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Mass Media: Why You Must Hate Russia, MH17, Sickening Propaganda Putin – Trump


Mass Media: Why You Must Hate Russia, MH17, Sickening Propaganda

This month the American and European propaganda machine is running on full force to make sure you hate Russia. The intensity of bullshit through CNN the BBC and other Mass Media is sickening.

The avalanche and bombardment of negative propaganda towards Russia is taking apocalyptic proportions surly before the US with their Western Allies prolonged a six month boycott on Russia after 2 years, their bogus and fabricated news that Russia was behind the downing of the MH-17 flight. Just imagine no proof for two years and only accusations but in the meantime only allegations towards the new Evil Empire Russia with its leader Darth Vader Putin. I wrote before a detailed blog about the agreement which was made between the Netherlands, the Ukraine and the US where it was determined the public would never be informed about the cause of the downing of flight MH-17. Surely as all parties have interest in the Ukraine themselves and just milk the terrible incident with the MH-17 plane to their own benefit.


German police raided house of a private detective who was paid a reward for MH17 information.


Why they raided the house of this private detective?


As you can see we are getting closer to the cover up:

Did a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot down MH17? Eye witness accounts claim Boeing 777 may have been targeted by another plane


Secret document: eyewitness saw how Ukraine Airplane shot down MH17



Noooooooo Not Sharapova..

Surely you do not see much of these findings in the Mass Media but what made me start to write this blog believe it or not was the suspension of tennis star Sharapova. I never liked tennis and I never watched the sport but when Sharapova is announced to play tennis in any broadcast I will watch Tennis. Those legs do not know an ending and her eyes and sexy appearance is joyful for the eye and mind, shaking her ass at every ball she hits is candy for the eye. She is not only sexy and sportive but a very successful business woman. She was not allowed to participate in the Olympics. In case of Russian’s Athletes there is now pressure to suspend all  athletes from competing in the Olympics.

Maria Sharapova banned for two years over meldonium drug use.


Maria Sharapova to fight two-year drugs suspension


The athletes are now being targeted to show that Russia is bad and full of cheaters, forget Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson or Brock Lesnar we the US propaganda machine have a great James Bond story for the world of sheep about how bad Russia really is.

State sponsored doping on a nation wide scale:


Russia state-sponsored doping across majority of Olympic sports, claims report


The CNN broadcast is laughable and stinks massively, a so called witness now came forward ( took him a few years) who confessed tempering with the Sochi 2014 Olympics urine/blood tests this started already in 2011 towards the London Olympics. This is to show how strong Russia is and better than others and its was ordered by the state officials themselves? Surely if you pay attention the evidence is actually only based on the testimony of one person ( I do not claim it could not be true) but CNN shows evidence in one of their broadcast where a photo is shown showing a man-made hole in that room of the test institution facility (see picture). I mean that is not a small hole you can have a cat or a small dog run through that tube. A blind horse can see that hole in that room so how could that be secret for so long and why would there never have been asked any questions about this?


If you think it cannot get any crazier, Think again the US propaganda machine made me laugh with this news about the evil Russians:


Whitehall fears Russian football hooligans had Kremlin links


Yes! The special trained forces were in a special state sponsored hooligan program to show how strong and dangerous the Russians are, so they send hooligans who were specially trained, Kremlin and Putin involved. This explains why the most feared Hooligans in the world the British got their ass whopped in France. Surely the media forgets to mention that thousands of British hard core Hooligans had their passports taken away from them during these European Championships to avoid them to travel to France and the known British hooligans had to report themselves at a local police station in England during the matches. Ooh my god the Russians are so bad and so strong we all should panic, give me a god damn break! I almost wish 3000 English hard core Hooligans would be there after drinking a few liters of beer and sniffing some coke how the so called spetznaz trained hooligans from Russia would have done in that confrontation, sounds like PPV material for me. I would love to be the producer of that and put it on PPV!


NATO the Aggressor!

“The planned deployment of four NATO battalions on Russia’s borders is the foundation for continuous pressure on its frontiers as it may easily grow into a larger contingent; and the fact that these are the troops of the alliance and not of a bordering country underscores that Russia is being specifically targeted, says a Russian military expert”.


