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Omicron World Wide Lockdown Imminent? As a movie producer, I have a new idea for a Tv series. So nothing I will write now is a piece of advice. Or somehow related to being anti-vax or science.

Here is my new story for a Tv Series.

Just imagine the following situation. We were promised that by taking the vaccines, the restrictions and lockdowns would be over, and we would return to our everyday lives. Another promise. Those who get jabbed will not get the virus or spread the virus. We are now in some countries at lockdowns number four and five.

On April 15, 1984, comedian Tommy Cooper died on live Tv from a heart attack. I was watching TV at age 17 and will never forget this. Millions of others thought Tommy was joking; he wasn’t. I never saw a person dying again on live TV till recently multiple times.

The point about Tommy Cooper. I see people who are live on TV now collapse or even die. In the first episode of the Series, “Vaccines cause havoc and lockdowns long before Omicron arrives.”

Lisa Saw worked for the BBC and died of a heart attack one week after being vaccinated at age 44.

Nueng Pimporn was a famous cooking influencer in Thailand. During her live stream, she drops dead from a heart attack 44. She was vaccinated, but authorities quickly informed the people that Thailand fact-checking said it was not because of the vaccine. Do you wonder why people make those links to a vaccine?

In this first pilot, many soccer players get heart attacks. Prominent sports athletes have to give up their careers because of mysterious blood and heart problems the world has never seen before.

On May 3, 2021, in Illinois, a fully vaccinated father died of Covid. On April 19, 29th, the media and doctors named this a breakthrough death. A fully vaccinated man dies at age 75, one month after receiving his second dose. There is no data if Covid or the vaccine kills him.

These are some random news headlines before Omicron, and the number of vaccinated people deaths increases each month.

July 8 New Orleans WDSU Digital team reports the headline “Nearly 30 fully vaccinated Louisiana residents have died with Covid-19. Again, unclear if the vaccine or Covid kills them.

August 10, 2021, 10 Boston news, the headline reads: 106 Fully Vaccinated People have died from Covid in Mass.

Seven thousand eight hundred ninety-nine reports of death among vaccinated, vaccine not necessarily the cause reports KSTP 5 eyewitness news updates September 27. 2021

October 8, the 2021 Reuters “Fact Check- No evidence over 48.000 people died within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

These are some news headlines’ snapshots, and we can see the numbers increase.

In one of his latest videos, several respected doctors like John Campbell explain the risk of vaccinations. He reads the official numbers of a legit experiment, and the results are horrific. An Increase of the plus score after vaccination from 11% 5yr ACS risk to 25% 5 yr ACS risk is massive.

Check out his other video on Omicron with a scientist who has Omicron in South Africa.

You might get shocked if you read this document of the UK government on pages 23 and 24.

It says the vaccine disturbs and weakens the immune system and never recovers.

Bryan Adams reports he is fully vaccinated. But he still gets infected with Covid twice in one month. The latest sports celebrity Le Bron James (double vaccinated with booster) has Covid. It is rumored in the Series that Brian is looking now to get maybe the Omicron variant (after another two booster shots) as a collector.

Public distrust of the virus and vaccines is growing.

Something needs to change for Pfizer and the Big Pharma cronies. People are starting to ask questions. More regular news has to report more and more about strange deaths and heart attacks under perfectly healthy young people.

After the second vaccine shot, the camera shows three people dying in the producer’s immediate environment. The clean lady gets an arm as thick as an elephant and stops her profession in Pattaya. The clean-up lady in the Isan is a mother of 28.

She leaves the family home to work in Bangkok, where she can only work double jabbed. The result is that she gets Covid and suddenly has heart problems. She is in hospital and out and cannot work anymore; her boyfriend has left her. The young woman is left with two kids, no job, and is sick and unable to work. She looks at the TV and sees the announcement of new lockdowns nationwide.

Remember, all this is happening before they detect Omicron.

The niece of the producer is a mother of four from the Netherlands. She posted on Facebook. She says my life suddenly was disturbed (49), and I ended up in the ICU with a heart attack (two months after her second Covid vaccination).

