Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Weapons of mass creation for all. I had dinner with Khailee Ng in Bali Indonesia. One of the youngest most successful entrepreneurs. It is a pleasure to talk with him. He is the founder of 2 companies and is able to sell both companies within a short time period. Now investing in many more (2200 start-up companies). WEAPONS OF MASS CREATION FOR ALL Khaille’s energy and speech were extraordinary.

Weapons of Creation minds on Richard Branson private Island meetings are inspiring.

I was flattered he named me the most interesting person he ever met (he sometimes stays with Richard Branson on Branson’s private island)! The other person in the picture is Dr. Clarence Tan his explanation of humanity’s future “Singularity University”: Exponential Technologies blew away my mind! A-Fest by Mindvalley of Vishen Lakhiani rocks!

The future of humanity and business is this new model. Smart business investors who know how it is to build up a business from scratch. Start and never stop, focus on success and goals. This model thrives economies and humanity forward. Bring together smart and energetic people to brainstorm about innovation, solutions, and new business opportunities. The title Weapons of Mass Creations For All is unique.

Semmy Schilt drives a truck of supplies to disaster victims.

(c) Bas Boon

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