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WWIII Imminent, are Globalists Behind Sabotage on the Nord Stream Pipeline? EU official speculation, Russia attacked a NATO country’s infrastructure. This sabotage is considered an act of war. According to the Prime Minister of Denmark, a founding member of NATO, the Gas pipelines are sabotaged. They detect two massive explosions blowing up the Nord Stream One Pipeline. There are also problems with the North Stream Two pipeline.
This detected blast comes months after Joe Biden announced he would “End” The Nord Stream Pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine.

I just finished reading the magazine “Der Siegel” from Germany, which mentions that the CIA warned Berlin of a possible attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline. These type of warnings brought to you by the Fake News is used to set a precedent for a war narrative.

Check Out this comment of Biden about the Nord Stream Pipeline.

Who has the motive to destroy the Nord Stream Pipeline infrastructure and bring WWIII closer?

It is weird how the CIA and NATO are blaming Russia for this. First, Russia officially announced it would close the gas pipelines if Europe continued sanctions against Russia. They made this announcement reality on Sept. 2 (according to many newspaper headlines, such as the Guardian). Suddenly, there is News three weeks later that Special forces dropped 100-ton TNT bombs on the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline.

One of the explosions was so powerful it caused a small earthquake and destroyed the Nord Stream Pipeline. So why would Russia go to the length to go to the territory of Denmark to blow up their gass pipeline?

US Under Secretary of State Nuland, if Russia invades Ukraine, Nord Stream Two will not move forward.

CIA warning.

The CIA warned Germany about this, and Biden publicly announced he had ways to shut down the Nord Stream Pipelines. Openly the US admits they have the most significant interest and gains from sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. In my previous blog, I already talked about the RAND Corporation. A whistle-blower leaked a letter where the US “brainstorms “or plans to weaken Europe.

If you want to weaken Europe, what better way than to force the energy crisis further and blame the attack on the Russians? Ooh, and we should not forget that Ukraine benefits the most from this. Their huge gass bills for distributing Russian gas through their territory are one of the reasons the Nordstream pipelines were built.

The Russians claim that an American helicopter named FFAB123 made strange maneuvers and has been seen flying along the route of the Nord Stream pipeline. The magazine Sea Power published an article about Americans who bragged about their new underwater drone capacities during an exercise (BALTOPS-22) near Bornholm Island.

Original picture: POOL ALTERNATIVE CROP OF MOSB205 Russian President Vladimir Putin, foreground, sits on board a bathyscaphe as it plunges into the Black Sea along the coast of Sevastopol, Crimea, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015. President Vladimir Putin plunged into the Black Sea to see the wreckage of a sunk ancient merchant ship found at the end of May. (Alexei Nikolsky/RIA-Novosti, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP).

No, this is no slapstick.

Nord Stream Sabotaged Mapped. How Putin could have carried out the attack.

I thought this was a joke or sarcasm. This is how far the Fake News has sunk. The UK Telegraph used a photo of Putin in a submarine from 2015 to brainwash their sheeple audiences. Reuters published similar propaganda hit piece using a picture of Putin in the same sub from 2013. It’s hysterical. Here comes Putin in the submarine, blowing up his pipeline. This is how he did it. I am not kidding you. This is meant seriously. Wtf?


Former Polish minister and member of the European Parliament Radoslaw Sikorski thanked the US for the Nord Stream “sabotage” has been removed by the Gestapo Twitter Police.

The published propaganda hit pieces with Putin in his submarine on his way to blow up his money-making pipelines are hilarious. A top member of the Polish political party Radek Sikorski MEP thanks the US in a tweet for blowing up the Nordstream pipelines. In a series of tweets, he rambles about how good it is the Americans destroyed these pipelines so Putin can not fund his war in Ukraine.

He probably forgot that Putin had already closed the Nordstream pipeline on Sept. 2. One official statement was that the West should lift sanctions. The move came hours after G7 countries agreed to impose a price cap on Russian oil. They did this to stop the money flow to Putin from using their oil to fund the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


CIA Finds Russian Passports Floating in The Baltic Sea Near The Site Of The Nordstream pipeline explosion.

The US loves a weak Europe.

The moment the energy crisis increases in Europe and high energy and food prices drive the majority of citizens into depression and desperation, it’s easy to blame Russia. This attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline is catastrophic. It will halt the manufacturing house and engine of Europe, Germany. Taking out the pipelines also weakens any future negotiations the Russians have with Europe.

