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Nashville LGBTQIA Shooter and Democrat “Refugee” Policies. How does humanity prevent horrific shooting events and deadly immigration policies from happening in the future?

Politics but never solutions!

The number of excuses was incredible, and biased “reporting” by the mainstream news about the Nashville LGBTQIA shooter was horrible. The police even received questions about misgendering.

Piers Morgan always throws around gun statistics regarding the UK and the States. He leaves out the staggering knife stabbings and a growing number of mentally ill lunatics in the UK. Like France also, the UK is heading for a civil war. You have a significant advantage in Europe if you are a criminal with a gun.

What is wrong with the Christian White man?

That’s the title and narrative they push in the media: white man terrible and guilty, orange man also wrong. The left has gone insane and will rarely admit their policies on drugs, immigration, and media censorship are destructive, to say it mildly. These policies have led to an avalanche of mentally ill unstable human beings. 

There is a piece of history democrats forget when they talk about the US slavery history and immigration policies. They forgot where the word “slave” came from and what the great Muslim Ottoman Empire did. Europe would have been a Muslim nation if it was not for the plague. All of our great-grandparents followed the wrong path (Muslims, Christians, men of color, or white men), ok we know now, so walk the right way and solve the problems by learning from the past.

Ten guests, two rotten apples like “Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.” 

I am convinced that most of these mass murderers are mentally ill, on prescription drugs, and have a “screw loose.” The Nashville LGBTQIA shooter (I am still confused about his/her/theyby, correct “pronounce,” but he is not an exception for the qualification of mentally ill.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for helping people in need, but to what extent? I have asked the following question often to people who are liberal. If you expect ten guests in your home, but two of those guests are like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, would you still welcome all ten? BTW, you don’t know which two of the ten are serial killers. Or would you say no to all ten guests? Just to be sure your family and yourself are not at risk of becoming the next family massacre?

Refugee, Fortune Seeker, or Isis Terrorist?

Here is an excellent example of why helping refugees is noble. But it can come at a price. Angela Merkel, the communist of Germany, had a campaign slogan, “Wir Schaffen Das” (used in many headlines). This slogan meant we would take care of millions of refugees, integrate them into German society, and make it work.

Article from 12 years ago Angela Merkel German Multiculturalism has failed

Ok, the German good Samaritan Merkel’s plan to help refugees failed. But why, and have we learned from it?

I will return later to the US’s Nashville Shooter, mass shootings, and rising mental illness cases. It has much to do with worldwide leftist policies that have never worked and are the roots of all these problems. This includes the latest LGBTQIA Nashville Shooter.

First of all, the official numbers of Muslims in Germany are 6 million, but that number you should take with a grain of salt. The number is much higher as German-born Muslims count as Germans, not Muslim immigrants. The family birth rate is 8.2 compared to 1.2 of German people of German origin (having kids is costly). The majority of 90% of the “refugee” Muslims have not interacted with German society. They are not productive but become a leach costing hundreds of billions of dollars (more than the pandemic).

The incidents of rape, violence, and terrorist attacks are astronomical. Those are the two rotten apples I mean earlier. You could replace Edgar Cagey and Ted Bundy with Isis operatives or Islamic fundamentalists. For the argument’s sake, for each million “refugees,” there are 20% fortune seekers and criminals, and in many cases, it’s even 80% fortune seekers and 20% genuine refugees. We should again ask the same question; do we prevent a looming time bomb, especially after what we learned from the past? No, we don’t. The left is keeping the same policies in place.

Anger as Ex-generals Warn of deadly civil war in France (article 2021).

Again, the liberal media and leftists spin the story, blaming the generals of racism and xenophobia, bringing out an accurate and alarming report. This happens 100% with all LGBTQIA Mass Shooters (see the last Shooting in Nashville) downplaying the facts. Right-wing Shooters: The FBI /Police immediately find manifestos and social media posts with online video testimonies with exactly the mass media’s desired narrative. Almost every title will include words such as white supremacist, Nazi, Racist, and Right Wing.

