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Muslim Problems, Arab False Flag, How To Solve This? This blog will show you why the Danish cartoons became the subject of worldwide Muslim outrage. Deep problems with the Muslim religion because of Ignorance and ego. I will also suggest a solution for the global problem.

Arab cartoonists have been printing insulting cartoons in their media outlets. Those cartoons are about Jews, Christians and the infidel, and foreign country political leaders (for decades). So why did the Danish Cartoonist publication have such a terrible effect? Over two hundred deaths and thousands wounded around the world?

Imam Abu Laban modified the cartoons for the worse, for the optimal shock effect.

Many people are unaware that this is the sole work of one Arab extremist named Imam Ahmad Abu Laban. The man who said that the Dutch killed TV personality Theo van Goch had it coming. Dutch Theo van Goch is dead because a deranged Muslim tried to cut off his head. 

Ahmad personally entertained the blind Sheik, who committed the first attack on the world trade center. He politically suports Osama Bin Laden.

This Imam Ahmad Abu Laban is the leader of the Islamic Society of Denmark. He makes the Danish Cartoon publication his mission to tour the middle east to bring “some” awareness. 

He had an Arab cartoonist add three more comics to the Danish cartoon selection to make the cartoons more explosive. 

The Most Insulting Cartoons are Drawn by a Muslim in Order From a Muslim.

Mohammed portrayed a pig face, a dog raping a praying Muslim, and Mohammed as a pedophile demon, all drawings never published before. 

The Danish cartoons bring uproar and cause deaths and protests because of the personal touch of the hate Imam. He is adding more insulting cartoons pretending those cartoons were from the Danish cartoonist. This scumbag also pushed the cartoon controversy in Arab TV shows. The hate Imam distributes the content to the regular news and newspapers, and magazines.

Those cartoons will usually never make headlines in such volume. Cartoons are powerful in many Arab countries as illiterate people can understand the meaning of these pictures. 

The office from the French Charly Hebdo has been attacked twice.

The French Cartoon publisher Charlie Hebdo also publishes many satire cartoons of Jesus and Jewish people. There are never any violent responses, no firebombs or rain of bullets from those communities. 

America has South Park, The Simpsons, Beavis, and Buthead insulting religion, politicians, and anybody else they want to insult. Some of these cartoons have been around for decades. 

Any bombs or death threats from the Christian, Catholics, Mormons, or Jewish community?

CNN Explains Decision to Censor Charlie Hebdo Muslim Cartoons

CNN, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and the New York daily news decided not to print the Charlie Hebdo cartoons? Like CNN did not publish the Danish cartoons. Now we know what many of these media outlets think of free speech.

Clash of civilizations and cultural differences.

It is a clash of civilizations, especially within the religion of Islam itself. The immigrants want to live in a country with freedom of speech and western values. At the same time, they have the old traditions and laws of their religion. 

Islam is peace. Islam is constantly portraiting the religion of peace. Why does this even be mentioned? Are religions not peaceful? 

Everywhere you look where there is Islam, there is severe violence. Extreme inequality between genders and major, major problems.

Just look at countries like Nigeria, Israel, Australia, Netherlands, France, Thailand, India, Afghanistan. Many Muslim countries are even worse, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

Terrorist Organizations:

















Terrorist Attacks.

The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim

The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims

The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims

The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims

The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims

The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims

The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims

The underwear Bomber was a Muslim

The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims

The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims

The London Subway Bombers were Muslims

The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims

The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims

The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims

The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims

The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims

The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims

The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims

The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims

The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims

The Beslan Russian School Attackers were Muslims

The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims

The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims

The September 11th, 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims’

Other ethnic populations living in peace with each other now!

Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem

Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem

Shinto’s living with Confucians = No Problem

Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem

Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem

Jews living with Atheists = No Problem

Christians living with Shinto’s = No Problem

Buddhists living with Shinto’s = No Problem

Confucians living with Hindus = No Problem

Hindus living with Christians = No Problem

Hindus living with Jews = No Problem

Confucians living with Baha’is = No Problem

Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem

Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem

Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem

Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem

Christians living with Jews = No Problem

Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem

Shinto’s living with Atheists = No Problem

Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem

The Muslims living with non-Muslims

Muslims living with Shinto’s = Problem

Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem

Muslims living with Christians = Problem

Muslims living with Hindus = Problem

Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem

Muslims living with Jews = Problem

Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem

Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem

Muslims living with Atheists = Problem


The results of the Muslim way of living now:

They’re not happy in Iraq

They’re not happy in Morocco

They’re not happy in Libya

They’re not happy in Gaza

They’re not happy in Egypt

They’re not happy in Iran

They’re not happy in Sudan

They’re not happy in Nigeria

They’re not happy in Syria

They’re not happy in Yemen

They’re not happy in Afghanistan

They’re not happy in Pakistan

They’re not happy in Lebanon

They’re not happy in Kenya

These are countries where Muslims claim they are happy, so they stay

They’re happy in the USA & Canada

They’re happy in Italy

They’re happy in Belgium

They’re happy in Australia

They’re happy in England

They’re happy in France

They’re happy in Germany

They’re happy in Sweden

They’re happy in Norway & India

Remarkably, the last list states which countries Muslims are most happy in (majority) list non-Islamic countries. The cause of their complaints and insults and unfair treatments is Not Islam or their leadership or themselves.


Their primary focus is to convert the infidel in those new countries they live where they are happy. So, in the end, the whole country is in misery, and everybody is unhappy The Muslims mentioned on the countries happy list can move to the list of not be satisfied!

If there is no religious label like Islam, there would be no worry of offending Muslims. 

How can we separate the good Muslims from the bad if a large percentage of Muslims are extremists? It makes it easy to discriminate.

People around the world are calling themselves Muslim. Christianity or another religious man-made label group identification names should realize the following simple solution. If you call yourself a human being and keep your religious preferences to yourself and practice this in your own home, you would never have to fear that people would misunderstand your religion. 

Islamophobia is standard these days because of the bad reputation Muslims have. 

Let’s label ourselves as human beings, the race homo sapiens all living on beautiful planet earth. Most people want freedom of speech and practice their religion in every country. But some become wild beasts when they see a cartoon mocking their religion or god? 

Muslims are screaming that the prophet is holier than their mothers indicate how dangerous their religion has become. It became an ideology!

The wrong interpretations and old scriptures create extremist terrorist groups worldwide. Because people take the teachings of Islam’s religion out of context!

Every country publishes cartoons in the media without killings, riots, and death threats.

There are enough daily insulting cartoons in the Arab media.

I personally like a creative artist that can draw a cartoon with a powerful and clever message. Any cartoons of Arab, Muslim, Christian, or Atheist, insulting or not.

So why should somebody have the freedom of religion to preach in public and believe in the supernatural? But some extremists still want to stop specific individuals from drawing cartoons?

As you can see in the list above, “the minority” bad Muslims are spoiling things for the Good Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Extreme Muslims, Suicide bomber community Muslims…….

If people do not use the word Muslim. We talk about fucked up mentally insane humans. Nobody has a problem with a shred of sanity to distance themselves from humans categorized as mentally insane delusional psychopaths.

Mentally Insane Ignorant Offended People.

So do not blame people that criticize Islam. Look at CNN and the state of the world. You will see there is a lot to be questioned. I think these labels for religions and patriotic propaganda are all stimulated and orchestrated by people who have a plan.

Some people who deliberately create this violent environment have a plan. They benefit from problems between different groups. This plan of action is because of their hunger for power and money. If we all are human beings and we can see each other as human beings, the plan of those psychopaths will vanish.

Cartoon by Cor Bekink

Recently in Saudi Arabia, they sentenced somebody to death for witchcraft?

Saudi blogger receives the first 50 lashes of sentence for “insulting” Islam.

Saudi woman beheaded for ‘witchcraft and sorcery.

The reason is that many people in the Muslim community overreact because they convince themself they have a monopoly on the truth and God on their side. Easy prey for people who have a plan to push war. 

The crime and unemployment rates under the Muslim population in Europe are staggering. Suppose we all agree that we need to ask questions about a 1500-year-old book. A book that Muslims consider the truth and the only truth.

However, most Muslims can claim not to question anything from their holy scriptures. People would kill for an artificial scripture. Then it is a must to question. 