In my previous blog, I wrote about how German Chancellor Olaf Scholz single-handedly could decide to end the Ukraine/ Russia war by making an energy deal with Russia. Somebody made sure that this option is no longer available.

He controls the money, food, and energy and owns the people, enslaving them. How do you mobilize Europe to fight a war against Russia? Well, you make the population hungry and dependent.

Now forget the scenario about climate change and how Europe can survive this energy crisis if it turns out the lights of the Eifel Tower and other public buildings. Relax people. Just put your thermostat to 19 degrees, and you will be fine. It’s not about survival from an energy crisis but war.

Here is the perfect way out of the World War III crisis without Face Loss for all parties.

Maybe people forget how NATO bombed Serbia into oblivion. Then NATO with the UN manufactured a referendum for KOSOVO to separate from Serbia (Feb. 15, 2012). They spoke about democracy and the importance of voting. Both governments rejected the poll and the legitimacy of the referendum. Over time they installed a WEF puppet president in Serbia, Aleksander Vucic (his boss is Klaus Schwab), and the problem was solved.

Here is what Putin should have done, in my opinion.

Here are some things which would have saved Putin’s legacy. He should have done this; shame and blackmail the leaders of Ukraine. Like the Obama regime changed the Ukrainian government in 2014 by sabotaging the election process. Putin should have exposed Zelesnky’s corruption with the Panama scandal. Infiltrate the Azov Battalion and destroy them from the inside. Another mission is going after the Ukrainian puppet master Igor Kolomoisky.

Install a Russia-friendly Ukraine government and president and hold the referendum for the breakaway regions.

Everybody’s priority should be de-escalating a possible nuclear war.

We should deal with the current situation and not escalate this conflict into a worldwide WWIII Nuclear disaster. But Putin took the US/NATO bait and had to invade Ukraine.
Now Putin has to hide and could be on the brink of paranoia, which makes the situation even more dangerous.

So why would the world leaders not come together and say they embrace the referendum of the breakaway regions such as Donbas and Luhansk? Politicians and world leaders should use the Kosovo/Serbia referendum as a precedent. Hide behind that precedent, even if you know it’s total bullshit. Use this referendum to de-escalate this looming nuclear WWIII situation.

Why are both North Stream Pipelines not working now? Why is there a war on farmers, food, and energy?

The Russians pushed the people from the occupied regions into participating in this referendum, probably “under the gun.” Yet, NATO did the same during the Balkan conflict. Guess who the person was who spoke out about this Kosovo/Serbia referendum? It was Putin. He stated that setting this type of precedent was dangerous and would bite the EU and NATO in their future asses.

Remember how Trump tweeted about meeting Kim Jong-un?

The problem is the old ways and being politically correct. The US spends 2.3 trillion on killing Afghans and accomplishes nothing except creating more angry extremists. And the withdrawal of the US under the guidance of demented Biden from Afghanistan was the most dramatic failure I have seen in decades.

Trump met the North Korean dictator, took away the US threats, and opened up a peaceful solution.

Elections have consequences. Globalist Biden is a disaster.

Yesterday North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. The Palestinian-Israel conflict is right back where it started before Trump partly ended it. Isis has been whipped off the map in Syria. This happened after Trump greenlighted the Russians to bombard them into oblivion together with the US. He stopped Obama’s program of funding and supplying weapons to Isis and other Islamic terrorist groups in the region, which were meant to topple the Assad regime.

Sabotage leader-in-chief Biden recently said that the Pandemic is over, and then he said this:

Protect yourself from a hurricane, and get vaccinated.

Biden took over, and in less than two years, Isis grew back in Syria. More and more headlines about the terrorist group are in the News again. WWIII has never been so close, with just two years of the Biden regime.
It’s ironic how they depicted Trump as Hitler, and he would stir us into an all-out Nuclear WWIII, but precisely the opposite happened.

Unelected EU president Ursula von der Lyden threatened the first Italian female elected Prime minister.

The old way of being politically correct is still the rule in Europe. You would think that the liberal US and Europe, the new diverse Utopia of the world, would embrace the newly elected first female premier of Italy? Instead, the sewer journalist who reported on the election results named it a disaster for Europe. Why a disaster? She is a right-wing family-loving individual and not much of a feminist cultist woman, so what?

