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Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma are the Don King of Humanity

I will explain why the current political system and Big Pharma are entirely rotten. In my last blog, I described how the prime minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, took orders from Klaus Schwab as many other world leaders. Build Back Better, and the Great Reset is their globalist program.

I read some of the comments on the exposure of Mark Rutte. Somebody leaks letters that show the Dutch taxpayers’ dollars in the sum of 650.000 were sent to the WEF of Klaus Schwab. The same people leak a lot more damaging letters after this first revelation.

The stupidity of people is mindboggling. Morons on Twitter would reply that it is not a secret. We all knew that there was no conspiracy theory a long time ago.

BBC Clever Conspiracy Theory nonsense debunked.

Cleverly some Fake News paid propagandists like anchors of the BBC would try to debunk the Great Reset theory. According to them, a nonexistent and a conspiracy theory. They would do very clever by suggesting that a group of people in this world belong to a secret group WEF who planned the Pandemic.

First, people need to google (or research differently) Agenda 21. Learn about what people said during the last schedule 21 meeting. Pay attention to this group (high up the ladder). What was suggested a few months before the Coronavirus outbreak? The subject is what to do if there were a worldwide virus outbreak (6 months before it happened). I would characterize that as a conspiracy theory, correct (it would not surprise me if even that statement could have a shred of reality). Still, for now, I would say yes, conspiracy theory).

But that is not the issue and the problem at hand. Here is what is not a conspiracy theory.

Big industrials, media, and leaders from many big countries gather at Davos, Bohemian Grove. Or the World Economic Forum headquarters. These gatherings are a fact. It is not a conspiracy, yet forbidden by law.

Undoubtedly, the term Build Back Better, and the great reset is used by many leaders worldwide. It is a carefully planned and well-coordinated event where these “elected” pompous officials take orders from Hern Klaus Schwab.

In my previous blog, I have put a link from Wikipedia to people who support and are members of the World Economic Forum. We can read the following announcement in the media:

Why did the UFC go from an underground blood sport event to a multibillion-dollar company?

I will give you an example of why heads of countries should not mix with business people and the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the future of humankind.

Initially, Art Davie, Rickson Gracie, and co-creator Bob Meyerowitz created the Ulitmate Fight Championships. Bob tried to get the sport approved in Las Vegas, Nevada but could not get it past the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The event distributor is Trimark, and they advertise the UFC as “banned in 50 states” and slogans like “there are no rules.”

I am sure if the Nevada state athletic commission had informed Meyerowitz he needed some small gloves (used by the UFC now) with minor rule changes, he would have gladly accepted the proposal.

It never happened. Instead, Dana White approached the Fertitta brothers in Nevada from Palace Station Casinos to make them buy the UFC. The Fertitta’s purchased the UFC for 2 million dollars. The UFC kept on struggling, and despite a colossal money injection of 42 million dollars, it went nowhere. Two things made a huge change. 

The UFC William Morris / Endeavour agent made a deal with Spike TV. This deal made the UFC visible to a much wider audience for the first time. The UFC hired Mark Ratner as the second and even more significant move. 

The UFC model and Big Pharma

Now here I draw my comparison between politics and business people. First, Mark Ratner resigned (a legit move, he was not working anymore for NSAC) from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to work for the UFC. From that moment on, more and more states nationwide accepted the UFC to promote their territories. This accomplishment is all the legislative work of Mark Ratner. In 2016 The UFC was sold to IMG for 4.2 billion dollars. The next step is the UFC IPO which endeavor valued at 10 billion dollars. Maybe you could see Dr. Fauci as a critical figure for the FDA and Big Pharma.

If it were not for the agent and Mark Ratner, the UFC would never have become as big as they are today. Now hear me out why you should not trust anything you hear in the news or on social media.

Massive Conflicts of Interest. The Don King model.

As a fight manager, I needed the fighters to get the highest fight purse possible. Pick opponents, fight dates, bend some rules—anything to make my fighter choose a winning path and become champion and money-making machine.

When I sold Glory World Series and Golden Glory and became Glory’s president, I informed all Golden Glory fighters I could no longer be their manager. Could somebody tell Fauci about this? It’s the FDA, Fauci, and Big Pharma controlling each other and controlling the companies and people who do the controlling?

Who does not remember Don King and Muhammed Ali?

Once Don King controlled 8 of the top ten fighters (like Fauci does patents). Don King was the promoter and manager. Don King is money, and money is Don King. There was no secret there. He did not care about Muhammed Ali’s health and kept bringing him back to fight. Suppose the fight purses were equal to Ali’s performance with another manager, Don King. He could have retired earlier, picked better fights, and avoided Parkinson’s.

