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Transgender Madness and Influencers Going Full Retard. Cultural Marxism taking over schools and universities has rapidly sped up new groups of people with mental illnesses. The permanently offended community has been brainwashed with Critical Race Theory, socialism, and environmentalism.

These schools promote cultism and fruitcake theories which rape the word of normality and truth. The result is that this generation of LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa, Environmental Extremists, Vegans, and Satanists are reckoning the world. You do not have to look under a rock or behind a curtain for these deranged, mentally insane individuals.

They became the new influencers on social media. Transgender Madness is under the protection of the word racism. The abuse of the word discrimination and its meaning is cleverly disguised and becomes a tool for the mentally insane community to crush everybody in their path. 

The schools and mass media caused an explosion of provocations, the growth of crazy persons, weirdos, and the rise of hypersexuality.

Just a story of a ten-year-old kid named Willy and Transgender Madness.

Here is the story of an ordinary ten-year-old kid who experienced the following. Willy goes to school after the holidays on a Monday; he meets his new transgender teacher, who has 25-kilo fake boobs. These are enormous boobs with nipples as big as a giant cowbell. It’s like the things staring at the kids in the class.

You can see clusters of frightening and curious kids in the classroom. The horrific enormous boobs hang as far as the waste of the transgender male. He also wears hot pants to show his hairy drumstick out-of-shape legs, which ruined the word hot pants. The wig he is wearing is cheap and reveals the underlying black hair of the mentally insane person. The smell of sweat and garlic penetrates the classrooms. It isn’t enjoyable. Many children squeeze their noses.

In the afternoon, a school performance during their lunch break with an LGBTQ person dressed in a monkey suit with a strapped-up dildo—transgender Madness on full display.

Transgender Madness Teaching kids in a monkey suite (could be Don lemon) with a strapped-up dildo.

The weekend starts, and the ten-year-old Willy tells his weird, frightening experience at school. The parents are not religious, but they are livid. 

Transgender insanity is absolute; it is not an act.

For my readers, all these incidents are actual and not just slapstick. I just put all incidents in one story. This subject is not comedy or Steven Crowder dressed up to go undercover at some LGBTQ Pride gathering party. This insanity is absolute in the US and Canada and is the root cause of why this mental illness is spreading like rapid fire. They start with children. Influence kids when they are young and brainwash them for the rest of their lives. The Oakville Trafalgar High School is the ultimate frontrunner of transgender madness support.

Willy, the kid, wants Boobs.

The boy Willy also wants huge boobs and keeps persisting. He wants a female wig and nail polish when he goes to school. Papa and mama think they are in the twilight zone. Fortunately, Willy has tickets for the Christine Aguilera concert, which hopefully is a welcome distraction, so consider the parents.

Maybe witnessing his idol Christine for hours in this long-awaited live concert performance will distract the kid’s mind. Willy goes to the concert with a few of his classmates. He adores Christine. At this child-friendly concert, she runs around with a giant diamond-encrusted strapped-up dildo on the podium. 

When Willy comes home, he shows his parents some pictures he made of the concert. He is asking if he can have a strapped-up dildo. The parents freak out.

Saturday night, the kid stays home, and while Willy is zapping the Tv Channels, he stumbles on the eleven-year-old drag queen Desmond. Another frontrunner of Transgender Madness. I have no problem with what kids or their parents want to do in their homes. But promoting this for children is a bridge too far.

Pumping teenagers full of hormone blockers and amputating breasts and installing artificial designer vaginas is insane. The Center for Gender Surgery (Boston Children’s Hospital) is a frontrunner for this barbaric child mutilation. And healthcare will cover the cost. The “expert” doctor recommends butchering another child for his psychical wellbeing. The path to becoming a member of the LGBTQ cult.

I recommend seeing the testimony of a transgender child who became an adult now. The video is at the end of this blog.

He also dances in clubs where adult men throw dollars at him, nothing to do with pedophilia.

The racist, bigot parents, come to school.

On Monday, many parents went to school. At night there is the weekly gathering of parents, teachers, and the head of the school. Some kids were horrified by the new mentally ill 25Kilo fake breast implant transgender fruitcake teacher. So they complained, but the school came to the rescue and defended the hire of the oversexed, mentally ill fruitcake. Those racist white supremacist terrorist parents should shut the F. up. The police arrive at the school campus to arrest and remove these racist terrorist American and Canadian parents. 

The policewoman (who has been called) enters the conference room at the school on campus. She weighs 110kilo and is 160 cm in length. Her hair has 16 colors and is cut with the help of a flowerpot; her name is John. Her black gay male police companion is 2 meters tall and weighs 130 kilos. There is one thing left to do for the parents, run.

20.00O followers; the internet was supposed to make people more intelligent?

Zombie Vagina

I would suggest the Trans Salamander go big. With his, oh shit, I mean her overweight, she should go for an elephant vagina which echos if you scream at it. Go big, Kathyrn and the LGBTQ cultist expect videos of the operations and the first intercourse moment. You are so utterly brave. I can’t describe this in any words. “Human cadaver Skin” is how sexy and cyberpunk.

