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Joe Rogan is the target of Ivermectin’s “De-Wormer Hoax.” A big shout out to Joe Rogan, who speaks the truth. I wrote about Ivermectin in several of my blogs. The numbers speak for themselves. My Blog is about India, and the numbers are correct. It is against the narrative of Big Pharma.

Great to see that Joe Rogan did not have problems with Covid-19. I love how he bluntly speaks his thoughts and findings on his Joe Rogan podcast shows. Awesome how Joe Rogan made a deal with Spotify on his terms. No censorship, there you go, Joe, chapeau.

Everybody who would mention Ivermectin is receiving a ban, total censorship. If people of reason or a big social media following make a case for Ivermectin, The Media will attack them. 

Everybody who deviates from the narrative of Big Pharma gets a treatment of ridicule.

There came a full-blown attack on the government of India. According to the Big Pharma and Bill Gates-controlled media, they say India lies. There must be at least 4 million more dead; “The headlines of the fake news report.”

Read here all the details.

Joe Rogan has Covid-19.

I begin to do some research. I have several sources who have access to reliable data. There is a lot of manipulation regarding Covid-numbers. I will give you some shocking examples later in this Blog.

Joe Rogan speaks positively about Ivermectin. What do the media and Big Pharma do?

Well, Joe talks positively about Ivermectin and how he uses the medicine. After three days, he feels better. Big Pharma and their Fake News enablers with the front row attack.

Joe Rogan, I know you are ready for this. You just pissed off the biggest cartel in the world. They are miserable.

Notice how the narrative is central for all Fake News outlets (like they did with India) – Ivermectin, crazy Joe taking Horse de-wormer. Check it out.

Here comes the reverse Bleach Hoax to Joe Rogan. The Horse “De-Wormer Hoax”!

I will not add more Fake News links, but you get the picture. A coordinated ridicule propaganda smear. The hoax and scripted propaganda are: Joe Rogan is crazy. He took Horse De-wormer Ivermectin to heal himself from Covid. Pay attention here. It is the same scenario that the Fake News, WHO, and CDC did to India and Donald Trump.

Here is what people should know: All the articles explaining that Ivermectin is only for Animal de-worming, such as horses, are lies.

I have lived in Thailand for over 12 years. The doctor describes Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other medicine like Zithromax for deworming and human parasites.

Read Here my Blog about parasites.

The FDA itself debunks the De-Wormer Hoax.

There are two different ways you can use Ivermectin. The ones (dose) humans can use, the other Ivermectin they use for animals.

The FDA reports this March 5, 2021

There is an article on the FDA website that warns you should not use Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19. A few chapters into the writing suddenly says that the FDA approved Ivermectin. First, you read you should not use it, de Horse-De-Wormer Hoax.

Quote the FDA approves the FDA “Ivermectin tablets to treat people with intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two conditions caused by parasitic worms.

In addition, some topical (on the skin) forms of Ivermectin are approved to treat external parasites like head lice and for skin conditions such as rosacea”.

Ooh, wait, so the FDA did approve Ivermectin for humans. It is again the wording in the headlines and how to shape the narrative. We did not lie? The media claims. Do not use Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid. This Ivermectin treatment is not the purpose of the medicine.

Fake News was another frontal attack on Joe Rogan like the Fake News did in India.

The FDA approved the drug, with had almost no side effects for decades. 

Ok, I take paracetamol sometimes for headaches and other pains and problems (it works).

We can all agree now the de-wormer headlines of the Fake News are coordinated and paid for by Big Pharma. They respond after Joe says a positive thing about Ivermectin/ Their “response” is pure propaganda. The FDA spreads the same propaganda order from their overlords (Bill Gates and Rockefeller). Check out their tweet; what odds do they simultaneously apply the same propaganda as the fake news?

Check out the headline “You are not a horse,” referring to Horse De-Wormer. All these media rats are harmful to the bone. These are not independent news organizations. It is a paid propaganda outlet for the Eugenic Freaks.

This FDA tweet is pure propaganda and demonizes Joe Rogan, who took an FDA-approved drug. He did not take the horse version.

It’s Horse Shit!

