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SBU Corruption, Is Ukraine winning? And New German Nazis. Huge bombshell reports and headlines worldwide show Ukraine is reconquering territory and is now at Russia’s border. Indeed, we all can follow the Kyiv news and repeat their “statement. Or we can listen to Patrick Lancaster, who is at the front. The truth is that the West has sent billions and weaponry plus mercenaries to fight the Russians.

With the unfolding devastating energy crisis in Europe, especially in Germany, there is enormous pressure to show that the Ukraine army is winning this war finally. There are reports of massive corruption on the side of Ukraine, which is not good for the billions of cash flows the Zelensky regime wants to keep receiving.

The SBU and Ukraine’s state-controlled Media needed a win.

The recovered Ukrainian armed forces’ recovered Ukrainian territory, which is mentioned in the headlines, led to the Nuclear Power Plant. Another primary reason for this war is the control of energy and the threat of a nuclear disaster. What we do not read in the headlines is the price tag in the loss of lives for the 2% reconquered land. The Russian still are motivated as, once again, they free their people from evil Nazis. At least, that is what they believe. That is what the Russians see in their state-controlled media—like the Europeans fought the German Nazis in world war two. Everybody is manipulated to think they do the right thing.

Washington Post: Ukraine Kherson Offensive Casualties Ammunition.

Ukrainian pig farmer civilian is now a commander in the Ukrainian army. And you can not thrust the SBU.

How many Ukrainian professional soldiers are left? According to insiders, the majority of Ukrainian forces are now civilian volunteers. There is a video of a Ukrainian pig farmer who became a commander in the Ukraine army. It’s disgusting how experts and propaganda news push the narrative that Ukraine is winning the war. Nobody can thrust the Ukrainian SBU and the controlled state TV.

Maybe we should look back and think of Afghanistan or Vietnam war. These two countries are way smaller than Ukraine. After decades of war in Afghanistan by multiple governments, the Americans were the latest who left defeated. Do we think the Russian and Ukrainian wars will end within a year? Nobody benefits from this, mainly the civilians; they are just meat for the grinder.

The US can test all their new weapons in Ukraine.

The weapon manufacturers in the US are the biggest profiteers from the current Russian vs. Ukraine war. And the US government can see Europe is getting weaker and weaker.

Leaked Rand reports show how we manipulate Germany to get sucked into the Ukraine-Russia war.

The US flooded Europe with refugees and migrants and used the Green parties to weaken Germany, the engine of Europe. Brexit was the start of the European downfall and, of course, the Euro. The Euro is now weaker than the dollar.

It is incredible how fast the Rand corporation officially reports that the leaked documents are false. According to the whistleblower, the House, CIA, NSA, Dept of State, and the DNC received a copy of the Rand supposed research report from January 25 to 2022.

The exciting part is that everything you can read in this four-page document is happening now. With a stone in my stomach, I read how the US agencies use people like Angela Merkel and other green environmental parties to weaken Europe from within. The exciting part is that there are suggestions that Germany’s only way out of the energy crisis should be a military conflict with Russia.

And once again, for some reason, Germany and Japan are allowed to make weapons again and create their armies. Hell, Germany even supplied weapons to Ukraine. It is almost like their old Nazi brothers like Werner von Brown, and other former Nazis with high functions in the US are reshaping Nazi Germany. The foundation for the rise of fascism, let’s see the ingredients why Hitler came to power.

Millions of Germans died of hunger. There were the recuperation payments for the first world war, and Germany suffered from hyperinflation (like a hundred thousand marks for a loaf of bread). Now let’s look at the current situation, the highest inflation in 40 years, and the war on farmers and food. 

Why create a food and energy crisis?

The covid-19 pandemic, supply chain issues, a war in Ukraine, and the most significant energy crisis in human history is happening now. This fabricated crisis is how you can manipulate the masses to fight senseless wars, which the same people always finance. He who controls the food and money rules the world. These are similar events that led to a German Nazi war machine in the years before the Second World War started.

The National Defence Industrial Association will hold its annual Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition from 19th till September 22. Ooh, and did I mention that the guest speaker will be Ukrainian president Zelensky?

Robotics, weapons, Raytheon, the Rand corporation, Multi-Technology Divisions, the list, academia, and top leaders of governments will gather at this convention. If people do not know what to do with their investments because of crashing markets, here is where you should go. The weapon industry is hugely popular, especially among the warmongering US democrats and republicans congressmen, women, and theybies.

The Biden multi-diversity administration is leading the charge.

They accuse Ukrainian government officials of stealing trainloads of US Aid, Money, and Weapons. 

The SBU security agency with an anti corruptions agency is doing raids in Ukraine. Ukraine has an anti-corruption agency. Zelensky government officials stole all of the aid. Remember Donald Trump, who wanted to withhold support to Ukraine because he wanted to know if the incoming Zelensky regime was not corrupt? As it is known, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

Report of stolen goods;

Twenty-two massive shipping containers, and they stole a whole train with 389 freight cars. Clothing, food, weapons, and additional money. They also steal hundred twenty trucks. Can we still speak about just some robbers stealing, or is this a coordinated government takeover of aid to re-sell all these goods to local retail establishments? Why suddenly now we find out about this massive corruption?

The “thieves” sell through local retail establishments. Not one single SBU agent noticed this for months, sure.

Is this report a cover-up to show the SBU are ‘good’ guys?

