was sparred a nightmare childhood/life.

Here is the main point, it’s great to be pro-life, and I consider myself pro-life with my third son being born soon. Owen makes a point of apples if people like apples and then follow up on the 40 million women of color who have their babies aborted (how do you like them apples). There is no way of normalizing this; who wants to be a baby killer? The supreme court’s overturning of the “Roe vs. Wade” ruling would forward each state to rule about abortions.

Stigmatize poor people of color?

Now I do not want to stigmatize poor people of color or even rich people of color. But imagine that many cult members would not abandon their fetuses? In many cases, you would get a majority of liberal lunatic mentally ill people with a child.

When the child is born, who will take care of these babies? As the mentally ill cult leaders are not capable of raising kids. Or do they morph the tiny infant into a transgender professional protestor artist cult member? In this case, they would become the democratic, criminal, mentally insane majority in no time—baby Killers with no remorse or empathy.

Are the pro-life people out there going to send a check or file for adoption requests for these unwanted newborn babies from liberal lunatics?

I would try a different approach to avoid mental illness and abortions.

If Owen is pro-life like me, it might be better to have another approach like trying to teach the liberal insane mentally Ill cult members, to understand they are brainwashed into these cults. Strong people should educate them about why they are unhappy and suicidal. Primarily because of constant radical thoughts of victimization through manipulation (universities) and normalization (media).

Just hear how they talk about sucking “the little bastard” out of their womb?

It’s ok to point out how insane and mentally ill these people are, but it will not solve the problem of their mental illness and the spread of it. They do not see themself as baby killers. Maybe some even do.

We should be happy with the gay and transgender community for being unable to reproduce. And I think it should be illegal for mentally insane people or people with serious sexual frustrations to adopt children.

An excellent example of this is the mother of the kid (who looks transgender), who attacks Owen several times as she cannot control her rage. The mom brainwashes her kid into a confused and angry soy boy. She was protesting against the supreme court possibly overturning the “Roe vs. Wade” ruling.

A whole generation was brainwashed by universities about capitalism and a so-called failed system.

AI will make the problem of life’s purpose worse.

The problem will get far worse as AI takes over most human jobs. What is the purpose of life? Many people will become full-blown cult members when you are a brainwashed liberal lunatic. They will blame anybody else for themself feeling miserable and a failure. They will even celebrate they are baby killers.

The religious community

The religious community or a considerable part of people who have a family and are religious still have that purpose in life—being good parents and taking care of their spouses—providing for their families, and finding a meaning for life in this case (including my own).

There is no time or logic for constant negative thoughts about others responsible for my life. My choices and mistakes are what shape my future.

“Gods” Law.

I am 100% on Owen’s side till he mentions “God’s” law. Herby, in my opinion, you put yourself in a cult that takes orders from the invincible man in the sky.

I find way more affiliations with Christianity (I do not believe in Jesus Christ or a supreme being). But I recognize that many countries, including the US, are built on those Christian values. The rule of law and family life brought prosperity. There were very few cases of transgender, non-binary people percentage-wise. The problem with giving normalcy to men having babies (apple icon) is a straightforward way to promote mental illness. It’s a fairy tale or a deliberate way to piss off religious/sane people.

The sexualization of children and abortions in the tens of millions (baby killers) all become a satanic way of life, with death and misery.

The church is not exempt from fuelling this satanic turn of humanity. Priest are raping children by the hundreds of thousands worldwide, resulting in more gay, sexually frustrated, suicidal people growing up.

This cycle must stop on both the religious side and the brainwashing of young university students.

How do we tackle the problem?

I think the media should be prohibited from promoting mental illness. Men having babies, over 50 pronounces, urinals in women’s toilets? In Thailand, abortion is forbidden by law. It’s a life of sin that is considered bad karma. This method is a better way to teach children instead of normalizing the killing of a fetus by legalizing this (normalizing). To overturn “Roe vs. Wade” and forward the legal issue to each state is not as bad as a nationwide ruling to make abortions illegal! But for liberal lunatics, this would (in my opinion) be the right approach. Teach people about responsibilities.

Big Pharma

Get rid of all anti-depressive medication and build help centers for addiction and mental insanity.


Educate people about sugar addiction and wrong food intake. What happens with the men’s estrogen levels when you overeat yourself with soy products (intake of too much soy)?

Give life a purpose.

Re-educate centers and schools/educate people into necessary future jobs. Teach humans how to love each other again. Teach the dangers of alcohol and inform people about the abuse of alcohol.

Life is like a fight!

Approach life like a professional fighter. You eat healthy to make weight. Train hard with others to achieve to go higher up in the rankings. Learn how to handle defeat when you lose or take it on the chin. Climb back up, train harder and get that belt or whatever goal or achievement you desire. Teach people how to deal with success and wealth and wisely invest and spread your time on earth. Nobody should think it’s normal to become a baby killer.

Now you can thank God for becoming a champion, your training partners, and yourself for putting in the hard work. Whatever works for you is fine. You do not even think about God when you get knocked out and lying on your back, staring at the clouds/ceiling.

Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling should not have any impact and reason for anger for anybody. If it is still necessary to abord your baby, you travel to another state where abortion is legal.

It’s six more weeks, and my newborn son Ken will be born (Ken can come from Clark; Superman). He will become the brother of Kato (Bruce Lee) and brother Conan. Solid names for my sons. He currently grows up on a farm near the border of Laos. Free from liberal lunatics and God, just family and farm life, I am OK if people call that divine.

The Obese Pandemic, Diabetic, Liberal Lunatics, and Mental Illness.

(C) Bas Boon

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