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Transgender Madness, my niece of 13-year want to be a boy.. This blog is about the Transgender and LGBTQIA community. It’s about religion and faith and the changing world. How do we deal with LGBTQIA propaganda? What is normal, who pays for it, and what are the consequences?

Here she is in the beginning, just cutting off her hair.

My story begins with a family member. I want to be Trans.

I have lived in Isan, Thailand, for the last few years, and two of my boys attend school there. It’s 4 pm, and I am picking up the kids. My niece O’por wants to sit with a boy in the back of the car. At home, she explains in English that she joined the LGBTQIA cult.

Now people should understand that I am the father of Conan Boon, Kato Boon, and Ken Boon. Their niece is O’por, and their nephew Pam are both children of mama Rak’s sister. Her parents worked in Korea, and the sister delivered Opor at age 13.

I told O’por she could do what she wanted (I tried to translate all with google translate). She was happy, and mama Rak did not care. She tried to be transgender.

Tom Boy, Transgender, Kotoy, Thailand has many names for boys who want to be girls and girls who want to be boys.

Deep down inside of me, I knew something was off. So, I started asking around at my niece’s school. It turns out that even during the yearly parade, they have dressed up kid boys in hot pants with lipstick. I am Dutch and come from one of the most liberal countries on Earth. Thailand is also known for its ladyboys, and there is not much discrimination because of gender here.

But you will always stay a “Farang” Foreigner when you’re not Thai. Following social media, things could have been better. I mean, she wanted to be more and more a boy. She Cut off her hair and started only wearing pants.

Alert Signs; Cutting off hair and signs of isolation.

Somehow, she drifted away from what, once again, a girl wrestling with her puberty. I ask her after one week. Now you are a member of the LGBTQIA, do you know what it stands for? She said it’s all about love; they all say it. Her network now became overweight Thai girls with short hair who discussed cutting off their breasts. It turned out O’por loved this one boy, and her puberty girls’ hormones started to rage. But the boy only liked boys, and he was with the LGBTQIA, ok you get my drift.

Things got worse. She hardly slept at night and watched TIKTOK for hours on end. I felt terrible as I was not her dad. There was not so much I could do. I would not want to complicate things with my Thai family. How would I explain the danger of becoming transgender and the risk of unhappiness which shows in suicide statistics?

Opo’r, just cut off her, sorry now his hair.

I lied and manipulated like a professional spy to a 13-year-old.

It just did not sit right with me, so I decided to do something about it without nobody knowing. It started like this. When I picked up everybody from school, I showed them the new video of Christine Aguilera. In this video, she dances around with a vast stabbed dildo in an arena full of teenagers. I asked O’por if I would have to buy one for her so she could bring it to school for the LGBTQIA cult. I know I am mean, extreme, and a no-good manipulating liar.

Next, I bought wigs; we would fool around with masks and wigs at home with the kids. I would take pictures, and then if my niece used one for Facebook, By phone, I would ask people to comment on how beautiful she looked. I started to teach everybody, Muay Thai. But I made sure everybody gave compliments.

She or, at that moment, “He still liked Muay Thai.

I used Tik Tok to unlock her out of a group of people where over 50% committed or tries to commit suicide. Never let this happen to any kids to end up in that category. I have paid already for everybody’s school in Isan, Thailand, and The Netherlands, but not for this.

I got the password to her mobile phone by using my camera when she was not looking. Once she was asleep, I would type beautiful and successful young girls’ positive posts in the TikTok and YouTube search engines. Repeating this ritual twice a day is quite an energy-draining task.

I also tried Thai TikTok videos by explaining how bad Tik Tok is and that in China, children only see content about studying and respecting their parents. I would also click on posts of young teenagers with suicide problems, hormone problems, and transgender kids with long live complications.

Picture: O’por six months after she cut her hair and wanted to be a boy.

Opo’r within six months from Tom Boy transgender to prom queen.

Get rid of the soy products and 7/11 microwave food.

