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Big Pharma Mafia sees Ivermectin as a threat, here is why. YouTube removed my Youtube video, which I made about the benefits of Ivermectin. It was online for seven months, and just before the release of Paxlovid, I got a message from YouTube with a warning. We removed your video as it is against Covid policies and the usual censorship sentences. I know their policies as I have several YouTube channels, and one of my channels has over 42000 followers. Their guidelines are well known to me.

So why did Google remove the video after seven months? Why now? The Big Pharma Mafia might have something to do with that.

The answer is quite disturbing. First, in the video, I never claimed that Ivermectin worked against Covid. Suppose I had done that. They would remove the video immediately. I explain in the video what Ivermectin does and why it became a Nobel prize-winning medicine for the usage of destroying evil parasites in the guts of humans.
With this body clenching, the human immune system is getting a massive boost as it does not have to fight daily with parasites anymore.

So, in a weird matter, this would help people suffering from the flu, covid, herpes, and many other problems. The big Pharma Mafia knows this. For example, more than 1 billion people suffer from pinworms without knowing this. Often, the doctors make a wrong diagnosis, resulting in antibiotics prescriptions that worsen things. The parasites love medicine.

It gets worse. My example stated that Globally, parasitic infections concern 3.5 billion + people. About half a billion are symptomatic. The reported results are devastating, with an estimated 200 million deaths. The other group who does not shows symptoms will walk around for decades with a parasite which causes their health to be miserable without them ever knowing. Bloating, fatigue, migraines, sleep disorders the list is endless.

Do you think the Big Pharma Mafia does not know this about parasites?

For example, the tapeworm transmits to pets that eat fleas or other intermediate hosts, like rodents carrying the tapeworm larvae. These Zoonotic parasites can transfer from pets to humans, such as tapeworms, roundworms, Toxoplasma, and hookworms.
Just imagine your poor gut is fighting these little cretins every day. Your immune system is working overtime as parasites love a toxic gut environment. The little cretins adore sugar and people who do not follow an alkaline diet. But also yeast, medicine, and soja are their favorite meals. Many of these parasites crap in your bloodstream, which makes your blood go out of oxygen. Your blood becomes thick and sticky.

Is Ivermectin the holy grail to destroy evil parasites?

Especially the elderly with destructive parasites for a long time have weak immune systems. The common cold and Covid can be life-threatening diseases for them. There is a reason why it does not infect young people so much. The reason could be they are not infected with the parasites yet. Or they are infected, but because they are young, they have good functioning immune systems. The development of these parasites did not reach an alarming rate yet. The Big Pharma mafia knows all these findings.

Are people dying from Covid or with Covid?

The ten million dollars question. A question which, for some reason, stays unanswered indefinitely. We should ask whether people are dying with or without a parasitic infection. In my banned video, I suggested that humans carry these damaging parasites for a long time without knowing why they are sick. When they get Covid and use Ivermectin, this eliminates parasites who have lived in their human gut habitat for decades.

Now the immune system is having a party. It can easily fight flu or Covid infections, and people feel better in no time. All naturally without taking an experimental vaccine. The whole doctor’s saga of you having a leaking gut syndrome and Gerd disease are over 90% parasitical related.

Many doctors describe Ivermectin as a preventive treatment. this must be because it causes parasites to die. It’s the only logical explanation. Therefore, the natural immune system can easily fight Covid, the flu, or other infections. By the way, Google/YouTube, where is the apology, and when are my videos re-installed?

The Big Pharma Mafia has a problem.

The cheapest FDA-approved medicine, “Ivermectin,” becomes the most effective anti-parasitical medicine on earth. You can almost compare this breakthrough medicine with the accidentally discovered penicillin medicine. Deceases like “river blindness” (caused by parasites) disappear entirely—the inventors of the Ivermectin medicine received the Nobel prize for their incredibly effective new drug.

Here is the number one reason there are tons of hit pieces about Ivermectin.

Now, if you do a google search for Covid treatments, you will get Remdesivir and Plaxlovid at the top of the list. Here comes the kicker.

Remdesivir: $2340 for a five-day course and $4680 for a ten days course.
The Plaxovid course costs $530 per treatment (brought to you by Pfizer).

Yes, the Big Pharma Mafia knows how to make a profit, don’t they?

On the day plaxavoid is on the market, the president mentioned the new Pfizer “wonder” drug during his announcement of catching Covid-19. He then gets Covid twice back to back while he is quadrupled vaccinated. Suddenly Fauci, Kamala, and Jill Biden all quadrupled vaccinated and are getting Covid, but thanks to vaccination and their usage of Paxlovid, they feel great, sure!

This proves that vaccination, no matter how many, does not prevent you from getting Covid or spreading the disease.

