Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Communist vs. Capitalist Walk Boon’s Wise Words Tour. Papa Bas travels to Pattaya in a 10-hour drive from the Esan, leaving Kato and Conan Boon with mama Rak. Once he arrived in Pattaya, he checked out one of his favorite places. This place has the name Cabbages & Condoms. Its message is an avalanche of a variety of colorful condoms on dolls. These rubbers are everywhere throughout the whole beach restaurant, but why? Bas quotes Cicero’s Philosophy while taking the Communist and Capitalist walkabout. They read wise words about life: greedy lawyers, addicts, taxpayers, bankers, doctors, and politicians.

Humor about a severe issue.

With some humor, Bas Boon is trying to bring an important message. The battle between Capitalism and Communism did never end. In today’s world, we see more than ever the results of leftist communist policies destroying human values. Even in this place in Pattaya, the name and images of Bill Gates are present. Decades back, he went to Condoms and Cabbages for a conference and support against HIV in Thailand.

The video ends by showing the famous Pirate Bay Cafe in Pattaya, a few of the last places during this pandemic where people gather to talk about life and enjoy the sea view while drinking and eating tasteful food. No communist or Capitalist just people. Peace

The Great Regret Globalist Klaus Schwab WEF Exposed

(C) Bas Boon

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