The Facebook walls of friends of the producer show friend Elvis Cees in the hospital suffering from heart problems.

My friend Peet Pop, who wanted to buy my cafe bar In Thailand, died two days after his second shot. He wanted to go back from Holland to Thailand when the lockdowns ended. He decides to take the Covid Vaccination. Unfortunately, he never made it.

Omicron arrives.

We will probably learn the following about the new variant. The Tv series predicts that the Omicron Variant can cause a runny nose, dry cough, blood problems, and heart attacks. Everybody who doubts the vaccine or has vaccine problems are now diagnosed with Omicron. The person who will play Fauci in the Series should be Christopher Walz, who played a brilliant role in James Bond movie Spectre. 

Christopher Walz as the evil doctor Fauci in the Series

The lockdown is imminent and perfect for re-start the vaccine program. New particular omicron vaccines and booster shots. The media will get their clicks on the Covid fear Porn headlines, and Big pharma dollars will flow to their media enablers in crime.

In this Series, his birth father, George Soros, is dying and is passing the family legacy to Dr. Fauci, played by Christopher Walz. He even looks like Fauci.

Emporer Palpatine from start wars should play George Soros in this Series.

South African scientists report the Omicron discovery (who were these scientists)? Did somebody check their financial situation today? When they track the financial information of the “brave” scientist who rings the alarm bells, they discover something dark.

Information in episode 8 of the Series, it is revealed that the scientist who reported Omicron suddenly got a whole lot wealthier. They seem to be paid indirectly by the WHO. Two scientists (who made public their Omicron findings) get millions in funding to set up their firms with the Gates Foundations as a shareholder. The same happens with the source in India. India’s president Modi refuses to play the WHO viol, and suddenly, the headlines worldwide become very dark for India.

Trump crushed BRICS; China is not amused.

Maybe people remember what president Trump did when he was elected president of the US. He visited India and was welcomed in a stadium with 200.000 people by president Modi. Modi also visited Trump in Houston. Trump also has an excellent relationship with Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsenaro. Brasil and India are the two most prominent BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). 

Donald Trump is destroying the BRICS organization as a threat to the US dollar, and China is not amused. They are furious.

The media bombards Russia (another BRICS country) with scandals, the most significant boycott of Russia at the Olympics. And the Russian Collusion hoax dominates the headlines, Russia, Russia, Russia.

Brasil is getting their portion of massive negative news headlines around the world. Right-wing demon president Bolosara is on every front page newspaper around the world. The biggest headline is; that he set fire to the Amazone, “The lungs of the world.” The forest fires are the same as every year. But the world is hurt this year. It needs some finger-pointing. The media, big tech, and pharma hate democracy, and the people have spoken with their voices. They want regime change.

Read here my blog on why you must hate Russia.

South Africa reports the new Omicron variant (in four fully vaccinated people). This virus alert is terrible for South Africa, seeing flights on hold and travel restrictions in record time. Just before the high season for tourism. 

Notice that South Africa has one of the lowest vaccination numbers worldwide. Probably from years of distrust, being chosen as Ebola guinea pigs did not help. South Africa knows more than anybody worldwide what Dr. Fauci is capable of (again, the names Fauci and Gates are everywhere regarding HIV research and experiments).

African doctors claim that Covid vaccinations will reduce the world population and poison billions.

Another problem is that South Africa does not have a good relationship with the WHO. On top of that, the president of Tanzania pulled a prank. He sent samples to Tanzania’s laboratory (kept everything in the dark). The examples are a paw fruit and a goat, which returned as positive for Covid infection.

Why are variants coming from certain countries?

So, the new Omicron variant comes from South Africa. If we speak of Delta, we think of India, another country with WHO issues, using Ivermectin as early treatment with stunning results. The media responded that India is lying and must have 4 million more deaths; Lockdowns are pretty much impossible in India.

The President’s Statement of South Afrika Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation, no mandatory vaccination, no travel restrictions, no 2G, no lockdowns. Nobody gets exclusion from public places.

