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The Great Regret Globalist Klaus Schwab WEF Exposed. It’s not a typo “regret.” It is typed on purpose in this title.

The conspiracy theory becomes a fact in record time “The Great Reset” Build Back Better Globalist Infiltration.

Before I get into the Klaus Schwab material and recent revelations, first this. Humanity should understand that the times are changing rapidly, which is unimaginable.

I saw a tweet of a robot they showed, and this video is not science fiction. It looks even better than the movie with I-robot with Will Smith. We should now imagine that this is what they show to the public. You can bet your life that new advanced robots are running around amongst us developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

A minimum of forty percent of all jobs worldwide will vanish and cease to exist in the next few years. Robots will replace the workforce: no more social security, taxes, and sick employees. The big corporations know this. These big companies and Globalist (rumored Freemason) Klaus Schwab’s of the world prepare for this new tech area to boost their profits to unimaginable heights. These companies have no great regret but only one goal; significant gains in profits.


People can google World Economic Forum and find the name of Globalist Klaus Schwab. To realize how big and powerful this none democratic entity is, we only have to look at its members and donors.

These donors are the most powerful and most significant companies in the world.

The Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF are Klaus Schwab. He is also the author and co-author of The Fourth Industrial revolution and Covid-19 The Great Reset.

If we search his name on Wikipedia, we can see under Klaus Schwab’s criticism the following:

Salary Level and Lack of Transparency

The capture of democratic structures and institutions

Controversy with Davos municipality

Quote The Great Reset; You’ll own nothing and be happy (most people will experience that as “the great regret”). In this book, Klaus writes we will never go back to normal. Canadian president Trudeau even mentioned that this Covid pandemic is an excellent opportunity for “The Great Reset and “Build Back Better” plan of Klaus Schwab.

Joe Biden: Build Back Better

Kamala Harris

Boris Johnson UK

Klaus Schwab has a tight connection to Globalist Bill Gates as both promote Green energy and save the planet’s agenda. The scary part is that both are very much into saving the earth because they are fascinated with population control: Eugenics. Both of them are globalists in line with George Soros and the Rockefellers.

The Netherlands leaked letters that the government sent to the WEF. Facts, not conspiracy theories.

Back to my own country, please watch this video of Gideon van Meijeren in his first debate in the Netherlands with prime minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands.

The whole world should now pay attention to what happened in this debate.

The talented young Gideon from The Forum of Democracy catches Mark Rutte in a big lie about his relationship with Klaus Schwab.

Gideon’s first question to prime minister Mark Rutte is: How do you evaluate and judge the book Covid-19 The Great Reset? 

Rutte answers that he has never heard of the Great Reset or didn’t know anything about this.

Gideon follows up; that is strange. I have a letter in my possession where you thank Klaus Schwab personally. About the signed book “the great reset” by Globalist Klaus Schwab, which he sent to you.

I just wanted to be polite and send Mr. Klaus Schwab a letter to thank him for the book he sent me. But I did not read it. I do not read all books people send to me. I read his other book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

So, you did not lie to me, but Mr. Klaus Schwab says Gideon, then it gets even more bizarre. As Gideon follows up by asking Rutten why he answered that this book would give a better future; he mentions

You own nothing but be happy. Do you call that a better future?

Rutte is awake; well, I respect Klaus Schwab a lot, and I read his other book, the Industrial revolution. I thought it was a great book, but I dislike “The Great Reset.” 

Here, things get weird. If you read a book from an author you greatly respect, why not read his newest book when sent to you? Mark Rutte has met Klaus Schwab multiple times, yet he claims he did not read the great reset. How would he know if he did not like that book by not reading it? 

It’s even weirder if you read a book you like and that person personally sends you his next book with the title “Covid19- The Great Reset” it is probably not interesting enough to read? 

Then Rutte describes many things about Klaus Schwab’s life and works. So he knows an awful lot, and it was apparent he lied to his teeth, answering his first question of Gideon. Rutten shows no great regret whatsoever.

The recent WEF leaked letters from the Dutch Government.

We can read that recently the Dutch Government gave a subsidized amount of 650.000 euros to the WEF. Mr premier Mark Rutte is heads over heel involved with the WEF. So many are spun in the web of money and in the WEF’s pocket.

As we can see in a few tweets, this does not stop with the prime minister of Holland. Joe Biden, Macron, Trudeau, and Merkel, the world’s biggest countries (who follow Globalist agendas), follow the guidelines set out and dictated by Klaus Schwab’s WEF. I asked myself, do the people in these countries who vote for their representatives know this? Do the people know their chosen leaders are in the pocket of the WEF? 

The reality is that the people get the rules and visions of a “Shady” (when I read Wikipedia correct) German Eugenics “Freak” in Germany and his globalist doners.

This involvement of foreign policies by Klaus Schwab and his WEF is not a conspiracy anymore but the truth.

Now I understand it is necessary to look forward, and I know that robots will take over. Many lives will be meaningless as most people do not see what other jobs they can do and can’t shift gears. Prepare now. If not, you will feel “great regret.”

