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Blame The Nazis, Bulgarian King Saves 50.000 Jews? In a documentary with Amanpour on CNN, there is an interview with the son of the former King of Bulgaria. And it conveys how heroic his father, King was in saving 50.000 Jews.

It’s almost 70 years after WW11, and our TVs are full of documentaries and movies to remind us about this tragic world event. Indeed the story of saving these 50.000 Jews is an extraordinary event. Almost nobody in the world had previously heard of this story in the mainstream media and Hollywood land. 

Most of us all know the book propaganda by Anna Frank. A Dutch Jewish girl is hiding in an attic in Amsterdam, but the evil bad Nazis kill her. 

The authorities in Lebanon ban the book for “portraying Jews, Israel or Zionism favorably. The movie Schindler’s list is pure fiction. Unfortunately, many schools in America use the film as reality “educational” material.

It made me wonder why CNN is coming up with this story about some heroic King. 

Well, the royals have a history of collaborating with the Nazis. Recently on the front page of the English Newspaper, the Sun, was the following headline: Royal Heilness.

Leaked footage from the royal archives showing the royal mother and young queen Elisabeth bringing the Nazi salute.

Frontpage of the Sun Newspaper Screams ‘Royalheilness’!

As the sheep of the world still admire other humans, they label their royals. We give them all sorts of power. Many (not all, there are exceptions) of these Royals became very rich from slavery and the opium trade. 

We need some good news. 

The King of Bulgaria, who saved 50.000 Jews, would be a great way to put the royals in a better picture. Schindler’s list moves over. Here comes the Heroic King of Bulgaria!

picture by: Sergey Kamshylin Shutterstock

Most of the royals have ties or even marry Nazis:

Queen Juliana of Holland husband is Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. This Nazi is the founder of the Bilderberg group. Queen Beatrix of Holland’s husband is Claus von Amsberg. Princess Sophie, Cecille, Thodara & Margarita from Greece married a Nazi. 

The Duke of Windsor had no problems in dealing with Adolf Hitler. 

King Edward III supported the Nazis and other royals with links to the Nazis. Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, the father of Princess Michael of Kent., was a party member of the SS. Prescott Bush helped finance the Nazis with the Rothschilds. Well, you get the picture if they paint the Nazis as monsters throughout history. It would not be suitable for your image as royals or political leaders to have links or relations to the Nazis.

The digital era with hackers in the digital world is not helpful for royals. Or political hypocrites who have dark secrets, political leaders, and traitors. 

The leaking of royals making a Nazi salute made headlines around the world. If people knew the true history, they would understand that people that are in political power or kings always will align themselves with the most powerful. The King of Bulgary aligns himself with the nazis.

Joining the powerful is what the King of Bulgaria did. He joined the Nazis. For his gain when they were strong. According to the Bulgarians and CNN now, the King did all this to protect the 50.000 Jewish people living in Bulgaria (son of a gun)

It was only at the end of 1944 that the Nazis were in a difficult position. They lost the fight, fighting a much stronger allied army that the Bulgarians decided to join the Allies.

But the King stops the deportation of 50.000 Jews.

On August 28, 1943, the King died mysteriously. That’s before the King of Bulgaria decided to break its alliance with the Nazis. Therefore the King officially died being an ally of the Nazis. Somehow that story just did not sit right with me, so I did some digging.

The Jewish Press writes the following:

Bulgaria did deport 13.000 other non-Jews, according to the Israelian press:

First of all, it is essential to know that the story of saving Bulgarian Jews gained popularity in 1998 because of a Bulgarian Jewish man named Michael Bar Oar, who wrote a book called “Beyond Hitler’s Grasp.” 

Michael Bar Oar migrated to Israel and later the USA (Bulgaria’s population was only 8 million). Abraham Foxman presented the first copy of this book to the Bulgarian prime mister in 1999. The National Director of the Anti-Defamation League does the presentation.  

Alarm bells start ringing now in my head. I mean book promotion by people with a plan. How did this Jewish immigrant know so many details about the Heroic King who saved 50.000 Jews? Why publish this book only in 1998? , 

The publisher of Anna Frank released the book in 1947. See my blog on how to sell a book:

Another Jewish writer who was caught lying is Herman Rosenblat. He is not the first person who wrote a fake Holocaust memoir and tried to promote his “cause” on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Other memoir titles that turned out to be complete hoaxes: writer Benjamin Wilkomirski produced another Mickey Mouse memoir: Memories of a Wartime Childhood, or Misha Defonseca, A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years in 1997.

