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Gay Muslim Orlando Shooter is Terrorist Democrat Omar. Nothing to worry about- Islam is The Religion Of Peace. The Media is in full spin mode, damage control alarm.

The Fake News announces that the horrific shooting in the Pulse Gay establishment was the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. However, something is missing in the worldwide news, the world of Islamic terrorism. But as usual, we are bombarded everywhere that it was a homegrown terrorist, lone wolf, radical, militant. The inspiration comes from Isis. It’s an individual case, extremist, militant, an act of hate or terrorism, mentally ill individual, everything was said except Islam – as Islam is the religion of peace.

Father of the Shooter, it has nothing to do with religion.

The father of Omar Mateen, “the shooter,” claimed immediately that his son’s actions had nothing to do with religion. His son committed the most extensive mass shooting in history on U.S. soil because of the LGBTQ people. This is true, but not how the father would portray it. 

According to the Muslim father, his son saw two gay men kissing each other in front of his son’s eyes a few months ago.

I do not believe in an invisible man called God, Allah, or Zeus in the sky. 

When visiting Las Vegas, I remember going to a Cirque du Soleil show where two men suddenly kissed each other in a water bowl. I found that weird, as I loved the fantastic show they were performing. For me, it does not make sense. I do not understand why they need to include the kissing part in their activities. 

Some gay promotion like the gay pride parades, I guess. However, it never crossed my mind to grab a machine gun and start shooting gay people. Neither did my Christian friend, who sat next to me. The father of the Orlando Islamic Muslim terrorist must be pleased. It has nothing to do with religion. The first thing the father mentions during an interview with the media.

Berlin Mental Ill Parade

The Media paints a distorted picture of events concerning the Orlando Shooter.

The media and establishments have a worse nightmare, A gay Islamic Muslim Terrorist Mass Murder of a Muslim father with Afghan presidential aspirations.

According to the father, Omar saw two men kissing. Omar would have detonated a Nuclear Bomb encountering these individuals in the male toilet. 

The father looks like a total inbreed, and he could have easily raped his son while he was young. You can see from a mile away that Omar was gay. That came as no surprise to me. His father has Afghan presidential aspirations. It is the way the father speaks that it was God who would judge these gay people. He is trying to be politically correct. The media’s attempt to portray the father as an individual with no hate in him is vomit-worthy! So transparent.

He can barely get the words politically correct out of his mouth. And indeed, we heard that Omar grew up with an abusive father. He beat the crap out of his mom. Certainly, Omar got his weekly portion of Islam violence.

Here is what happened, in my opinion, after studying a lot of facts.

The father notices his son is gay, making him go berserk. The result is that Omar became a martyr to please his schizophrenic Muslim father and his Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and Isis friends.

Before the Islamic Terrorist act, he ensured the life insurance beneficiary would be his wife. The witness (ex-wife) we can see on CNN when she gets her 10 seconds of fame. The media used her as a propaganda tool. Does she claim that Omar was mentally ill? No kidding? As he constantly started to hit her after they got married. He becomes a violent (just following the Quran scriptures correcting his wife/property) “man.” 

She knew he was up to something, I guarantee! I am sure the original Media story of Muslims committing a hate crime became more problematic as it came out that Omar was gay himself.

The wife of Omar is Islam clueless.

The wife must not have studied Islam. She belongs to the majority of brainwashed Fake News sheeple. The ones still in denial land are professional silent march walkers and candlelight holders waving rainbow flags. 

Islam will not be peaceful because you throw love and compassion at it.

Do the Eifel Tower in rainbow colors and other iconic buildings around the world (except the black stone in Saudi Arabia) help? I would rather see a giant flag with a ban on Islam and no intolerant religions or ideologies allowed!

Eiffel tower-rainbow colors, rainbow colors worldwide. Why not ban Islam/intolerant religions or ideologies flag?

A few days later, the media again tried to disguise a terrorist act in France. Larossi Abbala stabs his wife and a police officer to death in front of their three-year-old daughter. 