This operation to change and alter her mind became an intensive daily occupation despite being busy as a producer for the Boon Family Channel on YouTube. My daily task is also watching all my other kids. I also removed all soy products like Yakult from the fridge. Two cups of soymilk and one cup of Tofu produces blood levels of isoflavones that can be 500 to 1000 times higher than normal estrogen levels in a woman. Any questions about why men should consume soy?

Early Life Soy Exposure and Gender Role_Play Behaviour in Children.

The summary: “Our study suggests that early-life exposure to soy products may subtly reduce female-typical play behaviors in girls at 42 months of age. Given the low prevalence of soy used in this study sample, associations between soy exposure and PSAI score were imprecise, and results should be interpreted cautiously. Another simple trick to get the correct answer; measure your or the child’s estrogen levels, and you will know the outcome.

The amount of soy consumed today is far greater than the examples in the study: do the math.

When I visited the supermarket, I would not buy it anymore. I visited the dentist with O’por and had her horrible teeth fixed. I always planned, and I would go before she went. The dentist (he got a tip from me) would say how beautiful she would look as a girl with her new teeth and bracelet.

The TIK Tok algorithm brought a confused young girl back to life and reality.

The same Tik Tok algorithm that promoted a big part of her victimhood confused her and made her hang out with the wrong crowd. I used it now to manipulate her. Opo’r was looking for a way to please a boy she had a crush on. Her bad luck; he was gay. After a few weeks, she wore wicks when she went to school. Some friends kept sending her messages on Facebook about how gorgeous she looked.

It took me three weeks of daily manipulation, and she started to hang out with other girls again. They would talk about boys, and she was getting more attention. She ditched her rainbow bracelet, but this was only the beginning.

Within six months from “boy” to School Prom Queen.

The yearly school parade was six months after she cut off her hair and wanted to be a boy. Her hair grew fast. She was pleasant to be with and would take care of the Boon Brothers and help. The news came as no surprise to me. They ask O’por to be the prom queen of the school. Now she had to walk in front of her whole school, holding a sign of the school in a parade. And as a prom queen, the most beautiful girl in the school.

She was so proud; I gave her some advice before the parade. It concerned a pair of high-heeled shoes she borrowed from Mama Rak for this occasion. I told her you would get real pain after two or three miles (it was a six-mile walk).

Of course, I was right, but I brought her sandals and made a funny video about it which got over 50.000 views on social media.

You can see the difference in the pictures. In the last year, the niece of my Boon sons has been growing up fast. It’s all about whimpers, nail polish, boys, and watching love stories on Thai Tv Networks. Not the best way to kill time, but she looks like a different person, feels like another person, and acts like a nice person.


By the way, another niece of O’por also lives in our home. She is a lesbian and has girlfriends, which she sometimes brings home. I got no problem with that at all. She is happy, and as long as she is not getting depressed and becoming a hateful hag, I am supportive.

If she gains astronomical amounts of weight, paints her hair purple, cuts her hair, and becomes a woke nutcase, I think my manipulative “dark” side would then feel again to play with the girl’s phone algorithm. Convince me all you want. That is my way of dealing with this.

The Great hack (must-see documentary).

Getting and collecting data from any person is one thing. But what is it used for, and how can it affect elections and people?

I am not against religion, climate change activism, the pro-vaccine community, or the LGBTQIA cult. People have yet to learn how dangerous TikTok or other social media platforms are. TikTok is the most difficult because of its algorithms.

TikTok algorithms, my sons, as an example.

I will give you a small example of how this works by my two sons. Kato Boon is almost 5, and Conan Boon is nearly 2.5 years old. One has a white Samsung phone, the other a red Samsung phone. Both have exacted the same games and social media apps. But Kato Boon looks at different content than Conan Boon, so his algorithms put videos in his feeds that he would like.

Now one of the phone batteries dies, and most of the time, a fight would break out with the Boon Brothers over who will get the remaining phone. That; stopped after a while, and at first, I did not understand this. Conan grabbed the phone from Kato once more, but when he watched Tik Tok, his content would not show. Therefore, he wanted the other color phone.

