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Censorship Solution for TikTok, Google, YouTube, and Facebook. This blog provides easy solutions for Google, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok to avoid violating their rules. I have been a content maker/creator with great success. Over the years during Covid, I learned how to edit and started a TikTok account and a YouTube channel (both monetized). Here is my experience and what the social media platforms can do to improve their rules on censorship.

My suggestion for all these platforms is simple, and it will work. First, you open a complaint section for everybody to see. Suppose someone from the permanently offended community starts reporting people instead of blocking the person or ignoring them. In that case, they can show everybody their complaint on this platform section.

TikTok, Google, YouTube, and Facebook all you ever talk to is AI.

The AI can then see how many accounts complain about the same tweet. Then the AI can determine how many followers these accounts have or if they are trolling accounts. For example, in my previous post about censorship, I indicated that my TikTok account was restricted a few times. I did not understand; I had never uploaded child pornography, especially from my kids.

But that’s what the report and message say to me (I should say AI). Even in the appeal I received, the AI message said they would not restore the content, and the strike stands. No other solution? It is almost always a bot who initiates the censorship.

I then started to research; some similar content creators who did not like my viral videos started to report my content on TikTok. With my phone, I made a screenshot of these accounts. This way, I would look at all the comments on some of these viral videos. All these TikTok accounts had no uploads, one upload, or upload content from others. They all (not one exception) had warnings and restrictions visible on their TikTok accounts. A pattern emerges.

This reporting which leads to restricting, blocking, and terminating accounts, is a real problem. The content creator is getting punished or has to endure many frustrating, time-consuming periods to undo the restrictions, bans, or channel removals.

I have been shadowbanned for years on multiple Social media Platforms. It’s a ban.

Before Musk took over Twitter, I lived with a Twitter shadow ban for years. My latest tweets got like 20K impressions and a lot of traffic. The permanently offended community did not take long to start reporting my tweets. For example, Germany has a new rule for Twitter complaints. Because of that, Twitter has to take immediate action against your account if a complaint comes from Germany. I appealed and received an e-mail from Twitter saying I did not violate Twitter rules. This is getting further away from a solution; the fact that Germany made such a law is ironic, considering their war past.

But the AI did not undo my restrictions. I needed to wait another six days before I could have complete access. So, I complained through a different account with Twitter Support. They fixed the problem; 5 minutes later, they (AI) locked my account again. Censorship problems, unnecessary time-consuming, and avoidable situations.

Elon Musk, I paid for a blue check mark for one year. Should that not include the service of judging a tweet before it is made public? Or at least allow the creator to remove or edit the content before strikes, warnings, account lockdowns, and other extreme measurements?

LinkedIn did not restore my account, and I was banned for life.

The censorship police employee squad removed my profile from LinkedIn. This removal is because of two posts I made of actual events. A year later, it turns out that what I posted was true, but the LinkedIn ban stands. This ivermectin video was one of them. It is a link to Rumble, as Google YouTube also removed the link for medical misinformation. Judge yourself. Here is the video:

Now for YouTube, it’s also pretty simple to fix censorship headaches, strikes, and banning channels. First, make an open section where people can complain for everybody to see; this will avoid a lot of trolls. If the AI sees a pattern, it can terminate the bot/troll/permanently offended community accounts. But more importantly, why not just check all videos before they become public? If I upload videos, YouTube will notify me that I used copyrighted music and then allow me to appeal and present a license agreement. Why not work on a similar solution?

Better even is to upload the license agreements with the video in the beginning, avoiding that whole process. Then my videos on my Boon Family YouTube Channel almost every time say, “We have to review it first if it is advertising friendly. This check is all done before I make the video public. So why would there be a policy violation within the content not pointing out where and what it is, like with the music? YouTube even allows editing the content and keeping the URL link concerning music.

A paid social media service section will avoid censorship.

I understand this is labor-intensive, but why not make this a paid service? Serious content creators like myself would pay for this service to avoid all the headaches of dealing with appeals. This Solution for most social media platforms would avoid strikes and frustrations, remove content, and even ban or remove whole channels. Don’t punish serious content creators because of the permanently offended community and a bunch of AI bots. Even worse, I would not like somebody’s social media because of their success.

People could start the reporting cycle from various accounts. Or they are all members and privately agree through WhatsApp or Messenger to target a specific account; my Solution avoids this problem.

Steven Crowder, I would not take a Billion $ if Big Tech wants to control and moderate my content.

Imagine how much worth this service is to, for example, a person like Steven Crowder, “Louder with Crowder.” He was negotiating a 50 million dollar deal, one of the main clauses which created a problem. He should remain on YouTube and have no strikes. Do you think this new paid social media platform service would be of interest to a person like Steven Crowder

According to Steven Crowder himself, he says we conservatives have been demonetized and blacklisted. As long as Big tech tries to control our narratives, I would not take a Billion Dollars. Part of Steven’s explanation after walking away from a 50 million dollar offer from the daily wire.