Mental illness is everywhere; what is the cause of this new Global virus?

The first media report is that a mentally ill man stabbed a policeman and his wife. However, some witnesses hear the man scream his favorite Muslim slogan, “Allahu Akbar,” while slaughtering the infidel. It gets even worse for the deceiving Fake News and denial community.

How can the left-liberals and defenders of the religion of peace spin this story? This Islamic Muslim Terrorist streams his act on Facebook. Then the media titles change, and more info about this Jihadist piece of shit coward is finally being written the way it should be! If it were not for Facebook and the stream of his cowardly act, world Islam would never be mentioned.

Damage Control

Some images stand out during a press conference for the Orlando Police Department. You can see a Muslim in the back of the crowd. The camera focuses on this man when black and white cops make a speech to inform the public about what has happened. 

It does not take long before the Media introduce the Muslim man. He is Muhammad Musri, head of the Orlando Islamic community. He makes a 10-minute-long promotion speech for, well, you guessed it, Islam.

As a Muslim, he called for other Muslim brothers to come forward if they knew more information about this attack. Sick individuals provided a scripted message after the worse Islamic Muslim Terror shooting on U.S. soil.

She improvised scripted damage control speech.

In the past, many complaints were that the Muslim community did not condemn these terrorist acts. There you have it. This will provide Obama and Hillary with the proper working material for their damage control speeches. Once again, they can address that there is nothing wrong with Muslims and their religion of “peace.”

The most disturbing and weird part of the speech is that this Muslim called upon Hindus and other religious people. They should pray for the gay victims. Somehow that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Witness: Shooters Ex-Wife and fiancé about Orlando Gay bar shooting

CNN: The ex-wife says we embrace all religions, Christianity, Muslim, and she claims her former husband was mentally ill. What a perfect voice for the Islam Muslim defending community. Keep believing in fairy tales and Alice in wonderland stories. I have news for everybody; hundreds of millions of mentally ill people are running around. They all take and live by orders from the invisible man in the sky. 

The number one on God’s killing list is the gay community and unbelievers! 

So politically correctly spoken, “mentally ill.” Well, what do you call people who talk to the invisible man in the sky and take orders from him or his prophets and scriptures? She married a Muslim who beat the crap out of her. He just did what his Quran is ordering him to do! That sounds pretty insane to me.

Ooh, wait, it just hates crimes against gays. Another white male mass murderer was arrested (probably an ultra-nationalist or a Nazi)

An incredible arrest from the Santa Monica Police department. A fantastic job and excellent timing. They arrest James Howell of Indiana before he can attack an LGBTQ parade. This arrest occurred less than three hours after the most extensive Muslim Islamic Terrorist shooting on U.S. soil. The police caught James with many weapons and explosives, declaring he wanted to harm A Gay Pride event. 

This news stimulates the term hate crime and takes away that Muslims hate gay people. It also shows people who are not Islam Death Cult followers who would commit mass murder. 

Incredible timing, thanks, James.

Thanks, James. Great timing, well-spoken to the police, very accurate statement, well-chosen words. Remember now, folks, you are a genuine racist and bigot to think that Muslims hate gay people. Do not think or assume that most Muslims are brainwashed from the time of birth through instructions from their “holy Quran,” Imams, Muslim Clerics, community, and parents.

I wonder why people portrayed as Nazis never carry Media names such as lone wolves, militants, mentally ill, or radicals? Isn’t the Nazi ideology totalitarian like Islam?

The headline in The Guardian Euro 2016 “ultra-nationalist” attacks thwarted, Ukraine says

We found a similar case when the police arrested a French guy at the Ukraine and Polish border. A French guy owns a huge weapon stash, including 125KG explosives. The headline in The Guardian Euro 2016 “ultra-nationalist” attacks thwarted, Ukraine says

Indeed this makes no sense to me except for propaganda purposes. The police conducted house searches in the first reports and found a t-shirt with a right-wing logo (Ultra Nationalist proof). Wow, how spooky. At least he did not deliver his weapon arsenal to an Islamic Muslim sleeper cell in France, a lone wolf mentally ill individual radical militant. Ooh no, wait, the Media Quotes the Frenchman later:

Diplomatic scripted words from an arrest “white supremacist.”