In The US, a survey revealed that more than 50% of transgender and non-binary youth consider suicide.

Between 32 and 50% commit suicide or attempt; this is terrible. Now I do not suggest the Bas Boon manipulate spy method would be the way forward. But when children are young, there can be many reasons for sudden abnormal behavior. By that, I mean a complete turn in their view on life because of a teacher, friend, or somebody they are in love with for the first time.

An example is religion; in countries with immense misery on Earth, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, suicide is low—a perfect example of what faith can do with people mentally (right or wrong).

Parents have a massive responsibility to want what’s best for their kids. But most parents have no time, or there is only a mother or a father for the kid. The social media brainwashing machine is working day and night. Parents take an example of the link I post on how Chinese children see TikTok and for how long each day.

Doctors make money by mutilating young children because of an identity crisis. In many cases, we can prevent this. The hormone medication is another poison method to push confused and fearful children to follow fellow trans and none binary kids.

Schools dont teach our kids the most important lessons of life. American schools dont provide classes on screen management, screen addiction, screen temptation or how these screens are affecting a child’s brain and personal development. They should. So who will teach our kids how to have a #healthy relationship with a screen? Parents are teachers and every home is a school. #parenting #chineseparents #chineseparentsbelike #screenaddiction

♬ original sound – Family Coach🇺🇸Sean Donohue

Who decides what is normal? The media (owners) always have an agenda.

The media normalizing these children’s choices and constant in-your-face promotion of the LGBTQIA cult makes things worse. As I said, the amount of soja and microwave 7/11 meals does not help. So, if children think they know all things better by the age of 3,4,5, the parent pushes in that direction because the boy played with a barbie. Madness and unethical; it’s selfish, and many of these cases are because of LGBTQIA parents.

There is sexualization at far younger ages than ever before through social media and school education. People want to belong to a group and feel accepted. Religion, home soccer team, the elderly bingo evening in the community.

Puberty and hormones, be careful.

My upstairs example is a clear sample of not a person who was born trans. She got caught up in a confusing puberty period, where her hormones were too much to handle. I could have pushed it and invited all the school LGBTQIA kids for birthday parties—hand out free hormones for poor Thai Trans kids. Play movies and performances with trans kids, and talk about trans 24/7. I choose not to do this.

People mutilate, and cutting off libs is also a community. They are called BIID, Body Integrity Disorder community. No, my body is my choice, correct? So, what if we start promoting this as normality and treat and promote this as such? Suddenly a massive percentage of the population is missing limbs and can’t function anymore. Suicide thoughts and attempts come from the mind, like my example of troubled nations like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq have a low suicide rate because of their religion. They indoctrinate kids from birth. Some extremists feed kids with a dark part of the faith, making them victims who decide to blow themselves up, taking even other lives.

Globalists are forcing “democracy” and acceptance of their worldviews.

Oh, and the trans world community opens up the first-ever Islamic School for Transgender Students in which country? On March 23, 2021, they opened this school in Pakistan. The last time I checked, this is a predominately Muslim country; what can go wrong there?

The Taliban received millions from the US Government to educate Afghan men that men also can have babies.

Andrew Tate became a Muslim, and one reason he became a member is that the Muslim faith would stand by its principles and not like the Christian and Roman Catholic choice to invite anybody.

Christianity says to love their neighbors. Or Islam, a faith where even in the worst-case scenario with deaths of family members, dismemberment, war, death, and famine, people still hold on to faith and do not commit suicide. Or would the society where Globalist pushes everybody to live with everybody be the better plan? Why is the UAE and Qatar the safest place to live on Earth?

Video Sample trans kid who changes her opinion at 20. Now how many of these kids are out there?

I have known some Tom Boys for over a decade in Thailand personally. But later in life in Thailand, they got families and became famine again. Most Thai kids are poor and have no money for hormone blockers. What if all these Tom Boys had gotten hormone blockers and a designer vagina at age 17?

