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Blackouts in Europe, how could Russia win the War? The destruction of the Nordstrom Pipelines in the Nord Sea is a sign. This is how much risk the Globalists will go to advance their agenda. Europe could go dark soon. I would love to see the faces of the University professors and their Marxist students when the lights are turned off. Those who have advocated suicide energy policies for a better world suddenly face reality. Black Outs occur, and it will cause panic.

Just imagine the LGBTQ cult can not post pictures anymore on their social media accounts. Suddenly the “victim” society cult of complainer socialists and politicians looks in the barrel of a gun. Some hungry migrants with weapons enter their homes or apartments. Their refrigerators are not working. Inside their beloved homes, it starts to smell. The washing machines don’t work, and the toilet is out of order. 

This is the result of Blackouts.

The grocery stores are not getting supplies. Suddenly for the first time, you know the feeling of becoming hungry. The result is sheer panic. You can’t call the cops as there is no power, the WIFI ‘towers don’t work, and you can not recharge your mobile phone. There will be so much looting and crime that the cops are obsolete.

Forget going to a bank. There is no power for the ATMs. And if you find your way with a pocket lantern to an ATM, you become the target of a robbery. Somebody just bashed your skull in for your two-hour-lasting pocket lantern and your coat.

The subsequent energy distribution sabotage could plunge Europe back into the stone age.

We know four bombs went off, which blew up the Nord Stream Pipelines. So that option for Europe to get gas is deliberately destroyed. What about the Yamal Europe pipeline through Poland and the Velke Kapusany pipeline? The Velke Kapusany gas connection flows gas into Slovakia from Ukraine.

Do people realize that the energy supply for Germany depends 63.7% on imports? And much of their windmills and alternative energy sources do not work half the time, especially in Winter. I would estimate that Germany and many other European countries are 75% dependent on the import of fossil fuels.

In the suicide “Climate Action Law,” the German Government introduced new interim greenhouse gas emission targets until 2040. This is an artificial energy crisis, and the blackouts should not surprise us.

The question is not if blackouts will happen but when and how long.

Gass supply lines from Norway into Europe.

Here is how Russia could win the War by tomorrow.

First of all, I am against all this madness and slaughter. I embrace human life. —even for people I do not like or with different opinions. Everybody should be able to live without the threats of fear and death. If I were Putin, I would study the recent response of the European countries. Read the reports regarding the sabotage of both Nord Stream Pipelines. The fear of blackouts in Europe. It is pretty much sheer panic if you ask me. Suddenly, the usage of the title “blackouts” are all over media land.

Next, I would figure out the other leading fossil fuel suppliers. Norwegian petroleum comes to mind. And the pipeline route through Ukraine, Yamal Pipeline, and the Velke Kapusany gas pipeline (via Ukraine).

The Nazis lost because of the lack of fossil fuels.

Now I would look at history and study the previous World War Two. The blitzkrieg from the German Nazis made them advance at rapid speed in Russia. Partly this also was because many Russians saw the Nazis as liberators. After all, they suffered at the hands of communist Stalin. The Russian leader killed millions of Russians and took the land and wealth from the people.

The absence of fossil fuels is why the Germans lost the War.

The stagnation of team blitzkrieg. This happened when the Americans decided to halt their financial support to the Germans and stopped the oil flow. Oh, yes, the Americans funded both sides in the beginning. Near Leningrad and other strategic places, oil depots were blown to Kingdome come.

Or the Russians prevented the Germans from reaching their target. The harsh Russian Winter froze the German war machine. The German vehicles and their guns, rifles, and bullets just froze and stopped functioning. 

Extreme Winter is the biggest enemy.

The weather was so extreme that frost on fingers, arms, and legs drove many German soldiers to suicide. Or they would freeze to death if they did not die from hunger first. To understand the importance of oil during the second world war, we need to look at the battle of Stalingrad.

The turning point for the Germans came when they tried to conquer the Caucasus Mountains. This territory was the heart of the Russian oil industry. If Hitler could conquer these oil fields, he could fuel the German war machine to establish a Global German victory.

Study history to understand the impotence of oil and avoid blackouts in Europe.

I do not think it was a coincidence German Erwin Rommel was present in the dessert “The Dessert Fox,” Rommel was the German commander of the most extensive and feared panzers (German tanks division). So why were he and his tanks racing across the deserts of Libya? The Germans were trying to get control over the Suez Canal, the route to the precious untapped oil fields.

Brittan depended on oil imports from countries like Venezuela and the US. The oil tankers were no match for the German U-boats. Eventually, the allies strategically bombed the Ploesti oil fields in Romania. These bombings happened in 1943 and 1944 because Hitler did not secure the Russian oil fields. His last resort of oil came from Romania.

Ok, enough history lessons.

I would strategically blow up the pipelines from Norway into Europe. Then I would sabotage the distribution channels from Ukraine into Poland and Slovakia. Russian submarines would target oil tanker ships. The War would be decided before it even began. Europe would suffer from severe blackouts during the time of Winter.

In 2021 the EU imported 108 billion euros word of energy from Russia. Putin could target distribution points and gass-winning countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and Sweden. These objectives should be targeted simultaneously when Russia attacks the distribution and production facilities of Norway, Poland, and Slovakia. Europe would go dark. There would be major and extended blackouts everywhere.

In the meantime, Russia has the lights burning. And can produce their war machine and sell their oil to India and China.

I do not have to be a field marshal to develop this plan. And I am sure the Russian military and the US, who want a weak Europe, have been looking at this.

Suddenly the Trump speech towards the EU and Angela Merkel becomes the most crucial advice and lesson of all time.

Piece of Mind.

I have water pumps run on solar energy for my farm animals. This water comes out of the ground through a filtered system. I also have several aggregates and underground barrels filled with diesel. It just makes me sleep better at night. Even when I am far away from Russia / Europe and the States and live near the border of Laos, it just gives me peace of mind.

Now I do not want to disappoint the equality feminist cult members in a time of a looming war. So for those people who live in their own Alice in Wonderland Utopia. Here is some propaganda about a female named “Lady Death.” She killed 300 (nice round figure) Nazis with her rifle—the perfect feel-good story in a world of madness.

This is how frozen soldiers look like, the horror of War, the dark side of humanity. Stop this madness now. Common Zelensky, Putin, and world leaders. Stop with the ego and warmongering. Solve this.

No, more bloodshed and escalation for a potential World War, which nobody will benefit from. Ok, except for some bankers and speculators, the military-industrial complex, The Rand Corporation, and politicians who own stocks in companies that manufacture bombs and military stuff. Shit, this list is a fraction of people who benefit from War. Wtf, this list is quite long.

Let’s avoid blackouts, health issues, and nations going bankrupt.

Humanity has enough difficulties to solve, like the financial, health, and energy crises. War is the last thing that should be added to this list of human stupidity.

Zelensky, Xi Jinping, Putin, Biden, and The West Playing War Games.

(C) Bas Boon

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