Look no further than the UN report in 2021 on Human Rights violations by the SBU. Is this the same corrupt SBU mentioned in the UN report for violating human rights and abuse? The SBU that gets millions of dollars from now from the US and Europe? Is the same SBU protecting all the billion’s worth of weaponry entering Ukraine? Ukraine has been one of Europe’s most corrupt countries for decades. What can go wrong if you send them billions? It is also known for a long time that the Ukrainian Azov battalion exists off Nazis.

As Billions vanish in Ukraine, officials warn of the potential for fraud waste.

We are talking about the SBU who arrested and confiscated all other Media outlets except Zelensky’s pro-friendly Media. They even killed a journalist. I remember the undercover journalist of Radio Free Europe exposing many of the SBU head figures driving BMWs, Mercedes, some even Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and having an utter lavish lifestyle. Who would have thought so?

The same anti-corruption agencies backed by the SBU made the Biden Mass media report they found the corrupt officials who were involved in bribing officials from Burisma. They claimed it had nothing to do with Biden (alarm bells for mentioning it). The report stated it was highly unusual that they found some much cash at the corrupt officials’ office. As if those guys would keep the millions of money in their office for months, waiting for the SBU to arrest them and take pictures of their received bribery money.

It is the same Igor Kolomoisky flagged by the US secret service and security agencies as a clear danger for Ukraine. The US government forbid Igor Kolomoisky to travel to the US (long before the Russians invade Ukraine. Now, this is the same guy who now is the number one guy for America to receive billions of aid through his banks?

So why did the corrupt SBU come forward with this raid report now? Why did this report of Ukraine winning its first colossal battle against the Russians come simultaneously?

Well, it might have something to do with corruption.

Check out this report from Bloomberg.

Torrent of Cash for Ukraine Arms Puts Pentagon Watchdog on Alert.

You cannot track where those weapons supplied to Ukraine ended up. Neighboring countries like Poland receive a bunch of high-tech weaponry worth billions. Ok, thanks. We will drop it off at secret places where our Ukrainian comrades set camp.

The SBU will give us a hand. It is completely retarded, not to mention the trust we would put in a bunch of guys from Poland to transport billions of high-tech weaponry without any thoughts of anybody stealing anything and selling it to the Russians. Nobody knows what happens with these hundreds of millions of weapon drops—the epiphany scenario of corruption and stupidity.

Zelensky almost signed a peace treaty with Russia; what happened?

Zelensky was ready to sign a peace treaty with the Russians. Suddenly we can see headlines of a surprise visit from Boris Johnson to Ukraine. Many pictures of Boris with Zelensky in the media. A whistleblower came forward with the report that Boris convinced Zelensky not to sign any peace deal with the Russians. I only can imagine what promises and guarantees Zelensky got for not signing a peace deal with Putin.

Headlines why Ukraine is winning the war, why now?

This war is over half a year old, and suddenly, we can read headlines that Ukraine is winning the war. The biggest Ukraine counter-offensive against Russians who conquered Ukraine’s land could have multiple reasons. First of all, regaining access to nuclear power (European energy crisis). Second, Ukraine’s success headlines in the world’s controlled propaganda media are made to keep pouring billions into the Ukraine Zelensky regime.

It has all the fingerprints of NATO all over the counter-offensive. Satellite and communication support, mercenaries, high-tech weapons, strategic planning, and the execution of a well-coordinated plan

These reports picture hope for Ukraine to win the war with Russia. The Ukraine SBU is doing great things to fight corruption are all planned propaganda to keep Billions of foreign aid flooding the Zelensky/Kolomoisky regime.

Russia is not stupid, and the biggest question is; how many Ukraine soldiers are dead? Can they effort to keep losing lives as their army is maybe a tenth of that of the Russians? How long before it is only NATO and US “mercenaries” who fight against the Russians? How long before Russia has enough and will retaliate, for example, against the new “Nazi “Germany? If Ukraine invades Russia, will the Russians start using nuclear weapons if Putin needs to save face?

There are reports that Igor Kolomoisky, the boss of Zelensky, is making billions with this war.

The orchestrators of this sudden mess are the US and their sudden Jewish “former” corrupt “hero “partner Igor Kolomoisky, who was first an enemy of the US because of massive corruption charges. Please read my other blog about this guy and how it reported he even scammed billions from Abramovich. You need a lousy guy like Putin to know certain moves in advance. Putin knows that if Ukraine becomes a Nato member, the Nuclear rockets on the border will not give him enough time to respond with counter measurements. This scenario is one of the main reasons Putin told the West for eight years to back off from Ukraine. The Russian patience stops with Ukraine becoming a member of Nato.

It’s these stinking rats who benefit from this ongoing war. Prolongation is more billions for them—sick and greedy hunger for power humans. Once again, they fabricate and force the unnecessary slaughter of innocent people to become more prosperous and powerful.

A new Nazi Germany is rising, orchestrated by the US and the WEF. The Germans are again making weapons and are allowed to have a military. The population is about to get hungry again, and there will be mass causalities because of the coming winter. While German people and Europeans can not afford their electric bills and groceries, their governments keep sending billions of aid and weapons to Ukraine to prolong the war.

Why would anybody push for a third world war? 

Governments’ hope for the current Ukraine Russian to become a third world war is hard to imagine. The countries’ leaders who caused this third world war will then offer a solution to the hungry and poor citizens. If you fight and give your blood for your country, we will do the honorable thing and eventually win.

Did you know that all these billions and war weaponry are no gifts? It’s a mountain of debt. England’s last payment for the US “help” for financing England’s war machine for Second World War finished in 2020. The banks and war investors got a great return on their money.

Zelensky vs. Putin and Ukraine Hollywood Propaganda.

(c) Bas Boon

Would you keep sending billions to Ukraine after watching this video? The level of corruption is off the charts.

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