Revenge of Transgenders who have high positions?

Now, here comes a scary part. I could be paranoid, but what if many of these Trans kids and LGBTQIA members in high societal positions now take revenge? What if the manifesto of the Nashville shooter is full of hate towards straight people and parents? I agree with Scott Adams; it would be better not to make it public, as the FBI stated. But who decides what is good and not good?

Why do right-wing mass shooters’ manifestos, which, in some cases, are fabricated, been used by the media? “Right Wing” labeled shooters get headlines with white supremacists and Nazis, bigots, and racists, but transgender or LGBTQIA criminals are not? Why does the media not mention their preferred cult membership and motives?

List of Transgenders in high positions

Revenge for what? Being bullied, feeling miserable, medicine abused, stigmatization, I had several conversations with trans people online, and oh boy, there is rage and anger.

Admiral Rachel L Levine, the US Health and Human Services, is transgender. I mean, what? The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada “Theresa Tam” is transgender. Say what? It gets weirder. In politics, transgender Sara McBride became the first state senator in United States History: Tamara Adrian, an alternate deputy in Venezuelan National Assembly.

Petra de Sutter, Belgium’s deputy prime minister, was vicious because of her take on the Covid-19 policies. She is for progressive medically assisted reproduction transgender. Taiwan’s digital minister Audrey Tang is the first person at age 39 to hold a ministerial post in Taiwan and is transgender.

An alternate Ecuador National Assembly member, Diane Rodriguez, is transgender. Pauline Ngarmpring, Thailand’s first candidate in 2019 to become prime minister, is transgender.

Remember, Tv made star transgender Caitlyn Jenner ran for governor of California.

So what is the problem? Those are some of the best and most powerful jobs on earth.

Many transgender and LGBTQIA people in these positions are not qualified because of their skills. But because of some virtue signaling event to show the world inclusiveness. Now, what if they know this?

In my last blog, I wrote about a trending phenomenon of mass shooters who are trans. Mental Illness is the problem. Imagine you go through life being bullied, sexually frustrated, and high on soy and hormones every single day. Then you get into a position to crap on all “those” (never the fault of themself, parents, TikTok, or LGBTQIA Cult) who mistreated you? Would that be a fair assumption? I am asking for a few hundred million unvaccinated people and people who died and still suffer from vaccine side effects.

People do not qualify for skills to get a job, but for color and sexuality or cult membership.

The chief of finance of the SVB bank was a lesbian of color. Probably the first LGBTQIA person for the job. For the white house press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre is a lesbian-colored woman and maybe even qualifies as a dwarf, and she is horrible at her job. Is that the face of strength a nation needs on the brink of a nuclear holocaust?

In the case of the sinking troubled SVB bank, only one board member had a career and experience in investment banking. The other seats were Obama and Clinton Mega donors. The bank also pledged 74 million to black lives matter Causes.

Oh, wait, what just happened? My Grammarly program puts out these messages while I am editing my writing. The same happens when your write positively about anything in Russia, warning this is unfriendly towards Ukraine.

Obese Health Minister, say what?

The Belgium minister of social affairs and health Maggie Celine Louise de Block (open Flemish Liberals and Democrats), must top the list of insanity. The country has a huge obesity problem and topped the list of unhealthy people dying during the Covid lockdowns. The person who makes the policies, Maggie, must be about 160 kg and a prototype of a human being with an eating disorder and diabetes.

In many cases, we can see not that white heterosexual men are discriminated against because of their sexuality or color. The world is upside down. What about all these transgender people who have high functions? They would not implement purposely harmful policies because of decades of frustration, confusion, and the use of hormone medicine.

Picture: The Belgium minister of social affairs and health Maggie Celine Louise de Block.

We now have to qualify a non-binary person with the right to pronounce. People claim they are now a chihuahua dog with one eye, and you should address them as such. A fruitcake banana who wants to be named chlamydia, where does it end? Why even discuss this? How can this be a serious subject?

