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Energy Crisis, Hunger and Chaos, the Klaus Schwab Effect.
I do not want to sound like a doomsday preacher or prophet. The information I am about to give you is all fact-based. The religious followers can see a similar pattern in signs of the end of times prophecies. Such as the river Euphrates with no water left. According to biblical predictions, the four captured angels from beneath are released when the river is dry, which will cause Billions of people to die, world hunger, energy crisis, and chaos is nearby.

Let’s start with my home country, the Netherlands. The Country is under the complete rule of the WEF Klaus Schwab. Prime minister Rutte is a Schwab lap dog who implements every sentence out of the book “the great reset,” the manual for human destructions written by his Uber lord Klaus Schwab.

The Dutch people chose a left government for decades. The people choose for this energy crisis.

The coalition and government failures in the Netherlands are off the chart, but somehow Mark Rutte keeps power despite the numerous lies and destructive policies. The WEF of Klaus Schwab backs him up. The Netherlands stood up upfront again when taking the lead in lockdowns and covid procedures. The police dogs brutally attacked peaceful protestors are still fresh in my visual memory.

Now people have forgotten the previous Covid lockdowns and what is coming.

The lockdown and Covid policies have been disastrous for the world economy, which led the US and Europe to almost print 10 trillion dollars. Creating money out of nothing, and every economist knows the result of such money printing. The answer is inflation and hyperinflation. We also know that with the retarded green energy policies, Germany was committing economic suicide and creating the most significant energy crisis since the second world war.

The hunger winter was a term used in Holland between 1945 and 1945. With great pain in my heart, I know this hungry winter scenario could get too real soon once again.

The first substantial massive protest in the Czech Republic, Spain, and Germany is a fact. All are protesting regarding the energy crisis and inflation. The citizens wish for a neutral relationship with Russia. No more bans, no more sending weapons and billions to Ukraine. It is starting to hurt ordinary people, businesses, and the middle class.

Its government’s green energy policies which are leading to a catastrophe the world has not seen since the great depression. This energy crisis has a ripple effect on the production of food, and farmers, which will lead to world chaos. Most people these days never know what it is to be hungry, but I suggest not eating anything for two days, then you know.

Politicians do not give a crap about you, the people, or high food prices.

The politicians do not care about 10 or 50% higher food prices or a 100% energy bill increasement. Puppets in government follow the protocol of the WEF mafia gang in Germany. They care about their paychecks.

Greta Thunberg is a role model, the people with the Ukrainian avatar flags on their social media profiles. The big companies who push the narrative “we stand with Ukraine” do the right thing and suffer for the cause, even if you die. All those people who are now surprised are hypocrites and dumber than dumb. Who cares if hundreds of millions or a billion+ people die from hunger and the cold as long as we are politically correct, mass genocide policies are sound. Remember the banks: you are not getting a loan if you do not go green.

Jordan Peterson informs you why government officials are so dumb and hypocrites.

No more Dutch frikandellen and broodjes, chaos is coming.

The results of the Russian boycott, money printing, Covid lockdowns, and other retarded government policies are starting to reach a boiling point. Russia closed the pipelines. They demand Europe lift the sanctions against Russia. Russia says they will supply gass for the winter in Europe, but the sanctions on their Country have to stop. Finally, the people understand that they are running out of financial means to cover their basic needs to live.

In the Netherlands, the energy bills are so astronomically high that the bakeries are going out of business because they can’t pay the electricity bills.
An indication of how bad things are is just looking at the number one bad fast food beloved Dutch frikkadel. This snack food combines grained pig brains and other animal waste consumed with shredded unions and topped with mayonnaise with curry. The “frikandellen” can not be supplied anymore.

Carousell’s political Alice in Wonderland policies.

The Dutch left parties such as PVDA and Groen Links (Groen Links stands for the Dutch green party). They come with a stimulus plan. Why not print more money while you have trillions of dollars worth of natural gas under the ground in your own Country? Does this make sense? Let’s try to get more inflation when the world has its biggest economic obstacles. The people vote for these morons and now realize they can no longer pay their energy and food bills.

The people who voted these WEF puppets in power now will go to the street to start protests against the energy crisis and inflation. This is the perfect excuse for the governments to order the riot police to crack down on these human terrorist protestors. He who controls the food controls the people.

So we have a worldwide food and energy problem.

What does Mark Rutte, the Prime minister of the Netherlands, do? He declared war on the Dutch farmers and decimated the group of people responsible for one of the world’s biggest exporters of food. Does this make sense? Sure, they rely on governments if they want the people to be hungry and desperate.

Where does the food come from?

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe because of its continuous corn production and rich soil. This market is gone. Another country for rich soil and fertilizer production is Brazil, which is now history and will never come back. As I have two pig farms in the north of Thailand near the border of Laos, I wondered why people in Thailand could not export pigs in the first five months of this year. The Thai government now has a limitation on exporting pigs. We can see more countries doing the same such as Hungary (which has held all grain exports since March 2022). There is also an export ban on Gas and oil now.

The Polish farmers are more upset with the EU than Vladimir Putin. The farmers claim that the grain the government imports for the world market pushes down local prices. Lots of this grain stays in Poland for consumption by people who live in Poland. Countries are more and more worried about inflation and the rise of global food prices. The energy crisis is all over Europe, not only in Germany.