Many European countries welcome the Germans.

Now for people who need some refreshments about our history. Many countries say welcome to the Nazis. The Royals and the church make deals with the Germans. In many cases, some even start families with Nazis. 

The name Germany is incoherent to prosperity. Most Europeans welcome the precursor of ‘Das wirtschaftswunder’ (industrial miracle). For example, in my own country Holland. The hunger winter and wall street stock market crash in 1929 in the US are causing poverty and misery worldwide. 

My Grandfather from my mother’s side had a small butcher shop in Holland. The family had six children, including my mother. My grandmother told me later if it was not for the Nazis who came with weekly orders for meat, the whole family would not have survived. 

Many Dutch citizens collaborated with the Nazis.

I would probably not have been born. It wasn’t for the Nazis buying meat at my Grandfather’s butcher store. In the beginning, Holland counted a lot of NSB’rs (Dutch Nazi party) as collaborators with the Nazis. Some estimated these Nazi collaborator parties grew by over 1 million (the official number was 100.000). 

The few Dutch soldiers with a bike on the border with a hunting rifle were no match against team Blitzkrieg. So there was not much fighting. The same goes for Austria; The Australian army did not fire one shot (nighter did the Germans). When Hitler drives into Austria’s capital, The Austrians throw a sea of flowers at every place Hitler goes.

Bulgaria did the same (joined with the Reich). The resistance grew against the occupation in Holland, Bulgaria, and other European cities. This happens when bombardments destroy many of the big cities. As a result of these bombings, there is no more food.

Indeed people who stare death in the eyes tend to do what’s necessary for survival. People want to belong to the winning team—time to switch sides. 

 Massive problems with tally devices and confusion over thousands of deported Jews.

It happened at the end of 1944 when the Russians were almost at the Bulgarian borders. The Bulgarian nation switched sides and chose now to fight with the Allies.

Thirty thousand Bulgarian soldiers died in the war. So what about the rescuing of 50.000 Jews? According to the well-documented book of Bar Zohar, Approximately 12.000 Jews perished in Macedonia and Thrace. After the first WWI, they strip Macedonia and Thrace from Bulgaria.

The book writer knows this. I think he was sitting near the borders with a tally device. So officially, those Jewish people Bulgarians deport from those territories are not from Bulgaria. 

King Boris the third forbade the deportation of Bulgarian Jews from the year 1941 till he died. Now here is where things get weird for me. According to the book and T.V. documentaries, King Boris is the hero.

But the story has enormous holes in it. It does not make sense. For example, In October 1941, the Germans deported approximately 183.000 Austrian, German and Czech Jews to ghettos and death camps. 

Let’s look at the timeline.

In 1941, The Bulgarians received a present from Adolf by giving them back Macedonia and Thrace, which Bulgaria lost after the first WWI. 

Bulgaria did deport 12.000 Jews from Macedonia and Thrace, but it could be 13.000 see Jewish press article. The tally device of the book writer or from the Jewish article writers should have been renewed. Do they deport one thousand more Jews or not? We should not bitch about those details. Bulgaria deported those Jews from those territories to favor the Reich, so the story goes. 

This database (see link below) reads the deportation of 11.000 Jews from Macedonia and Thrace. That’s 2000 Jews missing. Or could the explanation be that the tally devices are not accurate? Does somebody add a few thousand Jews?

In 1941, the Germans were already deporting Jews from an allied country like Austria, but they left Bulgaria alone. In March 1941, Bulgaria joined the axis of evil.

So WTF? Did King Boris from Bulgaria have some dirty pictures of the Fuhrer? Did the Bulgarian King have a terrible secret weapon? 

What did the King of Bulgaria have over the Fuhrer?

Why do the Germans not insist on deporting Jews from Bulgaria for three years, or maybe they do? But they just leave the Bulgarian Jews alone? In the final year, the Bulgarians switched sides when the Germans lost the war. 

Indeed it does not amuse the Germans that the King of Bulgaria switched sides. They feel betrayed, to say it mildly. Immediately the Germans ask for the deportation of Bulgarian Jews (question?).

The years before, these 50.000 Bulgarian Jews (could be 30.000, but who’s counting accurately) were never an issue.

According to this newspaper (May 23, 1961), see the link below. The number the newspaper uses to deport Bulgarian Jews is 40.000 (not 50.000).,2705339&hl=nl

Fuck, I lost count again.

In the same article (May 23, 1961), a journalist writes about 6 million Jews the Germans exterminated, a “nice” round figure!