Ok, mental Illness, get off the streets, get help. If you don’t want help, we should make it mandatory.

Then there is the issue that society should provide surgery and hormone medicine for anybody who claims to be whatever. Ok, so why did I not get free money for steroids because I wanted to be more muscular? Why can that not be by tax-paid dollars? What about my wish to become a person in the category “male masculinity” (Top G Andrew Tate) and everything that comes with this?

Can I have some recuperation payments because my great-grand-great-grandparents were victims of the Muslims who made the great Ottoman empire?

What about my decision to tattoo my whole body and have horn implants on my forehead? Indeed this can be paid by tax dollars. All those people have a right to feel like the trans community, right?

Another good reason to push trans and LGBTQIA people in government is that most have skeletons in the closet—easy to control and blackmail.

CRE theory and child sonography pushed in kids’ schools, What is a blow job, child book in the Netherlands? Check this out:


Trans people who adopt or get kids can not claim to know how their kids feel when they are kids. Those kids will also not have a modest upbringing. When the parents went through so much hardship, and some are still on steroids or other hormone medicine, how can they raise children in a none bias way?

I think one of the biggest reasons if you ask me. The media and governments push the LGBTQIA community to the limits. In all media is because of the depopulation agenda. Most LGBTQIA people don’t want kids, and they have a high rate of suicide, depression, and Big Pharma dependency.

The BIID community likes to cut off their body parts.

I guess the BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) community will not get that far, there would be no head left, and you need this to become a politician, lawmaker, judge, or actually, you need your head and limbs in life. Normalizing BIID could be the next step. I suggest a design with a skull in a fire for the LGBTQIA flag.

Common if trans kids can get rid of their breasts because of psychologists’ and doctors’ advice? Everybody needs a place. I can see. Next, liberal democrats volunteer on the street with bone saws to cut off limbs from people of the BIID community. All to be helpful and inclusive, anything for the cult.

Normalizing people with mental health problems to rule over the masses sounds like a bad idea. People who love abortion and are members of the LGBTQIA cult, and many do not like family values. It is terrible for humanity. So bad it can cause havoc and spread mental illness like rapid fire.

Most are also very concerned about the environment and animal life. In the animal kingdom, the survival of the fittest is the weak fall off first.

But there should be a place on Earth where a none binary trans kid with BIID who wants to cut off his penis and a limb or two has its place; we are human, after all. This kid could become the next head of the WHO; who knows, don’t be paranoid.

There have been dozens of times an LGBTQIA member has sexually approached me.

By the way, why can I not report I do not like Non-Binary or transgender people who make sexual advances toward me? I would not complain or make a political case for this, but ignore this. Why do they think I would be attracted to that, theyby, Karin, he, she, bat, banana? Females even do not show sexual signs to draw attention if they are interested in a particular man (all the time). What feminists consider harassment is typical in the LGBTQIA community. It almost is like it’s all about their sexuality or the frustrations around this.

Can they send an army of sexy female pole dancers to schools (yes, kindergarten school, sure)? To balance the difference. I would let my sons go to that. My wish: this had happened to me when I was young, and why is it not happening? I love sexy pole dancers.

My Kid, Conan Boon, is playing with a doll.

Oh crap, my Kid Conan Boon is playing with a doll. What? Ha ha, I am not worried a bit. He can play all he likes. My guts say that he will become a mix of Ramon Dekkers and Coban. He will win the famous lupine title (Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand) and become the next Andrew Tate (without the prison circus).

BasBoon: Advice for man: Take off your clothes immediately when you are in a shouting contest with your wife. Her response is a massive direct migraine, and she wants to be alone. If she apologizes and admits she was wrong, dump that person, he is possibly a man. Women do not do this.

I am not worried about my son Conan Boon. Here is papa at work, damn what is that fixation with the groin, oh no:

Nashville LGBTQIA Shooter and Democrat “Refugee” Policies.

(C) Bas Boon

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