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It looks like India with 1.4 billion people (93% unvaccinated) holds the key to expose the globalist eugenics plan.

Trillions of dollars in the biggest worldwide Eugenics plan. Billions are getting vaccinated with a vaccine that is still not FDA-approved. The biggest financer of these vaccines is Bill gates who was friends with Jeffery Epstein (both heavingly in Eugenics).

The same Bill Gates has a spiritual adviser; satanist named Maxine Abromovitc.

This all sounds like a new book from Stephen King, the follow-up from his novel the stand.

I live in Thailand with my girl and two sons on two farms near the border of Laos in the Esan. Recently the Thai government announces another new lockdown for two months.

This news decimated the little and last hope of many small-time Thai business owners, and it is devastating. I rent out real estate properties in Pattaya, and some of my customers and people I do business with come from India.

Here is why India could be the Key to the worldwide revolution.

I recently followed the headlines and talked to some of my Indian friends who have daily updates from India regarding the Covid situation.
The news is not positive at all.

Covid Death Toll in India is likely in the Millions.

Would this be true? This news was horrific and catastrophic. More media headlines with the same message:

I have learned to see patterns working with the media for decades. I can smell Globalist Eugenics propaganda from miles away. Time to research the money trail.
Which study did the Fake Media use as a source for all these headlines?

Is India exposing the biggest pandemic scam in history?

The number one rule, always follow the money; who is funding

Well, your winner is? Bill Gates, with tens of millions of $ in funding. More alarming, Bill Gates is also the main contributor to the NPR and The Guardian. Most of the other media that published the headline are funded by Bill Gates and Big Pharma.

Does Eugenics’s guru Bill Gates have a motive to pressure India to take vaccines?

Yes, trillions. These headlines push drastic measurements in other parts of the world to force the population to take the vaccine. It puts pressure on India and its leadership, and the title is pure evil/fear.

Another motive for this worldwide frontal Fake News attack on India is the following:
Indian Bar Accossiation sues WHO scientists over Ivermectin.

This lawsuit does not surprise me because India, like China, is the world’s leading producer of cheap medicine.

Quote: “Among the most prominent examples include the Ivermectin areas of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa where cases dropped 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86%, respectively.

By contrast, Tamil Nadu opted out of Ivermectin. They did not use Ivermectin and their Covid cases skyrocketed and rose to the highest in India. Tamil Nadu deaths increased ten-fold”.
You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand this medicine has a great result. That news is devastating for the globalists. This is why suddenly the Fake News is making devastating headlines for India.


Hydroxychloroquine medicine has great reviews from doctors using it for early treatment of Covid ( in combination with Zink and Atrozimax).

Globalists want vaccines, not medicine.

Trump mentions Hydroxychloroquine in his speech as a possible positive future medicine to treat Covid, the Fake News, and the WHO make Trump look like a liar.

Follow the Money: Who is the most significant contributor to the WHO?

The Eugenics mafia: Bill Gates, the US government, and China. Trump had enough of the WHO (controlled by China funded by Globalist people like Bill Gates) lies and stopped funding the WHO.

At that moment, in my opinion, Globalist Dr. Fauci (huge interest with Bill Gates in vaccines) took over the policies in the US, lockdown rules, mask mandates.

Dr. Fauci and his wife are into Eugenics

Later we can see more and more information coming out (Fauci e-mail leaks) that there have been lies and twisting of events.
Fake News and Social Media censored president Trump. Fake News and NWO promptly attack Trump. Hydroxychloroquine is bad, mention the medicine or post anything, Big Tech will ban you from social media.

Recently we could read the following headline:

Study shows hydroxychloroquine and zink treatments increase the coronavirus survival rate by almost three times.

The BBC Covid Origin: Why the Wuhan Lab Leaktheory is being taken seriously
The latest news was a bombshell from India:

Quote “The results of the Indian Council of Medical Research’s national seroprevalence survey:

India’s fourth national serosurvey, which examines the prevalence of Covid-19 antibodies either through infection or vaccination, found that 67.6% of the population of more than 1.3 billion has coronavirus antibodies.

The Guardian noted that “Of those surveyed, 62.2% had not been vaccinated, 24.8% had taken one dose and 13% were fully vaccinated.”

According to Google stats, only 6.4% of people in India got the vaccine

This blog is from July 24th. I predict 500 million people in India will get the vaccine in one month. To vaccinate half a billion people in three weeks is impossible. I am convinced these will be the headlines in one month. India’s percentage of people who took the vaccine will then be around 35%. Mark my words.

How is the Covid 19 Delta Variant detected?

Now, this would blow a hole in the narrative: that everybody must get the vaccine.

Sweden recently does not show any person dying from Covid anymore. More news and data come from Israel and other countries. Some hospitals report that people still get infected with Covid, despite they are fully vaccinated. Some patients are even dying despite they are vaccinated. This is the reason they are asking for Booster shots for the elderly.

The most recent proof of insanity is the plane with renegade government democrats (all vaccinated).

Democrat superspreader event

Democrats take a plane to avoid their job. None of them wears a mask and they take selfishness on the plane. Not long after the plane trip, it turns out 7 passengers have covid. The renegade democrats spread Covid in the Capitol as well.

Some journalists ask Biden’s press secretary Psaki a question about this

Her answer is shocking. Why do you need to know, she said to the journalist who asked the question?

All vaccinated people first superspreader events, and this is the answer of the Biden administration?

Both scenarios are not good, even if the Indian government data is correct. India fought the virus successfully with cheap medicine. Only 6.4% of the population in India is vaccinated. This means India reached herd immunity, which is excellent news.

The bad news: Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and Fake News told the world a lie.

If the government of India lies and there are 4.1 million more deaths of Covid as reported, this would mean the virus is way more deadly than reported.
The recent positive reports/studies about India’s Covid treatments make me believe that India is telling the truth or maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. The Delta variant of Covid comes conveniently from India.

A few days after I wrote this blog, this news came from the AP (this would suggest India is not lying, make up your own conclusion).

The biggest news is infections go down but almost nobody is vaccinated press release is about medical debt?

India would hold the key to turn this worldwide pandemic scam wide open. The key is India’s cheap medicine. and possibly herd immunity.

Herd immunity is the last thing the Globalists want to hear. Imagine putting a hold on Big Pharma making trillions in vaccines and their plan of worldwide population control.

Quote Bas Boon “When you follow the money the truth lies waiting”

(c) Bas Boon

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