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The Elite Hunger Games Start Right Here Right Now. I bet you when Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games series about a young dystopian. She never thought this scenario would become a reality in Record time. The novel trilogy (New York bestsellers list) makes it to the big screen.

One of the first novels about a post-apocalyptic future is “WE,” written by Yevgeniy Zamyatin. More famous is the writer George Orwell (he was influenced by “We”). He wrote the book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in (1949); the story is about Oceania, a state at eternal war. This war is direct by Propaganda and Big Brother watching everybody 24/7.

The vaccination program, health passports, and Q-code are now a reality. 

Only Seventy Years After George Orwell Wrote His Book.

Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel Brave New World is amongst the most well-known books. He writes the book as a parody of Utopian Fiction. The only thing Aldous had wrong in his novel was the date this would all happen. 

He projected far into the year 2540. 

The industrial revolution changes success split the population into five castes. This new world State kills every 60-year-old. We witnessed something similar during this pandemic when Governor Cuomo locked older adults in elderly homes to die.

The Hunger Games shows us 13 districts, the similar situation we see unfold in the world today. America has California, which is lawless and a complete shithole. We should name it district 13, where the Hollywood elite built its Capital (I use this word on purpose as it is a term mentioned in The Hunger Games).

Florida is another “district” where governor Ron DeSantis is trying to make Florida the district of freedom and reason.

In Europe, there are many Muslims No Go Zones. Australia now is a prison island. People force children to take the Franken shot.

The Golden Globes

The WHO, the CDC, and the Government are an exact copy of The Hunger Games.

Characters as Dr. “Mengele” Fauci determine how billions of people will live their lives, let that sink in.

The head of the World Health Organisation is a crossdresser. It does not come as a surprise if this is true. He constantly surrounds himself with HIV gay boys and is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. I cannot tell if this is Tedros in the video, but it sure looks that way.

All these picks for the current ministers of health and people in charge of our future wellbeing are in the hands of transgender people who come straight out of the cast of the movie The Hunger Games. Do not call them mentally ill even as over 50% of them during their lives try or commit suicide. Apparently, that is acceptable in normal in the LGBTQ society.

People should know that the LGBTQ cult is very racist, I will get into this later in this blog

What are the odds that the new assistant of health secretary of the US is transgender as well?

What is even more mindblowing is that they do not really look like the epiphany of health? the world is in agony because of the Covid-19 situation and we have suicidal transgenders make public policy, which makes no sense? Except when you are in a real-time reality Hungar Games simulation then it makes perfect sense.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine

I do not really have to explain why Belgium tops the chart with a death rate per capita during this “pandemic”.

Here is the Belgium minister of Health.

We are in a live Hunger Game Scenario.

The Hunger Games continues with the Elite in picture ruling from their Capital.

This ruling class ëlite is the return of the Roman “Empire times. But far worse with Transgenders, weirdos, None Binary schizophrenics, bisexuals, crossdressers, pedophiles, a bunch of attention-seekers who lost all sense of reality.

The Met Gala is where we can see the Hunger Game Scenario unfold.

Attention Seeking self-proclaimed goddess-like Megan Fox trying to be as exhibitionistic as possible in public. She is with some red-dressed white alien with jewelry in his face who goes by Machine Gun Kelly (some rap artist). They need to tongue kiss in public and make sure the cameras are rolling.

MacGregor to make the circus complete.

The circus is not complete without MacGregor, who somehow reportingly wants to fight the red-dressed tall Alien Machine Gun Kelly.

Quote from McGregor; I only fight real fighters. People that actually fight. I certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice white rappers.

AOC Hypocrite-freak attracts freaks.

The freak show does not stop there. Leftist communist politician AOC is in the house. The Hispanic former bartender wants to tax the rich. She wants to print trillions of dollars? Hypocrite AOC runs around in a 30.000-dollar dress sitting on a 250.000-dollar table.

A black gay guy named Lil Nas X in a purple dress walks on the red carpet. He is pregnant and holds his hand on his belly.

Kim Kardashian, should I say, hides in a newly designed black burka hazmat suite.

None of These Clowns Wear a Mask, of Course, as None Did at Obama’s Birthday.

All these pumped full of drugs zombie herd celebrities are teleprompter parrots for their Overlords. They bombard the masses on how to behave and live their lives. They will promote the vaccines. And will tell you who to hate and like. And above anything else, they want your attention and need more of your money.