We all know Mike Tyson had beef with Don King, and so did many other fighters. Eventually, the Muhammed Ali incident created regulations that a promoter cannot be a fighter’s manager. This separation of control is the same situation worldwide with Big Pharma, the FDA, and all others involved with the “health “mafia.” Fauci should be fired and further investigated. The name Fauci reeks like death, a person with no empathy who loves himself.

Pay attention to this headline. It depicts everything that is wrong with the FDA and Big Pharma.

The FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA requests over vaccine data.

Indeed people would say what? And why is that? But there are much more problems with this headline than you think.

This headline is from Reuters, and the AP are the distributors of worldwide news. 

Now google the words: 55 years, request, Pfizer, data adverse, FDA. You may find three links, with Reuters being one of them. The reason for this title should be the biggest headline globally, but no Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, nothing.

It gets worse:

The FDA/Pfizer went to court to ask for 55 years later, even 75 years, because of the sheer volume of data. And people who would oppose censorship, etc. But surely, we can pick only the adverse reaction with people dying from a heart attack and blood clots. For example, that should not take 75 years.

Now we should ask what was in the papers of the FDA related to Pfizer’s adverse reactions to the vaccines. Well-read for yourself in the first 500 pages released (by order of a judge), the numbers were shocking.

Stranger, try to google the FDA Pfizer court judge orders to release the vaccine’s adverse data. Why is this not even bigger news? You won’t find this searching on google.

Plaintiffs say we’ll all be dead before the FDA releases the full Covid vaccines.

Well, props to Reuters, you would say, for at least publishing these two headlines. Do they deserve props? Why did nobody take over the headlines? Why did Reuters not publish the results of the first 500 pages of the FDA regarding the Covid vaccine of Pfizer? Any headline on Fauci?

I quote from an earlier blog.

Sally Susman, the VP of Pfizer for over 20 years, is sitting at WPP on the board of Directors.

“WPP” is British global communication, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company headquartered in London, England. It is the world’s largest advertising company, as of 2019 – and controlling the Media!”

Scott Gottlieb joined the Pfizer Board Weeks after he departed from the FDA.

The former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found himself back in the world of Pharma as a member of Pfizer’s board of directors. You got to be kidding me, no conflict of interest? At least when people sell a company, they have a non-compete clause for a few years. After a few weeks, he switched positions to the most extensive company he had to regulate for years.

The most significant criminal fine in history is 2.3 billion for Pfizer

These are the people we should believe regarding our health with their vaccinations? Pfizer agreed in 2009 to a criminal plea deal and paid a 2.3 billion dollar fine. 

They bribed officials, doctors, and journalists and pushed Thalidomide, knowing it was very harmful. It was used for four years with pregnant women before they were pulled from the market. People in Israel take four shots of an experimental vaccine, all in a single year, from a company with no liability.

Dr. Fauci is the Don King of the Big Pharma mafia. Fauci has his hands in anything and has many patents, and holds stocks in vaccine companies.

Indeed, we can see this former prime minister of England, Tony Nosferatu Blair bringing a message of hate to the unvaxxed, naming them morons.

This Blair “Dracula” is the same guy who took 9 million pounds for “advising” the Saudis

They are vampires sucking on you, the ordinary working people. Most think they have the political high ground by pointing out paid propaganda. Power and the almighty dollar are the driving forces for this evil to grow.

Klaus Schwab has promised Mark Rutte from Holland’s golden mountains. He has already received fast sums of money or promised a future book deal with vast advances royalties (Obama comes to mind with a 65-million-dollar advance royalty book deal).

The same Obama also got a deal with Netflix, rumored to be in the 100 million dollars range. And who joined the board of directors at Netflix, Susan Rice (alum of the Obama Administration). Recently left the high-paid board at Netflix to take a top position in the Biden administration. No problem, politics, take a few million at Netflix, say high to Obama over there, then back into politics. I am sure Netflix had a wish list.

The Obama’s making hundreds of millions; why?

Maybe an idea to let Michelle Obama run again for the presidency to upscale the Obama family wealth to a billion-plus. Before they entered the white house, their estimated net word was around 1.3 million dollars. That increased times 30 when they left. By now, it’s x 300.

Here is a sample of the past from the Netherlands. Gerrit Zalm was the minister of Finance and Economic Affairs (VVD party of Mark Rutte). After politics at age 54, he became active in the private sector as a corporate director. He worked for the DSB, Fortis, and later ABN Amro bank. Zalm is still used as a mediator in politics today. I am sure he can keep his business interest out of these pieces of advice to Uber lord Rutte, now can he?

As we can see, Rutte has a great relationship with Klaus Schwab and does whatever Schwab and Fauci tell him to do regarding the vaccines and lockdowns.

Today, the party of Mark Rutte de VVD even has a convicted Islamic terrorist who is a member of the parliament. The “Hofstad” terrorist group member planned an attack on Geert Wilders. Here is his tweet.