In this episode, Cyril Ramaphosa will suddenly die from a mysterious car accident two weeks later (the writers debate if it should be Omicron or a traffic accident). After this unfortunate “accident,” fact-checkers come to rescue Big Pharma. The “fact” checkers explain why so many sudden deaths of other anti-vaccination presidents suddenly died.

President Jovenel Moise of Haiti was also against vaccination. He was killed.

If you are a president in South Africa, you might want to be careful about making anti-vaccination statements. A text scrolls over the picture with millions of deleted social media accounts. We know that the tech gurus became our medical doctors. They know what’s suitable for the public, censoring anything that does not fit their narrative or line of profit.

Episode 7 in the Series.

There is some weird “curse going on,” a hell of a coincidence, or just some deep-state assassin, making it suspenseful for the TV series. It reminds me of my writing in my early blog, where I compared the James Bond Movie Spectra with current events.

Spectre owner actor Christopher Walz’s villain controls worldwide media and has a new surveillance system. Some countries refuse to sign an agreement with him. A few days later, a vast bomb goes off in South Africa (terrorist attacks), so they sign with Spectre. The new bond movie “No Time To Die” is about scientists and a virus.

South African Presidents seem to die like flies.

There is the death of the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza. Tanzania’s president John Magufuli, Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast, and Ambrose Dlamini of eSwatini.

There is nothing to worry about, says the big pharma-paid fact-checkers: just some heart attacks and Covid deaths amongst South African presidents. The latest president could die from Omicron; what great headlines would bring.

The camera turns and zooms in: same media today:

Israel News a tweet by the producer to promote the vaccination script.

The headlines in the worldwide media for the coming week will include fully vaccinated and Omicron.

The reason is that more and more reporting of Covid vaccines, which do not work, is not good to push and sell vaccines. But the vaccine problem numbers are staggering, as Dr. John Campbell reveals from a test.

People are dropping death on live Tv. Fully vaccinated celebrities admit they had Covid. Even when doubled vaccinated with boosters coming out of their ears, they still get Covid.

The Instagram post of boxer Oscar De La Hoya from the hospital gets stuck in people’s brains. Barely able to speak with an almost unrecognizable voice, the double-vaccinated super boxer can nearly be understood.

Pfizer, Moderna, and other vaccine companies are slowly taking a hit. Time for a new variant, and what better timing and place to present this discovery than South Africa? They discovered the “new” Omicron “variant” in four vaccinated people; what are the odds?

Episode 7

The worse is yet to come for the Big Pharma mafia. A judge ordered the release of the FDA documents on vaccine results. In the first document, we can read the vaccinations killed thousands in the first month.

Download pdf here:

Worldwide more and more smoke, and big pharma sees its feet burn.

The savior of the vaccine Big Pharma mafia comes in the name of Omicron, the new Covid variant. These are the headlines, not that people have died like flies from the vaccinations since January 2021. Big Pharma needs good news, a new deadly variant, and lockdowns.

Vaccinated people can spread Covid as quickly. The death toll is now more under Biden than Trump, and the US has been vaccinating people since January 2021.

The flu has disappeared, but it comes back now, probably labeled as Omicron, says the scientist in the Series. 

Last year many weak people died. There is a lot of unnecessary death because of wrong treatment methods, such as using ventilators.

This episode mocks anybody using a mask for protection. Masks are a joke as nobody is using a mask the right way. Each time you contact any person, you need to get rid of the mask in a certain way. There are no biohazard waste cans anywhere, not in shopping centers, 7/11, or any place people go. 

The camera zooms in on biohazard waste cans and how they look, but nobody seems to find them. 

The movie has this image and text scrolling over it: everybody who can not find any of these cans should shut up about masks.

Hospitals should remove their clothes each time they treat a covid patient, change their masks, and get disinfected. It simply does not happen.

