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Tunisian Terrorist Anis Commits Mass Murder in Berlin. Amri Anis, a Muslim from Tunesia, commits a massacre in Germany.

Anis, the Berlin Truck Driver rebel, was born in the shit hole town of Tataouine Tunis. In Tunis, he was convicted for armed robbery but fled the country. And he stole his first truck there. Amri stayed not in an Isis-paid “save house” in Germany but in Emmerich’s insane asylum center.

In June 2016, the German Authorities could not throw Anis out of the country as he did not have any valid I.D. Terrorist and Muslims lose their passports, so the German authorities can not deport them. What also helps to prevent deportation is screaming that you are a minor.

According to the authorities, his passport came two days after the attack.

Now we wait for the excuse why the poor Muslim committed an act of terrorism. Sorry, I mean mentally ill lone wolf militant. And there it is:


The Tunisian Sister of Amri: He Drank, partied, listened to pop music, and was not religious.


Head of the telegraph newspaper in Holland: 

Anis listened to pop music, drank alcohol, and was not religious. Well, that’s cool. At least all the other Muslims worldwide can now claim he was not a Muslim. These reports we can read after the Munich Shooter, 9/11 attackers, and Paris and Brussels shootings. Many of this lone-wolf radical militant mentally ill disturbed victims drink alcohol and use drugs, so they are not good Muslims. 

His family says he is innocent, but they don’t speak much about Anis leaving Tunis and stealing a truck as he was wanted there by the police. Later he was convicted and did 3.5 years in an Italian prison as he burned down the school he was attending—an actual role model for the family and the world.

I had never liked Tunis when I visited that country at a young age, my brother was six, and I was 8. While we travel by bus, I need to go for a toilet break. My brother has blond curly hair and light blue eyes. The moment he stepped out of the bus, there was 20 older man in dresses touching him and grabbing his coat. I had to pull him out of there.

More laughable is the international community promoting Tunis in 2015, giving the dialogue quartet the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.


But of course, vast parts of Tunis are a shit hole full of inbred retards. The only thing many of them can do in the sand desert is prayed to the invincible man in the sky to get some sex in the afterlife, besides screwing family members and donkeys. 

In March 2015, a group of lone-wolf mentally ill militants stormed a museum in Tunis. Muslims hate museums, especially when they obtain statues of Buddha. And other proof of other religions and cultures that had existed long before Islam existed. Eighteen people get killed in the attack.

18 People Killed in Attack on Tunisia Bardo Museum


Tunisian PM says 17 of those killed in ‘cowardly attack’ were foreigners after two gunmen stormed Bardo museum and kept hostages for three hours.

Not long after that, in June, some inbreed Islamic brainwashed creep stormed a beach where many British people were sunbathing and went on to slaughter 39 people (destroying the last little bit of tourism the country had).

Tunisian attack on Souse Beach Kills 39


The gunman opened fire on families, couples, and children.

A gunman kills dozens of people, mostly tourists, on a beach in the Tunisian resort of Sousse in an attack claimed by I.S. militants.

In 2015 a Nobel Peace Prize went to Tunis. What? Yes, you read that well, as the Arab Spring needed to have a label of success. Egypt comes to mind after all foreign U.S. attempts to interfere with other countries’ “democracies” became a disaster. Tunis was chosen by the Norwegian Nobel committee, beating an array of high-powered nominees, including The Pope, Angela Merkel, the U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry, and Iranian Mohammad Javad Zarif. Ironically if you compare the whole bunch, they are all evil. 

They could choose the country Bhutan, but who gives a crap about peaceful monks? If you want to push a worldwide agenda on how Muslim countries are reformed with western values and democracy—often by force and overthrow legit governments such as Syria and Libya.

Tunisia is the number 1 country supplying Isis fighters in Syria. Why? They say to be a good Muslim because of their religion.

Conspiracy Theory is debunked but still some questions:

George Galloway is right when he claims that the U.S., France, and Germany are supplying weapons, money, and propaganda to terrorists in Syria like Anis Amri. 

The conspiracy theory:  

The police who found the I.D. papers and Anis’s mobile phone can explain the situation. First of all, Anis was a born loser. He spent 3.5 years in a prison cell in Italy, so he had no military technical training there. He got caught for assault and arson, so he is not that smart. Before that, he was a loser and not a well-trained terrorist if trained. 

