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2022 Covid-19, Fake News, FTX Scandal, War, and Midterms. The world has gone mad. I wrote several blogs about the return of Omicron around the midterms and wintertime. I will briefly summarize why I made this and other predictions.

People still eat crap food. In most cases, 50% of the population is Obese. The harmful health of millions and millions of “migrants in the U.S. and Europe who carry tons of deceases are decapitating the hospital healthcare capacities in many countries. 

These observations and data are already from before the pandemic ever started. It is the “pandemic” growth of Obese, sick, weak humans. It just did not get a name like Covid-19 yet.

It’s the combination of Obese, woke mentality, ill cult members, and more alcoholics and drug users than ever before. Add to this the financial crisis, inflation, war, high energy prices, food shortages, and fear-mongering paid propaganda press, and you have the ingredients for the perfect storm. I do not even mention the mysterious “excess deaths” (see videos at the end of this blog) and that the vaccines cause people’s immune systems to weaken.

2022 ending a sincere apology by Doctor Campbell.

I am intrigued by the apology of doctor Campbell on YouTube. As a doctor/ scientist, Dr. Campbell apologizes for bringing incorrect information through his channel. He also blames himself for not being more critical when asking questions and just moving along with the narrative, parroting a one-sided and constructive narrative.

Everybody who produces questions and doubts about the official narrative on the origin of Covid-19 is hammered down as a conspiracy theorist. But now, the evidence is overwhelming that humans manipulated this coronavirus. This Covid-19 “Gain of Function.” happened in a Bio Lap in Wuhan, China. The virus escaped from a Wuhan bio lab. This reporting would get you banned from social media two years ago.

Sir Patrick Valance, one of the scientists mentioned by Doctor Campbell

In 2022 we found overwhelming data which proves Covid was a lab spill from Wuhan Bio Lap.

I can not believe that they once again put Fauci just before his retirement before a camera and let him preach to the people to start taking more booster shots. Rand Paul was the frontrunner in exposing the truth, pointing out that Fauci was indirectly responsible for financing this Covid-19 “gain of function” bioweapon in a bio lab in Wuhan, China.

The robin Hoods of the world, for example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, immensely profited from the lockdowns and vaccines. Pfizer made a record 100 billion Dollar profit. All to save humanity, ooh, and they did not test if the vaccine worked on humans before they released it to the public. Covid-19 is the most significant profit maker for Big Pharma in existence.


A genuine philanthropist Elon Musk

There is a billionaire who gave 6 billion to erase world hunger. Somebody challenges Musk with a tweet (not much in the media about this). It turns out Musk donated 6 billion because of this. Musk challenged the producer of the tweet to prove that the amount he mentions will eradicate hunger. I guess that guy made his point.

Musk takes over Twitter and receives an avalanche of attacks from leftists and woke establishments about the return of free speech.

Indeed as the new CEO of Twitter, Musk will make mistakes like the blue check mark, which was rubbish anyway. I did not get it after 15 years of being a public figure sending in my passport, and having over 6000 followers. I retweet the wrong tweets and have the wrong political opinion, not word a blue check mark, therefore rubbish. 

Now I have laughed about a clown who faked the account of the leading company that manufactures insulin. He tweeted that insulin would be free and bragged about it. He probably did not read the Twitter rules; you can’t steal other people’s identities. The company’s stock sank 6%. Musk is responsible is a claim from the fake media all singing the same song. First of all, identity thefts are illegal, says the Twitter rules. Secondly, the tweet shows the hypocrisy of Big Pharma.

Free Insulin in 2022 for everybody, master tweet exposes Big Pharma hypocrisy.

That insulin company made a 28-billion-dollar profit from mostly sick, Obese sugar addicted people. They keep them just barely alive so they can sell them insulin year after year. Insulin should be free, mainly as the inventor Frederick Banting sold the patent for one dollar, claiming this medicine was for the people. He should have used a lawyer, as some little letters made the patent fall into the hands of Big Pharma for the “astronomical” price of one dollar.

