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Sex Tapes “Leaked” from Frustrated Hollywood Weirdos. In this blog, I will write about how retarded celebrities become when it comes to getting attention. Get ready. It is going to get ugly.

What Other People Think of Us Is More Important Than Our Own Health and Thoughts.

In Thailand and in Asia, there are loads of skin products to make your skin whiter. I never understood this, as I like nice tan brown skin. When I used to live in Holland, many people had tanning beds in their homes. This is to get browner during the winter. In the summer, everybody is sunbathing and trying to get darker skin. 

The reason in Europe for getting a tan is not only for vanity, but it also shows other humans you have the luxury of laying in the sun and not work. In Thailand, it is the opposite. People think if you have white skin, you do not work on the land in the sun as a peasant. And therefore, you would have a higher status having lighter skin.

The cosmetic industry is now at an estimated worth of over 1 trillion annually. Everywhere you can find woman’s make-up from seven eleven to gas stations worldwide. Cosmetics are everywhere for emergency cases for the panicking female species. Imagine woman forget their make-up bags while traveling to their destinations.

Fat overweight female cows, who paint their toenails.

Now some woman paints their toenails which is fine by me. But if you have hideous feet, a little bit of paint on the nails won’t help. I’ve always wondered how these fat overweight females “cows.” With turkey drumstick legs, wear open high heel shoes. They push their sausage fat feet and toes stuffed in these pumps. By showing color on those toenails for what purpose?

Please stop doing that when you have ugly feet and toes. Wear rubber garden boots and hide those hideous body parts (the complete feet and fat ankles, please).

Sausage Feet.

Those woman’s big sausage toes are so much under pressure in those small pumps. Oversize shoes are still way too small. The big toes are growing outwards, and the end result is completely unnaturally deformed toes and feet. Then some of the fat community of female humans have those long fake fingernails. Which are not only painted, but they do have jewelry stones on those painted fingernails.

It has actually become a profession of other female humans. To paint nails of other female humans (sometimes male) and glue stones on those fake nails, all to draw more attention.

I’m sure many people will have heard of the Geisha In Japan which is a hostess and entertainer. Their whole life they are prepared to be a hostess and an artist. The Geisha’s caretakers wrap the feet of these young geisha girls in training. To ensure their feet grow a certain way and so they don’t grow too much.

Geisha’s in Japan Mutilate Their Feet.

They also have to wear special short shoes. Those are fabricated for the small feet. All because this would be more attractive and sexier to the male species. They are leaving many women with handicap deformed feet for the rest of their lives.

The Geisha’s also painted their faces white for the same reason, to show higher status.

The Maasai people (Kenia and Tanzania) and the Kayan people put neck rings on their infants. It starts as early as the age of two in order to elongate their necks. This is considered very beautiful in a woman. The neck coil is increased over time which results in a very long deformed-looking neck.

Like the Thailand skin story, many of the South Ndebele peoples of Africa wear neck rings. Not only as part of their traditional dress but as always, it is a sign of wealth and status.

Back to human’s favorite occupation, sheep behavior.

We are socially conditioned to try to fit in. It is very important what society thinks of us. And therefore, the majority will participate in the latest fashion.

In the twenty-first century, we recently had the ice bucket challenge. A few celebs were throwing some ice cubs for a so-called charity project.  Millions of people around the world followed suit – putting buckets of ice cubes over their heads—the ultimate sheep behavior. The ice bucket challenge is filmed.

The person nominates then another individual to do the ice bucket challenge, and so it continues. If that person does not accept the challenge well then, he does not belong to the hurdle anymore.

Picture by: quangbuiphotography

People need to impress others with, Cars, homes, Handbags, Watches, Jewellery, piercings, tattoos, cosmetics, sexy clothes, designer clothes, shoes, and hats. People need to impress other humans and will go to great lengths to impress other people

It is hard to find the perfect white knight, rare, but as seen in this picture, not impossible.

Men Lose Their Sexual Appetite.

In “modern” times, men distance themselves more and more from a relationship and the hassle of a woman. The feminine community has been promoting the agenda of sexual harassment. And woman independence in many cases. This causes the young male species to not want to take the risk of headache being with a woman/girl. 

The picture for a woman of the ideal man is also derailed by role models. Such as movie stars like Captain America, Thor, James Bond, Greg Daniels, Batman”s Christian Bale, etc. 

