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Semmy Schilt drives a truck of supplies to disaster victims. Fight Game and Team Golden Glory have collected over $120,000.00 in supplies for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims.

These supplies include a large number of surgical masks. The collections include bottled water, assorted snacks, sanitary goods, diapers, instant foods, second-hand clothing, and more.

K-1 and MMA star Semmy Schilt personally drove a tractor trailer truck full of supplies. He delivered the goods to the people of Futaba, Japan which was decimated by the tragic events.

The Tsunami turns Futaba into a ghost town as part of the evacuation zone. This is because of the nuclear fallout from the Fukushima power plant disaster.

A sign above a street leading into Futaba reads, “Nuclear energy, our hometown’s future.”

Shuji Ogawa, a freelance journalist in Japan who visited Futaba after the disaster, said, “It’s ironic, the door to the future should be the nuclear power plant. Instead, it closed that door.”

The government reports nearly 30,000 deaths since the 9.0 earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011.

Schilt, along with other Team Golden Glory fighters, trainers, coaches, and management, will continue to raise funds. This is to help the people of Japan by auctioning off fight memorabilia and donating proceeds from their new:

Japan has given so much to the mixed martial arts world over the years, and it is a beautiful thing to see Team Golden Glory and Fight Game ( taking action and giving back to help those in need in the wake of one of the worst disasters this planet has ever seen.

The video below is a CNN report on Futaba following the tragedy:

K-1 and MMA star Semmy Schilt, representing Team Golden Glory and Fight Game, drives a truck full of supplies to Futaba, Japan’s tsunami and nuclear disaster victims.

Golden Glory’s Semmy Schilt and King Willem Alexander!

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