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Debate Disaster Trump vs Biden, Democrats Blame it on CNN.

Everybody knows the Fake News did not make a mistake to fool all the democrats and the world. After this debate, Democrats acknowledge their reputations are in ruins, and the media stands exposed as the foremost promoter of gaslighting hoaxes and propaganda. Biden had dementia, and people who were close to the family told Tucker Carlson, remember? Of course, they mocked him about it. Imagine you are Russia, Iran, and China; their leaders and generals watch this debate. Do you think they did watch? Who would they want to be the winner, Alzheimer Zombie Biden, Jill or Trump? Any voter should ask who is better to defend the US and make this world a better place.

Here comes the reality wake-up call. What many of us knew for years is now displayed worldwide. It was brought to you as a UFC highlight fight between Trump and Biden with weeks in advance countdowns for the debate. Trump agreed to go into the lion’s Den by accepting to debate Biden at CNN on their rules. He called their bluff and saw this as a small campaign stop to make his point. Biden was prepared for a week-long and allegedly was full of substances to stand up and be present for 90 minutes.

To Daniel Dale, the leftist CNN “fact Checker.” Daniel Dale had to save the cognitive dissident handful of CNN hardcore leftist brainwashed sheeple. Here is the reality wake-up call. Daniel Dale is a disgrace to America, an actual traitor.

Factchecker Dale tries to save Biden’s horrific debate performance; this is what I would say to him:

You fact-checked Snopes and the Fine People Hoax and still tried to pursue the American people Trump lied. This hoax was real and disgusting. Biden ran on this hoax, and the Fake Media pushed it for over five years. Left-leaning fact-checker Snopes recently also debunked the Charlottesville Fine People hoax multiple times.

Lowering the price of insulin. Trump did that. Biden undid what Trump accomplished. Later, Biden’s mandatory change made this look good for the presidential elections. Sure, Trump’s version of lowering the cost was done voluntarily and with the help of insurance companies. The fact is Trump was first!

Open Borders: Complete Chaos made by the Biden regime to undo all the previous Trump policies, which had an excellent result under The Trump presidency. To undo those policies and create such complete chaos, costing hundreds of thousands of children and people their lives is insanity. These executive Biden orders are:

  • A criminal act against humanity.
  • A disgrace to the world.
  • A mad max wasteland where criminals and rapist rule.

Then, lie that the border patrol endorsed Biden and not Trump.

National Border Patrol Endorsement: Daniel, the Border Patrol fact-checked you lying factcheck result for CNN live on X. The border Patrol said on X: Daniel Dale lied about Biden’s endorsement. Biden is the Jussie Smollett of all presidents, and you are one of his enablers.

Abortion: Trump made a point about late abortions, which is what no human being with a conscience should ever want. I do not care about golf ball lies from Biden or Trump. Leaving this to the sates was the right thing to do!

Common sense after this debate should now begin to take over.

Do you really think Trump directed republicans without guns and bombs to storm the capital? You really think this is how the “insurrectionist” get the nuclear code and would rule the country? People really think Trump said inject bleach; you really think he said suckers to military personnel while he was speaking to the military? Read the cognitive dissident democrats’ new phrase, “It’s hard to debate a liar.” Trump is the liar is once again the headline instead of his policies, accomplishments and plans. The headline should be “Jussie Smollett” Biden Zombie is Brain Dead and Threatens with Nuclear War!

The still shots of Biden while listening to Trump or the moderators were straight out of a Zombie movie. Biden a brainless dead figure who was about to fall and crawl. Biden has fear in his eyes, and so do his enablers. Who is running the country? It’s Biden’s and Harris picked DEI staff which is showing the democrat failure from all sides. At least they are LGBTQ-coloured dwarfs with a handicap. Who is running the government?

Biden is a “Jussie Smollett”

Two years ago, I predicted Gavin Newsome would be the substitute for “Zombie Jussie Smollett” Biden. However, upon further study, Gavin Newsome’s name makes me doubt this. He is a white guy, and his family name makes me think of an awful lot of a noose around your neck. No fake one like Jussie Smollett; this could be real for a white guy with the wrong ambitions, trying to become president with bad timing. Gavin the Noose!

Look at that man’s face, “John Kelly” who made the claim Trump called military personal suckers and losers during a speech. He is as big of a liar as Comey, 51 intelligence officers, and 13 Nobel Prize winners. Thinking Trump would say this for military personnel makes you a fool. Anybody present in the military would have come forward and felt insulted. It’s just another democrat hoax. Like the Russian disinformation laptop from Hunter, which we all know is real. Like the Fine People Hoax, the Bleach, and the Jan 6th hoax, all hoaxes.

The problem with the sheeple who only fed lies by left-leaning CIA-controlled media now has to wake up to reality. Finally, slowly, those massive media hoaxes are debunked. They fool you. You got hoaxed. However, Daniel Dale comes to save the day. Trump is a liar, and everything is solved. No amount of Trump’s lies in the world can compare to the Fine People Hoax, Jan 6th Hoax, Russian Collusion Hoax, and laptop hoax. Those shifted massive amounts of people to the Zombie Jussie Smollett Biden regime.

People see through the lies, finally.