The Reason why Russia is a target of mass propaganda is “BRICS”.

Don’t let yourself be fooled the reason why Putin’s Russia is a target: it’s simple, Putin kicked out the Rothschild bank and created a new alignment with countries to form BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). This is potentially a huge threat to the US dollar so an attack has been launched to poke the Russian Bear and make them the new world enemy. Not only the Russian Bear Putin’s Russia is bombarded with an avalanche of scandals and bullshit. Brazil is pushed into recession, the president is impeached and on house arrest. This “coup” in Brazil was orchestrated by the same people who now run the country.

Russia, China sign deal to bypass US dollar


This Confirms It was a Coup: Brazil Crisis Deepens as Evidence Mounts of Plot to Oust Dilma Rousseff


Maybe you followed the Mass Media on the negativity campaign bombardment on the Rio Olympics, the water was polluted with terrible images. The Olympic accommodations were not ready in time and not good enough. Zika Virus, Gang Rape, Security problems,13 Jihadist arrested….

Horror week: Body parts wash up near Olympics beach volleyball site


A Teenager’s Gang Rape Galvanizes Brazil


Cancel The Olympics


‘Please fix my toilet’: Olympic teams suffer through problems at Rio’s Athletes’ Village



These are just a few highlights in the media of terribly negative reporting! It is a negative propaganda campaign orchestrated by the US and Western allies. – Another BRICS member China is brought in the news with the slowest growth in 25 years and is named as the course of drag on global growth. We can hear in the news how China manipulates its currency and takes jobs from the US. Then there is the fighting in the South Chinese Sea about some Islands (beats me what the US is doing their?) It reads South Chinese Sea, but anyway the war provocations about some islands which are artificially made by the Chinese in the South Chinese sea is reason for demonizing the Chinese and China just happened to be another BRICS country.

U.S protests after Chinese military jet lands on South China Sea Island



Music Festival used as propaganda and totally rigged!

Not only in sports the Russians are taking a worldwide propaganda beating the latest rigged propaganda music festival called the Eurovision Song Contest which is “coincidentally” a neck to neck race between Russia and the Ukraine. The rules from the festival is that the platform cannot be used for political messages. The winner was surely picked before the broadcast of the political propaganda platform was of course the Ukraine, the song is depressing and “surprisingly” it is about Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s 1944 deportation of the Crimean Tartars. Surely Susana Jamaladinova the 32 year old opera singer brought the drama with a dramatic light show and the song could be easy interpreted as a political message on the controversial annexation of Crimea by the Russian in 2014 ( detail: 95% of Crimea Citizens voted to be part of Russia). What better and more dramatic then Russia vs Ukraine in the finals where the Ukraine wins (The Russian song was much better) with a dramatic depressing song about killing and war? And to make it more spicy the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be in well you guessed it the Ukraine!


Russian War Ships on screen during Democratic Nomination event, seen by 30 million people.

Then there is the political side during the last DNC you can even see Russian war Ships on a huge TV screen and in the live broadcast seen by about 30 million viewers. Surely this is not getting unnoticed so later we can find some of these media titles:

Dems apologize for using Russian warships in convention tribute to vets


But of course the damage is done, the brainwashing campaign keeps bombarding the world about the big bad Russians and we just need to understand that the two worst things on the planet are the Russians and Global Warming/Climate Change. In the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we can see a very interesting pattern emerge. Putin gave Donald Trump some compliments on his achievements

Putin on Donald Trump and US elections

Putin called Donald brilliant and smart which is a correct statement considering the achievements of Trump as a family and business man. The media screaming Trump had 6 or 8 bankruptcies forgetting he created 540 companies so 8 bankruptcies is not bad at all. Snowden recently released 20.000 mails trough wiki-leaks from the Democrats where it was exposed that they manipulated the voters and it clearly proved that the elections were rigged ( never mind racist remarks by democrats: Mexicans Taco’s Bowl Engagement ). It resulted in the resignation of Debbie Wasserman

DNC Email Leaks Show Racist Outreach to Latinos Called “Taco Bowl Engagement”