“The Frenchman spoke negatively about his government’s migration policies, the spread of Islam and globalization, “Vassil Hrytsak of the SBU told a press conference in Kyiv. “He also said he wanted to perpetrate acts of terror in protest.” Somehow, these words feel very diplomatic fabricated, and fake, not coming out of the so-called suspect’s mouth.

That’s great to know that Islamic Muslim brainwashed lunatics want to commit mass murder in the name of some God or holy scripture. The media has spoken of the evil white people with Ultra Nationalist haters.

Remember Muhammad Ali: how Islam hijacked an American Icon to promote Islam.

Islam is peace, but in the case of Muhammad Ali, he promoted black separatism. Indeed the media did not show us this side of Ali. This promotion is not the picture we would like to portray Islam and a beloved sports icon. Ali loved beautiful black babies and was horrified by the thoughts of mixing races. Do not get me wrong. I think it was incredible what Ali did: refusing to serve in the military. He refused to shoot people (in the Vietnam war); he did not even know. 

As a world heavyweight champion, he made a significant and bold statement. For that, I respect him a lot. I agree with Ali’s view. You must not force or mix races. Like the multi-culture agenda, a politically correct community pushes this down everybody’s throat! Is that free will?

  Billy Crystal’s political scripted speech during the Ali Memorial

The only thing I briefly saw on CNN was a small part of the speech of Billy Cristal, which just happened to be the following: Quote, “Build Bridges, not Walls.” Wow, how original. Thanks to CNN for selecting this section of the speech of Billy Cristal for broadcasting during the Muhammad Ali funeral. I am sure Crooked Hillary will be pleased.

The hypocrite media leaves out the stuff that does not fit their political agenda:

Muhammad Ali’s Media reporting reminds me of the recent uproar in the Mass media about Donald Trump calling out a Mexican judge.

Bas Boon says; what Muhammad Ali thinks and says about Race, not Billy Crystals Fake Media version.

Trump could not expect honest judging in the Trump University case.

The judge is a member of La Raza, an organization promoting radical Spanish supremacy.

Quote “Mario Obledo was a co-founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the La Raza Lawyers of California bar association. He formerly served as California’s Secretary of Health and Welfare. We don’t know exactly when and where he first made his controversial statement about California’s becoming a “Hispanic state.” 

Still, he has confirmed he said it at least twice: during an appearance on Ray Briem’s talk radio show in May or June of 1998 and again on Tom Leykis’ talk radio show:

Ultimate biased and a judge.

Obledo: “We’re going to take over all the political institutions of California. In five years, the Hispanics will be the majority population of this state.”

Caller: “You also stated that California would become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn’t like it, they should leave. Did you say that?”

Obledo: “I did. They ought to go back to Europe.”

It sounds almost like Sharia Islamic law. I guess Donald Trump has legitimate concerns about this neutral judge and honest opinions about the Trump University case.

Of course, they rig the trial against Trump.

Before Donald Trump got elected as president, this happened.

The man called a racist, a bigot, and a narcissist just got the most votes for a Republican candidate, and the Neocons are desperate. There is an endless line of dirt and scandal surrounding Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The Mass Media is trying everything in its power to get Hillary elected. 

Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims from entering the U.S. Trump claims; that they still can’t figure out what the hell is going on with Islam, how to select good Muslims from the bad Muslims, and what they stand for. That is the most accurate statement ever made by a president, but it does not fit the politically correct narrative.

The Fake Media and celebrities use this statement to produce an avalanche of negative racist comments toward Donald Trump. I do not know if Trump made a bet on another terrorist attack by a Muslim terrorist on U.S. soil before the national election ended. Still, the latest Islamic Terrorist attack will bring many voters to Donald Trump.