Sweden has a similar trend in the country. The people had enough liberal lunacy and voted for a right-wing government.

The Globalist narrative is falling apart.

There is too much Fake News and propaganda, and mRNA injections are proven gene therapy. Pedophilia is not a usual sexual preference. Bugs should not be food for humans; climate Change is not all the fault of humans. Men in dresses are not women. Immigration should not be limitless.

Almost all politicians are paid puppets.

The list is endless, but it does not matter who you choose anymore. The people who hold the strings behind the scenes will push their globalist WEF Klaus Schwab’s new reset rules through your throats. And there is nothing you can do.

Unelected EU president Ursula von der Leyen warns the Italian right-wing elected party and threatens to punish them, the epiphany of “democracy” at work. The same female dictator Ursula (contributor to Klaus Schwab’s WEF), demonized and tried to isolate Hungary and Poland, threatening with “we have the tools.” to stop them.

They do what it’s told regardless if WWIII plunges the earth into a nuclear wasteland. Suddenly climate change is not on the WEF agenda anymore. As long as humans are being killed and Klaus Schwab’s orders are executed, all is good. That is how arrogant and dumb, brainwashed politicians and journalists are.

By coincidence, Paris’s most significant food production market is set on fire. Is this sabotage?

Is sabotage like the Nord Stream Pipeline destruction or just a coincidence?

In America, there are many reports of dozens of Food distribution facilities set on fire, but the fact checks gurus come to help and brush it off as conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab offers Dutch farmers to buy their land for pennies on the Euro. His rules about “nitrogen output,” implemented by his puppy lab dog Prime Minister Rutte from the Netherlands, have forced the farmers to go bankrupt.

They are unable to sustain their farms and keep their land. No worries. According to the latest reports, the WEF has come to the rescue to buy the farmland in Holland. How about that?

There is no way back.

Whatever political party people choose now, the damage is too extensive, and you can not fix this anymore. If the Democrats stole the US election in 2020, why would the same people not sabotage this mid-term election? Do they use the same system and voting machines as during the last elections?

You would think it would be an easy red wave tsunami victory with a looming WWIII, the US’s highest inflation in decades, sky-high food and energy prices, and a crashing house and stock market.

Biden does not even know what planet he is on. Just look at his 60-minute interview. It isn’t charming.

Kamala Harris is even worse. Her word salad makes Joe Biden look partly normal. The world is a mess, and most people do not know what is coming. Once again, Alex Jones was right (read his book, the great reset). Population control and eugenic freaks want billions of people to die. It’s out in the open, not even a secret—what better way than all-out war?

Now ask yourself, who do you think blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline

The recent revelations by Seymour Hersh confirm precisely what I wrote in this blog. We can see more and more whistleblowers and leaks in the traditional media. The ship is sinking, the Covid Ship, The Trump Election Meddling, Promoting Ukraine War, Sabotage NATO members, the rats are trying to hold on. There is a storm coming, and it does not look good.

This coming winter will be decisive for humanity.

The Pandemic will flourish again, and Globalist governments will announce new Covid strains this winter. Many people who had 4 or 5 vaccine shots will die this winter. The combination of flu and Covid with new variants and sheer panic will lead to patients dying on the street (Nobody has built new hospitals since the Pandemic).

The Nord Stream Pipelines are out of order, and this problem does not seem to be fixed anytime soon. Where is Bill Gates when you need him? Globalists are speeding up the beginning of WWIII, the perfect way for the great reset.

The functioning hospitals will have power outages; communications breakdowns because of energy problems. A harsh winter is coming. Watch your mailbox. There could be a letter from your beloved government about mobilization. You must join the military and possibly die for the globalist agenda in their upcoming WWIII war. You own nothing and be happy and maybe live.

Don’t speak or share this because Twitter, Facebook, or other social media dictators will censor you for the good of their masters and bank accounts. I am going to feed the chickens now. I have a thousand chickens and 100 pigs, and 25 water buffalos on my farms in Thailand. But if they start glowing in the dark, I guess I do not have to feed them anymore or myself. Can I order some iodine pills online?

The Great Regret Globalist Klaus Schwab WEF Exposed.


(C) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

Lemmy Kilmister on Politicians; great advice.
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