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Bas Boon MMA Hall of Fame! Dutchman Bas Boon started martial arts at 15. Bas starts to compete in kickboxing one year later. He went 17-2 in ‘American Rules’ contests. An injury curtailed his sign efforts. He stepped smoothly into the business side of martial arts.

Bas Boon came to international prominence in 1999. He founded Golden Glory with his partner Frederico Lapenta. At first, his focus was more on kickboxing than MMA. Golden Glory was never the less instrumental in the early success of the pioneering MMA promotion International Vale Tudo Championships (IVC). As MMA became the world’s dominant combat sport, Golden Glory too devoted increased attention to it.

Management, promotions, and trainers are all under one roof.

Golden Glory uniquely covers training, promotion, and management at the world-class level. There are notable MMA management companies, notable fight promotions, and notable gyms worldwide. However, having all three under a single, worldwide roof is unprecedented.

Bas Boon operates with Golden Glory fight gyms in several cities, including Breda, Holland, Bucharest, Romania, Pattaya, Thailand, and Berlin, Germany. Future sites are planned for Huntington Beach, California, and Moscow, Russia.

The firm has promoted over 400 combat sports events, mostly kickboxing. The latest Glory series has enabled kickboxing or combined MMA and kickboxing cards in Belgium, England, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Golden Glory is not content solely with training fighters and promoting them. It is a management company with a stellar roster. The management includes Marloes Coenen, Siyar Bahadurzada, Jon Olav Einemo, Sergey Kharitonov, Alistair Overeem, and Semmy Schilt. Past team members include Peter Aerts, the Dekkers brothers, Heath Herring, Rob Kaman, Bas Rutten (through Cor Hemmers), and Gilbert Yvel.

Mixed martial arts is a business, no matter how you look at it, training, management, or promotion. Bas Boon has been doing significant business in the world’s fastest-growing sport for a long time. He deserved a nomination to our MMA Hall of Fame.

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Bas Boon produces more than only fighters.

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