Obama and Hillary blaming the guns and lone wolves, hate crime, militants, Isis, or anything other than violent Muslims with a sick ideology called Islam is complete insanity. They think it will make them look and sound politically correct, but it makes them sound like insane fools to anyone with a free-thinking mind. Do they have critical Islamic friends? 

There is a reason for their tactics, for sure. Resources?

These are the questions we need to start asking ourselves.

CNN journalists and so-called experts are screaming and blaming Trump for his rhetoric being fascist as Trump revokes the credentials of the Washington Post.


“Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting,” The Washington Post’s headline read.

It is not what Trump said and an assumption from the media that is trying everything to get Hillary elected. It has nothing to do with journalism but sewer propaganda based on speculation and personal political preferences. In the meantime, #GayVotingForTrump is trending

Trump made Hillary say Islamic Terrorist, Islamic Jihadist, that is a huge deal. Well done, Donald Trump.

The Sun is officially back, leaving the E.U.! hopefully, the 1st of many papers to do so

— David Jones (@DavidJo52951945) 13 June 2016 #Brexit

#Brexit voters in the U.K. just got a massive boost from this Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando. The most significant issue with leaving the E.U. is immigration and not importing more Islam. Who would have thought people in Europe think about Islam that way?

Mass fearmongering campaign.

Sick PM David Cameron is busy with a mass fearmongering campaign, even mentioning that the British people would lose their pension if they would vote for #Brexit. There are alternative sources for information, such as social media (not censored at that time) and movies like #Brexit. 

Cameron should mention that people’s pensions in the E.U. will be cut or completely disappear because of the E.U. The fascist E.U. would want to bombard E.U. countries with Muslim migrants, and if you do not listen to their quotes about taking these migrants, you will pay a $250.000 fine to the E.U. per immigrant. 

Indeed the attack on PM Jo Cox came at great timing, for we will stay in the E.U. community. #Brexit had momentum and was 7% ahead in the polls for Britain leaving the E.U. Just a few days after the murder, the new survey shows that most Britians want to stay in the E.U. What timing for this killing and how useful for the propaganda media. What are the odds?

The murder is the perfect political tool for Fake News; the timing is incredible.

RIP #JoCoxMP; oddly, this had happened before when Sweden wanted out in 2003

Honor Anna Lindh

 — BlueFalcon (@BlueFalcon3P) 18 Juni 2016

Video removed because of Narrative issues.

What you do not read in the Mass Media about Jo Cox.

The False Flag Theory

Indeed the Muslim sympathizers and defenders of the religion of “peace” called the attack a false flag. Zionist false flag operation, mind control CIA operated, the list is endless. I read many articles about the crybaby’s defenders of Islam after the beautiful memorial of racist Muslim Mohammed Ali. 

The Jews must have orchestrated this attack on the Gay bar in Orlando to make Islam look bad, endless excuses.

The Islamic terrorist was on the Islamic Terrorist watch list and interviewed by the FBI on multiple occasions. According to the conspiracy community, this is why he is a patsy. I got news for the conspiracy theorist defenders of Muslims and Islam. 

Maybe the secret service is obsolete; we should just thrust the Supreme Being?

I suggest a strike for all secret services worldwide for one month. Let’s believe God would not allow these retards to commit mass murder. How does that sound? Sure there would be certain people from the Media faking scenes (crisis actors). This is because it gets better ratings for their networks and pleases the agendas of their overlord” bosses.

Naturally, the FBI could let this lunatic (the other lunatics from mass shootings) slip the net on purpose to change the assault weapon law (which is what happened). It still does not mean it did not occur, and people did not get killed in this case. And it does not change the fact there is a massive problem with Islam.

Video removed by YouTube

President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons

In England alone, 3000 homegrown Jihadists are on the terror watch list. Here are some prevented Islamic Muslim Terror plots at the beginning of 2016

In Germany, Signs of Bigger Islamic State Cell in Germany Emerge

Holland Roosendaal Terrorist Cell Planned to Attack Amsterdam: Report

France Terror Cell Believed to Have Planned Fresh Attack in France

Belgium Brussels terror cell ‘planned to attack Euro 2016 tournament.’