 Science and Astronomy, hurry up!

I look forward to the day scientists, astrophysicists, and astronomers expose the truth. The revelations that all religions are a hoax and people invent these religions to control and exploit people. Let’s end this madness. 

Remember, there are some Freemasons/Zionists and other people on top of the pyramid who love to have the infidel/Christians fight against Islam, why go to war over an insult or being offended? 

Let’s learn from history, 400 years we fought in Holland to separate Church and state with a lot of bloodshed. We need to avoid this bloodshed and learn from history. End this madness.

Don’t let these Illuminati get to your head. If you think or you are correct as a Muslim, Allah will take care of things. You do not have to be God’s judgment even if some script tells you to kill. You know it’s wrong! 

The Illuminati plays all sides.

The Manipulators play the racist card. Left-wing anti-racist groups, their sponsors are the Zionists around the world. They are responsible for the racial tensions. It bothers me when you don’t find a word about these manipulators in the media for the last 20 years. 

For example, now in the Netherlands, there is a “war on child’s fest Sinterklaas and Black Pete. Suddenly people start being offended by the Black Piets (Petes), which had never previously offended anybody for a century. 

Humans with a moderate level IQ can see this is recently deliberately orchestrated and not a coincidence.

Intocht Sinterklaas 2014, wat een dubbel moment, rellen en de sint

Look at this YouTube video of the arrival of Sinterklaas in Gouda. The amount of press with police and some black trouble makers is a totally staged event to ruin a child’s celebration (a little bit like Christmas ). All staged to get the controversy rolling in the big media to influence as much sheep as possible.

Read my blog about the truth on St Klaas: Humans are all guilty of, Jealousy, Racism, Ego, Murder, and Hate. Sinterklaas is a lie! Furguson madness.

Stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism. It’s bigoted and Islamaphobic.

Yeah, we should stop asking anything because the majority of leaders would not dare to publicly condemn Islam. Very few dare to speak their mind about the followers of humans who call themselves “Muslim.”

It’s the Muslims themselves claiming they are Muslim (patriotism, I am proud to be a Muslim). They say we are all one because they are Muslim and all have Allah as their God.

Which label to use and why a label or a name in the first place?

1. Let’s Call these different Islamic believers “MUS” It’s the extremist who claims they are the right Muslims. It’s Al Qaeda, ISIS, and for example, Boko Haram, who are even fighting among themselves who can have an Islamic state first. 

All the extremist Muslims think they are the true practitioners of the religion of Islam. These extremist groups take the words from the Koran to a whole new level. Some groups name themself “moderate” Muslims. There are human Muslim groups who claim they practice the religion of peace (the peace TV gang Zaik Nakai).

2. MUS2 There are humans who live in Saudi Arabia, where a whole nation lives under Sharia law, practices Whabism Islam. The Saudi’s have the U.S as friends, so the small majority of extremists can stay in control of the country and oppose their will and atrocities on the population.

3. MUS3, The Sunni Muslim, What is the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims?

4. Mus4 The Shia Muslims, War between two populations of Muslims. The Sunni and Shia. They kill each other because of the death of Islam’s founder Prophet Mohammed in 632. 

The Inheritance of Mohammed.

Different Arab Tribal populations who followed the Prophet are split into who inherits. Both with a political and a religious agenda( another word for power and money). 

Huge blood spill among the different “real” followers of Islam. All kill for who is right about an event that apparently occurred in the year 632 involving the death of the Prophet and his inheritance

5. MUS 5 The non-peaceful Muslim groups, called the minority and not real Muslims according to the other Muslims

Who are the real Muslims?

Jihadist Muslim. 

6. MUS 6 The Jihadist Muslim suicide who blow up community Muslims.

7. MUS 7 Baha’is and Ahmadiyyas a direct offspring of Shi`ite and Sunni Islam 

8. MUS 8 Sufis Muslims are mostly Sunni Muslims, but some are Shiïte. The conservative Sunni Muslims say that Salafism is a corruption of Islam.

9. MUS 9 The criminal Muslim is not a Muslim.   10. MUS 10 The converted Infidel becoming a Muslim

Will the genuinely peaceful Muslim stand up now?