Preparation for a future is wise; propaganda for a Eugenics program is not so.

However, this stops when it is evident that they push propaganda to get people to take a vaccine. Why would anybody take a risk to take an unknown vaccine with the risk of side effects for people younger than 60?

You cannot hold a vaccine manufacturer responsible. Even with two injections and a booster shot, it is not the way back to freedom as promised. 

It is a risk of dying from Covid for this age group (under 60) at 0.002%. Vaccination reports are that adverse reactions of people who get vaccinated get heart problems are between 11% and 25% (See My blog about Omicron).

Without Covid, we would still have code black (total capacity reached) for hospitals in Holland and many other European countries. Here is why;

I know several people working in German and Dutch hospitals, some with pretty high functions. In the beginning, Germany did well during the pandemic. But I reported that Comrade Merkel assigned her communist puppets in all hospitals to falsify the death certificates. 

This deception happened like this. Somebody would have covid and died from fluid in the patient’s lungs. The death certificate would then say dead by flued in the longs. This way, Germany had fewer Covid deaths at the pandemic’s beginning. Where other countries did precisely the opposite, somebody would die from gunshot wounds and have Covid. The death certificate would say Covid. 

This way of reporting the deceased would boost the number of Covid deaths. Finally, the hospital directors and employees must tell the truth under pressure from whistleblowers. The great regret comes in the form of whistleblowers.

The import of millions of refugees with weak immune systems.

Millions of refugees with colossal health problems like TBC, HIV, Aids, etc., entered Europe and especially Germany in the last few years. They would all get sick during the winter season. 

The same happens in Holland, Belgium, France, and many other countries. For this reason, in 2019, all the big news outlets predicted the worse flu outbreak ever. These predictions include estimates from the WHO and the CDC. The models are easy to predict. In 2017 and 2018, there was a significant upward trend in fatal influenza cases.

One of the reasons this happens is the following. In the Netherlands, the average population growth would be 115.000 people per year, and about 100.000 would die. An increase of 15.000 people. However, the refugee intake and re-unite program with family changed those numbers in population growth to 800.000. Eight times more than the usual average in The Netherlands. Eight hundred percent more (factor 8, I should say). The worst is that most people are in bad health and have weak immune systems. 

What do you think happens when all these extra people with inadequate immune systems and underlying health problems get influenza during the winter (even before Covid, we had codes black in Holland)?

The recipe for an Apocalypse 2022

Imagine no extra ICU beds for the last ten years (even reduced in some countries). Then comes Covid, and this year we have Covid-19, Delta, and Omicron variants. The flu is coming back. The weather institutes predict record-breaking cold fronts we hear terms as the polar vortex.

There will be worldwide lockdowns, and governments will force people to stay inside. So during the flu and Covid season, when people need vitamin D, walk outside, and exercise, they should stay inside. 

There is depression. People feel played. Imagine going into a casino, and you bet on black. How many times to play black and keep winning? The vaccines have a three to six-month efficiency rate, boosters 2 x a year. When would the first side effects be noticed? 

Suicide is at an all-time high; people take prescription drugs like smarties, and England saw 1 million more alcoholics last year. All this is for your health. Inflation is at an all-time high, and several countries have war tendencies. This is the dream scenario for Globalists, Chaos and fear, and they will offer you the solution.

The propaganda to take the vaccine is completely retarded. A friend from Holland, a cab driver, called me and said this. Bas, I am driving past the Rai event building, which is made into a booster vaccination center. A huge sign says, “booster your way back to freedom”?

It is complete insanity against a virus that is not worse than the flu under a certain age. It makes you wonder why there is such a push for these vaccines? 

You still get covid and can spread it. Where will this end with two shots and a booster shot, and why? It does not make any sense anymore. The Great Regret for many people is already happening.

South Korean scientists find weird living organisms in vaccines.

Here must be more at play. Many big countries’ Globalist leaders use the term “The Great Reset” and Build Back Better. Using the same slogan proves a worldwide coordinated effort to execute the Klaus Schwab plan (and its donors). 

We should trust ourselves.

Take Vitamine D, walk a few miles outside daily, sleep at least seven to 8 hours a night, eat healthily, and avoid excess / fast food. Believe me, “the great regret” will come if you ignore all of the above, even if there is no pandemic.

We all should ask the question now if Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are the good guys and want to help humanity so much, where are the different newly built hospitals? I want to help and sail on their ship if they are the good guys.

It seems that powerful entities like Freemasons take many essential seats. They are grabbing Global power, pushing away sovereignty and borders: their way or the highway. 

Build Back Better two trillion dollar setback Manchin not backing Dems.

Preparing for the robotic and techno age, I can live with that. But the interest in population control, love, and passion for Eugenics are scary. Hiding behind a Climate Change agenda makes the Spectre Villain of the James Bond movie look like an amateur jerk.

I regret it already. We all should rise and stand up against this global power grab by none elected entities who want to rule our lives.

Bas Boon Says; The Elite Hunger Games Start Right Here Right Now.

(C) Bas Boon

The Great Regret after the Globalists has reached their goals.

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