HOLY SH#T! DNC Chair Admits System Rigged Against Bernie Sanders ON AIR

Now here is where things get really interesting: Donald Trump has called from the beginning the system is rigged and here is the proof. Donald Trump said in earlier debates he would want to talk to Putin and thinks he would get along just fine, what’s wrong with teaming up with Russia in fighting the real evil like fighting Isis together? This sounds great a politician who even would want to talk to the evil North Korea and the demonized Russians. Candidate Trump Threatens to Ignore NATO Treaty Unless Countries Pay money, which makes total sense. Make peace not war and fight evil together that sounds politically very correct and sounds great. But the headlines in the media reveal the real bunch of evil war mongering psychopaths. There is not much to be said about what I had pointed out here! However the mass media with CNN is leading the propaganda campaign!


CNN’s Jake Tapper Responds to Criticism Over Leaked DNC Emails


Instead the headlines are “who is behind the hacks”? Well take a wild guess: The Clinton Network CNN is fully focused on the evil Russians hacking the DNC for influencing the outcome of the votes so Trump becomes president, I do not make this up, WTF? First of all its about what’s in the e-mails and it is bad news for the Democrats and Hillary, that’s why Debbie Wasserman resigned and Jake Tapper of CNN is questioned. Donald made a sarcastic remark and surely this was repeated by all Mass media: Trump asking if by coincidence the Russians could find the 30.000 deleted e-mails, which was funny and cool sarcasm. The Mass media made it now all about Trump being a traitor and hauling with the enemy having a secret relationship with the Russians to use their hackers for his own gain, enough said! It proves that the warmongering psychopaths will do anything to push their lying and crooked candidate Hillary who is a puppet from the system and paid for by the Arab nations. CNN would distort anything which could discriminate their favorable candidate crooked Hillary so they manipulate, lie and use their network to unleash an unbelievable avalanche of propaganda. They should be held accountable for their media manipulations and the results of these manipulations and lies. Here are some examples how the media fucks with people’s minds and influences your opinion and you beliefs,  with deliberately made up lies and complete distortion of the truth.

Julian Assange Says ‘More Clinton leaks to come’

Propaganda used for manipulating public opinion about any goals the establishments has in mind.


Panama Papers leak: Plan from George Soros and the CIA to demonize Putin failed


Hillary Clinton was the one with here Wall Street friends to push through the Free Trade Agreement. The Mass Media in full sheep mode all publishing the so called Panama Scandal Papers and all at the same time: FrontPage news as the “leaks” are announced by some shady organization the International Coalition of Investigative Journalist ( ICIJ) no not wiki-leaks . You can compare this with SOHR which I mentioned in multiple previous blogs about the Syrian Sunni Muslim operating from an attic in London who hates Assad, he runs his own website and when he farts on his website the CNN, BBC and Mass media found their source for their front-pages.

Who took it in the ass by these deliberately leaked Panama Papers

De FIFA surely, well you can fill this in yourself: Soccer world championships are to take place in 2018 in Russia. Then plenty of headlines about Putin who was mentioned in the Panama Papers “leak”.  Jacky Chan apparently because of his support for the Communist Chinese party. Lionell Messi: refused to visit one of Obama’s daughters and other people from the US who would have had ties with North Korea, Syria, Hezbollah and other US enemies.

Old president from Ukraine Porosjenko and the primister of Iceland as he was responsible for throwing bankers in jail, Honsi Moebarak who was removed by the US, de murdered Gaddafi ( one of the major causes of the migrant crisis) plus the Chinese president Xi Jinping, claims the Sonia Jarvis (Sonia Jarviswho worker for Clinton, what are the odds?). The father of Cameron passes the revue, if great Britain would stay in the EU the VS will keep their influence, this could be a warning for Cameron.

Then there is the top hypnotist from CNN Christian Amanpour: you get very sleepy very sleepy. The same network CNN also referred as the Clinton Network. Amanpour the war propagandist (see me expose Amanpour’s rapport in the King of Bulgaria saving 50.000 Jews)

The King of Bulgaria saves “50.000 Jews” + Bad Nazi’s movie propaganda, RoyalHeilness. Read Here: http://basboon.com/?p=3797

interviewed and employee of the ICIJ about the Panama Papers claimed she did not know anything about this. But she was interviewing a member of her own organization but surely this individual was silent and said nothing. Her name is not on the website of the CFPI but appears in the annual rapport.