Russia Seven ISIS militants arrested in Russia were planning terror attacks in Moscow and St Petersburg’ after arriving from Turkey.

Italian Afghan terrorists use a migrant route to plot attacks on London, police fear, as Theresa May orders border review.

Sweden ISIS fighters in Sweden to attack ‘civilian targets’ in Stockholm – reports

Denmark Danish terror police smash ISIS sleeper cell amid warning of fresh attacks.

Spain Spain breaks up ‘I.S. jihadist cell.’

If There Were A False Flag, It Would Be The Arrest of James Howell

If there was a false flag, it was the arrest three hours after the Orlando Islamic Muslim terrorist attack when they arrested James Howell of Indiana to make Orlando’s Islamic Muslim terrorist attack a hate crime. 

This timing is the perfect event to disguise the problem, which is Islam. These religious followers are worldwide known as the biggest bigotry, hatred, racist, and gay-hating Ideology. Imagine the death count if the secret services from Europe and other countries (see links) go on strike and let faith / God decide if these attacks occur. 

That shit has nothing to do with Zionists, Jews, the West, and Racists, but with Islam, a death cult that should be treated as such! Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting since the death of Mohammed, and they will keep fighting for the invisible man in the sky and that hateful book called the Quran. The interpretation difference of illiterate donkeys. I agree with the shooter’s ex-wife: they are all mentally ill.

Islam is the problem, and the people who deny that Islam is the problem!

For the retards who believe in the Media promoted brand: Isis. If Isis is defeated, as they said, Al Qaeda is defeated, there will be Boka Haram, Hama’s, and El Nusra. The truth is that the cause of all this insanity is Islam. As long as we think that by not naming Islam, there is no problem. Humanity has a huge problem!

The problem in Europe is massive. Germanyfloods with illiterate dessert Muslims whose only culture is Islam / Quran. The worse is that the government instructs the press to remove the word rape or Muslim from the violent crime epidemic overshadowing Germany. Sweden, England, Germany, France, and Holland all have Muslim No Go Zones with huge parts under Sharia law. WOW!

Recently there were even German girls who concealed being raped out of solidarity for the migrants. The problem is so huge that they brainwash German children daily to coexist and breed with the Muslim invaders adapting to Islam.

Germany Sex Attacks.

Sweden was the rape capital of Europe because of Muslim occupation. Still, with Muslim lover Merkel, Germany is breaking the record now with mass rapes and assaults in major German cities such as Berlin, Koln, and Hannover. 

The hospital personnel is quitting their jobs because of the avalanche of Migrants who demand free treatments, screaming at female nurses, spitting, and bringing long eradicated diseases, syphilis, measles, STDs, and HIV. The list is endless.

Is mass media Donald Trump a racist and bigot while he is 100% right?

Now calling Donald Trump a racist and a bigot while Muslims have hated the U.S. for decades and non-believers is absolute madness. Muslims burn U.S. flags every chance they got for decades!!

Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. until they can figure out how to tackle the problem and select the good from the bad Muslims. With the avalanche of failed integration and criminal issues in Europe and the U.S. ( after bombing Syria and Libya), We should embrace this proposal from Trump as it makes complete sense. 

They make speeches at the Tony Awards and many other places. The message is that hate will never win. Love and peace will prevail, and we are all stronger together. I got news for you guys. Not all the Germans were nazis and evil. We assume not all the Russians were Stalin followers and bad. We must not think all Ottomans are evil, yet it took a small violent minority that changed everybody into blind followers, causing the death of tens of millions of people. You got to stand up against this evil and treat it as such.

Obama’s Response

Obama: An Attack on Any American is An Attack On All American

I am sure that disguised quote came from Obama himself, copied straight out of the Quran

Quran: §7: “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32 )

Welcome to America, where gays hate you for protecting them from Muslims who want to kill them


— Jared Wyand (@JaredWyand) 14 June 2016

It’s not about Gun Control Its about Islam Control

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