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Mental Illness Epidemic, Munich Shooter was Muslim. What is behind Europe’s explosive mysteries zombie virus of death?

The Mass Media is in damage control. Because of another Islamist-inspired mass shooting in Munich, Germany.

Within one day, the headlines worldwide printed in fashionable sheep mode: To make it juicier: Local Mosques are open throughout the night to help with shelter.

According to the Media, the shooter’s inspiration is from Breivik. In many headlines: the police find material in the boy’s room from Breivik. 

Insanity is what I think and not what the Fake News tells us.

I am not buying the story, both stories. First of all, the media makes it look like Breivik (who suffered from mental illness) is this bigger-than-life anti-Islamic Right Wing Nazi Murderer. Yet, he murdered random people in his country instead of shooting up the visitors at a mosque. 

Instead, he killed random Norwegian citizens. Yeah, we get it. He hated the Government. Breivik accused the Norwegian Government of importing mass Muslims into Europe (we should look at this again that motive). 

He could have blown up a Mosque, but he bombed a government building and started a random shooting spree.

According to liberals and corrupt media, “Allahu Akbar” is Arabic for “My motives are mysterious”.

 — America First! (@America_1st_) 23 juli 2016

A real journalist would research the Munich Shooter’s parents.

CNN reports they have no comment because all are too shocked? 

The shooter was 18 and lived with his parents. Different reports state that they bully the boy at school. The neighbors said he often delivered newspapers in the neighborhood. He and his family were quiet, and there were no problems within the family dynamic. 

However, Mass Media reports that he visits a psychiatrist who prescribes antidepressants.

Like I wrote in my blog the exposure of the CNN documentary “Frontline Belgium,” what about the parents? Were they religious? How did they raise their son in a foreign country? Did they visit the local mosque? Did they assimilate well?

In the case of the mother of Breivik, a psychologist report claimed: The mother of Breivik “sexualized” Breivik as a child. She mentally abused him by telling him she wished he was dead and hit her son. Professor of Psychiatry Ulrik Fredrik Malt: Brevik suffered from Tourette Syndrome, Asperger syndrome, narcissistic personality disorder, paranoid psychosis. Undoubtedly he played violent video games. Not the finest ingredients for a “normal” boy to grow up. Definitely a case of mental illness.

The witnesses

A witness heard Ali, the Munich Islamic Terrorist, shouting Allahu Akbar. This points out a religious motive like the previous Islamic Muslim Axe attack in Germany. The ax attack was a few days ago on a train by a 17-year-old Afghanistan boy. 

But then many witnesses claimed there were multiple shooters, but there was only one. The Mass Media weird “proof” comes from a videotape. On this videotape, we can see a German citizen communicates with the so-called shooter. 

We can hear a guy on a balcony communicating with another person on a roof. He is angry and screams, you fucking Turks. The guy on the roof replies; I am German? Common can he not do better than this? Why specifically say; I am German?? Well, maybe this guy is actually a real German and is not the shooter at all. In the middle of being on the run in a parking garage, he starts having a conversation with a guy on a balcony who insults him? Sounds like two people suffering from mental illness? One should not go outside on his balcony when bullets are flying and there is a police chase. The shooter who suffers clearly from mental illness, starts a conversation with the guy on the balcony?

He does not shoot the guy who insults him while having a chat being on the run?

Why not immediately shoot at the guy who insults you from his balcony (he was the bullied boy)? He shoots at children and anything that moves and is on the run, but the guy who insults him: he is having a dialogue with him about nationality? 

Then the person on the roof has a strange way of choosing his path. First, he walks forward, then to the back while talking with the guy on the balcony. He finally disappears behind an elevator shaft then reappears. It’s all just weird. 

For the False Flag community, Oooh look some victims running towards the shooter or run before the shooting started. First of all, if I see somebody with a weapon, I run even before he starts shooting.

Second, there is panic, and in panic, people do weird things. 

The original reports by witnesses were that there were three shooters (group suffering from mental illness), and they were all convinced. People in panic are not reliable witnesses, period! If there is any truth in a false flag, it would be how the Media is trying to spin this in a right-wing Neo Nazi-inspired incident.

