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The Media avoids words like Terrorism, Islam, or Muslim. There is a coordinated plan because of The Fake News’s obvious avoidance of Islam, Muslims, Islamists, and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter

Are you crazy thinking I am an Islamic Jihadist Terrorist? I am just a poor skinny drug user that wanted to commit a robbery!

There is a new trend in the media, and it is an intentional and well-orchestrated decision not to use the words Islamic or Muslim when terrorist attacks occur. John Kerry said not to use the term Islamic anymore in the press. Let’s look at some of the latest press releases.

Three were wounded by the shooting incident in Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris. Dutch Media 

The shooter in Thalys Train has overpowered marines. Three wounded. Volkskrant newspaper in Holland.

French Train Attack American and British Heroes honored by President Hollande. Telegraph UK Newspaper

Two US service members helped foil a potential terror attack on a Paris-bound train: The Business Insider.

Attaque du Thalys : sans eux « nous serions tous morts Le Monde newspaper France

Attaque du Thalys : le tireur présumé a travaillé deux mois en France Le Figaro newspaper France

Thays_ZÜGE Fahren ab jetzt mit Polizeischutz German magazine

Okay, you get the picture that the words Islam and Muslim are no longer used in the headlines. If you think you see it all, we seriously read the following headlines a few days later:

Bas Boon Says Train Robbers wanted

French train gunman claims attempted robbery rather than ‘terrorist intentions’

Yes, the 26 or 25-year-old boy (the media can not agree about his age) is just a poor Moroccan. Like the Chattanooga shooter, he is just a poor “normal” good boy looking for a job, according to the Muslim community and his father. According to the lawyer of the poor boy. They always have lawyers, those poor victims of society. 

He “accidentally” finds a bag with Kalashnikovs, guns, and ammunition in a park.

His client was walking in a park and saw a massive bag with knives, a Kalashnikov, guns, and ammunition. His client picked up the bag and thought it was a lovely day and opportunity to rob a train. He felt so lucky to find that bag. His luck did not run out as he coincidentally passed all the train security. Nobody sees this poor boy enter the train. 

According to the lawyer, his client was very sick. He is suffering from malnutrition and is very thin. Because he is so skinny, it explains how he can pass the security. There can be other lucky finders who are ultra-skinny and suffer from malnutrition. Because the bag with Kalashnikov, knives, and ammunition he finds must have weighed more than the lawyer’s poor skinny victim client.

Inspired by “roll” model Al Pacino from the movie Scarface picture by Dona_Bozzi

Another lucky Moroccan victim found a weapon stash: (they have a talent for finding weapons) picture by Dona_Bozzi

France train attack: What do we know about the suspect?

Yes, the title’s still suspect and not a terrorist attack. We take this a step further. The poor, malnutrition suffering, drug abusive, skinny Moroccan “victim” admitted he traveled to Spain, Istanbul, and Berlin. Lately, the 25-year-old poor Moroccan victim has visited numerous European countries.

These recent visits have included Austria, Germany, France, and Andorra. All this to finally ending up sleeping in a park and finding a bag of guns and knives.

Quote the lawyer on his poor client: “He had no firearms training whatsoever,” said Alek Skarlatos, one of the Americans who tackled the Gunman. “If he knew what he was doing or even got lucky and did the right thing, He can never be able to operate through all eight of the magazines, and we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Bas Boon says Morrocan changes in incredible Hulk.

Skinny Moroccan wrestled with four people and shot one person in his neck. He almost cuts off the thumb of the marine and cuts him several times. Then he continues and causes the marine a black eye. The skinny Marroccan did all this to a marine who practiced MMA.

Skinny Moroccan “victim” shooter almost became the Incredible Hulk.

The skinny, malnutrition-poor Moroccan victim did not know how to work with firearms. According to the lawyer and one of the Marines. But he did manage to fire some shots. 

The skinny Moroccan victim even manages almost to cut off the marine’s thumb. He stabs the marine multiple times. During the press conference, later, you can see the marine has a black eye. 

This miracle skinny villain wounds another train passenger who wants to take away his Kalashnikov. He drew a pistol and shot him in the neck. That passenger almost died. 

Incredible strong man scenario

He must have gotten a sudden hulk moment when the three marines and a teacher attack this poor Moroccan victim. What a shock for the poor victim.

No questions about the poverty-stricken Moroccan traveling to all those countries during the last couple of months. And who paid for that? He must have been sponsored by someone who felt pity for this skinny, malnutrition Moroccan victim. Great, there are still people who care and provide for such great lawyers and press statements.

Gold seekers arrested.

It is not terrorism, just a victim who walks in the desert in his orange outfit.

He then bumps into some robbers. A robbery went wrong.

The secret service of multiple countries warned multiple times against this radical as he was known for his extremist Islamic views. Except for the US secret service. They did not know shit about him. 

This information warns the public again that the security services do not work together. The poor Moroccan victim can quickly go on a plane to the US without alarm bells ringing. He sure is an experienced traveler, according to the poor, skinny Moroccan victim’s last month’s travel reports. 

It’s a mistake.

They could have made a mistake as this victim became so skinny and poor. Many poor, unemployed job seekers have a beard and a white hat and are slim, which is confusing with identification.

Talk about the law of attraction. Fuck, you finally want to get your reward of 72 virgins, and then a bad-function Wi-Fi fucks up your orgy. Yes, the Wi-Fi did not work in one of the train wagons. So the three marines move to another train wagon.

