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Xi-Jinping and Putin’s Land Grab Games Will Backfire. Russia officially announced and signed a 400-page document about annexing the Ukraine Donetsk and Luhansk, Donbas regions. As we all know, the invasion of Russia is called a special military operation by Russia and is now a full-scale war with Ukraine, according to the Kremlin.

Indeed it has nothing to do with the wealth of agricultural lands of Ukraine and their mass oil fields, just worth 12 trillion dollars. Do we have to believe Putin cares so much about the Russian people who live in the breakaway territories that it’s worth risking a nuclear war?

The big third laughing party is Xi Jinping’s China, which can buy cheap oil from Russia. He loves Europe in chaos. It’s waiting now for China to invade Taiwan. Where did we hear the story before? That is our former land.

Let’s play a landgrab game.

Russia also has another land dispute with Japan over many islands. The famous Sino-Indian border is a territorial dispute between China and India.
What’s next? The Portuguese will come back to Brazil because they own the land. Spain comes back to Claim South America?

China is in a significant recession. Their housing Ponzi scheme is collapsing. There are tanks in Infront of banks to avoid bank runs. There are still draconian Covid measures that caused Shanghai to close. With the worsening worldwide recession and the supply chain crisis, the strong position of China is fading. It sounds horrible, but a way out for Xi Jingpin is war.

Another scenario I could see unfold is China invading Taiwan soon.

NATO, W.H.O, the US, and leaders like Xi Jinping and Putin have a hunger to conquer the land.

The US has been the front-runner for regime change or pushes for democracy in countries like Lybia, Iraq, and Syria. I am sure it was all for the people and democracy and had nothing to do with oil, countries’ resources, and wealth.

The problem with WHO is that its leader is an XI Jinping China puppet. He does XI Jinping’s bidding on the world stage. Look no further in the refusal of the WHO for Taiwan to join.

In my previous blog, I wrote about how NATO sets a dangerous precedent by pushing for a meaningful democratic vote to separate Kosovo from Serbia. I also noted how Putin told NATO at that point that this was a bad thing to do and that this would backfire. Now Putin is using the same strategy for the Donbas area and Crimea,

What if Putin gets the same treatment from his “friend” Xi Jinping?

Putin might think China is his friend, but China does what’s good for China. They need oil and energy for their people. Here is a future prediction ranking at number one on the karma meter.

Sino-Soviet border conflict

The border dispute is about 520000 square miles of Soviet-controlled land in the Pamirs. The location of the disputed land mass is near the border of Xinyang and the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan. In particular, the island of Zhenbao.

On Mar. 2, 1969, both communist nations almost started a war about this. The territory is vast, and there are practically no people. So why would countries with one of the most extensive landmasses for a country go to war over more land?

Well, you guessed it, they found quadrillions of oil under the disputed land. Now picture that Europe, China, and the US keep up their slaughter for another six months. Suddenly Xi Jinping invaded the disputed areas near the border of Xinyang and the island of Zhenbao.

After two months, Xi Jinping secured the territory by military force. He used the NATO model of Kosovo separating from Serbia. China holds an election in the newly annexed region. Most people who live in the area claim they want to belong to China. Xi Jinping would go on TV and hold a press conference. China says they legally annexed the territories around Xinyang as Russia did with the breakaway territories from Ukraine.
Talk about a “rendezvous” moment with NATO implemented democracy and voting as essential policies.

So, the move of Putin for annexation made Xi Jinping again the most powerful man on Earth.

All these land-grab games have zero to do with how much country leaders care about their citizens. It’s enormous corporations and banks, people on top of the pyramid, who decide. It is these scumbags who will start wars, confiscate and steal land for the benefit of becoming even more prosperous.

It is deliberately to deprive any human enslaved people to prevent, for example, from becoming the next Beverly Hillbillies family (see Tv series). There is no freedom. The armies, police, and IRS are there to protect the elite.

For the people who scream Putin is Hitler and a monster, he is just another puppet from the Klaus Schwab WEF school. Because of sanctions and looming war escalations, even the threat of nuclear war is the perfect scenario for the Globalists. The plans and the new world order laws and rules of globalists from people such as Klaus Schwab are in overdrive speed to be implemented. Globalism is the ideology of the western elites.

Globalist student China lover Justin Trudeau is a school example of implementing these new Globalist rules. Trudeau is terrorizing the population of Canada, hiding behind climate change with the pretext of doing good for the people. He is destroying Canada. The WEF Stormtroopers are taking over the world.