This situation in Holland is accurate, not some FBI conspiracy to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the Gov. of Michigan, for political headline purposes. But you can’t debate it, you know why? The magic word racism.

There is headlines scandal after scandal with president Mark Rutte in the Netherlands.

Ok, The Netherlands has new elections, and what happens? A coalition with the same parties again rules Rutte, the globalists. There is the same situation in France, and you can ask serious questions about how Macron (victim of a female pedophile, now his wife) came to power. Marie Le Penn was winning the elections, and out of nowhere, there was Macron. 

The same happened with Merkel, who is the perfect globalist and is re-installed again and again. Trudeau from Canada tops the bunch. He is the creepiest of them all, not even shy to flat out say the plan of Klaus Schwab on national TV.

The former chief of the IMF, Dominique Straus Kahn, rapes a room maid, but the high-paid lawyers got to the victim’s mom and settled the case.

Pedophile Pandemic, Epstein, Why Elites Hate Trump?

Pedophile scandals worldwide are making headlines in the mass media.

The Dutch parliament is getting a lot of questions about 150 children who were satanic abused as toddlers and minors. Many pointed out that people from the justice department were involved. Many strange things happen, and it is an ongoing scandal. It is mindboggling why the people keep voting these vampire scum back into power. I think this is not the case. More and more people know, so the elite finds a system that will always be in control. The list includes rigged elections, coalitions, corrupt journalists, and judges.

Part of their control is why there is now full-on censorship on social media and mainstream media.

The most famous and wealthiest families are sitting on top of this pyramid, mostly freemasons. Big Pharma and people like Fauci do their bidding and use others for population control. They love eugenics and think overpopulation is a problem, especially with the robotic area in front of us.

If people are concerned with the well-being of humanity, this is what needs to happen.

The number one education in every school for every child and parents should be lessons about food, especially sugar.

Hunger for power.

The problem in the world is not only corporate greed. Just a few people are so sick of power and control they control the world’s population. They have enough billions but a complete lack of empathy. This globe becomes a playground to see how far they can go. Pedophilia in many high places; CNN is exposed to pedophiles and sex scandals.

There was pedophile Jimmy Saville in the past by the BBC. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, next in line of secret sex island satanic rituals (visited by Oprah and Obama), is Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard. Nygard had complete hospital units installed at some of his properties. This is nuts for harvesting babies and their blood, talking about satanic rituals and vampirism!

Billionaires who abuse children and babies. Significant Pharma shareholders are close to people like Epstein; see his relationship with Bill Gates and their love for eugenics.

How can we trust these companies with people like Fauci in charge? Who in the right mind would take experimental vaccines while the manufacturers and patent holders have no liability? Look at the resumes of these companies. Study what Gates and Fauci did with Ebola experimental drugs and vaccines in Africa.

All the information in this blog is not a conspiracy theory. These are hard facts. Think about it.

Fauci is the messiah of a new religion named Big Pharma. The Fake News is their preachers and disciples, the fastest-growing cult in the world. Fauci will make Jim Jones look like a local nerd. Jim Jones was the cult leader who convinced 909 people to commit suicide by drinking poison. Of the 909 people, over one-third were children.

The fear-mongering press and lack of hospital beds and doctors/nurses lead to many hypochondriac people. Importing millions of legal and illegal refugees with terrible health conditions does not help either. They rush to the hospital with a sniffle or runny nose, thinking they have Covid and will die in agony. Big Pharma developed tablets as well, making more profit.

The fear from people makes them vote and beg for the vampires to suck their blood. The people scream; help me, big Pharma and Fauci, please help me. They slowly surrender the last drop of blood and do not realize they got attacked with a bio-weapon.

Pfizer wants to say Merry Christmas and thank you for the profit of 124 billion in the last two years.

The NHS in England also says Merry Christmas. Thirty NHS executives with a salary of over 250.000 pounds per year each want to remind you to wear your mask. Also, when you are inside the house during your Christmas dinner.

Fauci, well, Fauci is on top of the world, with endless variants and lockdowns, what a time to be alive. When Fauci says, mask, it’s ma ask. A double mask it’s a double mask. Fauci says ivermectin does not work. And Fauci flip-flops on the front and effectiveness of vaccines. Fauci tells Jim Jordon and Rand Paul they do not know anything. Big Pharma loves Fauci, and Fauci is kept in the saddle by Big Pharma and all their shareholders. Fauci is counting the benjamins, heil Fauci.

I am in Isan, Thailand, near the border of Laos, with two pig farms, 20 water buffalos, and 1000 chickens with lots of organic vegetables. I just installed a water pump running on solar panels. Ooh yeah, and I write about these actual genocide events unfolding. That is the least I can do.

Ivermectin and Covid-19, what everybody needs to know!

(c) Bas Boon

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