This crisis is real, and it is now, and it’s getting worse.

The fear of world hunger is genuine. India has banned wheat exports since May 2022. Kazakhstan, Serbia, Kosovo, and Egypt are other countries with restricted food export rules. We also see higher prices for rice, wheat, and citrus fruits. Europe is desperate to contain the current and coming energy crisis. Blackouts, factories that have to shut down, and other small businesses can not sustain with such high energy prices. A deep, deep recession is upon us.
Chinese people who are hungry and fighting for food.

Now here is where things get scary. China is running out of food and factories.

China has now suffered the worse drought since its existence. The new Omicron variants and the Ninja variant are causing havoc. We saw already the closing of their harbor in Shanghai (April 1 till July) and other huge cities. The new common sight in China is flying drones ordering people to stay inside, an army with welding machines closing huge apartment building doors, so people latterly are locked up.

It is getting worse; the Chinese vaccines do not work (not that the mRNA vaccines are any better). These lockdowns cause substantial economic problems for China and the world, all happening during the most extensive drought of the century.

The Chinese Ponzi schemes housing market is popping, people can’t pay rent and energy bills anymore, and there are numerous chaotic scenes already. The Chinese factories are closing because of their health policies. Not to mention China is also dealing with an energy crisis.

African Swine fever (ASF) is the number one cause of pig farmers’ bankruptcy in China and other parts of Asia. Now the Chinese import vast amounts of food to feed their pigs. Lots of the new “farmers” have no experience in pig farming. Another swine flu epidemic will be not if but when.

The route for oil transportation makes China extremely vulnerable.

The word is that the Chinese must import vast amounts of oil by boat, which takes an estimated six to 7 thousand miles. China has a much more extensive fleet of warships than the US, but a ship can go about 1.000 miles before it needs to refuel. If a war breaks out and the bottleneck near the South Chinese Sea is blocked, there does not need to be a sea war. They would run out of resources in no time. The current energy crisis in the world, including China, makes military strategists calculate war scenarios. In the case of China, it doesn’t look perfect.

China is so desperate that they recently agreed to buy their oil from Russia in Russian rubble, which strengthened the Russian ruble. The currency has gained almost 40% in the last months.
If the Ukraine war abruptly ended today, Europe needs at least three years to fix the energy problem. The only countries with a future without starting to feel hungry or in deep recessions are countries around the Equator.

Musk vs. Gates.

Remember what Elon Musk says, we need more people; that makes sense. Globalization changed everything. Living on a farm is free labor from the family. A minimum of ten kids was standard. When people started living in cities, they might have one or two kids or no kids at all. The largest generation is moving into retirement, all that money they will take with them, and they are getting older with better medicine and new ground-breaking medical wonders.

Labour inflation will be humongous. Now Europe thought we import all those asylum seekers and refugees. The problem is that the majority are illiterate and have entirely different values and work ethics than Europeans. Many of them have health issues and need constant medical attention. Mass retirement is upon humanity. Ask leader Angela Merkel about her failure after she imported over two million Muslim refugees.

German politicians laugh at Trump’s warning of too much dependency on Russian oil. These are the world’s traitors who manufactured this crisis.

We are at the beginning of the biggest crisis the world has ever experienced.

China has the fasted world age force. Their one-child policy is now showing up like sore cancer. The social collapse is upon us. We have Biden, Trump, the Ukraine war, farmers going extinct, and many people who will experience or die of hunger.

Mexico will probably become the fasted future growing economy. The new Trump-negotiated NAFTA 2 deal is perfect for the US. Colombia and Indonesia have a great forecast for doing well. They are also countries near the Equator, which is ideal for growing food.

The world will see interest rates rise to 15% if the government implements the right policies, which is not the case in many countries. Just look how The Netherlands is raising wars against farmers and submitting them to go bankrupt. The farmers in Germany, Canada, and many other countries feel the heat from the gang of Klaus Schwab. Soon only syntenic Gates Burgers from vast amounts of Gates bought farmlands.

Gates Syntetic Burgers (GSB’s).

Those purses lands will have huge Biolabs with production lines of Gates synthetic chemical burgers. Or people order a three D-printer which bags of Gates synthetic slime. This way, they can tell their computer to make a Gates 3D-printed burger—battling artificial world hunger policies with chemical lab-made meat substitutes, copyright protected by world number one “philanthropist” Bill Gates. No hunger with a GSB burger, but maybe some cancer in your gut is better than dying of hunger.

Klaus Schwab Solution.

One thing is sure, Russia will not be cold, and the population will not be hungry. The ruble gets stronger and stronger while Europe is now complaining that Russia is blackmailing them. All this comes after the US and Europe implemented decades of sanctions and demonized Russia.

This winter, people’s immune systems will be boosted into oblivion, and stress, energy bills, financial headache, health headaches, covid, hunger, new lockdowns, and inflation, together with an economic collapse, supply chain collapse, and energy crisis, are the perfect mixture for chaos. But at least people can have Ukraine avatar flags and say they did the right thing and battled climate change while you die from hunger and the cold.
Klaus Schwab “You own nothing and be happy,” and you can always eat the bugs!

The Great Regret Globalist Klaus Schwab WEF Exposed.

(C) Bas Boon

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