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Howard Stern about Alex Jones, HIV in Vaccines Test? Howard Stern is one of the oldest radio talk show hosts. He was provocative in the early years and ’80s. Then things went quiet until Howards found a way back into the mainstream media attention.

It was “clear” to Howard that Joe Rogan, the anti-vaxer, was spreading “misinformation,” Howard was a loudmouth trying to gain popularity by mentioning and blaming Joe Rogan with plenty of hashtags.

It was almost comical to see how people like Howard Stern and even the Rock tried to ride the mainstream media narrative anti-Joe-Rogan campaign sponsored by Big Pharma.


Alex Jones is right again; they used HIV in vaccine “tests.”

On December 17, 2020, we can find the most banned person from the internet Alex Jones with as a humoristic mocking sketch on The Howard Stern Show.

The Howard Stern show.

Quote “This is normalized mass extermination, a bio attack on humanity … before the day of our Lord’s birth in the name of the satanic pedophile globalist new world order (Alex was right about that as well “satanic pedophiles”),” the InfoWars “host,” told Howard Tuesday morning in his return to the show. “They want to force inoculation of the Gates vaccination, which has the HIV delivery system gene coding – it has HIV in it!” Yes, Alex Jones exaggerates talking about many subjects, but because of this, he gets the attention, and all too often, years later, he is proven right.

Fast Foreward: February 8, 2022

The BBC broadcast a documentary in which scientists Keith Chappell admits they used HIV in covid vaccines and tested this on humans. The name of the BBC documentary is Horizon: The Vaccine, which aired in June 2021. Quote; Keith Chappell, an associate professor at the university and a molecular virologist researching new vaccines. All participants “were informed of the details of the vaccine, including that it contained peptide sequences corresponding to regions of the gp41 protein of HIV,” recalls Keith Chappell. The essay has been peer-reviewed and published in the prestigious scientific journal Lancet Infectious Diseases (Infectious diseases in French).

“There is no possibility that the vaccine will cause an infection, and routine follow-up tests have confirmed the absence of the HIV” in these participants, they wanted to reassure the university.

Oops, HIV positive, no, “false” alarm “false” positives, what going on?

How could these false positives happen when the participants are not infected with the virus? Keith explains; that using certain regions of this HIV protein, “there has always been a theoretical possibility that once injected as part of the vaccine formulation, people’s immune systems will recognize it as ‘foreign’ and produce antibodies against it. », Develops Adam Taylor.”

Keith remembers 

Indeed they stopped the research on the development of the vaccine on a larger scale in this form. It is possible to detect “falsely” that people get HIV positive after testing. Even if they are not carriers of the virus. These findings could contribute to vaccine hesitance, no kidding? 

Keith Chappell recalls; that they (referring to other scientists) developed new, very effective vaccines, so there was no need to continue. 

Quote: The European Medicines Agency validated the vaccine developed by the Pfizer/BioNTech alliance on December 21, and nine days later, the AstraZeneca vaccine was approved in the United Kingdom. Five vaccines (those from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax) have received the green light from the Haute Autorité de santé in France.

DARPA, Gates, Fauci and HIV.

Remember Fauci and his heated exchange with senator Rand Paul? They were arguing about the wording and meaning of Gain of Function. DARPA refused to fund the Gain of Function Research in Wuhan, China. This had to do with Eco Health Alliance Peter Daszak (supported by Fauci), who approached DARPA. DARPA/ The Pentagon claims it is too dangerous and would not support the project, but the research was already in progress. Daszak is a serial liar, and the NIH later admits it funded Gain-of-function in Wuhan.

“Making Viruses more infections” should be Fauci’s slogan, like “Just do it” from Nike.

We know how that “refusal” from the Pentagon/DARPA turned out. We know that Fauci and Gates have been leaders and investors in HIV and AIDS research for decades. No, they are trying to use their findings and studies about HIV in vaccines and test this on humans. The question is; did Keith Chappell’s research stop because they detect HIV in humans after the vaccine test while these people never carried the virus? Or did it “stop” like the “DARPA stopped” Fauci Gain of Function funding but found a way around the system to continue and somehow is in the vaccines now?

Fact Checkers, Big Pharmacy, and Fake News in Panic Control Mode.

The fact-checkers are in sheer panic. Twitter says The scientist on the BBC is spreading misleading information; I noticed how the tweet is not removed. I would love to see a video sketch of scumbag Howard Stern. He accused Alex Jones and Joe Rogan of racism and vaccine misinformation, apologizing that he was wrong.

Hey Howard, tell your audience there is HIV in the tests and vaccines, as a peer-reviewed article says, which is published in the prestigious scientific journal Lancet Infectious Diseases. Alex Jones is proper or partly correct; he probably read the peer review report (it correlated with the dates when they used Alex in a sketch on the Stern show).

The vaccine companies should have informed the public about these tests. Instead, the hiding, denial, and misinformation come from the FDA and Pfizer themself. It feeds “conspiracy” theories about HIV, Graphene, and other nano parts that are allegedly in the vaccines. Not to mention the damage to the public trust because of lying Anthony Fauci and serial liar Daszak.

The FDA and Pfizer want 75 years to tell you what’s in the vaccines. Seven + decades to produce adverse reaction data about the vaccines.

Imagine people would have known this information. Would that be a legit reason to doubt the vaccines? How about Pfizer and FDA trying to withhold all this information from the public. They asked a judge to delay this information (adverse reactions and what’s in the vaccines) for the next 75 years. That is a “great way” to gain public trust. Just wait with your vaccine for 75 years until they make the results public. A judge gave them eight months to produce the data.

Howard Stern the Hypocrite.

Here is bigot racist Howard Stern who blamed Joe Rogan for racism and spreading misinformation about vaccines and ivermectin. Don’t think for a second that the attack on Joe Rogan by Stern is some kind of outrage Stern. Stern never was there for the good of humanity. He was forgotten and gained new attention and popularity. That was his purpose. However, known that Alex Jones was right, old footage emerges of Howard Stern, a giant racist, making him the clown of the decade.

Joe Rogan knocks out the mainstream media, the voice of reason.

The mainstream media and sponsor Big Pharma are freaking out about people Like Joe Rogan and Alex Jones because hundreds of millions of people listen to them. Rogan is the voice of reason who will apologize when he gets things wrong. He has exciting guests like Dr. Robert Malone and Michael Yeadon (the ex-vice president of Pfizer executive who became anti-vax). Rogan’s 100 million dollar Spotify deal was only if he would not get censored in any way possible.

He would choose his guest; those guests are exciting, and people want to hear what they have to say. Sooner or later, I see Joe Rogan becoming the victim of the leftist cancel culture. Joe Rogan will have his platform like Alex Jones, and the people will follow him.

Mainstream media is lying to the public. This is why the Fake News like CNN with clowns like little Brain Stelter dig their graves;

“Movie Script”; on the “positive” side of HIV in Covid Vaccinations, the left-liberal lunatics who whore around can now blame the vaccines when they get HIV. The paradigm shifts as hundreds of millions of liberal lunatic leftists in the next few years blame Fauci for their contraction of HIV. Fauci and Gates developed a new MNRA vaccine against HIV in the simulation. Selling a few billion vaccines more after selling 9 billion Covid vaccines with HIV is a crazy world in the “simulation.”

Joe Rogan is the target of Ivermectin’s “De-Wormer Hoax.”

(C) Bas Boon

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