You will not find Ivermectin in the Goole top 100 searches. This treatment costs about $2.-
Now we should mention that the FDA praised Ivermectin as safe and incredibly effective for usage by humans to get rid of parasites. Just imagine billions of people get a healthy gut because of a drug that costs a few bucks.

This is against the profit-making module of the Big Pharma Mafia, heal people with ultra-cheap medicine. The implications are enormous. I am not talking about only a better immune system so you can fight Covid-19. I am talking about all kinds of deceased whose roots are 99% starting in your gut.

The Media attack on Joe Rogan and doctors who are pro-alternative Covid-19 treatment is Big Pharma protecting their profits, which are hundreds of billions.

The positive results for Ivermectin abruptly ended in the media after Joe Rogan and other doctors mentioned it as a Covid-19 treatment. By then, it became the dangerous horse de-wormer. Suddenly the FDA, WHO, NIH, and CDC warned about the hazardous side effects of the drug. The CDC warns that too much Ivermectin is dangerous, which is hilarious. Too much paracetamol or Ibuprofen is also dangerous.

These warnings and propaganda never happened before people started to use it to improve their health when they caught Covid. The Fake Media paid by Big Pharma paid an army of journalists, which wrote an avalanche of hit pieces about people like Joe Rogan and Doctor Robert Malone.

Some peer-reviewed published studies about Ivermectin are recently in the News. Sure, people could argue that the company of Ivermectin financed the study of 230.000 individuals in Brazil. So, therefore, it isn’t very objective, and we should not thrust the study. We must only trust studies financed by the Big Pharma mafia, which are proven, liars.

Look no further than Pfizer paying a 2.3 billion dollar settlement about medicine that caused death in pregnant women. Still, they lied about test results and pushed them through the corrupt system. It’s Big Pharma that pays the Fake News to create the narrative.

Who can you trust?

Where are all the peer-reviewed studies on the havoc the vaccine is causing? We have names for too many people dying without a known cause. Big Pharma and the media have a new name for these people who die of sudden adult death syndrome. It is SAD (it is sad indeed). I would suggest shining light on SVD Sudden Vaccine Death which strangely occurs every time after vaccinations take place.

I wrote before about whistle-blowers from the German Union of a pathologist who conducted autopsies on 40 corpses and found that approx 35% of that death were vaccine-related. You would think a worldwide study in each country would be the result. Nope, none of it. That is the power of the Big Pharma Mafia.

The Obama’s Swine Flu against Trump’s Covid results.

The swine flu pandemic in the US killed over 1090 children, some reported 1800 children and infected over 60 million people. The reports are that globally about 600.000 people died. But there was no mask mandate, no mandatory vaccinations. The H1N1 vaccines were not mRNA based.

No panic from the media, probably because Obama was the president. Suppose Covid would have had the same approach without pressure to demonize doctors and take their license away for trying out different methods of treatment. Remember, Trump, stood in the way of the Globalists and was about the cause havoc in their long-prepared one-world government plot.

After the swine flu, can somebody inform me how many new virus variants of the swine flu we got? With Covid-19 (mandatory mRNA vaccines rollout), we now have; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Mu, Lambda, Omicron, BA-4 and BA-5, BA-2-12, and BA.2.75. And as I predicted in my previous blogs, just for the midterm, the deadliest variant is hitting the worldwide headlines: The new Ninja Variant, which certainly will be the fatal variant yet.

The new European Ninja variant is just in time for the midterms.

According to the Big Pharma Mafia-sponsored news, it has nothing to do with quadrupled vaccinated people, but the filthy unvaccinated pigs cause all these mutations. This is the opposite of what Dr. Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, and the French Nobel prize-winner virologist Luc Montagnier said, you can not vaccinate yourself out of a coronavirus pandemic. If you get the mRNA vaccine, your immune system gets weaker mainly after two years.

This would mean we would see an avalanche of deadly sick people and people dying this winter. The government will call this the Ninja variant. How brilliant. I expect the media to start producing more headlines before the winter about how this Ninja variant will be the most deadly (I named it the banana variant in my previous blogs).

The message of experts who go against the mainstream Big Pharma Media narrative.

Their message about mass vaccinations with mRNA experimental vaccines would have the opposite results for the immune system and develop a strain of new Covid variants. According to Docter Robert Malone and others. How are they doing so far with their predictions? What does that tell us if we compare this data with the swine flu pandemic under Obama? Do you think this is why the Big Pharma Mafia instruct their journalist prostitutes to smear experts who deviate from their narrative?

