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Weaponized Democrat FBI Raid Trump Estate USA, Civil War next? If people ask why Americans want to buy guns, look no further than the raid of the Mar-a-Lago Estate of former president Donald Trump. If anybody says, why would you need an AR-15 and buy ten guns with lots of munition, the FBI just presented you with the answer. The democrats just raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and Trump confirmed this on Monday morning, August 8.

The US officially became a banana republic with a weaponized FBI.

The democrats have weaponized the FBI. The political warfare just boarded a whole new playfield. Namely, civil war. Remember the great numbers of better-than-expected employment during a recession. Look no further than the new democratic Gestapo stronghold of 83.000 newly hired IRS officers. Yes, republicans and other business owners, they are coming for you.

After the Russian Collusion Hoax, Impeachment hoaxes, Ukraine Hoax, Bleach Hoax, and Fine People Hoax, it is time to take Trump and his vast followers down. It is the start of the #ArchiveHoax because the January 6th commission came up with nothing at the end of their Hoax. The January 6 insurrection hoax entirely fall apart.

The last thing some democrats said at the January 6 commission: Trump had to act sooner to prevent more riots. In other words, they never had anything, just another hoax. They weaponized and abused their power once again.

On February 19, 2022, The AP reported on the following.

National Archives: Trump took classified items to Mar-a-Lago

First of all, you can smell a setup from miles away. The National Archives new nomination is Dr. Colleen Sogan, appointed by Joe Biden in August 2022. During the time Trump was president, it was Mr. David Sean Ferriero.

On May 11 May 2022, Dr. Colleen Sogan sent the following letter to Donald Trump.

The WP reports that Joe Biden waives executive privilege for a new set of Trump records.

Now I did some digging, and here we go. The #ArchiveHoax

David Sean Ferriero appointed Debra Steidel Wall. He has been the National archive manager since 2009 under President Obama, Trump, and Biden. Insiders have rumored that he is an anti-Trumper and hates Donald Trump. Look no further than his wife, Gail Zimmerman.

Many people claim that David Sean Ferreira was a Trump fan. This nomination comes after the national archive employee blurred specific pictures during the 2017-woman march. God hates Trump, became god hates (Trump was blurred out), and so did the woman who held signs with woman’s anatomy on display. Ferriero agreed with altering some of these photos, a reason for Trump not to doubt the loyalty of the head of the national archives.

Ferriero married Gail Zimmerman, and she developed an independent career in broadcasting as Associate General manager of PBS.

If you don’t believe me, well, check this out.

Donald Trump Again Wants To Eliminate Funding For Public Media, But Congress Likely Won’t Let Him

February 10, 2020

For the fourth year in a row, the Trump white house is slashing funding for public broadcasters like PBS and NPR.

PBS Newshour is a disgrace, 100% biased against President Trump.

Just imagine you are Gail Zimmerman. Her CEO slashes her salary yearly because Trump cuts the public funding for broadcasters. The CEO says in an interview that she does not understand why Trump wants to keep reducing funds to the Public Broadcasters. Gee, I wonder why? Daily headlines of anti-Trump rhetoric for years with fake news might have something to do with it.

The fake news PBS publishes many anti_Trump articles and hit pieces with huge daily headlines. Just imagine she comes home every day knowing her husband works for Trump as a national Archivist. Maybe Ferreirro (or his wife) becomes just another “Alexander Vindman” (Ukraine clown who heard some call “Trump man bad”). And these boxes of “secret documents” whose parts allegedly are still at Mar-a-Lago are just another hoax.

False Flag, Hoax, or reality, let’s look at motive.

Or it could be prepared false flag security in case the January 6 commission can not produce any involvement of Trump and proof there was an insurrection. A sort of Russian Collusion Hoax 2, a small present for Trump. The weaponized FBI is following orders.

David Ferreiro (National Archivist) was the one who “blew the whistle” on Trump for stealing boxes. Or, as I wrote before, he is ordered to create this #archivehoax as all previous hoaxes failed. He is just retired, and David gets an extra present on his way out. In 2015 David was sued for prevailing to preserve Hillary’s email.

Please believe that Trump’s phone did not work to take a picture of his favorite secret document, hahaha. Ooh, says Trump, I keep 15 boxes with some national secrets which can cost me my next election and my billions, sure. And there are rumors they are nuclear secret documents. WTF, so now Trump stole these documents because he wanted to give these documents to Kim from North Korea and Putin (to start a new Russian collusion hoax part two)? This simulation movie is the craziest of times; what a soap circus.

Somebody at the FBI leaks details to the Washington Post, no kidding?

I ask myself. Since when are the #FBI and the #DOJ in charge of the US military’s nuclear documents (Fake News rumored nuclear documents)? It is incredible how AG Garland holds this speech of nothing about the integrity of the bureau, justice, and everything according to the book.