The family of Anis and the press described him as a drunk and violent man. This description is almost legal when an Islamic terrorist attack occurs. Mass Media can then claim he was not a real Muslim. For this reason, if a young retard like Anis commits a horrible terrorist act in Berlin, he is not calm or calculated.

He is a Tunisian Islamic loser, a coked-up, alcoholic, adrenaline junky who has lost the plot. He would not even recognize his own family, let alone think about his mobile phone or paperwork while committing the terrorist act. 

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote that brilliant criminals get eventually because of idiotic behavior:

Quote Organized plain stupidity. 

There have been much brighter criminals who got caught making dumb mistakes. 

An example from Holland: 

According to the Dutch police, a very well-organized gang was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Gerrit Jan Heijn. He was the owner of the biggest grocery store franchise in the Netherlands. After months the truth came out. The whole plan and execution are by one man, a 45-year-old engineer Ferdi Elsas from Landsmeer. He kills Gerrit Jan Heijn on September 9th,1987.  

Famous crime case from the Netherlands

This crime is a very famous case in the late ’80s in the Netherlands. Ferdi, “the engineer,” retrieved the ransom money by riding his bicycle to where the police dropped the ransom money. Miraculously he recovers the ransom money without getting caught. Yes, on a bike, doing everything himself. The authorities finally arrested him on April 6th, 1988. 

This brilliant mastermind stupidly spent a 250 guilder note of the marked ransom money at an A.H. store. The same store as his kidnapped and murdered victim led to his arrest. This criminal was an engineer and a brilliant individual making one of the most stupid mistakes. All after fully outsmarting the police special task forces and other criminal “experts” for months.” 

No sex paradise in the afterlife.

The irony of this story is that Muslims don’t get sex in their fictional afterlife paradise. They will get only worms or become just dust by burning in an oven. Nature takes care of evil and hypocrites. 

In Ferdi Elsas’s case, his daughter now misses two legs by some horrible blood disease. His son committed suicide, and when he was released after a lengthy prison sentence, Ferdi was killed in a lawnmower accident. Yes, you read that correctly. A weed exterminator killed Ferdi.

False Flag Paris Jihadist Attack on Magazine, Debunked

Anis was as dumb as a cow as he contacted an Isis support group in Dortmund, which a Moroccan secret undercover agent infiltrated. Several intelligence agencies have watched the group from the inside and outside for the last few years. Anis was put on the no-fly list by the U.S. He was suspicious, under surveillance to the bone, and too stupid to realize it. 

The intelligence agencies mention him in some extensive terrorist investigations. They knew he offered himself a Tunisian suicide retard to the Islamic Lunatic club and listened to his phone (such a professional). 

Anis must have been one of the dumbest terrorists alive.

His gun, well, I mean a 22 mm, is not a Kalashnikov, and fortunately, the Italian Policeman had an excellent weapon to put this piece of garbage away. He left his fingerprints all over the truck. That’s why they released their first suspect, a Pakistani man.

The intelligence agencies, especially in Germany and France but pretty much worldwide, are overstretched. They do not have enough human resources to shadow and observe all these religious retards daily. 

The question should be why a known criminal with terrorist ties was released. They released him after German authorities arrested the man with false papers; better no reports. They wanted to throw him out of the country, but a judge prevented this. 

Another question the MSM does not ask. If they arrest Germany Anis in Germany as a known criminal, he can not show proper I.D. papers. But now he has Id with his real name on those documents and brought it with him during his Truck Massacre? 

Who supplied the papers for this Tunisian Islamic loser?

Was it somebody from Germany who gave him these papers? Maybe another party did supply these papers? Did the Isis support group in Germany provide Anis with these papers, legally or illegally? Then again, terrorists or scumbag losers like Tunisian Anis could falsify his documents. Just replace his real name and picture on the record if he cannot get one legally. 

His religious beliefs and admiring retards scumbags like Isis makes these dumb-ass egos reach apocalyptic proportions. It would not surprise me.

Most Headlines in the Mass Media said that a Lorry killed nine people. These headlines immediately remind me of Stephen King’s movie “Christine,” where a car kills people.

Was it a lone wolf?

Please spare me the terms. It was a lone wolf, mentally ill, a radical militant. I am sick of the Mass Media not calling it what it is. A Muslim is going apeshit because of their holy Quran book that brainwashes people into committing mass murder on an unprecedented scale. Brainwash lunatics who think they get “Alice in Wonderland” rewards for their perverted sexual overload fairy-tale afterlife “paradise” nonsense.