What are these heterosexual parents with their filthy families thinking? It is the right of the LGBTQIA2S+ community to express their identity. These types of heterosexual parents are ungrateful dictators who must forcefully support this new way of teaching. If they want to avoid separation from their kids and going to jail, they better accept us. Transgender Madness does not exist, them bigot parents.

At the end of the school gathering on Monday, the school closes the meeting with a performance of a 25-year-old transgender person who drops dead from myocarditis after promoting vaccinations.

Pssst, do not let your kids know you are a conservative Trump voter in schools.

These republican voting Trump supporters are a danger to society. They can expect a visit by Biden’s Gestapo. Kids screamed for help and asked their parents for guidance. They had nightmares of the hairy leg big boobed wig-wearing self-proclaimed female new school teacher. But the liberal lunatics have infested all layers of education. It’s complete insanity. Nobody dares to say anything. There are pronounces all over the place. Deviate from their dictatorship lunacy, and you feel the wrath of the social justice LGBTQ cult.

High school defends transgender teacher with large prosthetic breasts | Daily Mail Online

The parents know not to send their kids to school with a MAGA hat or Trump shirt. That equals suspensions and public shaming. The purple-haired Taliban will come to dox you. There are no problems for weirdos with unpronounceable pronounces and overly sexual frustrated LGBTQ cultists with but plugs up their asses. This is normal and has zero to do with LGBTQ Transgender madness. You get hired if you have 25 kilos of Fake Flappy Nancy Pelosi Tits and are a none binary bisexual.

Seventy-five newspapers banned Scott Adams Dilbert.

The Obese Mentally Ill Purple Hair Prozac junkies are now ‘kids’ influencers on social media.

Internet and information should make us smarter, but there is a new breed of ‘influencers’ who aren’t good. The new cultist social influencers have many things in common. They wear purple hair, and some weigh 150 kilos. The cultist has a lust for eating Prozac tablets as smarties and drinking at least two bottles of wine daily. They have a closet full of sex toys, and their avatars on social media have a black fist from BLM, a Rainbow and Ukraine flag, and a Needle to indicate they are pro-vaccination.

The new breed of influencers has millions of followers on social media who must be or are on the brink of mental insanity. The depressive executive club, with rage and anger, tells the people it’s okay to be pan-sexual and trans none binary fruitcakes. It’s okay to be a fat Obese-eating container, leaching on the social healthcare system. Transgender Madness, Pan Sexual, Bisexual, None Binary the names keep coming, and you better act this is normal. This purple-haired, overweight Taliban Cult will crucify anything normal and decent.

They blame their misery on the working class and capitalists and keep harassing and doxing anybody who questions their mental stability. The recent energy crisis is led by mentally insane kids like Great Thunberg, who was brainwashed at birth by her Anitifa parents. The mass media pushes these mentally ill, brainwashed kids as hero role models, creating more mental illness.

Climate Energy Crisis by social justice design.

The West used this brainwashed environmentalist social justice “warrior” kid to push their climate agenda, eventually leading to the German Government closing their nuclear power plants, which is one of the leading causes of the looming energy crisis in Europe, which worldwide can cause the death of hundreds of millions of people.

Serotonin levels have zero to do with depression.

Recently we witnessed a revelation in the health industry as they found out that serotonin has nothing to do with depression. For decades medical “experts” and psychologists gave the wrong advice and pumped millions of people full of drugs against an imaginary disease. And with that, Big Pharma probably created a form of natural depression and suicidal behavior. Transgender Madness and other LGBTQ cult members are big fans of Big Pharma. Hormone blockers, Antidepressants, and all kinds of pills are on their daily meal list.

The worse scenario is that many of these drugged-up social justice warriors become influencers on social media. They become influencers for the dark side of society.

Thailand Lady Boys are proud to be a boy and ladies.

I live in Thailand, which is very liberal, and Lady Boys are entirely accepted in Thai society. The difference between a Thai ladyboy and many transgender people (not all) is much more significant than you think. A Thai Ladyboy is proud to be a ladyboy. If you ask them if they identify as a female, they will get angry. This comes close to transgender sanity instead of transgender Madness.

They are what they say they are. A boy dressed and behaving as a lady, a ladyboy. This title is quite regular, and as a heterosexual male, I can understand this. There are even some transgender house friends. I have no problems with them. But pansexual pineapple pronounces hoppers searching for new colors to add to the LGBTQ flag and extend their social media account avatars with the next cult trend emoji is a form of mental illness. It should be named and treated as such! 

Apple presents a pregnant male emoji showing how schizophrenic the world has become.

I suggest the parents of Willy go to the next school meeting almost naked. Only wear rubber boots, and cover yourself in pig shit while wearing minuscule Sloggi thong underwear. To make a point bring a giant 60 cm thick double dildo and slam it on a table to make your point.

Just make your topic known the way they do. You should feel free to cover yourself in pig feces and smell however you want. Just adapt to their Alice in Wonderland Utopia and explain you are a pig-gender. This way of communication is “the language” they understand. 

Italian Gay Man could be Patient Zero for a New Deadly CHM+ Virus.

(c) Bas Boon
Social Justice influencers, the above video is the truth; the video below is a form of mental illness.

Testimony of a transgender child.

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