Back to France, remember, these are generals. They know they put their reputation on the line. The liberal media and leftist government know damn well what’s happening in France. So how is France doing today? Surely people would make you believe that all the nation’s unrest is because of the latest policy of Macron. He increased the pension age, but this is a small drop. The generals are correct, and it is too late to stop. “Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy” are inside, causing havoc in France/Europe.

There is an avalanche of Mentally Ill Mass Shooters growing in Europe; here’s why:

That does not mean there are not sincere good people Muslims who deserve and need help. But the policies for decades are now failing those people as well. Turks in Germany said, don’t let all these illiterate, sick, and mentally unstable people inside of Germany. They will ruin it for us, and they were right. Imagine these Turks, who learned the German language, finally integrated into German society. They worked so hard, but now people label them as potential terrorists because of Merkel’s move.

Saudi Arabia did not take any Syrian refugees.

Why can we not help those people in their regions? Why are there no LGBTQIA Mass Shootings in Arab countries like the one in Nashville? We should help, for example, Syrians with infrastructure, education, and health. Let them have their traditions; Sunnis and Shiite Muslims interpret the Muslim holy book, the Quran, differently. This has led to a slaughter lasting 2500 years. They mention Saudi Arabia as the 12th safest country on earth. Number one is Qatar, and number two is the UAE, well, son of a gun.

24 November 2022 Qatar gives 2.6 million to aid almost 100.000 Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon with food, medicine, and shelter.

Why did Qatar not take 100.000 Syrian refugees? Why not take any refugees?

UEA rejects Syrian refugees.

So the two safest nations on earth did not accept refugees? They did not allow “John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy” (there might be a few under their population who knows, but not through immigration or refugees and asylum influx).

Safest countries in Europe and their immigration policies.

Hungary is one of the top safest countries in Europe, but they do not accept refugees and immigrants. The European cabal project leader Viktor Orban as a rebel dictator, “Hitler.”

Iceland is the safest country in Europe: their policies on immigration: from 1996 till 2019, they have had 574 refugees, some of whom return to their former countries like Kosovo. (Iceland population 372.520). No Muslims Terrorist attacks or LGBTQIA Shooters in Iceland like the recent shooting in Nashville. There is a minuscule portion of mentally ill people. Well done, Iceland.

Ireland is the second safest city in Europe. From 2018 to 2021, they let in about 30.000 refugees under strict policies (the population of Ireland is 5 million). As soon as refugee asylum seekers with a Muslim background become 5% of the people in a country, huge problems will come with this. When it’s 10%, you can take Lebanon as an example, and we all know what happened there. The result: 100.000 plus Christians lost their lives, and the rest fled the country.

Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia are the most unsafe countries in the world. Do we think importing illiterate people from those territories who brainwash their citizens with anti-Christian and anti-white rhetoric would not have a bunch of “Tedd Bundy’s and John Wayne Gacey’s? Would it be ok to say that the percentages of Tedd Bundies and Casey’s would not be two out of ten but 5 out of ten?

Hate Christianity and western cultures, it’s a sour mix, and it did not work and will never work.

They are growing up with hate because of cabal imperialist, zionist, atheist, and Christian none believers who do not follow the path of Islam. I am not saying the course of Islam or religion is the right way, but it is their way so that I can respect them (in their countries). Imagine Americans and British killing Muslim families with bombs and using foreign soldiers. Those people from that war-infested region come to Europe or the US to seek asylum. But when they do come to, for example, Europe, they are in poor health, hepatitis, aids, syphilis, HIV, etc. They are angry, and sometimes with good reason. Naive leftists keep virtue signaling but make things far worse with their policies, which have failed for decades.

You did not hear much of Ceck Uyger and the liberal media when a Muslim terrorist in Nice used a truck to drive over children and babies on the boulevard and killed 90 people—the Bataclan and Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris or the Manchester bombing attack. Cenck will use the Nashville LGBTQIA Shooter event to get more followers on social media. He swings the latest Nashville massacre toward his narrative and makes it political.