Who will control the 6.500 nukes when Putin is gone?

Putin should have sabotaged NATO projects, blown up pipelines in Norway and Poland, and blamed others. This current situation is the end of the man I once looked up to. The world right now is already in agony. It does not need a nuclear war that knows no winners. We know what the result of regime change was in Iraq. Who will control Russia’s nuclear arsenal when Putin is gone? Has anybody thought of that? Do you believe Ukraine’s Azov battalion is a good regime change and alternative for ruling over Russia’s nuclear arsenal?

Nations give citizenship everywhere. Yet we keep fighting for a piece of land? I moved to Thailand because I’m not too fond of the WEF rules of Klaus Schwab. I am originally from the Netherlands. The Dutch compromised government is implementing the Klaus Schwab Globalist policies. The number one corrupt politician eating out of the hands of Klaus Schwab is Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte. I am not going to fight; screw that. I migrated to Thailand and had to care for my family and live an extraordinary life.

Human survival instinct.

Humans at NASA recently tried to alter the trajectory of an asteroid. Ok, doomsday thinkers think immediately about the Bruce Willes “Armageddon” movie. These future doomsday scenarios must be the reason NASA is practicing. The bottom line is that humanity knows a cosmic event can whip us out. So, it tries to prepare and anticipate such a disaster.

So much technology and future potential. Imagine humanity can migrate to other planets.

Zelensky calls for NATO to conduct a Preemptive nuclear strike on Russia to prevent them from using Nuclear weapons.

The mass media makes Zelensky the superhero. He just called on NATO for them to use nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive strike to prevent Russia from using Nuclear weapons. Do you see any level of intelligence here? This message of Zelensky sounds like a Ghadaffi dictator but not a peace-loving president who cares about people. His call for preemptive nuclear strikes on Russia would wipe out millions of innocent civilians in Russia and Europe.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky meets with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022. (Genya Savilov, Pool Photo via AP)

This picture above is not Al Pacino in the movie scarface, but it could be. The only thing missing is the mountain of coke in front of him. As the first NATO member refuses Ukraine to join NATO, the pressure is building. I hear him think: you want war, you get it, the total war come and get me; behind him is Biden with a double edge shotgun.

Where is the headline in the Fake News where Zelensky threats Russia with Nuclear Weapons from NATO?

It is hysterical to see the mass media doing damage control for their favorite war hero Zelensky. Not, in one headline, we hear “Zelensky calls for a Nuclear pre-emptive strike against Russia.” Which should be in every headline.

Did Zelensky shave his beard? My bad, it’s Al Pacino in the movie Scarface.

Zelensky’s tactical military remarks are that of a four-year-old playing a game like “War Thunder” apparently, Zelensky does not know about the word escalation. Zelensky, try to google the word nuclear submarine. Does your announcement mean you want NATO to strike all Russian Nuclear Submarines simultaneously?

The most significant new Russian atomic submarine with doomsday weapons (Poseidon nuclear warhead rocket on board) they can’t even find; the world is shitting its pants.

The stupidity of an actor who thinks he is in charge of defeating one of Earth’s most immense armies is looking at an episode of Monthy Python. All those TikTok experts are bringing you the latest victory updates of the invincible Ukraine war machine. Zelensky is a tv reality star from a program named “Servant of the People.” Later this became the slogan for his political party name. I do not make this up.

Zelensky’s boss Igor Kolomoisky has made this comedy actor president of Ukraine and changed the neutral position of Ukraine into a puppet of the US.

Who would have guessed Zelensky in Davos saying hello to master Klaus Schwab?

Putin made the dumbest move in his political career. He walked right into the globalist trap and is now playing the Globalist violin. These events are part of the world recession and energy crisis, and the health of many people worldwide is deteriorating rapidly, creating multiple orgasms for Klaus Schwab. The people above Schwab see a perfectly executed manufactured crisis to finally enslave the whole of humanity by becoming just a digital transhuman property working for them.

Globalists would personally thank Vladimir Putin for speeding up their process of Global human enslavement.

The EU implemented a round of new sanctions against Putin. The EU ambassadors agree on a new Russian oil price cap. This sanction makes Xi Jinping keep on winning and Europe, who is in for a long cold winter, just shot themselves in the foot one more time. All because of some pieces of land, and they care for you, “the people.”

Zelensky, Xi Jinping, Putin, Biden, and The West Playing War Games. It

(C) Bas Boon

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