Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Taliban and The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The horrific scenarios of suffering and death are on the horizon. It looks like the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse biblical prophecy.

Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban (they always did), now learn and never make the same mistake again.

Afghanistan was always Taliban

Evil triumphs again and war is looming, pestilence, death, and famine. Will this conquer of Afghanistan lead to new Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist attacks?

The Four Horseman bringing death upon humanity

The Four Horseman are raging the planet. In the UK, there are one million more people who became alcoholics. People are going in and out of lockdowns. Many elderlies and others are lonely. They are missing any form of social or family contact.

Worldwide suicides are skyrocketing.

People use prescriptions drugs as smarties which leads to depression and suicide, more ingredients for the coming apocalypse.

The Taliban are now in charge again for the production of opium from Afghanistan. Get ready for increased production and the worldwide growth of addicts.

Alcoholism, drug overdoses, and crime is skyrocketing around the world. The number one cause worldwide now is, famine and “natural disasters,”

The one that stands out is the plaque.

Covid vaccines for Children and babies?

How can the CDC plan vaccinations for children and babies? An experimental drug (vaccines) not approved by the FDA?

The vaccinations do not seem to help more. More doubled jabbed people end up in the hospital and die again from Covid and or the vaccine.

Pathologist Dr.Ryan Cole: Vax-11k Deaths, 1st Autopsy? Hmmm

In John’s revelation, the first Horseman is on a white horse. He is riding and depicting a figure of conquest carrying a bow and given a crown. This Horseman is invoking pestilence, decease, the plaque, Christ, or the Antichrist.

Chaotic horrific scenes from Afghanistan with Taliban atrocities. Thousands of foreign hostages, trapped and scared.

More horrific is there are other horsemen on their way. The second Horseman is riding a red horse and is the creator of war, more “Apocalypse” on its way

Worldwide Chaos

There is more and more unrest between Israel and Palestine which is the result of the Biden policies.

Trump is no longer president, we will see the return of Isis, terrorists, and refugees. Mentally ill suicide bombers blowing themself up all over Europe.

Biden is doing his best to become the Antichrist by opening up the border. Record numbers of illegals, drug smugglers, child traffickers, sex offenders, terrorists, and murders are pouring into the US.

These events are speeding fast towards an “Apocalypse”.

Afghan migrants, refugees, criminals, pedophile rapists, and illegal immigrants are coming to Europe

Europe will experience a similar or worse scenario. With millions of Afghans and Africans flooding the overpopulated Covid infected countries. A French general already warned of a civil war. If the government politicians will not stop illegal immigration.

How many Afghan Taliban fundamental terrorists are amongst those “refugees”?

I remember Salman Abidi the refugee from Lybia. He became the Manchester theatre bomber blowing up kids. Did we learn from history?

We see a similar situation in countries worldwide. After two years of in and out of lockdowns and a cripple economy, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

The new weapon in the war on terror. Is transgender and Non-binary Genderqueers who join the army.

The Biden administration shows a new gay interim hired for propaganda purposes to get more people jabbed. Imagine you are a religious person. That creep interim in the white house should pursue you to get jabbed?

Worse and disastrous is Biden’s foreign policy.

America seeing record high oil and food prices. Inflation is skyrocketing. Trump’s policies are reversed and canceled by the Biden administration creating havoc.

The disastrous chaotic pull back from Afghanistan is devastating for America’s worldview. Biden’s briefing that the Afghan army they trained is 700.000 people strong. The Afghan Taliban have only 70.000 fighters. A claim from Biden that there will be no problems. Because the coalition Afghan forces outnumber the Taliban by 10-1.

The American military-trained the new Afghan army is too strong. It shows Biden’s incredible incompetence.

Wasted taxpayers money in Afghanistan

In congress, a US military spokesperson stated the US-trained 6 foreign terrorist allies. The price tag of these training exercises is 18 million $. The whole thing has been a big money scam for the military-industrial complex from the beginning. 

Extreme Islamic Muslims stay Extreme Islamic Muslims no matter what you throw at them. 

The moment America shows weakness, the 700.000 US-trained troops became Taliban. Back to the old Allahu Akbar ways. The normalization of child rape and woman sex slaves. Evil has prevailed.

The Four Horseman are galloping through the Afghan desert. Hunger, war, and disease are looming on top of the Covid-19 pestilence.