According to the women, there is no real man out there anymore who knows how to treat them. So they become nagging and complaining human beings. These feminist professional nag antics blame the male species for their incompetence and miserable lives. Men cannot please them anymore. 

Hypocrite Woman likes Anal Intruder.

Yet, the vast majority of women devour books like “50 shades of Gray.” Where a man does treat the woman like a princess, but he is also a Sado-Masochist, into bondage and an anal intruder. Well, that is trendy and not a problem. 

Hundreds of millions of women read these books. Another English writer Sophia Kinsella also is capturing tens of millions of women readers.

The result is that the majority of men withdraw themselves and finds comfort in their own homes. Man masturbates for their computers watching porn. Or, in some cases masturbating while playing computer games. Or they are replacing their sex drive completely by playing computer games and watching porn and sports. 

Masturbating while playing computer games.

There is no need anymore to give a constant flow of compliments to a female companion. No need to tell her every 5 minutes; she looks good. Even if she is a fat nagging cow with fake painted nails with sausage foot and turkey drumstick legs, she needs compliments and a constant flow of attention and recognition from the male.

It’s funny the female complaints there is no real man anymore. This we hear from a female with fake eyelashes, fake fingernails, fake boobs, fake lips, fake ass, contact lenses, fake hair, and a fake nose.

Sex Tapes, The Ultimate Cry for Attention and More Popularity.

I would say sex tape “leak” number 1 is Rob Low’s: tape showing Rob having sex with two under-aged teenagers. And the same tape also showed Rob with another man and female. It makes you wonder who shot that tape? What the hell was Rob thinking that leaking this tape would make him cooler having sex with underage teenagers?

Colin Farrell’s sex tape with Playboy model Nicole Narain was a great win-win deal for both of them and their egos.

Kendra Wilkison had her first sex tape out at the age of 18. Before, she had breast implants and failed relationships.

I hope for Kendra, there will be no “leaked” future old sex tape. Where she is playing with Hefner’s old shrinker willy, that would definitely change my view of her forever. Jennifer Lopez’s Honeymoon sex tapes leaked, and a lot of restraining orders followed from the Jennifer lawyers to release the tape.

The leader of all sex tapes is Pamela Anderson and Tommy “the Banana” Lee. Lee later made a deal with the online provider of the footage to get a cut of all revenue. Free, good publicity, banging his hot wife and making money, not a bad deal, Tommy.

Bret Michaels with Pamela Anderson can also be seen in a “new leaked” sex tape, the dick contest between Bret and Tommy orchestrated by Pamela to be judged by millions of other humans… welcome to the show!

Paris Hilton is the black sheep of the family, she can’t miss the sex tape boat! She has a homemade sex tape “leaked” on the market now. Rumour is that Paris wears an anonymous mask these days at every party. She parties seven days a week, drinking loads of alcohol.

Man Can Not Be Famous When Preforming on a Leaked Sex Tape With Paris Hilton.

Without Paris Hilton being in disguise while having sex, the result would be an overflow of “leaking” sex tapes on the market. This would decrease the effect and destroy the word leaked. Men who would have sex with Paris can forget about getting famous because of these “leaked” tapes as there are too many names for the public to remember.

Chua Soi Lek said he did not know he was being filmed while having sex. He resigned as Minister of Health and Vice President of Malaysia. But in 2009, he returned to the Malaysian Chinese Association as the president.

Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. However, he did get blow jobs and placing a cigar in her vagina. It was judged not having sex for the price tag of 60 million dollars in lawyer’s fees and court expenses. Tom Sizemore’s producer made an 8-hour sex tape (we do not know how many edits and stand-ins).

Marathon Sex Tape Collection.

So Tom’s leaked sex tapes must have come in a collection box of DVDs. Rumour is that the agent advised Tony to go for the length of the deed performance. This would be picked up in the media as Tony the Kama Sutra champion. When the 8-hour footage would be accidentally “leaked.”

Compliment for the camera guy having enough tape and gigabytes to tape the marathon sex king.

Sex Tape.

Kid Rock’s “leaked” sex tape with Scott Stapp plus four groupies in 1999. Surely Scott was blamed for leaking the tape, great publicity for both men. Kids Rock’s song “I want to be a cowboy” singing: I want to run a whore house for all the right reason comes to mind.