Some of these elite are straight out of an MK Ultra experiment, all programmed to spit out propaganda for their masters to deceive the sheep. They all laugh about the peasants. That’s how the majority calls the sheeple when they are at private parties and gatherings like this.

Check out these French politicians where none of them wore a mask before the televised press conference. Ooh shit, the cameras are rolling already. It’s all theatre, fake, and act.

Many of the Elite only Wears Mask to a Swingers Party.

Here is a tweet of supposedly the Dutch minister leaving the parliament’s building after a press conference. Now tell me if you did not think this is a movie scene out of The Hunger Games. 

Most people never choose “their” dictator leaders. The moment the Elite is in power, they execute the agenda of the Globalist. And the police state protects the Elite. Corrupt judges and lawyers keep the system afloat, making tons of money.

The white house (The Capital, movie hunger games) has a new interim. Do you see the similarities?

They mock and fool you. The Elite laughs at you and robs you. Yes, these “leaders’ of the people rob you of your freedoms, job, possessions, relationships, own nothing, and the government will take care of you and make you happy.

We just came to the crossings, Barcodes, smartphones with your medical data and your whole life online. The credit system is coming. If you do not obey, forget taking public transport, travel, restaurants and shopping those days are over

No need for a Hungar Games sequal, it’s happening now in “real” life.

The Hunger Games does not have to film a sequence anymore. Just point the cameras at the Film Festivals and White House. This reality show is crazier than the writer of the Hunger Games ever could predict.

Lots of classic movies with the ultimate gay weirdos, the producers, and Hollywood writers have the maximum appetite for the gayer of the gayest.

Do not think that your favourite comics are exempt from the perverted mentally ill freak scriptwriters in Hollywood.  

It’s hilarious how Hollywood and its writers depict journalists. For example, James Franco (recently accused of sexual herrasment) in the movie the interview. They portrait him as a goddess figure who takes on a heroic job to kill Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. The god-like images are not far off from reality if we look at scumbags like Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Cuomo.

The newest “win-win “situation is that the ultimate out-the-closet revelation is the following. You should get gay celebrities in your movie and have them confess that they are gay in the film for the first time. This way, they all get the ultimate attention.

LGBTQ outfits for Priest, Judges, and Intellectuals

Now, look at the courts in England, wicks everywhere. Before 1534 the colors for the judges’ robes were violet for the winter and green in the summer. The dress-up façade has all the smells of transgender and crossdressers.

People of power (like in the hunger games) prove an appetite for wicks, make-up, and colorful robes throughout history. Professors also use black robes.

It is the time of the Romans. There is a reason why some people need to dress up like this. They are “freethinkers,” and there is no discrimination regarding sexual preferences. Bluntly said, everybody is screwing everybody.

The roman Catholic Church arrives (They are the Taliban during the Roman times). The priest and pope wear white robes with red crosses. The more critical Elite do wear a Miter on their heads. 

Roman Chatolic Priest The Ultimate Satanic Perverts Known in History.

The word “Mietje – Queer or sissy in Holland comes from Miter.

In the Netherlands, the word “mietje” is a synonym for faggot, gay, sissy, queer. Lots of decoration for these self-proclaimed more critical than others types. All these unique clothes, make-up, and wicks distinguish them from other people. 

It seems to me that the LGBTQ and elite are a bunch of narcist racist.

Ordinary people seem to be a dirty word throughout history. Commonly the people are called peasants.

It seems to me that the most racist and none inclusive people throughout part of our recent history is the LGBTQ community. These people consider themselves above others. They show this through their sexuality, transgender wick, and dress fetish. They obtain the function to rule over others and do as they please. 

Look no further than the Meta Gala and the new interim in the White House.

They infiltrated many high-profile positions, the majority in showbiz, news networks, and courts. The constant hate from the left is growing cancer which started back a long time in our history.

The time is coming, the time for them “to pay the piper”! I do not mean John Piper. Shit, even Pijper (Piper) tells you to suck. Our vocabulary sucks. I mean, it stinks. Pay the Piper probably means suck it up.

I got to stop this is madness,

Quote Ronald Reagan: “If Fascism Ever Comes To America. It Will Come In Te Name of Liberalism”.

Bas Boon “under the disguise of great victimhood rises the ultimate dictatorship. “Nature does not make mistakes. People do”.

Quote Ricky Gervais; “Big Drunk, Take Your Drugs, Fuck Off.

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(c) Bas Boon

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