The U.S population is mainly pacifist and does not want to go to war, so with the right dose of propaganda their minds must be polluted the right way so they will approve the sick agenda of war mongering psychopaths who earn billions meanwhile keeping brainwashed humans fighting a war spilling their blood because because of propaganda and lies.

Samples of Propaganda which turned out to be fake and a hoax:

Germans go to Belgium to cut of baby arms, total fake Fake pictures of WW2

Saddam Hussein falling statue was staged including many of the audiences percent was edited

No babies were slaughtered in a hospital.

Invasion of Kuwait testimony girl: Iraqis came to throw babies out of 52 couveuse  and let them die on the cold floor. Turns out there were only two couveuse in that Hospital and the whole story was fabricated. The girl interviewed see YouTube link ( broadcasted worldwide in Mass media) was no nurse but the daughter of the ambassador the whole story was propaganda and a lie.



Saddam Husseinn the animal hater…

Saddam Hussein is ultra-bad so he is portrayed as an animal hater. A huge bird is shown full of oil dying in a TV propaganda clip ( “our” beloved Mass Media front-page breaking news).  The footage shown in the Mass Media shows great birds dying in agony because of oil covering their bodies. Surely nothing was  mentioned that the U.S just bombed an oil tankers in the harbor and caused a lot of environmental damage and surly the bird shown in the propaganda video clip ( big exotic bird ) did not live in the gulf, it was professionally edited.

Excuse to bomb Syria was fabricated.

The cause for the US to start their bombing campaign in Syria was a chemical attack by Assad (they claim) on his own people, surely again propaganda like the weapons of mass destruction were never found which arguments was used to invade Iraq.

Videos shows crises actors

The chemical attack which did happen were caused by rebels and not the Assad regime.


Operation Northwoods,  Assad chemical fake attack used for invasion

So called proof of Russian war planes bombarding the city of idlib turn out to be six months old


If you look at the media now they target Russia to be involved in politics and were behind the DNC hack.

Surely the Mass Media should focus on the damaging content of the hacks and what the results are of the exposed content. Even if Russia was behind the hack: bottom-line the truth should come out, the hacks exposed lies and voting worth manipulation. The Mass media should stop saying only one candidate knows how the world works, Fuck Hillary Clinton and her 300 million dollar Clinton Blood Foundation. Hillary supported the Libya fuck up, Benghazi, Iraq war, screw this psychopath family. Took tens of millions from the Saudis and later approved weapon deliveries to them.

A fresh leader is needed for the US one that actually concentrates on the US. CNN and other Mass media correspondents need war and controversy and feeding their lying cult for enriching themselves. They are not less guilty then the big oil corporations and war weapons factories with their CEO’s and shareholders

The war on terror is clearly not handled the right way, it’s the US’s decisions that lead to the terrorist explosion growth and the migrant crises and Hillary is part of that.

Before Donald Trump is President his ideas are welcomed by many people.

Why does NATO Provokes? Was there a treaty after WW2?

How can you look for more confrontation with the Russians which fought together as allies and suffered the most human casualties during the second world war? I am not saying we should tolerate any aggressive expansion by any country but as always the US broke the final treaty with Germany after WW2.  There are a lot of countries that believe that Germany’s hosting of American nuclear weapons as part of NATO’s nuclear weapons sharing program are a violation. The Americans promised that NATO wouldn’t move beyond the boundaries of Germany after the Cold War, well let’s look at that. Now half of central and eastern Europe are members, so what happened to the US promises? Surely Michael Gorbachev who claimed later it was not discussed this NATO expansion in the treaty ( he did at first, wonder why he changed his findings?) but imagine how this looks to Russia the expansion of NATO with their own army, now looking for annexing Ukraine to put some more nuclear rockets up Moscow’s butt!

I am going back to watch some CNN as it puts a great smile on my face when the death cult journalists are shocked by poll numbers of the Donald beating Killary and waiting for the next Wiki-leaks. So much better then House of Cards: hacks, resigns, intrigues, conspiracies, Russian KGB, liars, cheaters, racism, terrorism and a gorgeous playmate becoming the first lady of the White House!



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