Not that the red cross has such a good reputation. I remember they built six homes for 500 million. That money came from a charity for the earthquake victims in Haiti ( they must have started with rebuilding the billionaire houses). 

You would also expect a friendly typed official letter instead of a written statement that looks like a restaurant bill (maybe that was normal then).

Tally devices had some severe issues. The tally devices then were not as modern as the new models. 

The Tally devices are off.

Maybe we should aim somewhere in the middle? Adolf Hitler created six million jobs for the suffering Germans. The German people give Adolf the nickname ‘miracle man. Maybe the six million “murdered” Jews have something to do with that. Who knows? 

We should know that the Jewish scripture (The Ashkenazi Jews ) believe in a prophecy. Therefore making the number six million is significant for them. The warning came true and now could not happen in the future. 

I do not claim the Germans did not commit any atrocities. Surely they murder massive amounts of Jews; I am just stating a fact of different numbers in the media.

Almost 200.000 suicides a year in Germany, and 1.5 million died of hunger before Adolf Hitler came to power. The price of 1 loaf of bread was 100.000 marks. The inflation was absurd. But the French marched into the Rhein Ruhr territory (German industrial district).

They kept hammering for war repayments for the first WWI, a war the Germans did not even.

The Bulgarian King’s bullshit story, but he switched sides at the right moment!

But the hero (dictator) King of Bulgaria said no to the Germans for any deportations from Bulgaria. One of the documented excuses for this fact why it must be a true story is that the German war machine was overstretched. Therefore they gave the King a free pass to not deport those Jews.

We seem to forget that 30.000 Bulgarian soldiers died. There must have been severe fighting after the Bulgarians switched to the winning side. So the Germans’ story that they forget to ask for deportation does not sound correct. 

The Bulgarian King is already dead at the time Bulgary switches sides.

The Germans must have known those 50.000 or 40.000 (who’s counting). Bulgarian Jews were in hiding. The Germans just tolerated them for three years living In Bulgaria? Then after three years, The Bulgarians switched from being the Germans’ ally to a friendly nation to the partners. It sounds like a coward move to me just to save your ass. 

Do the Germans finally ask, say more strongly, for the deportation of the Jews? This is because the Germans are always very polite. I mean, they become their enemy. 

Thirty Thousand (an incredible round figure for those tally devices at that time) Bulgarians die as there is fighting in Bulgaria against the Germans. Now the Germans ask for the deportation of the Jews. The hero, King’s son, who was six then, also said no. 

The Germans must be talking about him in 1944 as the new kid Bulgarian King says no again. So we have to believe that before, some letters from the Church and strong words prevented the deportation? 

The Reich “Fears” The Church, Maybe…

We need good news to promote the Royals, strong letters from the Church and the King of Bulgaria.

We need some good news, and what better than promoting the Royals and the Church? The Bulgarian Orthodox Church protested in 1943 against the deportation of the Jews. The Church saved many. For example, by baptizing the Jews. Some water on the head of a Jew, so no more Jew. It’s unclear if those Jews were converted to Christians, but who cares? The Church wrote letters that were against deportation.

They helped organize a protest in many Bulgarian cities, and the Germans waited patiently. 

The Church Might pray the Nazis into defeat (they did lose).

The story contradicts that Jews were not asked or forced to be deported until the King of Bulgaria was “asked” more strongly by the Germans. He should start to deport the Bulgarian Jews at the end of the war, as the Church claimed.

The Church protected Jews from deportation. Hitler made a deal with the Catholic Church in Germany. The path of the religious is mysterious. Could it be possible that the Nazi war machine was terrified of the Orthodox Christian Church? Might they pray the Nazis into defeat?

The Church must have had some secret magical Merlin powers to keep the Germans away for four years, so I guess they just let them be for four years.

Why they did not deport many Jews from Bulgaria is a simple truth.

The truth is that many people did not even have proper identification papers. Most of the Jews in Bulgaria were not religious. In many cases, when the Jewish people did have ID papers, it didn’t make much difference as, in many cases, there was no indication of their religious views or heritage printed on those papers. 

The Bulgarian Jews are poor like all the other Bulgarians. Most of the population in Europe is poor at those times. They blend in, so to say—just humans with a nose, mouth, and ears.

Those humans with Jewish blood live and are integrated with communities all over Bulgaria. There was no racism. Bulgarians saw Bulgarian-Jews as Bulgarians and mostly did not even know about their bloodlines or religion. 

The was no racism in Bulgaria.