More Big Pharma scandals are popping up in the light. The evidence of data manipulation and vaccine adverse reactions is so overwhelming that even today, the leftist mouthpiece, the Washington Post, has the following headline:

A growing Percentage of Americans dying from Covid-19 are vaccinated.


That’s two years too late, like the verification of Hunter’s laptop, but it’s a sign on the wall. This reporting does not mean that the overwhelming control of leftist media changes its course. But it shows cracks.

We witness another lockdown in Beijing, China, and other cities, which will have a tremendous worldwide impact. More of my prediction becoming a reality, pat myself on the back, Bas “Nostradamus,” a real prophet. 


The supply chain gets more damaged. More and more factories are moving out of China. The Housing Chinese Ponzi scheme is collapsing, and the population is becoming increasingly rebellious. Social media shows many people in white hazmat suits running for their lives. Other protesters they beat to a pulp.

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste, as president Xi is using Covid-19 again to terrorize his people. It is the perfect tool for surprising the Ponzi scam and Chinese financial disaster. I will never forget their first propaganda film showing an army of “Star Wars: figures with disinfected “weapons “cleaning whole cities did the trick for Europe and the U.S. The WHO (taking orders from China) pushed for Covid-19 global lockdowns. Fear always works.

Fauci and a person like Tom Frieden still promote masks and boosters.

A person likes dr. Tom Frieden still propagates wearing the mask and getting boosters. But none will mention that Sweden handled the Covid-19 pandemic correctly. Japan and Thailand still wear masks, and I mean pretty much everybody. It does not help. 

It’s a sickness like the flu, but it causes havoc for people with weak immune systems and people who are obese and have other morbidities. The correct approach is to lose weight, get vitamin D and- C, and take daily walks. Multiple studies have now proven this.

More Bias from the NYT, but there are cracks leading to the truth.

Another great fit for my year’s highlight for 2022 is the FTX scandal of Sam Bankman. The NYT defends FTX in an NYT article. That guy paid the right politicians and the elite. I will predict nothing will happen to him. Some people even announce that Sam will go on a speaking tour. He will stay in the Bahamas for now.

That body in this picture is not from Sam. He is a proud, Woke, Fat, Ugly Vegan.

But even the NYT shows cracks toward the truth. The NYT verified videos as authentic where Ukrainian soldiers committed war crimes by killing Russian prisoners of war. This way of reporting was unthinkable just a few months ago. More problems for the warmongering paid off the press. Ukraine is not winning as “they” predicted. Sure, Russia had difficulties, but the fact Ukrainian authorities did not allow real journalists to the front should ring all alarm bells.


In 2022, Zelensky received tens of billions, and apparently, he parked some of these billions at FTX.

Zelensky and his disgraced friend Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX are scheduled to speak alongside each other at a conference (organized by the New York Times) on the 30th of November 2022. In attendance is also Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Not to forget Mark Zuckerberg, mayor Eric Adams and Vice President Mike Pence all will be at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Manhatten. Let’s say an early New Years’ toast! Maybe Zelensky can ask Sam for a refund. Just an idea.

FTX was the second biggest donor to the democratic party. Oh, and did I mention they were a sponsor of the WEF? How can Zelensky receive tens of billions from the U.S. and Europe and parks parts of this money at FTX? Where is the question of why he did this in the first place? I thought the money was for soldiers’ pay, civilians in problems, building up infrastructure, and weapons. So how many billions did Zelensky park at FTX? And where are those billions now? Does that mean the FED and the ECB need to print some replacement billions for Zelensky, I mean Ukraine?

Five of the Eight Congress members who tried to stop an inquiry into FTX received campaign donations from FTX. What are the odds? FTX invested 11.5 million into the Farmington State bank in Washington, ST. That’s like double the bank value. A bank with three employees, the 26th smallest U.S. bank. It looks like Biden’s cellar; nothing to see here.