The CDC response is even more ridiculous.

“Do not take too much Ivermectin. It’s bad for you. You can get sick and die”. WTF? Wow, this advice is ground-breaking advice. This excellent advice from the CDC makes me thrust the CDC forever. So, if I take two packages of 30 tablets of paracetamol, it is not dangerous. What about 50 sleeping tablets at once?

Three buckets of ice cream? Even too much Vitamin C can kill you. Too much water will become poison.

More Fake News is another coordinated attack on Joe Rogan as he does not spread the excellent narrative.

Thanks for the advice, CDC, any news on the Ivermectin success in India?

Just read the above from the FDA and CDC, plus the media headlines. Tell me straight in my face this is not done by design and a script. Look yourself. 

Do you think all these newspaper editors wake up and feel the need for the same “de-wormer” headlines? 

What a slapstick. As I show in my Blog about India, it is the same process. Attack, ridicule, demonize and twist. Joe Rogan gets the Indian treatment.

Please do not ask what motive Big Pharma and their newspaper enablers have to do such a thing. 

If you still are too ignorant to see this. It would help if you did not talk about the subject. Ivermectin costs a few bucks; Fauci’s Big Pharma order is to promote remdesivir (3100 dollars per treatment).

The numbers in India.

Uttar Pradesh on Ivermectin: Population 240 million [4.9% of the people are fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 26

COVID Daily Deaths: 3

The United States off Ivermectin: Population 331 million [50.5% fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 127,108

COVID Daily Deaths: 574

Let us look at other Ivermectin using areas of India with numbers from August 5, 2021, compiled by the JHU CSSE:

Delhi on Ivermectin: Population 31 million [15% of the people fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 61

COVID Daily Deaths: 2

Uttarakhand on Ivermectin: Population 11.4 million [15% of the people fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 24

COVID Daily Deaths: 0

Now let us look at an area of India that rejected Ivermectin. 

According to the Data, a city that did not use Ivermectin had a ten-fold increase in Covid-19 cases.

Data presented in the national Hindu Tamil News shows Ivermectin is very effective against Covid-19. One city out of ten did not choose to treat patients with Ivermectin. Their infection and death rate are up tenfold. Compared to ten cities that did use Ivermectin.

Tamil Nadu off Ivermectin: Population 78.8 Million [6.9% of the people fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 1,997

COVID Daily Deaths: 33

These numbers are an insult to the word pandemic.

The man himself, Joe Rogan, got Covid. That is no surprise to me after his two kids got Covid. I met Joe Rogan briefly at a UFC event. I spoke a few times with Eddy Bravo. (Works with Joe Rogan) Once Eddy and I were guests in an American MMA show named “Inside MMA.

Here is Yahoo riding the Anti-Joe Rogan Campaign.

According to Yahoo: Joe Rogan is dumb for using a dangerous vaccine.

Same Yahoo on Hydroxychloroquine, another FDA-approved drug, but not for the treatment of Covid.

The same Yahoo praises hydroxychloroquine (an FDA-approved drug) for treating Covid-19. The Yahoo headlines say it works up to three times more effectively.

I met Joe Rogan and Eddy Bravo.

I was a pretty big promoter and manager at that time. So, it was expected we would cross each other paths. Joe Rogan was extremely busy, and I admired the guy. His road to success is incredible. I admire a lot what he accomplished.

His 100-million-dollar deal with Spotify has a clause of (freedom of speech, no censorship). Joe Rogan points out this as the most important clause of the agreement. 

Let’s carry this man with all we got. He is pretty much the last man standing.

This is it if there would be a David vs. Goliath story in real time.

“If you are going to do something truly innovative, you have to be someone who does not value social approval.

Bas Boon

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  1. There are NOT two different forms of Ivermectin, one for humans and one for animals. The Ivermectin is the same quality and purity in both. The only difference is the concentration and the delivery vehicle.

    If you can calculate a drug dose properly, there is no issue. Overdosing could kill you, just like with any other drug.

    1. Basically, that is what I said with my examples of paracetamol, I could word it better, agree.
      The dose is different, so is the packaging. We both know why I made gave some examples, to indicate the difference.

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