One US Marine just came back from Afghanistan and then met a Jihadist. Sorry I mean skinny victimized train robber on a train from Amsterdam to Paris. What are the odds? CNN report from today calls him a bad guy (still no word of terrorist or Islamist jihadist) as American heroes speak out.

This is precisely the same profile for Chattanooga shooters and other robbers.

Lots of similarities with the Chattanooga shooter

In all the media headlines, the media will not mention the word Islamic or Muslim ( extremist ) except maybe for Fox News and the Jewish press. There are even some who question if the shooter even were a Muslim. The media would even go further:

Chattanooga Shooter Failed to See That True Islam Rejects Violence

Islam Was The Motive For Chattanooga shooter Abdulazeez And All Other Islamic Terrorist Attacks.

Severed Head Found After Suspected Terror Attack at French Chemical Factory

This news came simultaneously when a gunman stormed into two hotels in Tunisia in Sousse, killing 37 people. Most of the victims are British tourists that are sunbathing on the beach. Notice the title again is Gunman ( not Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist). The Fake News does not even use the word Terrorist, Muslim, or Islam? 

The Media does use the word Islamic once that day as, on the same day, a Mosque blast in Kuwait killed 27 people. The Islamic State claims responsibility.

Remember, most media headlines worldwide do not use the word Islamic or Muslim in these attacks. Not accurate news reporting, even though the idiot who cut off someone’s head was an – Islamic fundamentalist retard. He sent an Islamic jihadist war text message and had an Isis flag on the spot (maybe just a Jihadist fan?).

French attack: Country faces fresh horror over decapitation and factory explosions: Telegraph newspaper in the UK

Some French media will even go so far as to say that it was a personal grudge the poor Muslim had against his boss. I mean, WTF? One of the firemen tackles this retard, and you can hear him scream: “Allahu Akbar.” The Media wants you to believe it has nothing to do with religious madness. Is just a guy angry at his boss and decided to spike his head on a fence?


These days we see a new trend by the delusional, religiously insane, deny you are a terrorist, blame it on western society, and play a victim role.

ISIS reports they blew up the ancient temple in Palmyra

Isis recently blew up the temple Temple of Baalshamin. Their new business model is kidnapping, and taking oilfields for money is just something all countries would do, so nothing new. 

Deliberately blowing up old Temples and destroying ancient artifacts can only be done by the religious, delusional, and insane.

The Taliban and other Islamic groups don’t like proof of intellectual culture. Any culture before them must and will be erased. All because this can spread a different message than Islam, so:


I wrote about this in my blog:

“Minority” Groups Of Muslim Caused “Incidents” Of Genocide In History, The “Bin Laden” Monk And Private Bank Religion.

Quote from that blog: Malaysia Kota Bharu city has a Buddhist society, but in 2012 they were told that a new temple could not include any Buddhist statues or figures. It should resemble a Mosque. In 2005 the Party Islam Se Malaysia was officially declared Islamic even though more than 30% were Buddhist and Christian in that City.

Please understand that these examples are just incidents like Lebanon, the Maldives, or this City in Malaysia. Islam does not want to conquer a country and convert their inhabitants or murder their inhabitants. Those are just the “small” incidents of ideas of a “minority” group of Muslims. 

Not all Germans were Nazis or bad. Not all communists under Stalin were terrible. The multicultural, anti-racist human rights group can assure you that the more significant part of any population would never follow the smaller extreme group and their radical agenda, would they?

Muslim-Buddhist Conflict in Asia: and how to understand it

Fears of a new religious strife

Conflicts and the future of Islam and Buddhism in SE Asia

I’ve lived in Thailand for over seven years and am confronted with the latest bomb attack.

Bangkok blast: Mohamad Museyin identified as a prime suspect in bombings by Thai police

This is the worst single mass-casualty attack in living memory in Thailand. The Thai police do not exclude members of Thailand’s southern Malay-Muslim insurgency. International Jihadists, China’s Uighur Muslim minority even militants in Thailand on both sides with a personal or individual grudge.

It does not surprise me when they catch the Bangkok bomber. The headlines will tell us about a poor skinny, disturbed, confused man who found a bag of explosives in a park. He just wanted to relocate the bag as it was disturbing his daily walk in the park. The Bangkok bomber, identified as Mohamad Museyin, must not be the reason to suspect any Jihadist. No reason to use the words Muslim Islamic terrorist. It’s just a coincidence.

picture by: Anton_Ivanov

Neo-Nazis and far-right parties are on the rise in Europe!

But America and some of its allies keep bombing – Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and now riots in Lebanon. We can expect the exodus of millions of more Muslims from those territories that will flood Europe, which already has 50 million Muslims. 

It would be no surprise that the Muslim culture and religion, plus their anger, will cause a civil war in the future in Europe. Then the country that bombed those countries regularly, the US, can come to rescue Europe with military intervention. We can all thank the Americans again for centuries for freeing us from tyranny (similar to WW2). 

Europe is flooding with Muslims.

Expect Anti-Semitism to be on the rise in the next coming years to start in Germany. This European country Germany is the new home of 11 million Muslims and another 1.1 million current “Muslim” refugees. Millions of illegal and legal Muslims ( 20% of the population). 

Governments orchestrate these import policies of “immigrants.” Germany has to take care of all these refugees in the hope the country will become multicultural. We should not want a pure white fifth-generation SS German, would we?

Germany’s anti-Islam rallies met with larger protests

Record 17,000 join ‘Pinstripe Nazi’ anti-Islam march in Germany

CNN Propaganda, Islam vs. The West, Pope For Violence!

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