Ten seconds later, the FBI leaks to the Washington Post (I wonder why they choose that newspaper) that it concerns documents with nuclear secrets. I thought this would be the military. But they probably are all dead scarred for Donald “Thor” Trump, who chokes secret service agents. He obtains top secret nuclear codes, drinks bleach, and steals the presidential limo.

The people with a colossal motive are the democrats. They do not want Trump to run for president in 2024. Garland is pissed he is not on the supreme court. Using the former lawyer Bruce Reinhart who was neck deep into getting Jeffery Epstein (Bill Clinton’s best friend) a sweet deal and defending his personal, you know this has Hoax and treason written all over the place.

The mysterious 15 boxes

Who knows who had access to the 15 boxes and where? People could easily add a document or more in some of those boxes. Who reports this to whom? The timeline reeks of a setup.

Then there is the famous Alex Jones phone data. Are we to believe that his lawyer, by accident, sends all his mobile phone data from the last two years to the prosecutors of the Sandy Hook victims? Now this smells like another hoax. First, Alex is calm. He says to the judge and the lawyers of Sandy Hook clients; I told you I gave all my phone details to my lawyer as instructed.

The lawyers of the Sandy Hook clients weaponized Alex’s Phone data. It’s on its way to the January 6 commission. These attorneys are hired George Soros prostitutes who do everything for big bucks.

Alex Jones joked. He said there was only a naked picture on that phone of his ex-wife, and she is beautiful. Later Alex admits on his broadcast that they never got any phone from him with recent data. Only messages from 2019, and the whole thing is a lie and has zero to do with January 6.

And justice is not for all!

Are we really to believe they would give up the attorney-client privilege if this (if it was) colossal mistake happened? Are we to believe Alex did not fire his lawyers on the spot? Alex Jones knows how vicious the deep state is when the subject is under surveillance. Hell, we even witnessed them spying on Trump. The FBI uses the FISA Court and misleads a judge. They even weaponized the court. The FBI fed them with falsified documents to obtain warrants to spy on Trump and his associates.

At the same time, the former senior FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, the agent who was found guilty of forgery in the Trump-Russia probe, has been restored to “good standing,” not even fully completing his probation sentence. The FBI now needs all their corrupt stooges to preserve the #archivehoax. And the guy withheld evidence that would exonerate General Flynn is still head of the FBI. Don’t; you feel the overwhelming justice?

Parody, Trump’s conversation with Alex Jones

Do you think Alex Jones would send a text message to Trump or the proud boys? Hey, it’s Alex. When do you want me to come all together? How many munitions and AR 15’s should I bring? In a text message to Trump, Hey Donald, please give me the sign; when you want me to start breaking windows of the capitol building, say hi to your gorgeous wife, Melania.

Alex produces a new text message; Donald, do you still have those secret documents somewhere in Mar-a-Lago? Do you know they have been all over this since February?

Trump replies: I know, Alex, but I just put those secret documents around the fireplace as souvenirs. The FBI will never come to Mar-a-Lago. I like to sit at the fireplace and look at those lovely red letters which say “Top Secret.” It was seven months ago, the fearmongering in the press about these documents. I am not scared. The FBI thinks, I long destroyed all evidence like Clinton bleached all her emails.

Alex then calls Trump and says; I took some pictures of those secret documents when I visited you in private and kept them on my phone. But guess what, bummer, my lawyer sent this by accident to the Sandy Hook Lawyers. And now they forward this to January 6 commission. Donald Trump answers Aah, no worries, Alex. I have copies here and use some secret files as wallpaper.

Ooh, and Alex continues, Trump, I want to personally thank you for the anonymous 9 million bitcoin payment that saves my ass. You’re welcome, Alex. In the Alice in Wonderland world of Adam’s “shitface” Schiff, this is all-natural, this weasel got to go, and he needs to be punished for changing the US into a banana republic.

The FBI should dive into the Bidens, especially Hunter Biden, and Pelosi, her son Paul Pelosi.

In the meantime, after many of us lost social media accounts and got banned from publishing accurate content from Hunter Biden’s laptop, there is more dirt. A guy with the name 4chan leaks material of Hunter Biden’s I-phone. But so far, no FBI in sight. It’s okay for the president’s son to bang some minor girls using crack. No problem to buy a gun and lie about your medical status if your name is Hunter Biden. Hey, it’s the son of Joe Biden. As long as the big men get 10%, all is good.

The husband of Nancy Pelosi gets a free pass for a DUI. The feds report that Paul Pelosi, the son of house speaker democrat witch Nancy Pelosi, has connections with at least five shady companies. On August 5, Paul Pelosi followed his drunken father’s example by causing an accident crushing his Porsche and hurting an individual.

Paul has a lot of alcohol and drugs in his blood, which runs in the family. He probably has the best lawyers. Drunken Nancy is making phone calls from Taiwan, arranging for the family lawyer, who is now an expert in drug and alcohol-related family cases. She is intoxicated and busy challenging China’s nuclear arsenal.