All these giant whales like Steven Crowder, Andrew Tate, Dr. John Campell, and Russel Brand are finding a home with the video platform Rumble. Rumble announces a smashing record for the first quarter of 2023 when they hit 20 million profit.

Facebook problems and improvement

Facebook has similar problems and can apply the exact solutions I mentioned. One irritant problem from Facebook is the spamming reports and restrictions. I have multiple accounts, and Facebook made it great to switch between them in a nanosecond. I can do this fast if I want to upload content on several channels. However, if I start posting my content, I can only do this, for example, in a few groups. If I post from another account using the same link, the Facebook AI will say I cannot post because I spam.

If I want to send the link to my friend list on Messenger or WhatsApp, it will restrict me because I post too fast. They created an option by making it easy to switch from your accounts, and when you use this fast option, you will get punished for it.

Facebook has a business service where you can talk with a natural person, which is a significant improvement in the right direction.

TikTok Viral Videos Removed.

I got 10K followers (organically) on Tik Tok with several viral videos doing millions of views, but TikTok removed the viral content because of bogus complaints. Please, TikTok CEO Shou, pay attention here. The above video got over 2.5 million in 10 days. Then it was removed for child safety? Now nobody was threatened or hurt? But I did edit out some scenes and re-upload the content, and it is still there. Why not give creators that chance before terminating a viral video?

YouTube Channel Official Warnings?

My YouTube channel has a warning, but all of the YouTube warnings are incorrect. I uploaded a fight fragment of an event I did on my Bas Boon YouTube channel (all linked to my main Boon Family channel); this fragment has a fighter breaking his shin bone. YouTube removed this fragment, so I appealed; I said I was the promoter and producer. Why do you allow Anderson Silva to break a leg showing this UFC footage from 12 different camera angles, but you remove mine? Double standard. Then there was the ivermectin video (see previous link). I did not violate any social media platform policies.

Check my shin break video, and then google UFC shin break (Anderson Silva). Use the search terms nasty leg breaks and soccer players breaking their shin. Yet my video is the only one removed? Would you name this biased? Remember, this is my content from the show I promoted, filmed by my production team. I appealed and gave the links to some UFC content like the Anderson Silva shin break. YouTube says: yours is violent content and removed, appeal rejected?

My Latest Content Removal from TikTok and YouTube

The latest removal was from my main channel, where my two sons squeeze each other’s butts (to make it safe, I put an emoticon over those exact scenes) in a pool. They both have their swimming pants on, so they are not naked. They are fooling around and having fun, and I put some fart sounds and emoticons. Is this footage considered child pornography? They rejected my appeal. Their answer is; we removed the content and will not restore it, plus an official warning. I make humorous content and family vlogs. I now have two TikTok strikes on child pornography; this is ridiculous.

Maybe my two removed sample videos were over the limit and too provocative? I don’t know. But it becomes a matter of personal taste. This a great example of why we need judgment from a Social Media Team (paid or not) as a creator. This can be done before the video is made public to avoid all future problems with rules. Some of the removed videos had thousands of likes and shares.

There is no evil intent; some videos may have issues if you upload 1000 videos on several YouTube channels.

If somebody at a paid YouTube service had pointed out that the emoji I used was incorrect or any other part would result in a strike, I would have edited it or not uploaded the content. Or I would not have uploaded the video in the first place. The other problem is personal taste; some social media employees are frustrated and never produce or accomplish anything themselves. So, they just randomly start harassing people they don’t like. A paid service for content approval would solve all these issues. The content could get a blue check mark or yellow, whatever. So, the complaint community also knows it went through a check and will not have any effect to complain about.

People like Doctor John Campbell, who recently got a YouTube strike, would love this new option. Many creators would pay for a social media service to avoid these frustrations. I became a huge fan of this brilliant man; his sarcasm and information, and analytics explanations are from a different level.

Take care of your content regardless of censorship, police, and haters.

Always make good backups in several versions of your created content. I stored all my content in the cloud, Google Drive, and external hard drives. This is a wise lesson I learned throughout the years. I have my website and platforms like Rumble, which do not have these issues.

However, why not improve all social media platforms with a paid service to approve content before it is public? Are we not trying to find solutions? Another option for a paid service could be for parents to control the content their children watch and for how long. The content maker should have options; serious content creators will pay a yearly fee to use this option! Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Shou Zi Chew from TikTok, and Google, make it happen! Elon Musk vs. Zelensky, Twitter AI Bots Alert.

Elon Musk vs. Zelensky, Twitter AI Bots Alert.

(C) Bas Boon

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