Indeed the US and Europe have bombed those predominantly Muslim territories and raged war for resources and other reasons. The fact is, what to do when these people claim a “refugee” status?

Austria is another safe country in the top ten in Europe. They have 9 million people and 146.000 refugees.

Why is Austria detaining so many South Asian Migrants?

56.000 people applied for asylum but had yet to receive that status. Here lies the problem again and again and again.

How many people are refugees and asylum seekers or just opportunists? Democrats think bad people do not exist, so when you have substantial vetting implications, the media and leftists name these executors racist and xenophobic. Remember, abolish the police, and don’t punish criminals. They live an altered reality. These governments with leftist policies do not see they are creating armies of “Ted Bundy’s and John Wayne Gacy’s.”

At least the LGBTQIA community said they would distance themself from Jeffrey Dahmer. Netflix canceled the series after their rainbow flag promotion of cannibal gay serial killer Dahmer. This was even too much for the LGBTQIA cult. The recent Nashville shooter ruined my thoughts about connecting this legendary district with music. A transgender LGBTQIA Cultis Mass Shooter now replaces Elvis Presley; this sucks.

Failed policies.

Most European policies, like France and Germany, have failed for decades. Continuing these policies and thinking there would be a different result is nonsense. Helping those people in their own country or countries where the populations have the same religion is logical and has proven to be a good solution.

The situation will not get better but far worse.

The inflation is getting worse. The living conditions are far worse in many European countries. The leaching of social welfare is incredibly high, and it is unsustainable. On top of this, the failing banks and corrupt governments keep pushing the multicultural agenda despite people like Angela Merkel openly admitting it’s an utter failure.

Back to Mass Shooter in Nashville and racism in the US.

An identical problem the US has with mass shootings. Instead of trying to understand and act why these people become mass shooters and are mentally insane, democrats blame guns. Most gun deaths are because of suicide. More shockingly, many times, transgender LGBTQIA community cult members commit almost 50% of suicides.

The List of LGBTQIA shooter Cult members is snowballing. Mentally Ill LGBTQIA mass murderers like Dahmer, the Orlando Pulsar Shooter, the 4th of July Shooter, the Salvador Ramos Shooter, the Colorado Springs Nightclub Shooting, The Denver Shooting? and the Aberdeen Shooting are all Transgender. Should I say now Democrats are real baby killers to gain popularity and score political points? The democrats will say the same about the Republicans, who have blood on their hands because of their gun policies. But where is the solution?

Oops, I remember Nashville and Elvis, but this incredible talent died of an overdose. He was not a role model for kids, I would say. But what a great artist and music he made.

Doctors put problematic people under prominent Pharma drugs or cut off their genitalia so the kids can feel “better.” These are incredibly costly operations by the hypocrite, overly paid “doctor” butchers. Ooh, and there is more; they want healthcare to pay for these mutilations and hormone madness (yes, your tax dollars).

Isn’t it time to tackle the roots of the problem?

Education, environment, parents or lack of parents/ wrong parents. The constant flow of LGBTQ propaganda, the normalization of LGBTQIA, and Parades. TikTok brainwashing of young children in the US. Schools with children’s books containing pornography are all under the banner of LGBTQIA education. CRE education about race, it’s all bad and has the same results, hate and suicide. Those are the facts. It’s this LGBTQIA group which has the most suicides, and that is for a reason.

It’s time to deviate from decades of failed policies and follow the Qatar or UEA policies. I want my family to be safe if my children go to school or we visit a shopping market. I do not care about virtue signaling about how humble and politically correct we are to help other human beings. Who decides if a homeless person or an asylum seeker for government help comes first?

Democrats brought this on themselves. Here is a quick solution, and we have to thank the pandemic Democratic policies for this.

We will treat Mental Illness in specially-made institutions/camps, and it’s mandatory. All data on mentally ill people through TikTok and other social media platforms will point out people with mental health issues. All people with prescription drugs for depression and mental health issues fall under the same category. A lockdown is mandatory for these people before they are transported to a mental health facility. A similar treatment the unvaccinated “received” during the lockdowns of Covid. If they are hopeless cases, you give them remdesivir in high doses (to get better, of course, like they did with our elderly).