In 2018 in the Netherlands, 4700 people died from the flu. This year 189 people died of Corona under 60. In perspective. People die because they fall due to an accident. That number is 600. Fake News is pushing vast amounts of Covid fear porn and talking about the next lockdowns. On the weird positive side, Islamic terrorism has vanished. Except for some moron who tried to blow up a hospital in Liverpool, he detonated prematurely in a taxi outside the hospital. Maybe the news gets better clicks with a virus than terrorism; it is very well possible.

China seems to do fine.

In the meantime, China Is buying up all the seaports worldwide. For some reason, we have never heard any infection news yet of many people dying from Covid in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. The virus probably dislikes the air pollution there—no lockdowns in these cities.

This episode is the last of the Series, the first season. We can see a secret program where the Chinese government spikes the food and Drinkwater with a vaccine against the coming Covid pandemic without the public knowing.

Nobody speaks about COVID-19 as Trump did. To say “Chinese Virus” or the virus comes from China is racist. Except for the Delta variant from India or the South African Omicron variant. Naming Covid the coronavirus will also put you on a list of “the communist party” of China. And no dollars from China for a country who dares to say Chinese Virus.

According to the scriptwriter, the WHO skips the Xi variant, which is probably racist.

The next name for the “newly discovered” covid variant is Xi. But the WHO skipped this. This name would be directly associated with the president of China.

In the grand final of the season, we can see Biden trying to do everything in his power to pursue the vaccination of the American people. There is talk that lockdowns are imminent and necessary. Sometimes the Fake Media, partly owned by Bill Gates, calls him the world’s savior. We are still casting for his personality. While the US administration is struggling to convince the religious community in the US to get a vaccination, Bill Gates is making things more difficult. 

The Gates-owned covid research company uses names like Luciferase and a contract tracing Bill with the name H6666. The latest “devilish” coincidence is the video game Microsoft, Omicron. The game is about demons harvesting souls. Omicron is also an anagram for Moronic, which is the simulation laughing at us.

My father had a company named Omicron.

My father had a company named Omicron fifty years ago. This company was about software. Does this make my father a villain? My parents are almost 79, and both got the Pfizer vaccine. Their choice and I refuse to worry. With that said, I choose what to do and do not condemn or judge what others decide. But I will fight for freedom and that of my kids, family, and friends.

The advice at the end of the seSeriesgo on with your life, buy earplugs if the news is negative, and you can’t avoid places where they bombard you with negative information. Be with family and friends and keep working. If there is a new situation, make the best of it, and stay positive. Watch out for the new Tv Series. 

I want to name it Omicron the final…. Omicron or another named variant arrives just in time to ruin Christmas and New Year’s evening again. A worldwide lockdown is an imminent and sweet music for Big Pharma. Or you can ignore it. The ending of the seSerieshows a huge Christmas man with an Omicron bag full of vaccines. Ho, ho, ho. 

Blood test for Covid antibodies 2365.5, enough for a whole street.

The idea for Season two

I asked myself what happened with the quarter of a billion people who survived Covid. How many antibodies does a person who is recovered from Covid-19 compare to a vaccinated person? Why should they be forced to take the shot if they have more antibodies? They do not get a Covid passport and are still forced to take the jab. A friend of mine tested 2400 antibodies (see picture).

Through a vaccination, you get 35 antibodies. The doctor who tested my friend for Covid antibodies says you have enough antibodies for a whole street. He said that you got 35 to 50 antibodies through vaccination. In his case, he would not need any vaccination. Why is he still excluded in the Netherlands from traveling and specific events and must stay inside during lockdowns?

Vaccinated people registered as unvaccinated.

In Season Two, during the worldwide lockdown, we also reveal that most people who die are vaccinated or are not registered as such. A medical investigated journalist, Marcel Crock in the Netherlands, sounds the alarm bells. Many vaccinated people who died two weeks after vaccination were not registered yet as being vaccinated. This would bring the American numbers to extremely high numbers, forcing the vaccination program to stop immediately.

Please help me out here with the title of the Series. Just keep reading Just entertainment with sarcasm and humor, don’t take things too seriously. Keep doing your research. Hakunamatata.

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(c) Bas Boon

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