The reason I bring this up is that I have the feeling reading the news, the reporters are trying to implement it has nothing to do with Islam. Just a random nutcase who decided to do some mass murdering for no good reason. That’s a much better motive than a Muslim terrorist inspired by Islamic ideology. 

Suicide is a sin therefore Islam is not the motive.

Before Mass Media establishes a motive they report: well, Iranian are Shia Muslims, and committing suicide is a sin. He, the shooter, will not get 72 virgins; therefore, Islam cannot be the motive. Btw how do we know the police did not shoot him? Or shot himself by accident. Why would the attacker run in the first place? And then have a conversation with a guy on a balcony before continuing in a shootout with the police, WTF? 

I actually tweeted just after the attack. I am waiting for the news. That the shooter is gay and an alcoholic drug abuser and that it has nothing to do with Islam. This is comforting for fellow Muslims ( do not confuse them with people who suffer from mental illness) who can then point out that the Terrorist was not a real Muslim and that Islam is peaceful.

The Media a few days later, Ali’s birthday was the same as Adolf Hitler, OMG can it get any juicier?

The CNN broadcast found perfect American-speaking witnesses who just happen to be live nearby or actually on the scene of the mass shooting. What are the odds of that? Surely other arguments by the media that claimed that three Turks were shot dead. Other Muslims who are wounded should point out the shooter was not inspired by Islam. 

However, Sunnis and Shiites have been slaughtering each other since the death of Mohammed. And there are so many Muslims now it’s impossible to target your victims by race and religion. In Nice, the Isis-inspired Terrorist also killed Muslims (mentally ill) who were walking on that promenade.

This video is no longer available as it does not fit the narrative


There are now so many Muslims that even extremists have a chance to kill other extremists in the process if they commit an act of terrorism. 

Purposely I am saying Islam and not Isis as it’s a lot of bollocks. If there is no Isis, the Mass media would want you to think it’s El Nusra, Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda. The truth is it’s just Muslims following the Quran to the letter. This is important to understand. That if no Isis flag is found or a computer link to some Terrorist organization. It does not mean the terrorist was not inspired by Islam or a victim of Islam. 

He could have been forced to pray at home, but he did not want to. Or he was gay (like the pulsar Orlando shooter), and his Muslim parents were ashamed and found out, and this created trauma and tension?

The Media and Countries disguise and distort the Truth.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I wrote in my previous blog about Muslim pilots who would deliberately bring down a plane because they would be inspired by Islam and extremism.

Exclusive: MH370 Pilot Flew a Suicide Route on His Home Simulator Closely Matching Final Flight

Recently MH370 new date has emerged, it was discovered by the FBI that; The Malaysian report on the vanishing of the MH370 flight deliberately left out that the Muslim pilot practiced a suicide flight path on his simulator. This shines a different light on the disappearance of flight MH370. Just think about the consequences for an airline and a Muslim country. Where do pilots use planes for their delusional Islamic Allah Orders (mental illness) to commit mass murderer? 

We know through several reports: for example, the newspaper magazine “Das Bild” that German law enforces have specific instructions on how to deal with Muslim violence and crime. Rapes and mass rapes have been covered up. This is done to not bring further anger amongst the people who which rhetoric against open border policies would instantly change.

Some police forces even have received instructions and a manual on how to proceed with crimes when it involves Muslims and Muslim refugees.

Media Ignoring Massive Muslim Rape Attack in Germany?!?

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

The Media also shows the school shooting in Erfurt and makes an effort to make you believe that it is mass shooters who inspire the Munich shooter Ali. Just humans who commit mass murder for no good reason or motive, case closed. 

Not too many questions how did Ali get this gun and all the ammunition? Maybe he got it with a burger at McDonald’s as a toy present? Who are we trying to fool here? The newspaper delivery boy coming from this quiet family with no problems gets a gun with ammunition.

Germany has strict gun laws.

The serial number is filed of the weapon, so he must have obtained it illegally. An 18-year-old newspaper delivery boy with an illegal gun like that, with that much ammunition? In a country where guns are illegal.

During the CNN broadcast, we witnessed a caller from Frankfurt named Omid. He claims it has nothing to do with Islam. What a relief. Does it ever have anything to do with Islam? Why would this person even mention it, such a mystery?