I feel for the parents of the Nashville Shooter.

How often can you get punished for wanting what is best for your child? Now they are a spectacle for the bloodthirsty press and bigots in Nashville and the rest of the world. They lost their child and even got judged because of their opinion and not wanting to accept their child as a transgender. Their child made them the parents known for producing an LGBTQIA mass shooter; how’s your day going so far?

Under mental Illness, we also define people with eating disorders, drug addicts, and LGBTQIA cult members whose daily job influences other vulnerable people to think it’s good to join their cult. Of course, Tik Tok should remove all that content otherwise face the same destiny as banning Facebook, YouTube, and Google in China. Don’t get me wrong, I like TikTok and other social media platforms, but why do I get censored as a content maker? Why does TikTok promote other content which is far more harmful?

There must be a Nurnberg Tribunal for all those Covid Government officials who got paid to spread a fake narrative. Anybody who censored anybody, all Covid vaccine manufacturers, media enablers, and politicians, no exception, must face justice. Mental Ill people, fundamentalists, and cult members must all be judged by a tribunal. This is necessary to restore faith in justice. Do you see it happen?

See the tweet below. People like Spencer have severe mental Illnesses.

TikTok madness.

The democrat LGBTQIA community is in love with the new CEO of TikTok, who comes from Singapore. The US congress once again proved they are paid and bought for. Both republicans nor democrats did not emphasize the biggest problem, the brainwashing of kids and youth through TikTok. The Chinese have a button to make viral contentent viral in seconds, such as gun violence incidents or LGBTQ content. Every politician who tries to grill the CEO with questions about data gathering for the communist party is bought and paid for. What the app and Chinese propaganda do to children and people worldwide is far more dangerous. This should have been the central question for both parties, with plenty of examples.

The Nashville shooter is all over TikTok, some posts even with an LGBTQIA flag for support, and it’s not good.

Chinese kids do not see any LGBTQ content. The children are allowed 45 min a day on TikTok. Chinese kids only see how to respect their parents and study hard to get a university degree. Mass Shootings? Kids dancing in hot pants and school drag queens are unthinkable in China.

Outside of China, Afghanistan, Canada, European Union, India, Norway, Pakistan, and Taiwan have banned Tik Tok which is forbidden.

Adam Curry said it well during a Joe Rogan Podcast. 

Like Adam Curry from Holland points out, my country of birth, the Netherlands, became a haven for international criminals. Macro Mafia (Moroccan mafia) rules the drug trade. Journalists get murdered on the streets like Peter R de Vries. Pim Fortuyn, who was becoming Holland’s prime minister, was killed like J F Kennedy. Read my former blogs about how I blamed the policy leftist for this result decades ago, and I was right.

The Netherlands has strict gun laws, yet all criminals have guns and machine guns. The Netherlands became a NARCO state in Europe with the blessings of their left handlers in parliament—all virtue signaling to do the right humanitarian thing, resulting in a crime spree of apocalyptic proportions. The suicide rate per 100.000 in the Netherlands is approaching 10%. 

What is the suicide rate in the most troubled nations on earth?

The most troubled nations, like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, have a relatively low suicide rate. This low suicide rate is because of religion.

Let’s follow the leftist government policies they implemented on the unvaccinated during covid.

Separation, camps, over medication, firing them from their jobs, demonizing and canceling anybody who promotes LGBTQIA Cult messages. Any asylum seeker “refugee” should be helped in their own countries or neighboring countries. Issues regarding wars and money-spending policies will be decided each time by a referendum by the people.

Now you must have dinner with John Wayne Gacy or Tedd Bundy or, as Scott Adams pointed out, “Run.”


You better start running when you meet a girl who admits she was wrong, changes her behavior, and apologizes. That must be a man, as a woman would never do that.

(C) Bas Boon

Let’s give everybody the title they deserve and what they stand for.

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