Poland missile Hoax almost starts 2022 World War Three.

Some A.P. journalists bombarded Twitter and other press that Russia fired a missile into Poland (two people died). Zelensky is screaming for NATO to start World War Three after this act of aggression. Fortunately, we had alternative journalists, and people knew the truth quickly. The Ukrainians fired the rocket. Hey, Zelensky, should NATO go to war now with Ukraine and become Russia’s ally? Hey, should the fake media pay a billion or so, like Alex Jones, for bringing Fake News that almost started world war three? Thank god for people questioning this and the rapid delivery of proving it was not Russia who fired the missile.

Any more news on who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline and the Crimea bridge? Some Ukrainian government official joker put on this blown-up Cremean bridge a post stamp?

I expect a significant change of tone from the paid propaganda stooges when Russia starts its winter offensive. Russia claimed it only wanted the Donbas area. But pipelines have been blown up, the Crimea bridge attack, and targets within Russia got sabotaged. These sabotage incidents caused Putin to do what a standard way of warfare would have been from the beginning. Target Ukraine’s country infrastructure, such as the power supply.

Suddenly people realize what is about to happen. I expect the media will start from this date to use the term “peace” negotiations in their abattoir. Something similar happened when Trump said OK, Russia, you have my blessing. Let’s blow Isis to Kingdome come. The whole ISIS media circus was over within a few months. Not a letter in the newspaper about anything ISIS.

The compilation of the year 2022 in slapstick Boon Style.

The Arizona elections still need to be decided. They found new “appeared” ballots in bags, USB sticks with votes, and the usual shenanigans. Maybe the people responsible for the Arizona election can hire a grandma from Florida to count more than ten ballots a day before the year ends?

The Trump Mara A Lago story will disappear. The Mara A Lago Hoax vanishes from the Media headlines as soon as the midterm election results are in. No more Nuclear secret papers, just a bunch of unimportant paper stacks.

The compilation continues: Hunter Biden and Sam, the Fat Vegan Bankman, are free men. Meanwhile, there are plans for all citizens to justify 600 dollars transactions and above and will have to pay tax instantly—more new promos with celebrities taking booster shot 9 for Covid-19.

Biden is still eating ice cream. The democrats have brain-damaged zombie Fetterman “winning” Pennsylvania. He will go to the Senate, where he will be an incredibly controlled zombie puppet for the establishment. A kind of Biden two but with even fewer brains.

Not in the Media, but worth mentioning in my 2022 compilation.

Not in the Media, but it would be appropriate to mention this in the Boon Highlights of the Year 2022. During the G-20, Leaders signed a declaration that states that vaccine passports will be adapted to “felicitate” all international travel. That means any vaccination the WHO determines you should have.

Biden is preparing to give Chevron a license to pump oil in Venezuela. This footage of Biden is between oil commercials ending with a zoom-in of the Chevron Logo.

I leave the LGBTQ and Woke Cult out of the highlight. They had enough of my attention. But it seems now that “math” will be racist and thanksgiving. Not a word by the woke and Antifa cult about: they only slaughter white Turkeys for this thanksgiving day for decades.

Back to Politics

The democrats might even have Fetterman (he looks like uncle Fester from the Adams Family) run for president in 2024 against Trump. The democrats will lead his campaign from a mentally ill facility. John Fetterman will be hiding there and in some Biden, dungeons learning about different ice cream flavors.

Preparation for a prepared question from, for example, a Media establishment MSNDC “Journalist” who will ask; what flavor of ice cream Fetterman likes. The media will notice this, and the pollsters are always wrong. Biden won the most votes from any previous president with this tactic.

The U.S. has Sandals (not Boots) on the Ground in Ukraine.


(c) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

Do not believe everything, but it’s worth watching other “truth” opinions and hearing from other experts.
Uncle Fester, I mean Fetterman.

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