Career launch because of leaked Sex Tapes.

Fat Ass irritant “queen” Kim Kardashian created a sex tape with Ray-J in 2007. When the tape “leaked,” it did little for Ray-J’s career. But Kim Kardashian’s career skyrocketed rocketed to fame, including her family. Multiple reality shows, all from a “leaked” sex tape!

Check out this link of Kim Kardashian Plumm Butt Chain Reaction.

Kanye West, Hulk Hogan, Minka Kelly, Gene Simmons. The list is endless “leaked” sex tapes everywhere. Damn, how much of a coincidence is it that all these celebs make sexual performance videos, and then somehow the footage gets stolen or leaked? The footage gets online or ends up at a tabloid’s magazine desk?

Fake Sex Tapes?

Tommy Lee is one of the most honest guys to publicly admit he made a deal with the only distributor of his so-called “leaked’ content. All these “celebs” who need mass recognition for their sexual performances and showing of their genitals.

Some female Hollywood stars are actually angry at their new “partner.” As they found out that the length of the penises in the “leaked’ sex tapes is actually much shorter, implying a stand-in was used.

Overflow of Hanging Vagina Lips.

Several Lawsuits have been reported where several guys came out and blamed the producer of the “leaked” sex tapes. The wrong camera angles were used and made their penises look smaller.

Some female celebs had a “kukeleku,” aka overflow of hanging vagina lips. But the vaginas on the “leaked” sex tapes were beautiful designer vaginas, so there must have been a stand-in. What is this world coming to? we can’t even trust a “leaked” sex tape of a celeb?

Sorry celebs, for spoiling your efforts to “leak” a sex tape to show the size and shape of your genitals. All for boosting up your ego and celebrity status. We just can’t trust the media and these tapes anymore.

There are tons of news releases out on this topic, photo-shopped, video manipulation, reality porn, and nude photos. How kind, polite and creative of the celebs to make these nude photos and videos. Then store the pictures and videos in cyberspace to be discovered by hackers.

Digital Cloud Leaks is the New Trend.

You would think they’d learn from all those missing VHS tapes and illegal accidental uploads. Apparently, the celeb trend is you have to have a hacked nude cloud account or a hacked I-phone (smartphone) to be a modern-day celeb. Sex scandals content flows with modern technology because of an unlimited demand of the mass public sheep.

Recent Hacks of Nude Celebrities Reveals Need for Greater Privacy

100 Celebrities Have Their Phones Hacked And Naked Photos Posted Online.


The big movie studios understand the importance of their content being hacked by the public. They do not have to pay the news agency to spread the “news.” Instead of the celeb getting all the media attention. Now the studio is full in the publicity, all without paying any news agency or PR firm. 

Sexy and adventures to mention North Korea in this “attack,” which is laughable as there is not a shred of evidence.

White House Doesn’t Rule Out Cyber counterattack in Sony Hack

The Sony hack: how it happened, who is responsible, and what we’ve learned

The latest trends in the sex scandal footage business are famous sportspeople and celebs accidentally letting themselves being caught on camera while on holiday. Like Ronaldo, and who is the man behind Ronaldo in the water? Who cares? Put them on the cover of everything:

The next big thing for the celebs is royal hacks and hacks where priests stored photographs on the Vatican server—showing videos and pictures of the priest where they are holding young celebs penises for the good of their upbringing.

A great creative way to bring some more awareness to some celeb’s names. And the sheep to devour their next sex celeb scandal with James Bond flavor in the case of North Korea. Or the new church flavor like Dan Brown the Da Vinci Code.

When you do make a sex tape wear a mask. people who do not wear a mask and their Sex Tapes get “leaked” are no longer believed.

Problems with your wife and you are at your end’s wit, try this:

Say things get really callous, make a sex tape, put some South Africa rings on your wife’s neck. Put her in some Geisha shoes and attach a fake tail on her but.

Record and edit on repeat all her complaints on a rock beat (distributed by Sony) dub her swearing on the music beat. Paint her green and accidentally forget the cd of the footage at an internet café for the next tech nerd to upload. And your genitals penetrating a druggy fat ass can now be seen all over the digital highway.

Those would be headliners in the tabloids. Instant fame is guaranteed, and hey, it might even save your marriage. It would do wonders for your financial situation, who knows?

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