BBC Scrubs ‘Ali’ From Munich Killer’s Name On TV, In Articles, AND On Social Media

 It just does not stop. I wrote about this.

The Media’s very obvious avoidance of Islam, Muslim, Islamist, and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter Read 

A few days after the Munich Muslim Islamic Terrorist Attack in Germany:

Why did they remove this video because?

In the latest attack to shock Germany, Syrian refugee 21 hacks a PREGNANT woman to death with a machete and injures two others before the hero BMW driver runs him over.

It would be of no surprise to me if they arrest the driver of the BMW for a murder. It’s just Neo Nazis who inspire a mentally ill bearded lone wolf person.

I guess it’s Cultural enrichment week in Germany: Ansbach: Germany blast: Ansbach bar explosion ‘leaves one dead’ this all after a Muslim Terrorist recently slashed passengers in a train in Bavaria.

The German government instructs the local media and first report the incident as a gas explosion accident. The problem these days, everybody is running around with a smartphone with a camera, and witnesses who survive tell a different story.

In Orlando, they still question the motive even while the shooter calls 911 and explains that Islamic crap like Isis and Al Qaeda inspire his actions.

His wife is still on the run. Just imagine the worst terrorist catastrophe since 9/11 in the U.S, and they can not find the shooter’s wife? Not one letter in the Mass media! But why interrogate the parents of the German Iranian “Neo Nazi Inspired” Shooter? Or question the wife of the Orlando shooter when you already know the motive? As it is all according to a script and determined by Mass Media before a Muslim Islamic terrorist attack takes place.

It’s now the weekend in Germany. Ooops, Bloody knife fight in Göttingen city center.

Another German Iranian man was holding a sign,” All Germans are Dogs.” 

The German Munich Shooter prepared his terrorist attack for one year.,-officials-say/7656488

Quote “Gun control is an important issue. We must continue to do all we can to limit and strictly control access to deadly weapons.” German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, the center-left Social Democrats leader, told Funke Mediengruppe, which owns a series of German newspapers”.

This is what is wrong with Europe’s, left-wing scum like German Sigmar Gabriel. Maybe we can ask her if she has any comments on the suicide bombing in Ansbach? They did use a bomb there. Or what about the 17-year-old Afghan boy going on a rampage with an ax? 

Germans are all dogs or love dogs, insanity?

Maybe some comment from German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel on the mass stabbing by the German Iranian man holding a shield “all Germans are dogs”? Maybe we misread the sign the Muslim Iranian German was holding, saying” all Germans are dogs,” and we are all Islamophobic. Soon we will find out we must read “Germans love their dogs.”?

The poor, educated Muslim just made some spelling mistakes”. Just a lone wolf inspired by jack the ripper or some neo-Nazi doing some random slaughtering for no good reason. The latest attack victim is an 84-year-old priest in France Rouen the “lone wolf” slaughters him with a knife. slaughters him with a knife sounds more civilized than trying to decapitate the priest with a knife, sounds saner. Does that qualify as a person suffering from mental illness?

Motive is Allahu Akbar

The two Muslim terrorists shouted Allahu Akbar and even made a video of their barbaric acts. The Mass Media knows about the video, so there is no other alternative than to report the incident as it is of Islamic terrorism. 

They target the church to make the West understand they are at war with Christianity and the unbelievers. The terrorist is getting desperate with the left reporting on their “work.” They get more angry and frustrated when they read diagnoses for their actions, such as the mentally ill, drug/alcohol users, or lone wolf. Especially the reports “it has nothing to do with Islam” Give Muslims who act according to the Quran sleepless nights.

All motives are welcome except Islam, as Islam is peaceful!

This video is no longer available, because? .

To the beginning of the next week brings us the following report:

There seems to be an epidemic of mentally ill, lone wolf neo-nazi-inspired militants in Europe. Let’s hope we can find the cause and the motive. It’s such a mystery!

A decade later, and the media is still trying to fool the masses. All these cases are just people or lone wolf militants who suddenly started to suffer from mental illness out of nowhere. One good thing for the white Neo-Nazi community and other delusional serial killers is that you can always convert to become Muslim. This way, it looks saner when you go on a killing spray.

Muslim Problems, Arab False Flag, How to Solve This?


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