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Italian Gay Man could be Patient Zero for a New Deadly CHM+ Virus. With great fear and anger, I read the news about an Italian man who had recently returned from Spain. The poor gay man discovered he had Coronavirus, HIV, and Monkeypox. After nine days, his symptoms were a sore throat, leisures, blisters all over his body, fatigue, headache, and inflammation in his groin area.

A whistle-blower doctor who wished to stay anonymous claims his anus looked like a popped mushroom covered in funges and blood.

In July, the Italian gay man visited the Spain Pride (MADA) parade, worldwide known for activities with love and excitement. The HIV test of the man indicated that he had a high viral load and preserved CD4 count. He could have swallowed less sperm if he had just had the correct information. Why are there no instructions about the amount of cum you can consume and from how many penises? The WHO allows all these massive sex parties and parades, and advice, be careful out there.

These superspreader events are the fault of the WHO and governments worldwide. They did not stop any of the Pride parades. Sometimes the LGBTQIA mass sex parties, I mean demonstrations, are for a whole month. We already saw a poor democrat, George Soros executive gay man Sebastian Kohn who got monkeypox and gonorrhea after having sex with multiple gay men on a toilet at a pride parade.

The recent unfortunate Gay couple gave their dog monkeypox and maybe HIV in France.

Not to mention Gay parents in Germany and other parts of the world gave the disease to their children.

The Corona Virus has mutated in Delta, Omicron, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Mu. Recently, the WHO and the CDC announced a new, untested vaccine experimental shot that protects against the Omicron variant. 

Unfortunate, the virus is already three stages ahead. We now have the BA-5 variant, accounting for 75% of all Covid cases in most countries.

Even if there is a future “emergency” new “all in one” vaccine, we know the virus mutates. But there is excellent news, CNN tells its viewers the Monkeypox virus is not sexually transmitted. And New York drops LGBTQ identity for monkeypox vaccines. Such great profitable information for the vaccine maker, I mean the LGBTQ cultist. There may already be a CHM+ vaccine as scientists look at many mutation possibilities.

The Virus mutation because of possible experimental mRNA vaccines is not a surprise.

Experts made these predictions, Nobel prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Geert Vanden Bossche, and one of the mRNA vaccine founders and creators, Dr. Robert Malone. You cannot vaccinate yourself out of the situation of an active virus. Especially the coronavirus and flu strains are constantly mutating.

LGBTQIA Pride parades and gatherings are the new super spreader events for a possible mutated CHM+G Virus.

So what is CHM+ (see title)? Is it a possible new virus variant? The Italian gay man who returned from Spain could have developed a strain (CHM), Coronavirus, HIV with Monkeypox. Just imagine this horror scenario he would, by coincidence, meet Sebastian Khon in some toilet. They have unprotected sex with a few guys and maybe a dog. 

Now the Italian gay man gives HIV and Monkeypox to Sebastian, and Khon is adding some Gonorrhoea to the CHM, which now becomes CHMG.

The dog had rabies but licks a few penesis with gonorrhea and possibly the anus from Khon. He infects one gay man with the flu, measles, and Aids. By now, the new strain has become the deadliest airborne virus known to man. The CHMGRFMA variant stands for Coronavirus, HIV, Monkeypox, Gonorrhoea, Rabies, Flu, Measles, and Aids. CHM+ is easier to remember.

Mandatory Masks, or should we kill dogs and birds to protect gays?

Are we going to put masks on every dog on earth? Or kill all dogs as we do with H5N1-infected birds or H1N1-contaminated pigs? Birds and pigs with maks are not an option.

Then for some reason, doctor Fauci corporates with his favorite Chinese Wuhan lab to create a gain of function on the new strain. Or maybe it’s unnecessary as the virus mutates to become airborne by itself.

It’s not slapstick. This mutation scenario is real.

It sounds laughable, but we have a gay couple who infected their dog. We have Sabastian Khon, who got monkeypox and Gonorrhoea. The Italian man got the Coronavirus, HIV, and Monkeypox. The flu season is around the corner, and there is an uptake in people with measles, especially amongst refugees and asylum seekers. Most governments lifted all travel restrictions. The Italian gay man traveled without restrictions in Europe.

Most governments have demonized the unvaccinated for two years. They put unvaccinated people and people who refused vaccines in camps. Mass media openly discriminated against unvaccinated people; many even got death threats. 

Cooperation with governments, the WHO, and the CDC isolated most of the population. Fascist Fauci and the WHO implemented new rules. Now we have several more than alarming reports. We know (the WHO) even reported that practically 99% of all cases are amongst LGBTQ gay men.

The problem is that many from the LGBTQIA cult are bisexual and even have sex with animals. All Governments and WHO warnings were laughable. Suppose you compare the terrible treatment of heterosexual healthy unvaccinated people.

People will start stigmatizing the LGBTQIA community, not because of their LGBTQ cult membership but because they get privileges heterosexual people do not get.

County Teen arrested for sexually abusing barn animals.

The LGBTQIA gay community should get the same standards as every human on this planet when the pandemic started and took place. So, travel restrictions, no parades, proof of vaccinations, and a particular Covid ID. An ID for HIV and Aids or STDs should become mandatory for this risk group. In isolation camps like in Australia. No LGBTQ person should be allowed to have jobs. Fire them from any position. The LGBTQ community should want this as their pride goal is always to have equal treatment.

Fear and racism are once again the reason for insanity.

The fear of racism and being named a bigot suddenly prevents the WHO and CDC from doing their jobs. Especially with the alarming recent reports about humans having multiple diseases and showing no signs of stopping themselves and others from spreading a possible new mutated strain of the virus. After one week in the hospital with excellent care (not busy now in hospitals), the Italian Gay man is released from the hospital.

Bas Boon Says: Chicken Fucker

We, the people, should sue the WHO, the CDC, and all governments who deliberately did not take any measures against this outbreak.

Imagine an LGBTQ gay man who suffers from the new strain CHMGRFMA variant and has sex with a chicken with bird flu. I have seen videos of humans having sex with a chicken. Like the LGBTQIA and many more letters, the reality of the new virus variant CHMGRFMA and adding a B/H1N1 is a doom scenario for humanity.

The Italian Gay Man is not an exception. A similar horrific scenario already happened in 2009.

Fact check: In the spring of 2009, the H1N1 virus (swine flu), which had genes from the North American Swine, Euroasian swine, humans, and birds, emerged to infect people, and it caused a pandemic (which killed over 1800 children). It infected at least 60 million people. Reports said over 12.000 people died, and approx 400.000 people were hospitalized. Worldwide, between 500.000 and an estimated 1 million died, Never any mask mandates or other precautions, probably because Obama was already president.

CMG+ virus is not far away.

Just imagine a swine with H1N1 who has just eaten a bird that had A (H5) influenza and is stationed near a toilet where a pride parade takes place. Fill in the blanks yourself.

Then again, who wants to be named a bigot and a racist? Except for the unvaccinated and those healthy straight people and families, Mpho’s, they should suffer and are the filth of the earth.

Did I miss something? Please let me know. I do not want to sound racist or be named a bigot.

There is hope for the dog fuckers and animal lovers. Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks has your backs.
Cenk Uygar of the Young Turks defends humans who have sex with animals, especially when dogs get orgasms.

LGBTQ, Irritant, Smelly Fat People, and Creepy Crawlers.

(c) Bas Boon

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