To translate this better, there is an overpopulation of lone wolf mentally ill militants. If there are so many lone-wolf mentally ill militants, the correct name should be a pack of wolves. They hunt in packs! 

People should realize that God is not preventing these religious retards on earth from committing these terrorist atrocities. God forbids (to use religion as a metaphor) if the secret services worldwide would hold their actions/surveillance, prevent strikes and arrests, and have God decide what happens next. 

Let’s only trust God, no more security. Guess what will happen?

Imagine the daily onslaught. CNN bias channel would need CNN Channel 1 to 500 to keep up with the breaking news of daily terrorist attacks by Muslims. Sorry I should say to use MSM none racist language “mentally ill lone wolf radical militants.” 

Then there are YOUTUBE jokers like Adam Saleh who make money making tasteless “jokes/pranks” over his fellow Muslims and others. 

Just Imagine: 

Three Skinheads in Nazi Uniforms started shouting in German aboard a Tunisian aircraft a day after a German Citizen bombed a Tunisian bus? 

They are screaming bloody murder when the stewards force them to get off the plane. Not long after Adam pulled his bullshit scam on Delta Airlines – the Afriqiyah Airways plane gets hijacked. It would be ironic if Adam Saleh would have been on that flight ending up with a grenade up his butt, a prank too far.


Special Terrorist Unit arrested two brothers, 28 and 31 years old, who wanted to attack the biggest shopping mall in Germany in Oberhausen.


CNN Fareed Zakari documentary: Why they hate us.”

Now Fareed Zakari claimed in a CNN documentary “Why They Hate Us” that only about 100.000 radicalized Muslims want to kill us. But as always, CNN is biased, and Zakari contradicts himself. He claims that he believes the polls are correct and the truth in his debate with a religious British Muslim, Anjem Choudary (now in jail for five years). 

The Muslim says to Zakari. You live in Alice in Wonderland with your claims (he was right). Zakari answers emotionally by saying the Polls are correct; the polls are reality. Well, the votes are, of course, not reliable at all. 

The best proof comes with the recent U.S. election of how fucked up pollsters are wrong about Donald Trump not standing a chance to become president. We all know how those Polls were utterly wrong. But let’s take a recent news flash from CNN. Zakari, pay attention here. 

CNN asks for help for Sudan.

CNN asked for the international community to help Sudan as more than 50.000 people got slaughtered. The fear is many hundreds of thousands more will get killed. There must be a lot of mentally ill lone wolf militants in Sudan Now. 

The truth is it is Muslims killing Muslims. On June 30th, 1989, Colonel Omar Al Bashir introduced the Islamic code in Sudan. Now 25 years later, we can see the result of this Islamic “Utopia” in Sudan.

In recent history, the same thing has happened with Lebanon. A former primarily Christian nation. Then came the Palestinian refugees and Muslims to Lebanon. Soon they outbreed the Christian population, resulting in a civil war between 1970 and 1990. 

They slaughtered over 100.000 Christians and many more fled the nation. Now Lebanon is a shit hole, similar to former Christian and Buddhist countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Those countries run backward as Muslims now rule them. Indeed the story of invading Iraq for weapons of mass destruction was utterly false and a colossal mistake. 

Learning from History?

However, we do know that Iraq invaded its neighbor country Kuwait. And we know there was an eight-year war between Iraq and Iran. Where millions died, and they used chemical weapons on each other. Just Muslims killing Muslims a tradition that starts with the death of Mohammed. The fight between Sunnis and Shiites has not stopped ever since. 

Two Muslim groups with different interpretations of the Quran hate each other, fighting for power. Leading this bunch of mentally ill lone wolf militants are Isis, ElNursa, Boka Haram, and Hamas. The list is endless. Their interpretation of the Quran is the right one. Kill and strike all the non-believers wherever, whenever, and at once! (Quran). Like in the Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Yemen. 

You only need a small group of very violent Muslim extremists, and these few % will have the other Muslims following, and we all know the results of that: Heil History. 

In Denial, Political Correct Ethnic Profiling

The media and political opponents attack Donald Trump during his campaign for his remarks. He says he would call for a Muslim ban for all Muslims entering the U.S. before they could find out what was happening. 

The second thing Donald was bombarded with by leftists and Mass Media was Ethnic Profiling; This was bad. It would lead to nothing. It is racist. We can all see how that worked out in Milan with Anis Amri. The police stop him because he acts suspiciously (ethnic profiling). The most wanted man was shot by a police officer just nine months on the Italian Police Force.