Then there is the case with corrupt District Attorney Fani Willes and her boyfriend, a cesspool of democrat fraud, money laundering, and conflict of interest. A new democrat soap series brought to you from Fulton County the most corrupt county in the US.

Trump was convicted because of a weaponized DOJ system, and everybody knows it. This abuse of the DOJ is why hundreds of millions of campaign dollars came in just a few days after a judge convicted Trump. Without knowing, the democrats made Trump rise to the next level superstar. The Don is now up against “James Bond Villain Spectre” the U.S. government.

The judgment of the Supreme Court just hours after Trump annihilated Biden in the debate, the Supreme Court judged in favor of the 300 January Rioters/trespassers.

ABC: Attorney General Merrick Garland says he’s disappointed the Supreme Court has made it harder to charge Capitol riot defendants with obstruction.

I made this point long ago: there was no insurrection; it was yet another democratic hoax. Nancy Pelosi fueled the situation by refusing to accept the 10,000 National Guard troops offered by Donald Trump..

Quote: “Following Mollie Hemingway’s reporting, Chairman Loudermilk released the following statement:

Intelligence officers and Nobel prize winners weaponized in numbers with anti Trump rhetoric.

“The former J6 Select Committee withheld Mr. Ornato’s critical witness testimony from the American people because it contradicted their pre-determined narrative,” said Chairman Loudermilk. “Mr. Ornato’s testimony proves what Mr. Meadows has said all along: President Trump offered 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the U.S. Capitol, but officials turned down the offer.. Is it a coincidence that the January 6th commission left out the testimony of Mr. Ornato?

Cheney and her committee falsely claimed they had “no evidence” to support Trump officials’ claims the White House had communicated its desire for 10,000 National Guard troops. An early transcribed interview by the committee included precisely that evidence from a critical source. The interview, which Cheney attended and personally participated in, was suppressed from public release until now.”

Another example is how they hide vital information from the public. I am sure the verified Truth made it easier for the court to understand this was a riot gone bad. Like you have bad apples in the Black Lives Matter protest, not all of them are criminal and have bad intentions.

Pelosi claimed she was responsible in a footage documentary of her daughter.

Leftist Vox Headline “Why the Supreme Court just ruled in favor of 300 January Insurrectionists.

You can see how some leftist media outlets are killing their credibility by repeating the Fake narrative of the insurrectionists.

The Democrats are Panicking.

So, the Supreme Court ruling overruled the New York case with 34 convictions.

Supreme Court Rules Trump’s New York Conviction Is Unconstitutional

Beloved Judge Judy shines a light on the weaponized DOJ cases against Trump.

Everything is falling apart for the democrats and the Fake Media, living on hoaxes is showing the end result!

The latest attempt to show some images of boxes falling from a shelf in Mara Lago in the mishandling of classified documents case against Trump. The last hope for democrats. However, we know the FBI staged photos and brought envelopes with the title top secret. These development do not make it a strong case for the DOJ and FBI.

The art of winning. There is Teflon Don. Truth social stock is rising again. The social media ban made trump Billions by starting his social media platform. Many leftist media outlets are losing millions and millions and going out of business. Even the Supreme Court, which came to the rescue and ruled social media companies have the right to censorship, won’t help the Democrats anymore. The real world and Truth are staring them in the eyes. See no further how vital the buy of Twitter was by Elon Musk.

Even after Biden’s Zombie performances and fake fact-checking, there are still people like this utter moron on MSNBC who saw his version of Biden winning the debate.

The fact checker got fact checked.

The live fact checks of Daniel Dale on X, who claimed that Trump lied and Biden spoke the Truth about the border patrol endorsement, is a great example. Lies to make a more decisive point or in the exaggerating stage as Trump does many times. This is different than lying for the destruction of the country and maybe the world in Biden’s case.

This election, republicans learned, and they will have an equal amount of ballot harvesters like the Democrats. There will be close monitoring of voting machines. Super intelligent people have written code to detect if Google screws around with algorithms like they did massive in the previous election. Learning from your mistakes, being a winner, and making things better, straight out of Trump’s handbook “The Art of the Deal.”

Google Expert And Whistleblower Exposes Plan To Rig 2024 Elections And Track & Trace Everything You Do In The Process

WW3, Trump murder plot or another virus would be the deep state next play,

The Democrats and the military-industrial complex now aim to create a World War 3 scenario before Trump assumes office. Prevent the election or an assassination of Trump. The last four disastrous Biden years would not have happened if it were not for all the internet censorship and lies about Trump. Trump will end the war in Ukraine. He will also end the insanity between Israel and Palestine, and the military-industrial complex knows this.

So don’t blame Trump; blame the Fake media and the puppet masters who dictate their scripted propaganda! For the sake of my children and the whole human race. I hope that this insanity will come to a halt as humanity now walks on razors edge. Let sanity and peace strike the hearts of all human beings. Like Bas Boon Says: Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Good!

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(C) Bas Boon

Me, I keep blogging and make videos and content. I just started making AI videos with my three sons and making AI music. “Rolling to the dawn, there is no time to rest” since humans have been moving since the Jurassic age! Let’s keep on rocking this and soon other planets and galaxies!

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