I think that Muslims should understand this is a “little” confusing for the Infidel to understand. I suggest replacing MUS/Islam with Homo Sapiens, and all people should worship humanity and peace. 

Integration Problem.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most France Muslims are not intergraded and live in Muslim ghettos. Their holy book preachers (such as Yusef Estes from peace TV) brainwash the people. Imams and Tv preachers advise Muslim families to have a soccer team of children, promoting the reproduction agenda. 

When you are not that well intergraded and have no job, you should not start a family (especially not a big family). The truth is the majority does.

The result is Muslims do not get any jobs, the kids have bad childhoods, and the children have poor education. It is a vicious circle. The only daily common thing to do is practice their religion. When anybody ridicule their faith, the anger comes to the surface, they are offended. They feel angry because of a hopeless future. Ego’s are hurt, and people feel jealous and misunderstood. 

I just solved the world’s biggest problem. No more wars. No more poverty.

I assure you that the world will be a better place if we follow the program ( see link above). This idea will solve the world’s biggest problem. Suddenly when people do not have to struggle to survive, they will have more free time to give their children more attention. Everything would change, including how people will find religion less critical because people aren’t as desperate. 

There should only be peace, health, and love. Ooh almost forgot and a massive dose of sarcasm and humor; otherwise, life would be boring!

People can do anything if they believe in themselves!

Emmanuel “Manny Pac Man” Dapidran Pacquiao, PLH, is a Filipino professional boxer, basketball coach, basketball player, politician, singer, and actor and might be the future president of the Philippines.

Ask actor Morgan Freeman what he thinks about racism. He is a black millionaire Hollywood star actor who did everything himself.

Be a winner, not a whiner.

If people are not struggling to survive, they can focus on their dreams and goals and do anything to achieve their desires. Being a whiner and complainer harvests misery and failure. 

The movie unbroken”is a must-see film.

Everybody should go see the new movie “unbroken” about the life of Louis Silvie Zamperini. He was in trouble with the law, constant fighting and drinking, and hated the church as a kid. Almost daily, he is constantly running from the police or bigger guys chasing him. His brother discovered he had a talent for running. His brother supports him and helpss him develop his self-belief.

Bas Boon with Emmanuel “Manny Pac Man” Dapidran Pacquiao

He started training and became a college running champion. In 1936 he ran in the Olympics. He got a personal handshake from Adolf Hitler. Hitler was impressed by his performance, 8th place 5000 meters. 

Zamperini was a brat and in his youth. Later at the Olympics, he climbed a flag pole and stole the personal flag of Hitler during the 1936 Olympics. He wanted to defend his country and became enlisted in the united states army corps. 

His life story now gets bizarre as he survives a plane crash on land and another plane crash that landed him in the ocean. To make the story more “unbelievable,” Zamperini survives being on the open sea in a rubber boat for 45 days. Several times he was in the water with sharks and shot at by a Japanese fighter plane. 

Louis Silvie Zamperini was a brat with an unbelievable amount of willpower and humor.

His “rescue” was by the Japanese navy, which brought him to a Japanese Camp, where he then gets beaten. The Japanese tried to use him as a propaganda tool. He is pushed to participate in a radio broadcast to tell lies about the US. The Japanese would reward him. 

Zamperini refuses and is sent back to the camp for more punishment. Finally, they deport him to another Japanese camp which is even worse than his previous one. Still, he survives the brutal punishments and regimes, challenging the Japanese camp commander fearlessly. 

Plane crashes, shark attacks, Japanese Prison Camps, no problem for Zamperini.

Later after the war is over, his reward is the Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross. As a former Prisoner of war, he went back to Japan to make good with his old Japanese camp commanders. Yes, you read it well. He made good with his senior camp commanders.


A mission to deal with his anger, revenge, and frustration, he deals with it and gives it a place. He loved Tokyo. Later he married a beautiful wife and had two children. This unique human being almost reaches the age of one hundred years old. 1917 to July 2014 (RIP) Son of a gun!

Clue of this movie, live your life to the fullest, dealing with any kind problems on your path. Believe in yourself. Be a Winner, not a Whiner.

(C) BasBoon

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