The Jewish people did not oppress the Bulgarian people in any way. We should learn from this, folks. The result of no racism or knowing a religious preference results in harmony among the human species. Who cares if they label somebody a Jew, Christian, or Hindu?

When you have no food in your belly and no synagogue, hell, they did not even have money to pay for a Jewish Kippah on their head. Better than a yellow star patch for recognition ordered by the Germans. Even if the Jews received a yellow star patch, who would have sewed it on the clothes they possessed? 

Sorry, Hern Oberstormanfuhrer, I have no papers, but I would like to confess that I am a Jew. Could you please get me a yellow patch and sew this on my clothes? Yeah right!

Picture by: 360b Shutterstock

In many parts of the world, they forbid Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ (which means my battle).

The whole story smells again like propaganda—a Jewish writer promoting a book and story to enrich himself. At the same time, he is promoting the Jewish cause (massive war repayments).

Nothing wrong with writing and publishing books, of course. There are plenty of people doing that. Even Adolf Hitler wrote a book. Adolf’s s book ‘Mein Kampf’  is forbidden in Europe and Russia. His book was a bestseller, with millions of copies being sold. Interestingly, we see these writings now as very dangerous for society.

The Great Ottoman empire rampages through Europe and Bulgaria.

The Great Ottoman empire invades Bulgaria (Humans calling themselves Muslims) before the first World War. When the great Ottoman empire invaded Bulgaria and the rest of Europe, they killed millions. Just Muslims following the Koran and their hunger for expansion, territory, and wealth. 

Convert to a Muslim or die. 

I always wondered why there are no repayments from those Muslims who commit many atrocities to any people who were killed and stripped of their wealth. And the illegal taxes they were forced to pay? 

In my opinion, what lies in the past is done; learn from it and avoid the same mistake.

What about a memorial day or a day we can see hundreds of documentaries on TV about the atrocities of these Muslims who went on a killing spree through Europe?

Muslims were also the most prominent slave traders (the African Muslims). Can I get some war/slavery reparations as my Grandfather and far relatives suffered? 

How about some holy books on the forbidden list? How can third-generation German children still pay war repayments for third-generation Jewish people?

They make the victim-hood and racism card into apocalyptic proportions. The books and films and propaganda documentaries just keep on coming.

Blog Bas Boon Says Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is Full OF Inconsistencies And Propaganda! Palestine & Israel questions.

Activists use Movies and documentaries for Nazi propaganda!

Recently I watched the movie Casino again with Robert de Niro and Joey Pesci, directed by Martin Charles Scorsese (a great movie). There is a passage in the film where you see a Nazi flag on the television. This scene takes place in a house they enter.

Joey Pesci: screams, you filthy Jew bastard, to casino director Robert de Niro who carries the name ‘Mr. Rothstein’ in the movie. The movie is about the casino bosses and Italian mafia gangsters, so why highlight this racial Jew statement in the film? 

Posted by the Germans of a propaganda documentary movie about Jews, indeed the Jews made some propaganda documentaries and films themself (picture by 360b Shutterstock)

Raiders of the Lost Ark is full of evil Nazis, and in Inglorious Bastards, Brad Pitt is going to kill evil Nazis with an exceptional group, and they burn Nazis in a theater.

Since 1930 the movie industry worked with the Germans (censorship), even during the war build-up. Germany was a great movie market (march of the hypocrites):

Did Hitler’s mustache come from a film with Charlie Chaplin making fun of the Fuhrer?

Hitler must not have liked the performance of Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator. Not too many words on this amongst German generals. A member of Hitler’s staff Reinhard Spitzy said the following: Hitler saw the film twice and found it amusing.

He considered Charley Chaplin one of the best performers in the world. Spitzy even suggested that Hitler’s toothbrush mustache resulted from Charley Chaplin.

Check this list of Holocaust movies and the filmmakers:

List of Allied propaganda films of World War II

They even made highlight Holocaust movies and

 documentaries named: Imaginary Witness

People do not even realize how much TV networks, newspapers, social media, and movies are full of subliminal messages and human mind programming.

Blame the Nazis and their sympathizers for all the evil in the world.

BBC Documentary: The neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT

The MH 17 disaster propaganda campaign is now more than a year old. Russia is to blame the US and its allies, know for sure (still no proof today). Many boycotts against Russia.

Above all, the arrival of the corpses in Eindhoven Holland. For days we can see bodies arrive on live TV broadcasted worldwide. 