Upon coming home from her trip to Taiwan (she must have swung some stocks). Pelosi is celebrating with her husband (and her weaponized congress members in Washington) their latest gains from insider trading with a liter of Icecream from her 20K fridge. Democrats have their laws and judges. Paul might call Hunter for some drugs, alcohol, and legal advice.

Hunter Biden is the new Rembrand. Pedo Peter is his manager.

Hunter Biden might be one of the most successful businessmen of the decade. He is an intermediate for “business” deals from China with billions involved. Hunter got 3.5 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Indeed Hunter denies it, but he was the CEO of the Rosemont Seneca Thornton, who receives the 3.5 million in consultancy fees.

Hunter is multi-talented. He is an extraordinary painter, selling Hunter paintings for as much as 500K per painting to foreign customers who like to stay anonymous. The big guy Joe “Peter Pedo” Biden, gets 10%, as long as he receives payments. The FBI and other agencies will leave Hunter alone. Just let the boy paint, smocking crack, and bang minors.

Speaking about judges:

The judge who approved the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago donated in 2008 to Obama defended Epstein’s employees and was Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer.

What are the odds? Bruce Reinhart defended the employees of convicted Jeffrey Epstein to get immunity. We are all still waiting for the Epstein client list (sealed by the courts). Before becoming a judge, Reinhart defended the personnel of Jeffery Epstein for 12 years. Are you kidding? Nope for real. Well, this judge would not be subjective to blackmail, would he? Would he not be biased? The DOJ is also weaponized against Trump and conservatives. What a circus.

But Trump appointed Christopher Wray.

People say that Trump appointed Wray. Well, what did Trump have on his plate? The Russian Collusion Hoax, Robert Mueller, the FBI spied on him, and 95% of the media are against him. He could thrust nobody. He had to get rid of lying Comey and Andrew McCabe. The events are like a Roller Coaster. And who knows what happens behind the scenes? 

Maybe Wray was a great director, but then something tuned, blackmailed, money, sudden change of political views, who knows. He is biased to the bone. Check out Senator Cruz slams his boot on the table. Director, Wray, what are you doing? Well, I am a weaponized stooge for the democratic party (of course, he did not say that, but it sure looks that way). Cruz says, “this behavior makes no sense?”

Patriotic flags are now extreme.

If you’re a Republican or question any mainstream narrative powered by Big tech and Big Pharma, you are a terrorist. America, keep your weapons because there are a lot of indications you might need them very soon. Stand up for your rights and freedoms, and do not let these liberal communist big government new Nazis rule your life!

Biden is with two feet in his grave, the quadrupled vaxxed president wearing two masks has twice Covid in a row. The senile older man does not know which planet he is on. His wife Jill probably told Joe she gave the okay in his name for the FBI to harass Donald.

All republican prime candidates are winning with the support of Trump. The democrats are in panic mode and can feel Trump’s hot air breathing down their necks. Trump is going to run again, not because of money or fame. He will run out of revanche. This will be a sequel to Donald “Rambo,” Trump, who believes they stole the election from him, and he has been mistreated for five years. He saw America Great going to America weak and spineless.

Those days are over. Trump maybe had empathy when he became president for the first time. He has his own weaponized Trump Truth platform. Musk might still take over Twitter. Trump learned a lot during his four-year presidency. He is a fast learner. Remember, he never was a politician and went straight to the white house. Twitter weaponized its platform, but it only backfired.

Part two of the Trump presidency is about to start, the best reality TV show in the Universe.

Trump was banned from Twitter and Social Media.

Democrats did establish something like “the Hoax commissions.”

The January 6th commission Hoax, Alex Phone Hoax, and now the FBI Raid #ArchiveHoax is the last attempt to stop Trump from becoming president again. Democrats also established weaponized NSA, CIA, and FBI. I think it’s also a distraction from the colossal vaccine scandal which emerges in the service. They can keep trying to censor all of us, but there are too many platforms and ways to communicate. The democrats also weaponized the FBI and others to become the strong hand for their corrupt handling.

In March 2022, Trump started a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, with some recused judges already until now. Just recently, they asked Trump on August 4 for a dismissal of his case. Trump admitted a motion to deny a request for the release of his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton case. The next day a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago was granted by judge Reinhard. Who, which judge? Judge Reinhard, the former lawyer for 12 years of “Jeffrey Epstein” personnel.

America has never been so close to a civil war. Biden’s government is more significant and prominent, with 83.000 new IRS tax employees. The weaponized FBI, NSA, and CIA are increasingly morphing into running the police state, predicted decades ago by Alex Jones (The Irony). People better not cheat in the coming elections. After four more years of democrat rulership, the world will probably not recover from their horrible policies for the next 100 years.

Go, Trump.

Sandy Hook, Alex Jones a diversion from Pfizer Adverse Reactions?

(C) Bas Boon

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