Altered Reality

Morons in the Biden administrations and politicians living in Alice in Wonderland. New hyper gay interim is hired by the WH. These people have not a fucking clue what is going on in the real world. 

CNN journalists are completely retarded. Fake News CNN Clarissa Ward reports that the Taliban seem friendly? The Taliban is screaming death to America.

People Like Clarissa Ward and Christiane Amanpour from Fake News and clueless politicians type of morons cause all these screwed-up horrible situations in the world today.

An Apocalypse could happen and CNN would name it not too bad.

Putting women in the Afghan parliament and lecturing people about men having babies in Afghanistan. A budget of one 1 billion to promote and install equality. What a retarded moronic waste of money.

The US Biden admiration running adds for Transexuals, none binary and gay people to join the military.

Fast forward to some middle eastern battlefield, and the transgender none binary person breaks a nail.

The transgender military “theybies” knew nothing that to expect. A squad of the mentally insane extremist religious beast under the influence of PCP and coke are cutting off their “theybies” none binary gay heads.

This is the Taliban’s diverse response, brown and whiteheads on a stick.

These politicians and mentally ill retards constantly doubt themselves. They can’t even decide if they are men, female, or fruit. These cult activists demand the right to be in the military. The devil himself could not write a script like this!

This whole crap makes looney tunes cartoons which I watched as a kid, seem extremely normal:

Teachers in universities keep pushing CRT and Marxist propaganda brainwashing the future generation.

Virtue signaling brainwashed Marxist retards fight for equal rights. Those virtue-signaling Marxists put the mentally unstable and weak in Infront of suicide religious Taliban Afghan death squads, how noble.

Ok, they want to be useful? Here is an idea: the LGBTQIA has a suicidal problem. Over 50% of LGBTQ people are trying to commit suicide. This suicidal problem would come in handy. The military leaders should use this at its full potential. 

Just imagine a squad of transgender suicide none binary gay bombers on the frontline against the Jihadists.

You have to admit that would scare a Jihadist the most killed by a gay suicide bomber. There go the promised virgins.

Jihad time again.

The Taliban take over Afganisthan and immediately some bearded buffoons Jihadists declared they will take over the whole world.

The vicious moronic cycle repeats itself. Woke general Milley, who claims he wants to know about white rage.

The woke general Milley is an anti-Trumper. The knowledge of this general is zero to none.

The knowledge about real-world events does not exist with this virtue signaling LGBTQ propaganda parrot. Who would have thought the 700.000 Afghan coalition army would be defeated in two weeks? I did!

What a fucking joke, look at today’s world’s events?

The woke general Milley wants to know about white rage.

LGBTQ General Milley joins forces with retarded Fake News Pundits. General Milley wants to know about white rage at the Capitol building on January 6th.

The civil war and 9/11 are worse that’s what Fake News MSNBC says about “The January 6th insurrection”.

According to fake media en democrats, January 6th looked like armageddon. Iran is makings nuclear weapons.

Democrats and the fake news could label January 6th the “Apocalypse”, nothing is too crazy for them.

Afghanistan is under control by the worst extremists you can think of. Which will lead to millions of Afghan people flooding Europe (the “migrants” do not like to go to Saudi Arabia).

The withdraw from the US from Afghanistan will cause again millions of refugees.

China sends more wars ships in the direction of Taiwan.

The Russian and Chinese embassy is normally opened in Kabul. China is great friends with the Taliban. The Chinese financed all the weapons the Taliban needed.

Vladimir Putin stays friend for now with the Taliban, Russia has a lot of experience dealing with Afghan terrorists.

China publicly mocks the US defeat In Afghanistan. Biden’s disastrous withdraw does not go unnoticed.

The humiliation of the US under Biden has Taiwan brought in a vulnerable position.

The nuclear threat is now bigger at the highest level in history.

Iran was allowed to start exporting oil again and under Biden. The whole situation becomes extremely dangerous with Iran speeding up their efforts to get a nuclear bomb.

The hunger from the Iran regime to have Nuclear bombs is an ambition that leads the world towards the Apocalypse (they love death).

They have been lying and always will be lying about their peaceful “nuclear” intentions. It is the same pattern as Afghanistan. 

The Taliban wants Sex Slaves

The Afghan Taliban leaders are incredibly religious nutcases. And they want their Yazidi girls and boys sex slaves. They commit suicide bombing attacks and spread terrorism around the world.