But nothing much on this in the MSM. We can read a story about why the police falsely arrested a Pakistani man. They release him after 20 hours.


A story that did not make the headlines was that a Berlin cop who leaked Anis’s picture got stonewalled. The Berlin major slowed the search for this criminal because of political correctness. He did not want to release the image of the suspect. Yes, you read this well.

Traveled free to Europe, yet still no border control

Anis gets a 12-hour head start after his terrorist attack, thanks to the mayor of Berlin. Because of the action of this mayor, terrorist Anis can travel over 1000 km through three countries. The end station for the Tunisian Anis is Milan, where he was heading for a Muslim Ghetto. What are the odds? 

Anis almost made it and could have disappeared for months like Abdeslam (Paris terrorist). Abdeslam hides for months in the Muslim Kalifaat Molenbeek in Belgium. 

European Muslim “Kalifat” hideouts.

Surely many leaders like Geert Wilders from Holland, Victor Orban from Hungary, and Marine Le Pen from France want border patrol and guard their borders again. These politicians want to determine what to do with migrants and refugees. But the liberals and the left-wing still live in denial of fairy tale land. They will never admit that the multi-cultural plan has failed every country. 

Germany tried with T.V. commercials to push the headscarves as hip, and that multiculturalism is the new way of the land. But anybody questioning this policy of madness is labeled as a racist nazi. It is xenophobic to open borders.

Mainstream Media Challenging Germany’s open Borders is Exenophobic.

The response to a vast growing Muslim problem in Europe

Well, adapt to the Muslim

Geert Wilders, a politician from the Netherlands, was recently convicted as he used the term “fewer Moroccans.” In countries like England and Germany, police are busy arresting people who have an opinion on social media. 

Recently Zuckerberg from Facebook and other social media platforms has been accused of spreading fake news, so a ban on fake news has been announced. 

Just before a “mentally ill lone wolf radical militant – Mass Media description of a terrorist Muslim going apeshit” dressed up like St Claus murdered 39 people on New Years’ Evening in Istanbul, you can see banners below throughout cities in Turkey.

Question this?

Who precisely determines what is fake news and what is not? And is it fake, or does it just not fit the narrative of the Globalist? There is a push for not saying Merry Christmas anymore but just Happy Holidays to not offend Muslims. -Craziness! 

After the Terrorist Berlin Truck Attack, the first official response was from Muslims on CNN, claiming they feared a backlash against the Muslim community, always the victims. All over Europe, they prepare Christmas markets like fortresses with roadblocks and armed police. The “peace is drooling” from those places. 

I only believe in myself and could not give a crap about Christmas, but I respect the tradition and do not see any harm in this. The same goes for St. Klaas and Black Pete in Holland. The liberal leftist now labels this decades-old child festival in Holland as racist.

As for myself:

Twitter from: Mohammed Ansar @AnsarMo

Followers of the Christian Faith, please show consideration for other faiths by removing all decorations from your properties tomorrow.

I replied to a tweet from Mohammed Ansar:

Quote from my blog:

Islam Condones Pedophilia, Political Correctness for Muslims is Equal to Insanity.

Bas Boon: Thanks for the tip. I would not go so far as to throw out my fake Christmas tree and other home decorations. But I bought some plastic model dolls that I decorated with black ninja suits, grenades, and Kalashnikov machine guns. Anything too adept to Islam, I purchased an Isis video with violence and beheadings of the infidel to balance the religious festivities in my living room after watching a Christmas movie. 

For days I have been searching for some Hindu decorations as well. I only believe in myself, but I do not want to disappoint other religious groups. Imagine if a Muslim, Christian, or Hindu would visit me in my home during the last two weeks of the year. 

My living room with 20 naked virgins around Christmas.

During this time, I would only have the usual 20 naked virgins running around in high heels from the previous week. I have decided to stop all that now because of your tip. Bas Boon never wants to disappoint other humans. In my power, I will do anything to be a religious friend. You can pray for me, but I only believe in myself. 

A great Muslim leader has advised me to convert to Islam. In my will, I write that I will transform in the afterlife if I know that the 72 Virgins are in heaven as promised. I can understand that the thought that someone would have a Christmas tree or other decorations and the atrocity of practicing some kind of religion in his own home can be pretty disturbing. My deepest apologies, Allahu Akbar.

Peace and a lot of Sarcasm.

Christmas Sheep, Kardashians Butt Spell, Turkey Vagina Kukeleku


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