An example of a recent hit piece: Bill Gates received 3.5 million money from an investor for his new lab-made baby milk startup. Immediately Bill Gates’s propaganda outlet, The Guardian, is paid 3.5 million dollars by the Gates Foundation. The Fake News prostitutes at the Guardian write a hit piece about breastfeeding and how bad it is for the mother’s mental health.

Back to comparing the data of the swine flu under Obama and Covid-19. The effects would probably be the same as swine flu. The CDC reports 550 children died of Covid in the 0-4 years old group. And 908 in the group 5-18 years old. When I do the math, that is a similar number of swine flu deaths when Obama was present with no measurement. The CDC does not report how many of these children already have leukemia, other cancers, or diseases. To put this in perspective, a 14 and 17-year-old recently died from a heart attack at a Sawang Dean Din, Thailand school.

Both kids who died of the heart attack were vaccinated (where my kids go to school). No kids have died of a heart attack ever before since the existence of this little town of 15.000 inhabitants. My two cleaning ladies who got vaccinated can’t come anymore; both suffer now from myocarditis. Thailand did a recent study. Check this out.

What about the placebo effect?

We all know the phrase “a broken heart.” Can we think ourselves into a state of permanent sickness? Look no further than the story of Nick Sitzman. Nick became trapped in a giant freezer and had to wait the whole night for the new morning shift to arrive to free him from his situation. Nick knew it was too cold for a long time and that if he fell asleep, he would never wake up. He scratched some messages on the concrete floor of the fridge. His writings say Nick did not want to die and that it was freezing. His concrete inscription leaves a message for his loved ones in case he would not survive.

The following day they found Nick dead, but the strange thing was the freezer was not electrical wired and did not get to a freezing temperature. Did Nick think himself to death? Some people say it’s an urban legend. Others swear by the story.

What are the results if we compare the Swine Flu with Covid-19?

Do we think there would be the same widespread panic if the approach of the media and government had been the same as the swine flu pandemic? Covid-19 Fearmongering on TV led to hundreds of thousands of desperate humans running to a nearby hospital with running noses thinking they were about to die. Do not get me wrong. I also took measurements and moved from Pattaya to Isan. I started living on two pig farms to prevent myself and my family from any surprises the disease might cause.

Coffee for your butt.

When I did coffee enemas (putting coffee up your butt to clean your lower intestine from parasites), it made my brother laugh when he visited me. He admitted I looked much less bloated, lost weight, and looked better. I advised my brother to take some ivermectin and a few coffee enemas as he was in Thailand with me. He has had a dog pet for a long time.

Here are pictures of my parasites after using ivermectin and coffee enemas: My blog about Vaccinations and Banana Variant.

You are putting coffee up your butt, the war against parasites.

He was skeptical and laughed about it, saying I was paranoid. I told him what you have to lose. You see, I felt better. He then tried it for a week, and after five days, he came to me with a picture on his iPhone. My brother then asks me the following? What are those white things in my stool? I said google it, but I will tell you now, so you do not have to search for it. Those are pinworms, and I see some hookworms as well. Like me, he had a whole collection of parasites in his guts. They came out with medicine which I paid 150 baths for in Thailand at the pharmacy (4 bucks) and some coffee enemas. The years which followed were the best of my brother’s life financially and for his love life.

Political parasites are out in the open.

Some parasites are out in the open, like war-mongering Pelosi; her alcoholic family (husband and son Paul Pelosi) is toxic to humans.

So why did parasite Nancy go to Taiwan, despite many warnings from the Chinese and even her own party, who advised her not to travel to Taiwan? Misses parasite went to Taiwan and was trying to secure her investments in companies that needed semiconductors. Worlds most prominent manufacturer of semiconductors is TSMC, and they happen to be in Taiwan. While in Taiwan, the Pelosi parasite arranged for her lawyers in America to take care of her alcoholic husband and son. Who cares if her provocations would lead to a nuclear war, she has to increase the family wealth and her interest, fuck you.

Ooh, and not in the mainstream News, the visitation of parasite Pelosi backfired enormously. Most Asian pacific countries, like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, back the one-China policy. They traded with China for centuries and did not want war in their backyard. The current US administration is at drift, with demented dictator Biden and old money-hungry Parasite Pelosi putting oil on the fire in Russia and China.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Take care of your health. If the Big Pharma Mafia and people like the FDA, WHO, and Bill Gates wanted what’s best for you, they would have built hospitals. Educate people and school a whole new army of nurses and doctors. Build thousands of hyper-modern hospitals with special school programs to teach people about parasites and harmful foods and drugs.
Instead, their focus is on vaccines, and Bill Gates is buying farmlands with the profits of his vaccine investments to start his synthetic meat program. All to save you, son of a gun.

Viruses and Ebola Actors. How I beat any health crisis.

(c) Bas Boon
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