Did anybody see such a parade and media hype after the airplane disaster in Tenerife on March 27, 1977? Because of a bomb explosion at Gran Canarias Airport and multiple terrorist threats. Many planes were diverted to Los Rodeos Airport, where eventually, KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736 collided, and 583 people died.

Blame the Nazis. Problem solved!

But there is hope for Russia and the world regarding the problematic tensions because of the shot-down plane. 

Just blame the Nazis who live in Ukraine (see BBC documentary). This way, the Ukraine government, with an installed puppet president from the USA, goes free. The Dutch, who lost so many lives in this senseless act of terror, can finally start exporting cheese and tulips again to Russia. 

The Nazis are of use, and the world will accept and agree that the Nazis shot that rocket. Everybody can live with that. A great solution to a significant problem (maybe the BBC documentary is preparing us for this news)!

Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda for Adolf Hitler. All countries were guilty of misleading the masses (what’s new). The Sun Newspaper in England produced a front-page picture of President Putin. The Sun newspaper claims it was Putin’s rocket that shot down the plane (not long after the disaster). 

Media publishers distribute the article around the world. On TV, we can see the same propaganda, RT TV.

The Russian TV station has completely different reports, blaming the Ukrainian military. 

According to the latest reports, the Russians claim Israel makes the missile shot from a Ukraine fighter plane. The Americans push for a boycott and have their agenda. The tragedy of civilians is shot down from the sky, and there is still no proof. 

My suggestion, blame it on the Nazis, so everybody can walk away with their head held up high. Who cares about a year of boycott and the Russian ruble losing 45% of its value? 

In Pattaya, where I live, thousands of Russians put their life savings as a down payment for a holiday apartment and lost their money. Because of the political agenda of other countries with their propaganda. Some very disturbed humans orchestrated them. But at least Russia could also agree if the Nazis were involved, they’re easy to blame.

Illegal immigrants into Europe are partly the price of bombing countries.

Don’t ask yourself why fascism is growing. It “surely” would not be because America, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are bombing Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria.  

Millions of refugees are flooding into Europe (Trump, who is going to build that wall in Europe which would be far greater than the great wall of China to keep illegal immigrants out?). 

Illegal immigrants who have no education, home, or money. When they arrive in the promised “heaven” Europe, some can only make a living on the street by distributing drugs, prostitution, robberies, and other crimes. 

More and more immigrants are coming to Europe to breed fascism.

Germany now has 11 million immigrants. These are registered ‘ immigrants,’ not the number of illegal immigrants. The unlawful number is unknown. Germany has the most asylum seekers in Europe; better believe some fascism is around the corner. 

CNN repeats project freedom, where we can see Egyptian children reaching the source of Italy under false promises. The same CNN shows some fat Arabs from the Egyptian government excepting a 5-billion-dollar arms deal from the US. This is done to push the Kerry agenda for the Iran nuclear deal. Recently 2500 immigrants stormed The English Tunnel trying to reach England.

Channel Crossing: 1,500 migrants storm Eurotunnel in France (could be 3000, several guys with broken tally devices detected)

A new proposal for the Movie The King’s wife of Bulgaria saved 189112 (not a round figure, but looks very professional) Jews from deportation.

The CNN Freedom Project human trafficking project host is Will Smith’s wife. She repeatedly explains how they use children in illegal human trafficking. 

The wife of Will Smith – Jada Pinkett Smith, plays in The TV series Gotham a powerful woman. She fights with a girl to death. Smith’s wife also runs the Madame Savannah pleasure club (a good example). Her new role is in the stripper movie Magic Mike XXL. 

The latest news says Jada and her husband, Will Smith, will divorce after 17 years. Recently the gossip press is informing us that Will Smith ordered male prostitutes. Let’s hope those male prostitutes are not some Egyptian or Syrian immigrant boys who came to the US through Italy. That would be very ironic. 

Jada Pinkett could play the role of the Heroic King of Bulgaria.

I suggest that Jada Pinkett should do an audition for the new upcoming film: “The incredible King of Bulgaria’s wife.” The woman who was the authentic voice behind the King’s decision not to deport Jews and poisoned her husband. 

Indeed with her in that role, there would be big Hollywood media hype. Before you know it, 50 years later, the people in charge of the planet use her position and that film in history and educational books in the USA. With new facts and absolute truth! By then, the amount of Jews saved by the incredible heroic King of Bulgaria would be around, let’s say, 200.000.

A lovely round figure.

Holocaust ordered by God?, Spaghetti bible, Human Reich & the Torah. Read more here:


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