The only thing that would cure this insanity is dozens of Moab’s or mini-nukes—no more sending troops, equipment, and billions of dollars help. Satan’s eyes spit extra fire by these Apocalypse scenarios.

You commit a terrorist act outside your borders and don’t control you “soldiers ”of Allah; here is the first Nuke. The first Nuke you put in the mountains for many to see. The Nuke comes with a message, the next one is on Kabul! 

This is the treatment for Al Qaeda, The Taliban, Isis, Boko Haram, Al-Shabbab, and any other terrorist group.

There is only one thing terrorists like the Afghan Taliban understand and fear!

These people ask for death want death, let’s just give it to them. No more prisoners, foreign bulshit policies, rebuild, spread democracy, building infrastructure, nothing anymore, just kaboom!

Moab’s and a Nuke treatment for the Taliban will speed up the prophecy of the Four Horsemen.

After decades of trying to bring prosperity and democracy ( and stealing resources) what else is there?

They do not want to get help; they all lean toward Satan, they worship the Apocalypse.

America and Europe are far from innocent. American Proxy wars “upholding human rights” are a joke. The worldwide spread of democracy and equality is a recipe for disaster.

Srebrenica massacre: Dutch state 10% liable” for 350 deaths.

The UN peacekeepers hold the record of 60.000 rapes and sexual abuse cases.

UN “soldiers” In Srebrenica, are very busy raping locals and orphans. The UN Dutch peach keeper division does nothing as 5000 people get slaughtered.

Between the borders of India and Pakistan (both nuclear powers), there is a lot of pressure building up, This is a bad Omen promising nothing good. The Horseman riding the red horse is pleased this is going in Satan’s direction.

 A Merchant riding on a Black Horse is symbolizing famine.

People should realize that Covid lockdowns are already killing hundreds of millions of people from hunger. No charity or help is sent to Africa.

There are great draughts in Africa and Covid is raising havoc, pleasing the Black Horseman.

People sit at home and are paid to do nothing in the West and the US. They will become dependent on Big Government.

The supply chains are collapsing; no more truck drivers, dockworkers. Sky-high oil prices plus a bunch of sick people, things will come to a halt.

Bad food/health habits speeding up hospitalization with Covid.

This is mindboggling did you know that stores like Walmart and Seven-Eleven have no covid danger and can stay open?

The amount of sugar and artificial stuff to kill bugs, using pesticides / Monsanto, preservatives in food are causing illnesses and death.

Massive amounts of preservatives are used to have food stay longer on the shelves. Bad Food intake plus experimental vaccines. People are locked up inside waiting for the next vaccine booster shots. All these things combined are a recipe for disaster.

Taliban, Isis, Al Qaeda are given new lifeblood, prepare for horrific scenes in Europe in the near future.

Do you think Walmart and Seven-Eleven are great stores to buy nutritious organic food?

“The Pale Green Rider” is the last of the four horsemen.

The Pale Green Horsman is given authority over a quarter of the earth. To kill with sword, famine, and plague, and using the best of the planet”.

There is a plaque now.

Detentions (concentration) camps are built in the US and Europe. These are built to detain people who doubt elections, governments, and people that are not vaccinated. They are all considered terrorists.

World’s current situation

War is looming with China, Iran, Pakistan. Israel, India, and the US are involved. After the latest influx of millions of Afghans “refugees.”

A vast amount of terror attacks will rock Europe.

I do not believe at the end of time. 

I will always try to be positive and live the life for me and my family and friends the best I can. 

The Horseman is set a divine end of time upon the world. The Apocalypse.

And I do not even have to mention the flooding, heatwaves, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. The man by himself is helping the symbolic Horseman become very real.

Believe in the power of yourself, And resist any form of tyranny. We humans should come together and fight a mutual enemy. 

The enemy is globalists, the Fake News, Big Tech, and Big Pharma. Delusional trillionaires/ billionaires who want to control the world in any way they can. 

The other enemy is Taliban, Isis, Al Qaeda, and terrorist organizations with a death wish. We should speed up their wish to get virgins if they die, kill um all.

These drastic measurements are to prevent the Apocalypse not speed towards the Apocalypse as we do now.

Just resist tyranny, don’t comply with fascist demands, keep your businesses open.

If there ever was a time for the religious communities to come together and fight the real enemy for freedom, it is now!

Quote Bas Boon 

“Live like nobody is watching and can’t judge you, fight for justice which everybody can see.”

© Bas Boon

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